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New York radio station [WBAI] sorta sounds like KPFK's dealings, wonder if....

These are quotes FROM WBAI's on-line commentators found on a different blog:

See more topics there with included comments at that URL - which may inform readers about what happens in NY - that then also may influence or destroy Our LA radio station - KPFK.

Note that the comments below are copied from that blog - which mostly focuses on Pacifica’s NY radio station, but what happens or doesnt happen there, is relevant because they are still connected to their LA station [KPFK].

Because of the blog writers' clever wordings, their historical knowledge and their willingness to expose & put out their thoughts [mostly about WBAI],that blog has a particular point of view.

Yet, those concerns & comments ALSO seem to often be relevant & pertinent to KPFK as well. 

So a few quotes are reproduced here, as selective quotes.  No name was attached to many of those words. See that blog for more info & other topics, directly there.

Topics are varied, but mostly have expressed concern about radio station mismanagement,  staff misdoings or having wrong emphases, their sale of commercial premiums to get money for their radio station..and lots more.

And since there are 5 “sisters” [as they so are designated] radio stations across the USA, each can & do affect each other --as being an integral part of Pacifica.

Both by being under the Umbrella and By-laws of Pacifica corporation/ organization/ national board...and then also because somehow any of their financial problems, mismanaged deals, local station board decisions... as well as their ruins and $$$-finaglings still do endanger each other, even if indirectly…or in delay. 

It has previously been seriously debated if KPFK's own building should be mortgaged to raise $$$ to bail out other radio stations elsewhere. But that destructive act did not finally take place, luckily. Yet, that it was seriously considered tells all KPFK donors & stakeholders what dangers and liabilities actually exist, whether now or later ... could happen again, maybe.

That is,dangers of connection exist, until at the end of 1 station. they pull down all or some of the others too.  Be aware.

 the dangers of small misdemeanors ... credit by

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"anonymous" =  AKA "
~indigopirate" writes in different commentary sections: 

“These are leftist fanatics. One thing they have in common with right-wing fanatics is that what matters above all to them is to have the ‘correct’ positions…. 


"They’re hapless, they’re clueless, and it shows – no one listens…. 


"These things happen. It isn’t the end of the world, but it is rather annoying. ’   


"I think Crosier [exe director of Pacifica Na’l Bd, & may be temporary as most have been the last few yrs] has good intentions but lacks the necessary force of personality to deal with these people….   


"Crosier is getting it from all sides. KPFK folks are screaming racism because they erroneously believe all Spanish language shows will be cancelled. Some KPFT folks are directly challenging his firing of their interim GM. WPFW is arguably worse than WBAI and that's on top of ESB [Empire State Bldg with whom they have a debt and conflict over that debt ] and audits. The last meeting with him here was all complaints about Berthold [GM of NY’s WBAI station] .    


"I realized that if you listen to WBAI you'll think there were only three or four black people of any consequence in American history. It's kind of insulting when you think about it…..    


"...recall the time when WBAI—then in its early stages of decay—was housed in a former church on Manhattan's East Side. It was still a radio station, it had real studios, and it attracted performers, producers and listeners of real talent and intellect. Unfortunately, it also attracted people with ulterior motives who saw an opportunity to further their own nefarious agendas……

[action done ] "in order to shift the station radically (pun intended) away from the original vision toward one of explicit political advocacy…. "
                      [end of quotes]
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for more comments written there 

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Alan Watts talk, another one. "The Diamond Way" [parts transcribed here]

Alan Watts talk re Amitabha  

               “The Diamond Way” talk   
       [KPFK said it was obtained from  ]                  
Note: [comments for clarification and elucidation are in Italics here] to Watts’s words were transcribed from a short recording - played on KPFK radio,on July 23, 2017

This may not be the entire talk made, recorded but as quickly transcribed from on-air soundings, for sharing with the rest of any KPFK audiences


“The Japanese version… of Pure Land Buddhism, a pure sect, within the Amitabha BUDDHA [it is also a venerated statue in Japan] came from India Buddhism, and is part of Mahayana Buddhism....   re  “ jōdo”

....says we are now in KALI YUGA 
[this was when Watts spoke in ‘70’s]… 
when everything is fouled up .. breaking down… been happening since 3000 yrs ago in 3,023 BCE [before the christian-claimed era ]  and continues for 5,000 yrs or

so individually...

[this is not a straight line but curved with cycles, within that movement ...  as their wisdom takes the longer view ]....

[ or even collectively at a point of finite time] , we are not guilty or afraid but not really “pure”,    [or responsible or ‘in charge’ as we assume or we would like to be…that ego-selfish-image point of view does not fit into this longer perspective…]

...we cannot liberate ourselves from the chains of Karma, which is our conditioning …the bondage to the past 
[of all we are taught, trained from past and elders]...   

We cannot rely on our own power to get out …but only rely on something else ..not “you” but something different…called “kariki” ...     which is an other form, not ‘you’  ...

 [as you assume ‘you are’ here ]... get away from karma is not done by ‘you’ personally, and it’s not even by repeating the usual mantra, the phrase honoring the Buddha, that gets us out of our Karma… 
as Buddha ‘just sits there’ peacefully...

[w/o volition or wanting/doing any thing to change]....

[…. the assumed ‘knowing’ that there is nothing we temporal beings can, must, or even try to do, which will change what IS, as-is…thus repeating what Meditation practices do: observe, notice, not use ego, volition, will to change or ‘do something !’ ...

[…but just sit in silence to become Aware of what happens, as it does, on ‘it’s own’, as body breathes, organs secret and absorb, cells grow, increase, die off, and as life is in constant movement & motion w/o our ‘doing it’ or ‘causing it’ or ‘creating anything’ with our puny bodies & clever minds’…]

[...  thus in ‘our’ mind-set following the Western ways, vs. the different and more ancient Asian/ Eastern ways– as India, Japan, China, etc. are  East to USA : where definers-deciders reside… and assume the throne position is theirs on this continent, and maybe a bit of inclusion is given to Europe only, too – ...

[....that Western  thinking & assumptions and ‘truths’ rule as conforming to that social conditioning and socially-set value, morals, religions exemplified as “the Only Right, True One =1” rejects the ‘accept what is and not want to control, change, improve, or profit/take/get-more/steal it…whatever that assumed desire seems to lead. 

                                                   Image result for amitabha buddha pure land google image


[also honored by Chinese, Tibetans, Koreans, Vietnamese & many other regions, including Afghanistan, Mongolia…etc. etc. …were  given different names in their own languages…] 

In the Mahāyāna school of Buddhism. Amitabha is the principal Buddha in the Pure Land sect…. "Amitabha" is translatable as "Infinite Light”.... an openness and acceptance of all kinds…..
"...and after death you will be Re-born w/o karma, it’s a cinch w/o any difficulty in the PURE LAND, born inside a LOTUS…

...big Buddha statue peacefully  just sitting, and just say mantra to AMIHTA and become like him, just say “Ano Amihtabutz”- as in the religion of most Japanese Buddhists – where no other efforts, sacrifices, bowing down is needed... cannot do it by own effort...thinking you can do it, you are a phoney, you must go completely to DISOWN own power / capability to be virtuous, unselfish.....

....this develops  a wonder-fine-man  = ‘neo konin” not ltd to males, women included is the story a neo konin falls asleep in temple, priest comes in to say “what are you doing here?” and he said, “oh, you must not be part of family.”

....another story – good calligrapher…was alone in room where paper and ink sitting there, so he couldn’t resist doing his calligraphy on that paper, he realized he had ‘spoiled’ expensive paper, but host walked in and he apologized….he apologized he couldn’t resist…but host realized he had now valuable calligraphy on that paper...

...stories shows the spirit of the NEO KONIN…[see for better spelling]

....all the great things of life are NOT YOUR own doing
the Tari… people think all comes from the ‘other”…
when you penetrate deeply into Pure Life School, they believe Amihataba sits on h is golden lotus, there is a paradise.... people sit…

.....but sophisticated people don’t believe that ..that AMIHTABA is IN you when you say “I Have a body” you think your body happens to “you”, given to you by your parents – as a passive recipeient – ...   but who is recipient of these gifts?...

instead of  ”I am a body” –that YOU don’t exist separately from all that you call “other” that is YOU too...but you can only realize it by experiences…when going to extremes …

.... LETTING GO OF Every –thing =  i.e. zen monk spare existence to explore liberation in extreme …but gets to same point as other extreme – NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER, as it
‘comes of itself’ … but even saying mantra is ‘doing something’ … but we must NOT do any work to ‘get there’ at all…both are extremes... do nothing is as difficult as to do everything”

[recording on air ended there ]              ###

P.S. Other recordings, books, and maybe even other Buddhist articles are available on line or at local libraries, to read, hear and research more, to help USA-Western cultured minds open to "other" than their religious views. That openness then allows doubt, questions, other mind-sets and beliefs to be creatively evaluated, mulled over, checked-in, and the whole of how we live our lives to be re-adjusted and a more positive view affirmed...maybe.  (c)2017 mj

Thursday, July 20, 2017

“Retro-programming and gifts [$-traded-premiums] on KPFK ?

KPFK is supportive only of it's own limited  version of what is 
"Their " holy " TRUTH...which is always self-defined or limited by those on-air... or to their own colleague's agreements ...
as these few are for sure only the so-called :
"those who do only good, of course" ...
or so  they assume, and claim..." hmmm

or ...are their focuses Only on any-&-all-"Victims" ? 
Can no one else can be heard or verbally-hugged there ?  
No "others" are apparently interesting enough to be included in their 'favorites' to talk to or  be a guest or work-to-help ? 

Do all KPFK staff & programmers keep a strict, limited list of who is included in any on-air access?  Minorities are dominant. Of course, Victims are always "right" and "needy". Thus they are the continual subject of interest, globally. 

Meanwhile, all them governments are wrong, objectionable and evil or stupid. So only the poor, helpless, loud, and desperate are allowed...on-air access at this radio station.

Except ...when $$$$ is begged for.... and then out of the creepy corners all those non-poor hucksters, authors, lecturers, sellers of media or health-curative products are suddenly all over KPFK's airwaves,  coming just to SELL their stuff to those who want to be more pure, more perfect, more in-the-know, and 'one of Us..." hmmm

Suddenly the airwaves are filled with INFOMERCIAL-like repeated spiels. Though that instantly-denied word is rejected, of course. Instead of  visual "product-placement" quietly showing brands, the KPFK listeners are  instead inundated with repeat-bragging, audio-compliments of what those 'special 'gifts are..hmmmm.... and how Much Value is being given to the over-paying donors, in return for actual cash ....or better yet, instant credit card paid to the station, or the monthly-$$$- subscribing... w/o any end date hopefully ?

Has KPFK turned into such a 1-extreme-sided source?

Why are all those who have the POWER of being 'staff' or volunteer [programmers, free-work-helpers, et al] are  acting as-if-They-Are-The-Real-Saviors, the Only or Best ones...

 KPFK, the Rescuing elite few.... the Rescuers, marking those as "the Most Caring People" ....and so, those they try to 'help' - those on the other side of that triangle -  must be only "the weak, the broken, those un-able and those incompetents "?  

Them - those who must 'Need' - and thus to be given all the free exposure & attention that KPFK - as a non-profited corporation- can give, that is are prominent.

No one else but the downtrodden, broken, clearly, only the 'more-deserving-because-they-didnt-get-more' and those who can [maybe] be 'rescued' ...or at least given air-time to repeat in dramatic, emotional details their plight ...and sad [or angry] stories.

So they only-those who agree with the KPFK's limited-view world stance,  and can understand, that the radio station must always find more 'victimsto plead for  = "only those who need all our help"  are allowed... even if that help is only on-air words to elicit money or exposure [P.R., publicity, audibilitiy, = free media.] 

The authors, professors, activists who speak for the Victim-poor-deprived must adhere to the same party-line, or not be on this station. Sorry. No other descriptive information is heard there. Any "others" are Not interesting enough?

Those inside the access/power positions of Our Radio Station select and limit who is qualified enough to be such a 'Needs-Our-Help'-Attention... to fulfill the image of the station's reputation of being : heroic and giving and thus kind -which frames the side-benefit and unstated purified images of those who get on-air - so are the selections made. 

No other 'sides' or views are explained or allowed at this radio site. No more than 1 view, version, story is allowed nor valid ? No questions, no alternative perceptions or analyses, no discussion, only affirmations and confirmations of the same- old 1 side chosen. No questions need be asked. No "other" stories are relevant nor permitted.

What is going on in there NOW ?  

Have all balance, or moderations , or any areas of  middle-ground just dis-appeared, or been silenced/ dis-sounded on this  virtuous radio site?  

Remember Goldilocks ? The idea of a middle-moderate-selection, made by a fairy tale girl...she has maybe been finally shown to be just a dumb, biased girl, and made a lost, silly, childish choice. The Middle Point is thus here declared indirectly as a poor fit. No, Not heard here. Not wanted. 

Are "progressives" [ =that's just a word taken to indicate moving 'ahead' and not being   'behind '?  Or is it just a current word that before was called "liberal" ?  or any one-up label of being "good, caring, honest" vs. those "others" who are clearly  "evil, bad, selfish" al  ]. the ones that can accommodate more than any 1 just-extreme stance? Or are any fused, variable, or mixed, not-extreme views being mis-labeled as "too hot" or "too cold"? so better ignored ? Or maybe it is a case of that too European tale, too old... and moderation, middle ground, is so outdated  by now? 

To hear alternatives, grey areas vs. black OR white versions as valid - ones that are Middle grounds, not interesting to KPFK audiences ? All that may be mixed and not just all-1-extreme-pure-whatever dull and dishonest?

Some of us are wondering ....why this radio station- the one that keeps claiming & spinning it’s own version of what is True and what is Wong and Who is  Right and Who are bad and What is what... the definer: that is the authority KPFK  claims? 

How this corporation is described is not what is heard: whatever this NON-profit entity IS claiming it IS - selling it's own framed image as 'fair', 'free', 'real', 'honest', 'believable
et al. is not what is predominately presented.  

While Stakeholders & donors are expected to only agree and believe the set-ups = the preferred story-line - of what KPFK IS...vs. what is heard ? ? ?

….as if:  speaking only “free honest speech” - kinda, sometime, not most times though

…as telling the ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth” - seldom, sometimes, maybe partly, maybe slanted unadmittedly 

…as “we are not NPR selling commercials”  - maybe they are more similar, but tuned differently, doing same trades & $$$ getting.

…as “we are pure, holy, good, and innocent and courageous too” – tho mostly these are Not apparent - not when audiences are Listening to other than their not NOW...  yet that story is implied again, now when hearing KPFK's having yet another “fund $$$ drive” - with sales promotions, & publicity - it's denied, but  implied, repeated...

... this is meaning that every programmer keeps doing their same,repeated, begging, pleading, demanding endlessly on...and on...for  : more MORE and more  $$$ money –  
or for a trade of some old, repeated, (& yes, elsewhere-that-is-cheaper-and-also-available) : 
compiled, collected, copies of speeches/ lectures/ workshops,or that extra chair set up in a lecture hall too.... all is now so easy to copy, proliferate, and then have the buyer ( aka "donor") profit with the free on-air advertising - saying to buyer they can then listen to media again, later.. a reason to "buy now", tho worded differently.

(And remember that when that media is sent electronically, there is no cost to 'send' many multiples of same... by that oh, so "generous" sender / provider / technology has made reproduction almost free... & so easy, too.)

The iGM, (interim Gen’l Mgr) ,the previously super-sales- woman & union rep at KPFK - today just made some fantastical claims - about a guest/ supplier of audio/  a book, / a visit to his hotel-room-lecture.

Christine said “ Mr….has given us Millions of Dollars worth of…”    huh ? really?    

Who  actually counted that value and how ? As she continued making such admiring descriptions validating his products, in order to SELL them as a 'premium' to money $$$ donors to the station. All sounds so innocent... but dissimulating iGM making fake or only-personal pronouncements to get the items sold?    

Who is to believe these pretend words, as if they are 'facts' instead of being  spins or promotions ? who can be so gullible? 

Selling never is. Exaggerations create doubt and distrust, instead.So how can this [a Commercializer]  staff to be believed when she expands and exaggerates when describing a Supplier, to give him more publicity and positive imagery?

To insure she gets plenty of  'pledges of $$$'  - by exaggerating, complimenting, and flattering  whoever is the producer, or supplier of premiums, whoever it may be that 

So, who is really 'accountable' for the claims made- for all the exaggerations, the fake advertising that IS repeatedly, often,  made on-air ? 

And all in the name of: anything we say is OK if  we are 'getting more money in'... because 
"if we need it. we can say anything ?"   huh? 

All is intended to 'sell'  those clever so-called "premiums"
[aka "gifts"]= TRADES for dollars, as if that trade were other than: 
merchandise/ media trades 
and all in the name of yeah, deals. Transactions to do a trade-deal. Like presidents do too.

This is obviously true... with no spins or games or twists- no  framing, hedging or trying to cover-up what TRANSACTIONS are being done at KPFK... 

Who will tell, or admit anything ?  but the usual repeated "line" intended to create that old pure, goodie image  that KPFK needs to maintain  = to later sell to get more $$$$ ?

Can it be that when SUPPLIERS of mdse and events – who make a great TRADE-DEAL by their appearing on air,  are there bragging about the value and effects of their products, for sure ! and the same sales blurb are on-air again, later,  repeatedly --  to insure access to many radio listeners. 

So premium-business-suppliers [yes, they are in business, even when they may give-away promos for this on-air PR access]. 

All and any 'guests' are happily promoting their name, products, reputation and  even later get more sales, invitations, audio-visability  [ by being on  a KPFK radio program- what a a cheap way to get free publicity.This is a paid-for-benefit, anywhere].

And they often sell audio mdse, or personal growth & curative products [while product is not on a shelf, but it's in KPFK listeners' imagination only being lauded, admired, described enthusiastically as the 'best..." & recommended-sold by their favorite programmer or staff ].

Most media sent to donors is cheap, as fund-drive sales audio is cheaply reproduced, and then sales blurb may be replayed & replayed... often  & easily.... on our KPFK air waves - at all hours.... and later again - for as long as money is "urgently’ needed "… so it's ok, isn't it ??? 

Just as  those sales pitches, promotions, P.R., publicity, name recognition are valuable [when paid for elsewhere] it is given to suppliers, easily, by repetition for exposure... and it is obvious- yep, it is advertising... by any other name, remains the same effect. (

Then with the programmer/ iGM or  iPD [interim Program Director - there still for umpteen yrs ] employees of KPFK are  validating that the " $120, $200, $365, or More is worth"  the trade, and "by sending $$$ to KPFK,"  a good deed is being done "call us now !!! we need $$$...." - is heard again.

While the suppliers just spend a bit of their time - to get so much FREE ON AIR  exposure and free  publicity for their products
[& then that promo is also replayed],
it is profitable for all. 

Suppliers can exaggerate, or make big, unsubstantiated claims about how effective and curative their products are  “!!!” and so they brag, sell, exaggerate, lie...while  no one at KPFK also pushing their products will disagree, on air. No one.  

Then these product/media suppliers are also made to appear 'as if ' they are oh, so, "generous" too, by maybe not charging KPFK or staff for that sales time or for a few products provided, that ...yes, they exchange - for air time promotions.

While it is called a  ‘give away’ of their products.  It is Not.      It is a Trade, it is a Transaction, it is a Deal : where both KPFK and suppliers get goodies & benefits back. 

Just as their using just "your email" or sending a USB - or maybe even having another chair in a hotel room that can be filled up further with little cost to event promoter is labeled falsely as a 'gift'...when it is a 'trade', a 'business transaction.'

Are Infomercials  spun on a non-profit corporation not the same as those heard on a for-profit corporation ? 

All is fair in business and war ? or is it "love"? no. wrong again.

Like hotel rooms are easily offered as ‘free gifts”,yet are of no-cost to the Hotel, but still made to seem like an expensive offer to customers - who otherwise would pay hefty prices. Because the Hotel mostly has extra rooms
open  & available , just sitting there waiting to be filled, for pay or for sales-helpful promos.

Same is done with free attendance to lecture/ workshop that KPFK sells …errr…as KPFK dedicated premium suppliers "give " away. Oh.....Not ‘away’- because the return on their 1 hr or less presentation & promotion is so much, much MORE than just the drive to No Hollywood radio studios. 

The 'giver'  actually benefits lots more with that exposure, with all those kind compliments on air,  with the recommendations by the programmers / staff of KPFK, plus lots more.

Yet, the pretenses are continuous and deceitful. 
The exaggerations are also extreme and un-believable. 
The programmers also personally get ‘freebees’  but that is never mentioned  [because ‘amongst friends, we just share, friendlily ….don’t we all ?”].   No. 

Just those who can USE the non-profit radio station [that is the stakeholders, who own, by all who have contributed to the organizations' upkeep, and as over all the years of it’s existence, the stakeholders, who indirectly pay for salaries, equipment, mortgages,  & whatever all is necessary..for KPFK to stay ‘on air’.

That is, the airwaves / the same sounds as “on air” - those airwaves that KPFK reminds us “belongs to the public”.

That's allll of us, them... and we too.

Programmers also are promoted there, & listed with their own personal / business websites too. Write or try to call them. 

See if they respond. Because unless you are a Customer, to buy more services, that they then sell privately, separately, there is usually no answer, ever. Try it. We have. No effect. No reply. No one cares ?

Then the ‘non-profit’ aspect is gone... as programmers' services/products are no longer  ‘tax deductible’ - though the programmers and their guests [and cronies & friends ] are all getting FREE PR all the time - even while they are using Our Radio Station’s On Air access – using that time to sell their own stuff. Or ideas. Or events. Or views. Or reputation. Or preferred, manufactured images.

The continuous pride-full KPFK faked claim of: 

 “We Are Not…. like those others,who are trying to make-money, or to get your cash,or take you into debt,  or using your listenership for OUR benefit - not at all !!! "  -  is repeated forever.  hmmmm.... but that sounds exaggerated again...    

Definitions are made and carefully controlled : intended to say what others should [listeners] hear, then to believe, to remember and to repeat.  That is the same advertising sales trick …everywhere, anywhere, and even at this radio station = the same methods.

Why do the audiences & listeners fall for the tricks of the Left-radical-Liberal-claiming-to-be group, which uses the clever claims of  “not for profit” – and to then say "we are not ‘Them!” capitalistas – we are different, better, truer, better" - but yet these same peole are allowed to advertise on the station? 

How or when are hypocrisies ever admitted or acknowledged  anywhere ? even at KPFK ? 

Or is it only when listeners meet up elsewhere, outside of the sacred radio stratosphere, and they can there discuss:
why they have pulled away
stopped giving $$$$
seldom even listen now 
and don't volunteer any more... 
saying     "why are KPFK listeners assumed to be such dummies, any way?"

Of course, it is easy to sit elsewhere and see/ hear / notice and criticize…KPFK or anyone else…just as KPFK people 
on-air do that all the time, too, easily.

Of course, it is more difficult to get  legitimately paid for work than it is to be  publicly funded -  given free $$$ - for just doing what has been doing since July 26, 1959 - talking on the radio, replaying audio, media, replaying others' programs again on  KPFK's air, or finding a free guest who wants prominent free exposure too, etc. etc.?

It is all a matter of who is OPEN and HONEST [on air] to admitting that KPFK's staff, programmers, systems and local-board-members and their by laws --  are flawed and imperfect, all the while trying hard to sell, impress a chosen-image out to the world...but also they are acting as if in deep DENIAL ... and also acting defensively much the time.

Of course, nothing is going to change, tho the same ‘old’  - as noted often from long past history of even current station members – that KPFK people are still doing the very same act.

Trying.  Still and again = “trying”...while insisting. that :  yes, they ARE improving – even while most or many donors & stakeholders & listeners do notice.... the very same happening ... yet again…and again…and ….

foto courtesy of

Of course, those $=traded-premiums' are: magical cures that are lauded and applauded and promoted...mostly during money-getting times -

i.e. like NLP or positive-thinking-trainings, old self-help books, lextures, workshops, DVD's, CD's, (from the '70's )
or affirmations...or numerology or foods or vitamins.... 
or antiquated organizations 
or "doctors" [of what?] or "healers"
or 'self-help-support-servicers'
or self-defined-experts...
As all are still claiming fame  validity... and insisting that they have, are, can do very special healing curatives...

And all while programmers agree that such promotional products and speakers/ authors are exceptional...

So sales messages are repeatedly pro-claimed and ADVERTISED - 

Oh,yes... on this 'non-profit', and 'non commercial' KPFK… again…

And most of these methods, teachings, trainings, etc.  were ‘new’ and fascinating back in 1970’s and 1980’s...but are now exhumed to be sold again, for another $200 or so…

Of course, meanwhile.... the internal station dynamics, 
[and also within Pacifica- their mother/father ship ]- 
continue.. as in-fighting, factionalizing, cleaving and divisiveness continues…even as these processes are increasing and exploding ...everywhere else too.  

As also noticed in other countries, groups, organizations - that do the same breaking open/ self-destructing moves.

NOT to have KPFK & their workers claim they are ‘above’ or beyond such changes… or as we hear, know are happening, yet again, yes, at Our Radio Station.

When do we confront the un-truths ? the illusions ? the wishes & hopes that are not realities ?

When do we just give up and go away ? 

July 20, 2017   (C) rr