Thursday, June 28, 2018

World, news CHANGES appear to be scary.

this is a post found to be relevant to what is being too often HEARD of KPFK air waves too - 

[1 notable example, tho not only one:  is  a 4 pm weekday program - that  obviously has been worse than being merely "provocative", but acting- out-bursts expressed in language - and then also demanding listeners to also act-OUT their fears, their anger,, their own dislike of "others' - anyone that they disagree with, & that all too easily.]

The extremists' voice on KPFK radio  now are not positive, not honest,  not helpful to anyone

 and not rational most times either

as apparently the radio station's position  is intended to elicit only same-followers alliances of only  1 kind 

but no other views are allowed or hardly, if ever, heard there.

The voices are not even  in 'unison'  together that radio station's programming is stuck in 1 place -

but all are being spun, slanted and pointed in ONLY ONE direction - against - any 'others'.

 [that is always the usual stance - of those who consider only themselves as being the "Righteous Rebels" -  
& they are, meanwhile  acting as 'conventional conformists' ...

to their 1-only  allowed belief, their selected alliance, their own limited point of view and their chosen cronies.

Whether it is because of the same-old-same-repeated programmers there at KPFK, those who are same ones

or there is repetition, stuckness in  the selection of those similar~same views Only -
as chosen  by the ongoing 'interim' program director.

Or also maybe because of the rest of KPFK's management people  and those other Pacifica influencers - together  - 

who are obviously HOLDING ON TIGHTLY - TO WHAT THEY thought they HAD or thought they Owned before - 
all the while losing audiences and funding, too ?  

It is the same that KPFK programmers who complain what happens everywhere else, while the very same continues there too- 

holding on to their access to Our air waves - 

and to the promotional opportunities for them, their guests, events, sales mdse, and their chosen thoughts too. 

Maybe it is that now, 
 'the times have changed more radically and unexpectedly "?

Maybe the world as a whole is doing the changing
and so humans-are-affected - if unknowingly and then reacting badly to what they don't comprehend 
or understand ? 

Maybe those who still hold the POWER lines at KPFK and Pacifica's other 4 radio stations nationally, too, are inept, 

or unable to improve, stuck in their mud, holding on for their own personal reasons - 

or maybe - as change in any other than that same old  re-action-ary- to-go-back-to-some-imagined-preferred- 
PAST ideas, ideals and ways is the solution to financial stability?

Apparently it has not been 'working well enough' as noted by all the many repetitive 'fund-raising' months =  with continual money pleas and focus on their relative poverty  "boo hoo....poor us" 

Maybe the end of what has been held together so far  is necessary for  some folks there... 
maybe, actual improvements have not been so urgent or important enough

so that some of the same KPFK programmers will finally  
not continue their same sad, angry outbursts ? 

or a few will find different, better programs 
to thus elicit new donors, listeners, stakeholders -  
instead  of continually repeating their boring rants & messages on Our Radio Station  - at  "90.7 FM" in LA.

All the past & present Stakeholders, donors, gift-givers, listeners and volunteers make up the actuality of KPFK -

not the paid staff there.  
Not the programmers who get free access to what most actually don't earn themselves, 
but most use their positions to PROMOTE them-selves,  
and their selected guests, 
their chosen events,
their preferred music  = 
including those who also profit from being heard on Our Radio Station, 

~ all that is actually:  PROMOTION 

and that is the as same as advertising, sales and PR etc.  
plus the mdse advertised, sold, promoted too   
under the guise of being "non-profit" ... ahem !

Maybe, no one else but the few we hear from here, care enough about the demise or irrelevance that is left at what we thought & hoped would be a creative-unique- and open-minded radio station's content. 

Divergent views are absent.  Fairness is absent. Many views or opinions or ideas are not heard here.  Balanced ?

 It is rarely so, Often not. At all.

Apparently, we, stakeholders, were wrong, again ?  

maybe... never ?

so we are sharing here  a permitted copy of someone's explanation of 'what is happening to many/ most of us, living in LA, too. What informs our daily experiences. 

This is Not what we hear on air at KPFK tho.


"no- this is not as religions like to pretend to predict" an Apocalypse' --

this is  just earth, world CHANGES,- more extreme ... unusual, that's all....

                Image result for dandelions images  [google's generous images ]

because al we now hear are the exaggerated, faked/spun, hyped "news" or ignore it

we are still going to be Affected by all those zombies, ignoramuses, & ordinary gullible folk  who take-in all that included:
the repetitive  Fear mongering - always spreading &  eliciting their emotional reactions -
of fear, 
manufactured sympathy, 
attending their protesting, whatever a group determines; "is not us"....
plus pleas for $$$ giving too, of course.

                 Image result for hell  images [google's generous images ]

the emotional pleas mostly is  to "hate Them and Give us."

as in  the fake image -  'little girls crying' pix proliferating everywhere,  with fake headings under the pix

[notice that it is BBC  that tells more truth than most  other media- so the facts on that image were picked by other media, later.....]

 especially KPFK who does not act fairly, nor balanced, nor fact-checks their memes and exhortations, loud angry outbursts of RIGHTeousness
and superiority stands ]
to be media mis-used :  to not to report, inform, share
but  intending mostly only to get allies, funds,
and obedient  & agreeing-only activists.
those people shouting on streets, freeways, & radio stations.
the slanted media-repeating - in  every which way - to "BE AFRAID"
 or implying that message  & saying that  to Act-out  violently, illegally, angrily, wildly and without careful consideration either .... is "OK now ".

especially OK if it is "they" you hate and want to attack & to defeat.
so there will probably be more : anger at every place we go -
other people will easily Believe [even stupidly, without further detailed research or any contrary, divergent, dissent, discussions ]

& then that all they think is maybe  'happening' ...
but, that may also not be true. or verifiable. or honest. or examined, or investigated.
but since the closed group is told they only need to believe
so then  become  converts, who are also group-pressured to agree -
and then. of course, later  thus encouraged to react. any how.

so the results are eliciting more people's emotions and violent tendencies
while claiming that since their own 'being Right"  then means they have permissions,

and  this cohesive group has Special "Rights" to do whatever, they chose....

and their assumed self & group is, of course, 'innocent'
plus their gullibility is, of course, excusable
and thus allowances are assumed for those who claim these,
so easily, so often, and w/o substance, or reality-checks.

meanwhile any "Others" are not.   do not have the same. rights. special. innocense. gullibility. slanted exhortations and shouts. 
nor valid actions that may conform to their groups.

        Image result for hell  images [google's generous images ] 

[feeling fear and anger too much is Hell personified, experienced as anxiety, distress, hypersensitivity, impulsive reactivity]

and with the Righteous attitude of self-permission becomes a danger
to anyone = Else -  nearby. ....
fear & anger burns 'em up ! who ever holds that much intensity -
what is kept and taken in by personal choice,
as that anger & fear  is usually not 'enforced'
but spreads widely, & often by those who want that environmental  many people
conforming, obedient, scared similar people close around... 

Notice that that high % of  those peoples,
who want things only "easy" and "quick" and "now !"
and then assume false 'entitlements' too ,
because they want to be "special" or "Superior"  to most others -
especially to anyone-those not in Their Group.

these are the same people - who do not do much critical wondering,
or who do not research past the repeated, constant 'news' tidbits,
aligned & emanating in their circles,
so that information, data, articles that are everywhere else,
especially any that are  outside of their chosen KPFK radio station too, -

as lots of shouts, proclamations, claims, and 'facts'  leaking out of those selectively informed  programmers there do not give any hint there are any divergent, verifiable, valid, honest OTHER views, versions, statistics, etc.

Notice also, that the message of "Be AFRAID !" and "join only us !" is similar

tho  not as extreme as at KPFK....
more similar mgs. can be read/heard/seen on most other mass media too -
 as if these were agreeing too
then they do Create the IMAGES, = faked ones, misinterpreted factual ones...

with the ideas  attached, that then "everyone should believe"  them=
but  are not clear, clean evidences, but these are mere thoughts inserted and words set up to be repeated- ad finitum, to make the message appear to be majority-believed, "if so many say the same then that means..." what may NOT be actual, true, honest, or balanced in any way, nor fair or real either.

audiences are told :  to agree as heard,
agree with what pictures videos they see that are limited, spun, edited,
and then  to FOLLOW -  &
to  join in that gang
&  jump in to what they do, too

and all meanwhile, also, the sources, as KPFK programmers, staff do  imply that there are not any other valid, helpful, good thoughts, positions, or ways  - than the ones being expressed - by them - alone.

as all the same stories are expressed  loudly, angrily & frequently, et al.

so: then those, who also love the excitement
of now being given : " permission to Act Out" - physically, emotionally and
get some fame, visibility on their phones, videos,

and other 'news' outlets [who like the turmoil and blood and babies that bring in more viewers & advertisers too]

so ordinary folk, then do just that - project-outward their own inside turmoils,
their own personal  insecurities, & their inner fears, and attach it to that story out there now,

plus venting and maybe being applauded for their previously kept-in angers -
yes ! now all can now shout, scream, insult and berate, hate & disrespect any "others" = and enjoy when they have permission to demean, humiliate and shame anyone [else] !

which means it could also come  into our way, , easily, any time
as fear environments turn into anger and hostile displays and reactions acted without much reserve, thinking, or caring either.
and thus, it becomes  your personal  JOB to "observe" -
 to set up your own body-mind Boundaries -
but never believe or agree - that there is a physical Fight needed to Win -
or prove yourself to  "be RIGHT" which everyone seems mainly to want ...
and even more so, because of they internally fear so badly...

feel internally so badly, with less stability or balance or strength
and conditions out-in-this-world-seems to be worse now

                         Image result for zombies images [ google offers good images ]

so .... when those convention-alists, conformists to any 'cause', political side, religious dogma, group-rules and any other limited-belonging-requirements are 'needed' and adhered to -
then those same people become much more rude, crude,vulgar, mean, act stupid, want to feel power by hurting any 'others' who may be nearby or vulnerable...
 and you too may then experience the stress,  the duress of those nearby who are reacting to the externals -

it is happening worldwide, actually-
in many visible ways - with lots of  nations-states becoming imbalanced :
 by their authoritarian rulers or  not always honest voting elections 
and then scary, wild weather changes create disasters broadcast visibly immediately

and elicit fears and emotional instabilities everywhere else too..
then the secret  & elite made decisions:
on nation-industry-banks-hedgefunds, et al doing  trades  & financial games,
with their own money trades and  our  people-economies being manipulated - for profit of the fewer - while the majority population gets left out of the planning, the benefits  shared equations
-and now more than before :
that is being exposed more now than ever too.... thru instant mass media , mobile cell phones found everywhere !!

National dis-agreements or  other alliances that help some and hurt many are in dispute, worldwide.
' any external sourced' immigrants leave their own cultures,  go to select lands - not to any close by nations necessarily but pick & chose ,  to hope to find More and Better - but where they may not be accepted or wanted either, anywhere then where they lived

and this is  not just  a conflict here, in USA borders.
It is many places that Americans tend to ignore and only focus 'on our own' problems or local govts. 

just KNOW =
 that it has Nothing to do with YOU,  reader here, as the real you,
[ the strong, confident, Flexible, self-aware You]

as yes, you, too, can step aside and realize how much is being inundated on top of you too, infects your world too, becomes part of your small personal environment as well as when magnified by media elsewhere...
as you are already all  you all you need to BE. to observe. to be aware, to not provoke or play into the GAMES so easily offering emotional release but hurts and harms others, and the venting-person or the acting-out-fool too. 

this is like knowing your own  'spiritual" strengths - your own inner keep knowings,  teachings you too were given before now, and finding your center thru being, loving, touching in all ways what is called Nature -

that is what you ARE too, not separate but 'it' - as what else you see as 'outside' is too.

and thus being able to  currently face this More Explosive, extreme, 
mean-er world - acting out- foolishly or maybe necessarily to be CHANGE in however the results then show themselves -
now acts in turmoil [ & sometimes also looks like  Dante's 'hell']:

                      [google images again ] 

maybe for fun and elucidation, see those  great paintings of
Heronymous Boch of 1450'- 1500's in the Netherlands

 =a fascinating  famous painter of humans in hell [in Madrid, Spain's  museum]

see:   heronymous boch images

Just as governmental politics, and huge corporations basically are just selling stuff & fake ideas, selling their images & 'promises'...mostly  to serve Them-selves
for $$$/ profits , prestige, 'legacy' and pride -
but then these make all that could be 'good', shared, distributed more  widely is thus diminished externally ]
so watch it play out -
call the ploys, the  Games of humans - in their desires - to Get More and Pretend to be Better or Holier or Higher or Superior or more Powerful, whatever their imaginations can mentally only conceive [self-deceive too ]  -
as it seems that animals are smarter and less manipulable [ even if Pavolv thought they could be 'used' by humans more easily ] ....

it seems to  most of us that they too use  different languages and only eat when hungry and live within their own special-life-sharing environments.

so, we are here .....just saying...
as people are letting loose and acting with-out internal controls or aware- consciousness,  - many are now acting OUT  -to relieve their inner chaos -
thus the emotions/body-actions come gushing,  rolling out every where 
and results land onto any one,
even you, or me, or any one. No need to be the target. Now.
Europe to -also has  high influx of those many African immigrants,  while USA has more  Latino ones, and Asians have their own influxes & boundary difficulties too... ?
it seems that with more transportation, technology, communications and thus mobility available to those who before did not have access to 'moving' so far or so often nor as easily... it is not a local 'problem'.
Maybe, No other nation is safer or richer or better off.
And  probably it is not mainly of  who is President then, there,
or who  King, or elected to any government offices, or religious positions...
but the falling apart of large  entities, in general,  so it seems.

            Image result for exploding earth  images [google shared images ]

and so it spreads, looks like loose detrius,
 and it is  our Ability to NOT let it contaminate our minds,
or hurt our hearts,  or affect our personal lives... we are being less able to avoid or ignore what is 'happening' so vividly, dangerously, wildly just beside us...

but what we can do :
just stop and notice,
comment & explain, describe, discuss
and not worry about what ever
is 'happening' superficially.
tho sometimes dangerously, to those who have not chosen 
to be in-volved in this mess as we watch it out... 
any where. now. 

                Image result for people earth images % of nationals [google]

just warning about what is now more  read, noticed and thought about.

Those 7% of people [who are more caring and responsible, & who are not just follower-sheep, etc ] are also  around & and they will be supportive, recognize each other,  knowing there are a few also -more like them too. 

then, remember, there were  other times too, like WWI and WWII and USA Civil Wars, Soviet blocks and dissolvings, China wars, AmerIndian-nations-warring, Asian wars of many varieties -   everywhere
then too when things were much much worse and  more dangerous and people then had sufferings even worse than now.

               Image result for full moon los angeles june 27 [google moon image]

so we are not there.
lucky us.
we are here. now.
know that  -in all ways- as we "just IS"  - that 'real' is just a word in 1 language. And Experiences and Awareness are not part of worded-explanations. They are known, felt, and part of growth and change too.

This may be "another Test'.

Just as the reality is not the map. The territory  experienced, walked, felt, seen 
 is not the paper-or-screen-map either. Ha ha !!!

            Image result for earth images  [google world image]   ###


just being  grateful...instead of always being greedy/wanting MORE or Hope to be Better,  by seeking, trying to prove, so continually !!!!

(c) my 2018

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