Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Chris Albertson, blogger of WBAI- NY Pacifica's radio station has left us.

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This is to honor and appreciate the man who had a Pacifica blog about our NY radio station WBAI and recently deceased, left his blog with a comment from us as the last one shown there. 


which notes that this discussion site was written from 2012 thru 2019.  There is no indication if his friends will keep this site ongoing or it will remain a dormant website now


This is copy of Chris Albertson's front Home page blog site.  Many articles are written there, some by his friends, and lots of comments are added to each article by Pacifica loyalists from other radio stations nationwide as well.  This site remains a source of opinions, information, and honest criticisms that was intended to save and improve the way WBAI was deteriorating, losing audiences and funding.  If interested, look thru which articles may reveal what else needs to be exposed and remembered ...that continues to diminish the entire Pacifica network of radio  stations as well. Continually and still now. Sadly. 

Only by looking at his Wikipedia bio did we realize that he had died, as there were no clear indications in his last writings there. We do not know or find other information on the search in Google about who has access or may continue his informative blog - that mostly focused on his favorite radio station in NY, but also included bits of info occasionally from other Pacifica stations too.

His last blog post was April 16, 2019, and which copied a comment written by our correspondent, "KPFKcommentator" .

[coincidences all ways surprise us, as connections are revealed thru unusual circumstances - as  was this last posting - done without our knowing it was or had been posted, till it was.]

We are honored to be connected to the only other website we can find -nationally - outside the attached to  each station own promoters/or those programmers' selling their own -

- these 2  blogs, are on-line sites that attempt to Help and Improve our local Pacifica radio station's -for the stations' difficulties, as in :  

mostly lack of transparency, or accountability or any feedback to their stakeholders/ donors.  The closed-dark-halls-incommunicado of 5 Pacifica stations = except what is audible on-air [ only 1 way out, nothing 'in' allowed - apparently ]. 

See prior posts here about attempts to communicate with KPFK staff - 
 and no replies, no acknowledgements, no nutin responding back. 

Same happens elsewhere at Pacifica stations, which then creates needs for blogs and comments to be the only way to expose and communicate with donors' '  local "non-profited" / community radio station'. 

Admittedly, a closed Yahoo group for Pacifica interested [must be selected to be let-in to write to group] writers barely provides any information since a few usurpers use the site to email-each-other or divert from any Pacifica issues to their own personal interests and in-fighting, so that site is useless to provide or to obtain actual, factual information regarding the radio stations. Sadly so. 


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                          Wikipedia's pix - from "2006"

"Christiern Gunnar Albertson (October 18, 1931 – April 24, 2019) was a New York City-based jazz journalist, writer and record producer"    

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 see more at: 

some pertinent exerpted quotes from above website are here : 

" ...In the mid-sixties...[he worked at] Pacifica Radio's NY station WBAI, where he eventually became General Manager....." 

Surprisingly, Wikipedia did not mention his blogsite =  


at all, tho it is apparent that he was dedicated to putting work, effort and attention there, being concerned about the management and future of WBAI .

This is the Pacifica network radio station in trouble due to debts incurred that has indebted all 5 stations nationwide. He continually criticized and exposed the mis-doings at his local radio station, with careful attention to the goings on there. 

More articles  about him are of course listed on search engines, as in :

as Chris Albertson's fame centered maybe more on his works in jazz and on 
his "Bessie Smith biography by Chris Albertson" book. 

 There is a NYT article  about his death and his works, and also another site also has information brief :


The jazz focused site above noted : "His landmark achievements were a reissue of her complete recordings and the definitive biography of her life."   +  "Bessie, published in 1972 and revised in 2003, set out to dispel the many myths about her, some of which that had been intentionally spread by John Hammond. It is considered one of the best jazz biographies of its kind."


Remembering that Wikipedia is not all factual, actual or inclusive, because of their dominators  - who are not official  'monitors' either - but who continually insistingly  to include only what the chose [see other problems at Wikipedia of serious censorship[s], misuses for promotions.

And even KPFK broadcasters who have a page listing ONLY their work promoting themselves with no biographical, personal or other info included - thus being promo pieces... still Wikipedia does provide some references to be researched and some info briefly noted therein. 

tricky plays like the title "PACIFICA news" in search links to KPFA, only 1 of 5 stations, misleading the researcher by work links ? huh ? why is this ? 

Nor is Chris's blog site:  WBAI-nowthen mentioned in Wikipedia under Pacifica Foundation either. Obviously it is unimportant or unwanted.  


Checking further on Pacifica's page too  - to see if Chris Albertson is listed there?  =  Not. 

No mention of Chris Albertson at all  there . Wonder why ? Because he is unimportant or was 'reverted'-deleted if written in some time ?  There is mention of 2006 Greg Guma... and 1991  Sawaya....2009 Grace Aaron....but 60's was so long ago, who cares about the WBAI station back then ?


or what was included in WBAI's Wikipedia information or what eliminated, neglected about Chris?


Yes, there is just 1 mention, or admission that Chris Albertson existed and was connected, concerned, and continually involved....  even tho Chris  continued to write,  to contact, criticize, listen and donate to WBAI. 

At end of article is a list of "notable alumni" and Chris's name IS there !. wow. as a link to his own Wikipedia page [see above]. 

Even tho  WBAI is noted to have " First air date  January 8, 1960 (59 years ago)" there

and "WBAI played a major role in the evolution and development of the counterculture of the 1960s and early 1970s.[7]" .  

And lots of other achievements of the counter-culture of 60's is described in this article, no mention of Chris or other General Managers are given any credit or mentioned either. 

Only celebrities, now even more famous than then, are applauded there. 


 We here do honor the work Chris Albertson has done, not just what gives him fame and creds on line, but more so on his dedication to continuing making efforts and attempts to improve a PACIFICA radio station - 

....and always noting what is killing off the media-radio-station - WBAI - the one that he dedicated himself to for so many years. 
No R.I.P. cliches needed. 

No faked sentiments to a man we never met  - except in on-line-words we and he communicated. 

No pandering applause - to get-in and pretend to be 'best friends' or to be attached to a person who has achieved more than we have. 

No false pretenses to be close to the NY blogger we read often  - 
and  where we too used his space used to tell our own views about KPFK,
not WBAI -  tho that was his place of loyalty, while ours was across country in LA instead.  

Just a simple Thank you, Chris :   

for remaining loyal and dedicated to the ideals of the radio station that claims to be as honorable as you apparently were and continued to be. And thanks for noticing our agreements, on just those 8 days before you left us behind. 

                                     Thank  you, Chris. _______________

 (c)  mjj 2019