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VOTE ! if you have contributed to KPFK at all this last year. Please. VOTE !

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 Day of Dead offerings = to the radio-life forces to keep KPFK from melting, dying, decaying, and being stolen.

If any reader here has paid monies or volunteered time to KPFK, radio [90.7 FM and at] 
you are suppose to receive a paper ballot to VOTE for new BOARD members – to chose who will vote for the management, and issues that run this radio station. If anyone has paid  $25/ yr OR given their 3 hrs of volunteering –these are the minimum requirements to be a Listener-Sponsor.

And if you do not NOT receive your ballot, please !!! phone, write and insist that the management comply with their required duties and mail the ballot to you NOW.  

Call 818-985-2711  or 818-985-KPFK between 9 am and 5 pm.
Or email at any time any place from their website :

Do not let others chose for you. Tho there are 2 very divided factions claiming their whole slate be voted in, you, Reader, can pick and chose from those or individualize your selections. There is  not requirement to buy any whole package offered, unless you so chose.

The  Pacifica National Board  [PNB ]has failed to carry out its obligations to have elections in a proper and timely manner. This act of  negligence has led to  it’s board members holding their prized seats way past the expiration of their elected-time terms. So, this results in  one faction which controls both the [LSB] local board at KPFK, and the Nat’l Board as well. The other faction has been sidelined, vilified and maligned with lots of angry words flagging many websites that address the management and operations of Pacifica and it’s 5  radio stations.

Elections have been avoided, denied and excuses are  invalid for undemocratically elected boards - extended their terms .

There has been many sleights of hand moves  within both KPFK and Pacifica notably by avoiding following their own rules & bylaws -  as in their we-Must-Have-Our-group-prevail – and  in long delays to having elections of its Board Members.

The requirements are that there must be elections …..
According to Pacifica’s bylaws, this entity is supposed to have elections 2 out of every 3 years. No exceptions. But they haven’t had any for an extended time.

So then the legitimately-elected-terms of more than 1/2 of the people currently sitting on the  PNB Nat’l Board have already expired.

And KPFK  also hasn’t conducted an election since 2010. This means that everyone now on this LSB board is not legitimate nor should be seated.

Due to the  elected-terms expired =  those in that attrition, those waiting-alternates, are then seated – but they were never elected.  Thus by failing to hold required elections,  those members  previously on the board  have cleverly then  extended their own terms in office and are cleverly keeping themselves in control of all concerns in Pacifica.

As a result, the network's status is in dubious condition as a non-profit and the Corp Public Broadcasting grants have not been given due to lack of proper or timely audits as well as the precarious and mis-managed funding, lack of sufficient audiences and important factors that Validate these radio entities.

To be put in the position of being Distrusted, Questioned with few or no answers provided, even while the divided are  in 2 fractious, attacking, oppositional groups that want Control and Board majorities means both KPFK and it’s umbrella nat’l board have lost the basics:  

Monday, October 26, 2015

KPFK's "Global Village" music programmers left behind an audience- to which they claimed to be loyal? Really ? ?

Have any KPFK programmers ever admitted what they GET back in exchange - for grasping & holding on to that slot ON AIR  - they to use that access to a radio audience, and also where  others who want to reach that audience have that access?

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So who is playing which tune now ?   Who has tuned out ?  Who have deserted their favored on-air-access media programs for richer sounds elsewhere ?  And given their public reasons in a quickie letter is not all, tho admits openly some of the many serious hurdles KPFK has to play smoothly anywhere, even on radio waves.

When the recent 3 Global Village music programmers left [ a sinking station ? ] after many many years of playing good music, and also always lauding & promoting their guests and artists, did they take with them their audience elsewhere ?  

Image result for violin pix freeOr find better music to play where now ? Or going to earn incomes beyond what benefits [never admitted] they received at KPFK for so very long ?

programmers do not 'work' for free, even if not paid salary or cash.

Has any music programmer at KPFK ever acknowledge GETTING any kinds of programmer-benefits ?   Not those gross direct bribes,  or payments to play -- but all the other affiliated goodies that come-with being the Presenter of goods, sounds, words, recordings.... that require an advertising budget to pay elsewhere?

Or what other or any kinds of gifts, rewards were traded, offered, given, hidden by any and all programmers at KPFK  ?  Why is this such a deep dark secret unadmitted but easily assumed based on how 'business is done' everywhere else... and KPFK is not that different at all. 

Contrary to it's claims, based on what has been now recently revealed of its poor business practices that helped trip this place into debt or bankrupcy.

How about having secret special  Contacts-Connections provided , for networking, working with, getting favors from, et al...  could these also be the obvious  BENEFITS of  controlling - having a set space, program with on-air accesses, ?   

All musical and even author interviews and even 'discussions with preeminent-prominent  academics in their 'specialties',  and then all of which are related to those money-making industries...  corporations, companies, business..all those that need and use on-air media access for PROMOTIONS and "public-relations"  audibility

Having On-Air Access is a prize, a prime benefit, something to never-let-go or share, it seems.  But at KPFK this  is never openly admitted though. 

The KPFK  on-air programs give  each and all of them a huge audience, as all media visibility does [and such media access is also known as:  PR,   promotions,   advertising, marketing, and other euphemisms saying  that the SELLING of brand, name, product, et al  is happening ]

All is done also  in the service of  promoting more sales of their merchandise, their Brand visibility, for popularity and  rising academic prestige. Or  used in presenting a particular political-news Point Of View, even some that may be lacking in  general mass media, where there may be less access for these to blare & show-off their wares and smarts. 

To dissimulate and pretend that all KPFK programmers are just wanting to 'share' their findings or to "organize and unite others together" is a collateral benefit but far from the only or main benefit of getting and holding-on [for decades at times] to On-Air Radio time.   

Yes, these ideals are included and exalted as "our only reason for being here", but it is doubtful that a slim slice is the whole truth and the implied programmer's self-aggrandizement is just that. 

Other media at least admit to 'employees' or 'contractors' or 'free-lancers' get paid for their work in programming duties.

Other radio or media do not hide behind this goodie exaggeration and as if this Pacifica- innocent-altruistic self-presentation - is real, as it is continually Sold too listeners at KPFK, and even some other non-profits do so globally also.

The other media admits to having alliances, political pressures and aims, paid [and intern] staff that are supervised and directed by administrations. KPFK does not admit this in any way. The pretense of a free-for-all-and-any because of their quaint Mission which is barely actually followed, leaves plenty of questions to any Thinking Person, those they want to claim as Pacifica's audiences. 

And  have we, can we ever know of whatever other goodies these long-clinging-to-their-spot programmers, plus many others also,  may have accrued over their long years at KPFK on-air-programming ? This would, of course, be in lieu of or beyond monetary compensations from wherever they have 'contacts',  that is.  Much like the "sponsors"  that are admitted elsewhere - and where "lobbyists" or "PR people" operate in similar and more commercial  media areas as well.

We must be curious, while knowing humans to not be so  good nor generous as KPFK folk claim to do,  with their time or sharings, nor are they so altruistic as to provide the KPFK listeners with music -  just to pleasure us -  and sustain the radio station. Then, their sudden, quickie, exit gives more rise to many Questions - that are not explained sufficiently by their public self-promoting as above-the-fray  all along, as they exit.  Their statement listed here below:

 a Letter found on line by 3 KPFK programmers - tho this info was not openly mentioned earlier, for the decades they have been using the airspaces to do their 'thing' there. [copied below FYI]

"People are asking why I, Derek Rath, Beto Arcos and Yatrika have left “Global Village” at KPFK. This is our joint statement to the management which pretty much explains it. It was a very, very hard decision to make and uproots a significant part (both time-wise and in importance) of my life.

Dear Leslie and Alan,

We, Derek, Betto and Yatrika, are issuing this joint statement to give you notice that, as of today, September 30, 2015, we are effectively resigning from our respective Global Village programs.
This decision was not made lightly. As you well know, we are all three veteran programmers at KPFK. Betto founded the Global Village twenty years ago, Derek and Yatrika have programmed their respective shows for 18 years.
During this time, we have weathered all the ups and downs of the station, the changing of the guards, the financial woes and the incessant fund drives, pulling our weight and working to deliver our best, while trying to remain optimistic and positive.

However, given the recent ever-growing poisonous factionalism at Pacifica and the station, the incessant fund drives, the non-fulfillment of premiums and non-responsiveness to member calls, the plummeting of listenership, the staff and salary cuts and the sorry morale of the station and staff, we can no longer in all good conscience continue to be on the air and raise money for the station.

This joint decision has been the result of deep soul searching which has led to the conclusion that we have major ethical issues requesting money from listeners whose premiums do not get fulfilled and whose favorite programs get cut or are regularly interrupted or put on hiatus.

Furthermore, we believe that Pacifica is no longer living up to its mission, and that power play and internal politics are wreaking havoc with the station and have undermined quality programming. Our first obligation is to the listeners who fund this station and unfortunately their interests are no longer being served.

It has been a privilege to serve the station and our southern California audience for so many years and we thank KPFK for giving us the opportunity to bring music rarely heard elsewhere to the airwaves. But given the current situation, time has come for us to move on.

Derek Rath, Betto Arcos and Yatrika Shah-Rais"

Always, more questions must be asked, considered, and yet seldom does anyone answer those who have paid for KPFK's sustenance.

It may not be that questions have easy or apparent answers,  and that even an informative site like  pacificainexile knows it all or promote it's versions... and yet...sometimes the revelations bring even many more concerns and questions up  - to critical thinking minds- while not even expecting the answer to 'just appear for donors view.  

Most KPFK  info is not available anywhere in LA or in Google search either.

And active and loyal listeners thus miss any, many, KPFK on-air comments -  that suddenly have appeared now,  as 24 hrs or even 8 hrs of listening is beyond most people's interest and capacity.      So learning of what is happening 'inside there' by reading out here is our only tid bit of news of KPFK  troubles and even stability, and to learn of where our money disappears in there.

                             to  Reader: 

please attempt any search to see why there are pages and pages of KPFK programs and programmers and barely any, almost none, emerge describing what enormous financial, administrative, management, staff and  other PROBLEMS are not being exposed...a hidden slow burn perhaps, into extinction.    

Little TRANSPARENCY of a non-profited publicly paid-for radio station means there either is much to hide and manipulate...or..... the hypocrisy of what is repeated on-air about 'free speech' and 'we are depending on You !' to sustain their funding needs are LIES.

Why is it so difficult to obtain information of where and how our donations are being spent or wasted or mis-allocated in non-audited books at KPFK and Pacifica - the umbrella nat'l office that requires a high monthly payment for it's maintenance also ?

Google is bare of actual information about the financial conditions, the lawsuits filed or already paid, the Board members who act unethically or may be playing to KPFK's dissolution ?

As usual, not surprising but still startling, in this big media world in USA, there is difficulty in finding OUT what occurs inside even in institutions of which WE STAKEHOLDER DONORS are said to be the major contributors.   There is 1 site mentioned previously also, that provides information regularly, and is commendable for what is revealed there, as it is not elsewhere:   to read or subscribe to any reader's email box. 

and there are a few other sites that disagree, or explain or exhort their views too. It is difficult to find a central or neutral sources of factual, actual,  legitimate  transparent Information.
see some other found sites:  LA Progressive    &  SaveKPFA    
and there must be more somewhere?    

And then here, there are more Questions, Concerns, Doubts, and Critical Thinking offered to promote and share what can be dis-covered here too. 

Where else has any Reader found that provides, even opposed views, that clarifies and informs all those who WANT TO KNOW REALITY as it is our donations ?

(c) 2015   Rr 


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Strange Questions, where is real Info on KPFK ?

Words heard on KPFK radio Sunday, Oct 25, 2015:  & approximately recorded

"The umbrella Pacifica Board [PNB ] gave us a $500,000 deficit … and while they gave us today 10/25/15 $50,000 to stay on air…. but that leaves us  here owing $450,000 still…for the entire Pacifica national office and other 4 station bills ?  or only the separated by local station KPFK bills ?

 so elections now are so crucial and necessary…. need to get a Quorum, as since 2010 many have overstayed their elected time and linger on main Pacifica Board and have not retired or had elections to replace them, even tho bylaws limit each PNB members term.

Ralphs market has a plan where with patron’s card a donation will be made based on purchases there  -is a way to help contribute to KPFK, set up by prior interim Gen’l Mgr Z. Fields.

- - - - -

 and elsewhere noted an email:

Programmers were informed by Gen'l Mgr that they must raise $1,500 per program hour or the program may be replaced. Most programs are unable to raise even 1/2 or 1/4 of that amount that is a 'goal' or maybe a way to threaten replacements. 



Conflicts of an email by prior iGen'l Mgr  that was exposed and revealed- but was it 'confidential' or just embarrassing ? 

Some at KPFK staff received a letter copy of emails by their favorite prior interim Gen'l Manager Zuberi Fields.  These paid staff were dismayed and some thought they were being threatened with the revelation he was inquiring to cost of eliminating staff salaries.... tho no one has revealed what he intended or planned...or was getting data to plan for financial ruin at KPFK. And the story was revealed on line.

Another way of wondering what is occurring in the machinations of how to keep KPFK financially afloat on-line  is below:

Some assumptions written on need to be questioned:       

As an email by Zuberi  - that appears to be sent to only 2 people - but may have also had other recipients, as BCC [as blind copies]  when it was sent  ,  so could have been emailed as a to more than the obvious ones  too ? Thus the assumption that only the "TO:" recipients had a copy to reveal elsewhere is erroneous. 

And the mystery of Who mailed those letters is still not solved nor are accusations valid either - if the letter copies were sent to show that even Fields contemplated or questioned ways to solve some monetary problems thru staff reductions. Any interpretation can be chosen as the 'only' logical one.

 And where is it confirmed that all emails sent out by any iGM are solely confidential, locked away, and unknown by others who may also be involved in the managerial duties ?  

Who is to know if Zuberi did not disclose, discuss, & share his various plans, thoughts, or questions to others too, and not just keep it all in his closed pocket to himself? 

Or was it illegal or unethical about those receiving that particular email of questions or any inquiry to share it elsewhere? It is UNKNOWN who are thus revealing it either deliberately or inadvertently ?    

Emails printed, copied, mailed elsewhere is not an illegal or unethical act, unless it involved Hillary apparently.  

So  Other’s Intent is often assumed. Assumptions and conclusions may need to be questioned there. Anywhere.

And quoting only those words of Sue Johnson [former Part time staff  & fired now ] may not be enough to represent or validate a question of  what is actually occurring inside KPFK adm...the series of moves may appear one way on surface and different on another.

Loans are offered by friends or associates but names are not revealed to the stakeholders, listening public, and so no one knows sources of wealthy, or loan interest %, or who decides what is ethical.

Lydia Brazon's [ who is on KPFK's LSB and also currently is interim Exe. Director of Pacifica Nat'l Bd - PNB ]  her employer,  who a few months ago at an LSB meeting said, with her present, that he was 'forgiving' the $150,000 loan he had previously made to Pacifica or KPFK. [not sure which, or when]. 

This man, being a major realty owner of properties and with some wealth : might he be a source for KPFK's GM Radford's offer to provide a 'conflict of interest' $$$ loan ?  Does she actually have such wealthy and generous contacts herself that she has access to getting ?
At what interest rates and with what collalteral offered? the mortgage-KPFK building ? huh ?

Then - Who checks the source of any monetary loans and any subtle moves that may become corruptive or result in cronyism or be coercive even ? Where is that fact-checker anyway ?

Was that offer by GM to take a loan or make a loan to KPFK a legal and ethical move at all ?
The issue was briefly mentioned and later never addressed further. Are hidden loans and deals being made on KPFK's financial back ? to break it ? or can any loans heal the debts incurred already ? 

Was the loan made or just offered ?  And where is such information revealed for all station-stake-holder of this  non-profit corporation -  with the all required Rules also then being  complied ?   

Is it ethical, legal, in the Pacifica bylaws that Any managerial staff, or LSB member, can ‘loan’ or give gifts "from friends"  to ‘save’ any  such failing non-profit corporation ?   

And is acceptance then automatic ?      with much hand-kissing for any money so needed ? 
It is not like a private donor–listener-subscriber giving a gift to the radio station, when more closely associated to someone directing KPFK’s business, is it ?    Yes, the tax deduction is the lure to the giver in exchange. But a loan ? what are the tax ramifications that benefit the loan giver ? are there ? Or is just Indebtedness enough to pull strings, push for own agendas ?

What is going on ? besides rumors or bits of trailing machinations that seem out of place in
what is called FREE speech, straight-talking Pacifica and KPFK ?

There must be some rules, or ethics in play : 
 when money comes in large amounts, isn’t there ?

Or who else has appeared ? 

Who else is wanting a piece of the radio pie- as in offering loans, gifts, free-cheap services...all that stuff that often comes with some probable compensations later and adheres to unintended-consequences too.  

Who would invest in a sinking organization, as it's major staff players are going 1/2 time and the org. is not paying bills - so that describes it to be a losing investment ?  

(c) 2015   Bt 

KPFK is almost broken out of what was Our Radio Station ?

Even while daily anyone listening to KPFK radio at 90.7 FM hears pleas for more money, donations, pledges, subscriptions, sustainers, and wheedling with guilt included, for funds to keep this Radio Station operating, there is never enough.

Call 818 985-5835 [985-KPFK]  24/7  or 818 985-2711 during day hours. Offer your choice of a donation, ask a question, ask for a note to be passed on.

Anyone who has not helped to pay-their-share to insure KPFK’s broadcasting might consider a donation of good-will and add a letter, phone call, note to express your thoughts, questions, and appreciations for any programs or people you have Already heard and liked. 

Don’t let others do it ‘for you’ or each free listener insures that the station will collapse, be co-opted, shift to a private corporation, or be controlled by one faction excluding other voices you too want to hear.

See the open spaces are holes:  thru which warm air flows but does not hold Up the structure or substances necessary to remain  solid nor whole ...   just as Pacifica/ KPFK have also been hollowed out and are now fragile.  Being again in dangerous condition and in peril.   They are Not just lacking $$$ - but lack of  consistent competent administration, good business practices, solid honest leaders and to be following legal requirement. 

“A quiet coup has taken place at Pacifica” … this has been declared elsewhere.

Due to not conducting their required Elections, both Pacifica and even KPFK had and has board members holding seats  well past the expiration of their elected terms  -- with one more divisive and secretive faction currently controlling the local board [LSB] at KPFK and the National Board [PNB] too …. as 2 of every 3 years elections are suppose to be held, but have not been lately, and the local LSB has not had any elections since 2010 either.

Why not? Financial excuses are the usual lame ones given for not adhering to promised bylaws, rules and fresh voices at the radio station.

Everyone urges all paid-up stakeholders to VOTE now, if a minimum of $25, or 3 hrs volunteer work has been done this last year. And if a ballot has not been sent to you, reader, call and demand they fulfill their legal obligations. Now.  

If you like a slate that has been more open and revealing of their views and intentions, see for info there.

Or see KPFK at for some preferable candidates to review for your vote.

It  has recently & finally been revealed that Pacifica and it’s stations : ” Expenses were not monitored ….enormous  unapproved and budgeted expenses”  have thus accrued disastrously, and are threatening to bankrupt these radio institutions.  Which may be unplanned and dysfunctional organization failures … or may be deliberately a set-up to Take Over failing but unhabitable radio stations worth millions, ready for the privatization of the few.

While a few select legal and PNB players have already incorporated KPFA names  --to be able to re-store their personal versions of Our million-dollar stations when these fail. Already having, controlling votes and meetings, leaving the KPFA license and name entities ready-to-take-go… in what appears to be maneuvers that are a Take-Over, not a Save-US move. 

Done by the Pacifica attorney and KPFA prior-interim Exe.Director hold the valuable new incorporation papers now, ‘in case’  -- but doubt has arisen as to how these secret moves will play out, finally.      

Who do the faction playing the game of we-are-just-saving-them consist of  ? 
and how distorted have the divisive PNB and LSB fighting groups become already ?
Or is it beyond saving or compromising of 'enemies' fighting to own, control, save or use KPFK's remains?

KPFK has been unable to ‘pay’ for the premiums already offered, for which they had promoted and collected premiums-$$$ in exchange.  And thus subscription dept did not reveal this info to paid-up donors, and then also did not send out promised ‘gifts’ in return for high priced pledges back.

Also, as KPFK business manager was doing outside business on KPFK computers in an illegal maneuver and the recent business audits, necessary to CA state, for 2+ years have not been accomplished, as required, while budgets have been quick-‘passed’ and agreed by LSB, but  w/o any thorough investigation or corrections to the constantly shifting numbers.  

Besides the loss of $ 2 million from CBC that previously was needed & treasured funding - this income was lost for a couple of years -  so has not been available -- only due to lack and lapse of any good business practices and audits of Pacifica stations.  Plus  now, another year’s worth, another $1 Million for 2015, may also be denied due to lapsed & accounting delays.

At KPFK, 3 music programmers of Global Village, Betto Arcos, Derek Rath and Yatrika Shai-Rais, recently quit on air, and at least 3 other paid staff were fired from their positions also. The Film Club director was one of these.

While the [previously unrevealed as 4 staff paid]  public-affairs programmers were cut to ½ time pay and ½ time work – for 3-4 months maybe -  without their proper union procedures to protect them, the new General Manager’s plans appeared sudden, harsh and unsustainable.   Even staff union dues were recently not paid by KPFK administrators as is  legally required, but was unbeknownst to the staff.

Anyone who has been Listening, Learning, Tuning in to KPFK for the long prior years when such turmoil and chaos was either not revealed  or not as bad as it has resulted Now. [internet opens data to broader visibility for all: so is both helpful info and some secreted info and revealing more than any on-air gagging, tho still not all, is transparent  ]

Many have tuned-out and turned away, despairing of what is heard on-air on KPFK,  as repetitious, exhausting, unbearable fund-$$$-pleadings. Others  stakeholders have tired of the same programmers repeating their same views and similar guests.  Some have gone to other radio that is more to their taste.   Others have stayed loyal, at times or more times, while hoping something better results.  We all wish and hope this improvement is possible. If at all. If ever. Now. 

(c) 2015     mj