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KPFK, Pacifica, more info to share is here :

More information about the ways PACIFICA and it's components - KPFK    KPFA   and other's less functional ones that still remain on-air with various limping and crippling sections is also revealed in these writings.

These are reposts to provide a non-maligning, not insulting any person or even a side.

More can be read as updates appear on this site.
And there are others with different wants, different views, other interpretations or stories of their own.

These writings at least are readable, clear, reporter-styled and yes, they are pro-Summer Reese  and her work. 

These are written by a prior PNB treasurer and member who remains vitally interested, informed and involved and this at least is 'information' that is less angry, less defensive, less maligning and thus more readable for anyone, including us.  Her name is Tracy Rosenberg and we thank her for what we have learned, that is not available elsewhere.

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WPFW (Washington DC) station manager Michelle Price reported in a printed report distributed to her local board that Pacifica’s interim executive director Bernard Duncan demanded $50 thousand dollars from her station, telling her the money would be removed from WPFW’s bank account, if necessary. He said the money was needed for “payroll.”  It isn’t clear which
Pacifica station(s) needed payroll subsidized nor why the network would be unable to meet an approximately $250,000 semi-monthly payroll obligation weeks after reporting $2.4 million dollars in new member pledges from the May telethons.
re tax

The audit of the fiscal year ended 9/30/2013 has still not begun. The dwindling number of employees in the national office (two have already quit and the CFO remains barred from the national office in an accomodation to workplace complaints) are trying to catch up on the year’s worth of undone bank reconciliations from KPFA and track down missing data from other stations. Interim ED Bernard Duncan is reported to plan the rehires of two individuals let go for cause in the previous year to fill the accounting  vacancies: one who was let go for moonlighting as a tax preparer for H&R Block on company time, and another, who was let go  after the unauthorized release of dozens of employee’s payroll data and social security number information to national board member Lydia Brazon via an unsecured email.

The intimidation of network staffers is continuing. After the month-long suspension of Berkeley news anchor Anthony Fest for this brief announcement, popular late night LA host Roy of Hollywood was hit with a warning letter after interviewing the executive director on his late night program. The warning letter from interim program director Alan Minsky cited “dirty laundry rules”. The letter was ironic as Minsky himself participated in an hour-long program with Background Briefing host Ian Masters in December that discussed Pacifica matters at length and resulted in a 2-day suspension for Masters, which MInsky, among others, protested. The LA program director is not known to have issued a warning letter to himself for violating the dirty laundry rule.


Reese’s comments regarding the 990“I was deeply concerned and uncomfortable signing the tax return under penalty of perjury, when I had insufficient time to review it and could see obvious errors upon my first review.  I do not know how serious each item is, but seeing Central Services listed as revenue and not seeing Affiliates as revenue and no mention whatsoever of the CPB grant funds, was alarming to say the least. To go even further, to be compelled to sign an inaccurate document, in order to avoid serious fines and penalties against the organization, is extremely distressing.  I feel I was placed in an untenable position, by receiving the return electronically one day before (but too late to make corrections,) and the actual return the same day, that it was due


Reese’s comments regarding  the 990:“I was deeply concerned and uncomfortable signing the tax return under penalty of perjury, when I had insufficient time to review it and could see obvious errors upon my first review.  I do not know how serious each item is, but seeing Central Services listed as revenue and not seeing Affiliates as revenue and no mention whatsoever of the CPB grant funds, was alarming to say the least. To go even further, to be compelled to sign an inaccurate document, in order to avoid serious fines and penalties against the organization, is extremely distressing.  I feel I was placed in an untenable position, by receiving the return electronically one day before (but too late to make corrections,) and the actual return the same day, that it was due.....

The latest tumult comes only days after an eight week occupation of the foundation’s Berkeley headquarters ended on May 13th after an illegitimate majority set off chaos by suddenly firing the executive director only weeks after a permanent hire and reinstating a CFO who had been let go for poor performance and workplace complaints. The re-hired CFO has still not been able to enter the headquarters without being accompanied by a professional mediator and the investigation report has vanished for months

re liability ins probs  

Bernard Duncan - The currently appointed interim leadership has stated publicly he intends to stay in the job for “just a few months” and previously announced relocation to New Zealand in July. It is now almost June. No search has been started for a replacement, meaning there will be 3 interim leaders appointed in six months.


last day of S Reexe @ HQ's


Time for a break.
or a wait. 
or watch for what happens more and next. Just STAY INFORMED and share that with the rest of us. 

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Is there a KPFK or Pacifica left ? 

Integrated or falling apart fast ? 

What happens when each of the 5 Pacifica stations has to grow-up, be self-sufficient, or not be assisted by some central office holding their hands and holding the siblings together somehow ? 

The recent months of  heavy conflict, that appears to be only- two-opposing factions, but there may be others too [still in hiding and waiting to pounce ?   with their Own Interests,  Own Benefits to get]   and those finally seeing self-serving gains for them too to get more .... there may be more than those  2 groups who online articulate their views and dismiss any other views. 

And each side is loaded with prejudice side-acts and writers : 

As if...pretend...there are "only 2 versions" of best practices.

As if ...there are obviously "Only 2 ways" to align and support the continuation of the basic policies and philosophies expounded in the past by these stations under the umbrella of Pacifica? 

As if each [opposing, reacting, righteous] group knew for sure how to do "The Right Thing" and with the most qualified people to insure that the old version of Pacifica's over-the-edg-leftiness remains free and available -  for every dissident voice in the USA -  maybe even with a few imports included.    

And  there is also an righteous assumption that there is only 1 "right" thing-way-view-group et al. that should/ will WIN !

Maybe both sides, plus others hiding till it is safe to come and take or infiltrate the winning 1 side, are "DoubleRight !" and  Neither is enough, neither is sharing or cooperating, neither is winning no matter what court judges or online critics proclaim.

To note the online scribes, the anti-prior-hired Executive Director of Pacifica, after working for 8 months in the same interim position, Summer Reese is a volatile, unusual choice.   Some are for her, having seen or talked to her directly and noted their experiences validating her capabilities, like this one - not the only one visible and voluntarily supportive of her remaining as ED of Pacifica: 

then there are many  - mostly at the radio stations that have been long draining funds, mismanaged or not produced the required documents to receive their CBC funding, pay their rent, or produce enough information to comply with required audits.  A lot appear to be centered around Berkeley's KPFA and much writing has been maligning Summer Reese in a very personal, vs. her work-job, way has come from there & those. 

Even KPFK's Ian Masters has distributed an online distributed  petition - clearly attempting to ruin Ms. Reese's reputation and validity  - with his having googled  and then located some 'questionable' [ also read: unusual] ways. Even tho it appeared that Mr. Masters did not pursue his petition after he saw his salary and position on the radio station in LA was not endangered as he feared when meeting her 1x in person. It was a personal attack on a person, vs. a concern about her work, her policies, her actual actions while on-the-job as ED [for a very few months, compared to the 8 months working same job as an 'interim' vs. permanent position.]  No. Not fair. Not cool. But then not everyone who angrily fears losing their position is, apparently. 

A person writing on line opposing views on Ms.Reese and wanting to depose her wrote here -  one of various on line descriptions given without clearly stating their own benefits or  positions in the wild arguments and not giving enough references for credibility, but then most of the on-line rants don't have  them either  [that helpful validation is more of an academic skill, or a professional reporting requirement, or eve too wikipedia-like anyhow, right ? wrong. ]:

The KPFK prior Gen'l Mgr, who left "early" claiming he was returning to his own land in New Zealand, giving fake reasons in person, to the KPFK LSB, and in online writings then suddenly appeared to have been elevated up to Summer Reese's prior position = as Executive Director of Pacifica ! 

Bernard Duncan, who had been noted to be a mediocre KPFK station manager had just been made King over all 5 stations, but for a very short period of time. Why he is not continuing or providing any clear factual and  transparent reasons for his moving up and then moving out has not been openly documented.     Perhaps it is his visa ?     Perhaps it is a set-up temporary and unsatisfactory ?     Perhaps he cannot do the job that Reese was not allowed to continue or complete ?      Who knows ? 

How to find honest transparent information about what is really going on each and all stations ?  How to question or ask for a $$$-refund from prior pledges to these non-profit organizations that are not showing their audited books to prove their honesty or their being responsible ? 

A letter from Duncan was given to the KPFK LA Local Station Board [only, but it was  not made available to the paying- KPFK-subscriber-members-payors] in his last 'manager's report' of June 19, 2014:  

"This information was shared about the  GM report for June LSB meeting  

"The IGM was a no-show, since he's assisting in the transition to a new GM at KPFA.  Instead he submitted a written report
Some LSB Members  sought to postpone discussion of the report until the iGM was present to explain certain sections, while the majority wanted to talk, and then talk some more.
"The controversial sections had to do with using a program's ability to generate revenue during fund drives as part of its evaluation, and it largely mirrored what outgoing IED Bernard Duncan said about both  KPFA and KPFK in his June 19th report, available from:  [see site below]

There is more in another post here -  both questioning all we members=subscribers=payers=supporters=non-profit-sustainers of KPFK or any other [still] Pacifica radio station with no where else to get answers, responses or realities. 

We lament repeatedly about lack of Transparency, while they keep lamenting about  the lack of our $$$$.  

We ask questions and find no one who represents us on our Local Station Board   [ KPFK members who provide no representation or make themselves accessible, unless they Want Something from the paying audience ] =
Lack of Accessibility to staff, to managements, to programmers, to LSB members, or  to anyone who even knows what is happening.

So.... what is happening ?  and how do the 'owners' of this non-profit corporation or 5 have a voice....
not one broadcast OUT to us by clinging-to-their-own-for-decades programmers ...but also have a voice IN to those who make decisions, proclaim alliances and malign those others who disagree or  question or want anything different than those-now-in-POWER do?

what is wrong with this scene ? 

which movie does it remind us of ?

any sci fi or horror movie or B or C or D movie missed before?  

is all lost or just being jumbled and re-formed into other entities with some losses, some discards, some throw-aways and some improvements too ? huh ? 

maybe ? maybe not ?    

only those now in power and in the change-shifting-2-sides would know and they are not easily sharing. Not at all !

[Please - See next post for more]
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Clarifications of what is suppose to- but may not- occur at KPFK board meetings.

Some questions and answers -  

obtained from  Terry Goodman, a personal parliamentarian to the LSB [local station board] chairperson. He is the main one who knows and resources the PACIFICA bylaws  - and he may, if asked,  assist all those LSB people  who do not know, nor remember, nor attempt to look up, nor care much about following the laws that regiment the actions within the LSB monthly meetings.

1.   Are the LSB members talking timed at all ?  

Yes, except when the timekeeper is distracted.   

The KPFK LSB's standing rule is to limit each speaker to 3 minutes. 
If the time on the approved agenda has been exhausted and not extended with a 2/3rds approval, then all currently pending motions should be disposed of immediately by vote without further discussion.

2. Is there a full time timekeeper at LSB meetings possible to do the job responsibilty?

There can be no Timekeeper as a permanent officer position.  It is the Chair's responsibility to keep members within the limits of the rules, so she can [if she chooses or remembers to do so ] appoint anyone to assist at each meeting. The appointment is in the nature of a ruling and so subject to objection, but that almost [the naming of a permanent or regular time keeper] never occurs.

Any member may double-check the work of the timekeeper and raise a point of order if an irregularity is observed.  Any member may double-check the work of the chair and raise a point of order if an irregularity is observed.  The chair serves at the pleasure of the body, as do the chair's appointees.

3. Who helps the LSB and chair in following the Pacifica/LSB bylaws ?

Terry Goodman wrote: ".....I am the personal parliamentarian of the LSB Chair and not the official parliamentarian for the KPFK Local Station Board.  

Every LSB Member has a right to a personal parliamentarian, and I've traditionally offered my services to each chair in sequence since completing my two terms in office as a KPFK Delegate

When I speak to the whole LSB it is generally upon the request of a member and the absence of any objection.  

As the Chair's personal parliamentarian, I may approach and speak privately to her on my own initiative or when sought; but if I wish on my own initiative to address the body as a whole I do so as a member of  the [public only ]..."

4.     Do bylaws state who must or can be timer and that a real [loud enough for all to hear] timer be used ? 

The bylaws include no mention of timekeepers.  The Rules of Order include a single sentence merely authorizing the chair to appoint one.

5.   Someone said it may not be legal to have iGM’s  [interim General Manager, as there seems to be now at KPFK and KPFA]  in 2 stations ? is that so, and after how long ?

The FCC requirement is that each station have a Chief Operator.  For most broadcast stations that Chief Operator is actually the Chief Engineer, not the General Manager.

Whenever there is no General Manager, the Chief Engineer is assumed by the FCC to have all the General Manager's authorities and responsibilities.  Whenever there is no Chief Engineer, the General Manager must find and assign a license qualified replacement immediately.

KPFK is an attended radio station operating 24/7.  If there is no manager or more senior staff member in the building, then the signed-on board operator has delegated authority over the premises, even if this person is an unpaid volunteer. 

6.    How long before a new GM at KPFK must be hired ?

I know of no time limit.  According to the bylaws, a permanent GM hire cannot occur prior to the LSB's recommendation of a candidate pool, but the Executive Director has authority to reject the pool and demand a new search.  To the best of my knowledge and belief, the arrangement  of shared management between KPFA and KPFK is legal....

7.      Who has the ‘legal authority’ to hire ‘counsel’ [Pacifica atty] as it seems both factions are represented by different  ones,

Ultimate corporate authority belong to the PNB, so it has authority to hire counsel; but Pacifica's Executive Director as CEO has the responsibility to hire attorneys when necessary to protect the  Foundation, and the assignment of responsibilities implies delegation of the authority required to carry them out.   

The PNB has restricted that ED authority by requiring Board approval of major contracts, including attorney engagements.   

The Board has also reserved the right to select a permanent Counsel for the Foundation. The bylaws don't mandate the position, but Pacifica's needs it

The current situation is complicated because the identity of Pacifica's current Executive Director is in dispute and just about everybody with any national authority in Pacifica is a party in that dispute.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

NOTE : Any public member, sponsor, supporter, listener can attend any LSB meetings that are "open" as most are. Meetings are listed on the website under events monthly. The location, time and if "open" or "closed" is often admitted beforehand. 

The bylaws [regulations] require that there be about 30 minutes total of "public comments" for those who are not LSB members [seated in enclosed horseshoe style and speak to themselves whether audibly or not ] -in a meeting  which can last 4-5-6 hours each time.

Public members sit separately and cannot speak nor ask nor be part of the meeting except when they 'line up' for their 50 seconds [ in each of 4 separate occasions throughout the meeting]. About 5 people can speak in each of 4 segments of "public comments" so it depends on how many want to speak if one can or cannot. 

Each public member may then speak into a microphone briefly, even if what they express is not contained in the agenda or the current issues addressed by LSB members.  Some offer suggestions, criticisms, exhort a political opinion or discredit a programer.

No response by any LSB or chair is given to acknowledge if the information was relevant, valued, distracting or worth giving. So even positive recommendations are not acknowledged nor admitted. Occasionally other public members agree and applaud, but LSB members apparently do not give responses, or rarely do.

To sit through the meetings is a dedication and an ordeal, as many LSB members have  already previously communicated ONLY amongst themselves via their email group or phone. Thus they have made decisions or learned of problems that are NOT revealed nor admitted in the meeting, then open to the public. 

Even if a public person requests repeatedly and politely to have clarified what the discussion is about and why opposing factions are fighting there at their LSB meeting, no such information is given, leaving confusion and frustration as a result.

Some LSB members, knowingly or not, elicit a 'support group' to attend as public members for a cause or themselves to show LSB person's power and ability to elicit visibility. Others appear to ignore and dismiss anyone who is not seated at the LSB tables where only those who are official members talk only to each other.  

Often LSB members - knowing who they are speaking to amongst themselves and what their exhortations are about -  will refer to what the public visitors have no knowledge of... nor can the public access this vital information relevant to the operations of KPFK.  Often the LSB will speak to each other and 'forget' to use a microphone provided to assist the public to being able to at least hear, if not understand or know, 'what is going on'.

Occasionally the Chair may repeatedly request "speak to the chair' to the members and other times that order is not given at all.  The lack of adequate timekeeping, except for in the public comments, and the lack of consistency in honoring the rules long ago written for the LSB actions and interruptions, are obvious and frequently noted. 

The brittleness and antagonisms of members around many issues leaves the public observing the proceedings with many questions of how this advisory body to KPFK management is valued or helpful.   The KPFK management and staff and programmers operations are even more secreted away  - and all those are  non-responsive to any public even via emails or voice mail messages, so the LSB meetings are the only external branch available. One that anyone who pays or cares for the KPFK continuing on are able to attended regularly - some meetings are repeatedly sprinkled by a few and some others visit occasionally only. 

Never is there a large  public group until some controversy occurs, or one that is again, NOT stated openly nor clearly  defined or described - by anyone present [by precedence or collusion ? ]so  the observers can only guess at what is being addressed. 

Many questions occur to those who come to learn or share suggestions with the LSB. 

There are very few answers ever available, as the LSB during the meeting do not mix with the public - perhaps out of loyalty to their closed circle - or perhaps out of not wanting distracting talk nor opinions inflicted upon their views. 

It is an experience that most KPFK listeners should visit at least 1x -  to learn or note what occurs  - and while the expenses are low [or never mentioned], the value of what the LSB contributes the running of the radio station has been asked and never clearly answered either. 

That so many do insist on being [s]elected to be on the LSB must mean there is power, privilege or  other  unstated benefits to be on the board. Perhaps the secrecy and exclusiveness displayed in the meetings is enough to create the image of a board member being valuable and idealistically contributing to some better good...somehow...sometime...

Being able to withstand the fractional fighting and assuming some good will come of their meetings, motions and discussions may elicit others to be local station board members. 

(c) Kc 2014

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Repost: Letter re KPFK LSB meeting April 2014

This is a reposting from another KPFK sponsor member who describes their experiences and difficulties that they encountered at a recent April 2014 KFPK- Local Station Board meeting. 

The writer suggested  that further exposure of what actually occurs at LSB meetings  as well as recording the suggestions and questions  that were made there, and that also have emerged from the conflict and turmoil at those sessions. 

It was stated that this session was fully attended by many more than the usual number of Public Listener Members - but without any clarification or definition of what the actual KPFK or LSB difficulties were being addressed. No specific neutral statements of what was disturbing so many was stated by any LSB members to all the rest of those present. 

Apparently, no LSB person there stated nor described the serious problems or issues about which so many came to speak . And it seemed to this writer that not everyone present knew or were in agreement with what was expressed, because of a lack of any explanations given at this meeting.  As  there was no open, clear description - or even brief summary provided - of just what was causing the turnout -  or the emotional reactions heard -  at that meeting by everyone present there, some attendees were unsure of why some spoke as they did, or why there was such a large contingent of Spanish-speaking public members suddenly present at a regular monthly LSB meeting.  The agenda provided did not clarify this either.

Responses or comments about what is below can be addressed by writing to, to the general manager, or staff, or see under LSB heading for any more addresses. such as the chairperson there = Apparently there are no email or access addresses to each or any LSB or PNB members on the KPFK website. A list of LSB members is visible there, however. 

           "Open Letter re KPFK LSB proceedings and actions :

To LSB Chair, all LSB members, as these concerns apply to all KPFK people = staff / programmers and the attending Public also :

( note this is long and thorough - to document and question what has been occurring at KFPK LSB meetings. Please read all or only parts that are relevant. Any accurate and reliable information should be shared with all KPFK  people = LSB, staff, public members, sponsors and listeners. thank you.)

April 16, 2014 LSB meeting was very conflictual, divisive and so questions arose that need to be known by all concerned - those who attend these meetings too -  to insure that fairness, unbiased behaviors and honesty prevails at all times.   Civility and courteousness are extras that are not always displayed therein.

Please share this email to all LSB members (only) also so any LSB member can also respond to the concerns and questions here. The questions are surely are not personal or limited to this writer alone.


The environment at Pacifica is in such turmoil that trust and safety is no longer apparent. ... non-safety of attending recent meetings ....outside the bldg of the LSB meeting in March.

1.  Are LSB members not timed for their lengthy talking, or are only Public members timed?

i.e. Public is given 50 sec while LSB frequently talks on in self-serving long lectures w/o anyone apparently timing them ?

Is this correct procedure or just not enforced evenly ?

2.  Is someone OTHER than LSB Chair or Vice Chair - who have other things to attend to and do so, or also are often involved listening to content and do not enforce the faint phone timer - who else can be assigned to do timekeeping?  

Could it be a more neutral LSB person, not the  vice-chair or secretary who assists the Chair ?  …or even a volunteer from public who is neutral and does not do more than keep time ? 
3.   And this is a  repeat request that a  SHOW TIMER LOUD ENOUGH TO BE HEARD BY ALL talkers be used, so everyone can be alerted ?     It seems that instead of hand motions and  feeble attempts to ask speakers to stop whenever, a clearly visible, audible decent Timer would be much more effective and useful.

It was apparent on 4/16/14 that though the faint phone timer rang, frequently there were many discrepancies of who was allowed to go on longer and others who were not. While personal sympathies are apparent. allowing some more time and others less, does this fluctuation belong in an official LSB meeting ?

Why is there not a $5 item purchased which is  loud enough for everyone in room to hear Timer?    Why is the continual process used now so unprofessional – leading to the self-chosen allowances  of some go longer than other timed comments,  so some others are told to stop faster ?

The variation in talk was audible and noticeable in this April LSB meeting all night. The audio recording will  easily confirm the variability , the intelligibility and the ways times allowed were not enforced fairly for all in attendance.

4. <snip>    Do the bylaws describe how translations are to be done or timed differently ?   <snip>
Has there ever been an ‘official’ translator ?  and who determines that they are being actual and fair in their translations ? Some translators do their best and yet have their own biases or forget part of the message, being untrained but acting as volunteers only.


Is a person speaking other than the usual English used in LSB meetings who does their own translations – are they required to do a full and complete translation ? or does anyone care if they do not translate fully or accurately and leave out parts ?  does anyone care ? 

5 . Note that   [a public member] ... voiced a request - that the long self-serving Spanish talking that [an LSB member]... was engaged in to his particular audience (less than 1/3 of all people in room –excluding those who did not speak or maybe even understand Spanish) .   When that person  then asked for a translation to be made in-between the lengthy tal-in-Spanish when he was also facing his group, to be made  into English. 

This was so everyone else could also know what he was saying. He ignored me. So it was repeated as a request  2-3x,  attempting to have some translations included in the long on-going talk that was apparently Not Timed nor in any way limited (even if the agenda lists time limits for ea section).

( Most people know well that any translator does not memorize long speeches and is often doing either simultaneous translations when professional…  or the translations are done in short segments with pauses  - so everyone present can receive full and accurate information that is provided in a language not their primary one.)

6.  Then a threat  by LSB Chair was made [to writer of letter here] saying
to stop talking “..or I will have to ask you to leave” to (this) one public member .... but  that was not equally threatened  to the many others - -  who were frequently actually loudly shouting about their political positions. 

Is that a BIASED and presumed authority threat to just  1 person ? For asking for translation ?

The selective threat  was not done fairly -- as that threat was not made to the many others in attendance there, who were much more vociferous and emotional and interrupting - mostly on  their own specific issues and those who were concerned that [stated] Pacifica was endangered now.

 (does anyone want the names of the various others who engaged in the audible visible wild arguments – often, and way before [the writer's]... request was made -  and  how these were not sent away from the meeting on the same night  ? One chose to leave voluntarily, saying so.  <snip> )

To be threatened so publicly and repeatedly ( it was 3x at least repeated)  by the LSB Chair for asking openly, as a public member, for the process that the Chair SHOULD HAVE HERSELF ATTENDED TO and limited per rules -  in concern for everyone in the room  - was offensive and disrespectful.

Then when  the Chair was asked to act on her clearly stated threat, she turned her head away, then refused to look directly at ... [public member], and she  kept silent – then. No further action to remove [writer] or anyone else was made before [the time]... when this writer left the conflictual scene -  feeling socially and publicly rejected and insulted by the Chair – as well as by the whole LSB – who were allowing her to act in this rude and selective manner.

7.  No one noticed that this writer also was courteous in not even getting into the 'Public member comment line' because of how many others had come to speak that night. It was a deliberate choice to give time to all the others, instead of giving the LSB ...suggestions – as some had previously been noted to be shared .

Notice that  this writer only spoke 1 x  -- when ... [ the dominant LSB PNB member ] - for the 3-4-5th time that night - spoke at length in Spanish,  and often deliberately turning  and speaking in Spanish only to his own selective audience – most of whom have not previously if ever attended the LSB meetings (that  have been recognized by many regular attendees at least.) 

[the writer] ...tried to ask for translations to be made in between the  lengthy Spanish monologue.

 Many now appeared [at meeting] to be an alliance to support him specifically and the word “racism” continually was used to accuse the [KPFK] radio station w/o naming who it was that was acting in racist ways  - other than an outlier LSB member  (.... [another not-then-present LSB member] was mentioned and about a private email he sent   - and that  all the other Public members had Not seen nor known about. The Spanish programming alliance may have been forwarded this email, but no one said so.) .

when ...[LSB PNB member] did speak briefly in English - after this request -  he made 1-2 brief sentences [in English] that did not include all he had spoken to his own audience in Spanish. No one questioned this or him about the self-translation, or it being slanted in length and content towards his own support group, those attending this meeting.

The LSB Chair made no comment or suggestion that translations need to made with full and fair equal content  (or length if necessary)  so as  to include all the English speakers in what was being announced to the Spanish ones present now.

8.    These obvious indications of the unstated Biases, Slants, Prejudices and Threats to or against selectively  chosen Public members -  and not most others -  is rude ,  ... unacceptable, and inappropriate threats -- [not] responding to requests for clarifications- -  should be reviewed carefully to see if they are allowed in the Pacifica/ KPFK bylaws and are allowed behaviors.   

The siding of ONE side or the other in the current Pacifica ED debate was noticeable in the presence of  many of those attending, including all LSB, Public, Staff  - in their comments, and in their reactions.

And yet, there was NO SIDE TAKEN  nor indicated by this writer at any time and would not be, (as the issue is not apparently resolvable by this KPFK LSB – please correct if this group does have actual power or influence to do any decisive actions on this emergent issue – as only an LSB  “an announcement” was made to give notice of another event forthcoming.)

9.   If  the LSB meeting audio has an audible recording, then all the voices, words, the loud yelling-over-each-other , i.e. of when those KPFK staff/ LSB who were opposed to...[LSB PNB member]’s actions acting in their behalf in PNB [process]  - that should be transcribed…if it can be heard well enough.    

Then also the Timing lengths of speakers, both LSB and Public members, could also be timed and calculated individually -  to note where there was excess allowed,  and when/ to whom not.    This might be very revealing.

10.  If the intent of the threat and collusion of all other LSB members in the room who did not object to this [threat] action was to prevent Public members who are outspoken and loyal to KPFK from attending their secretive meetings, the results have failed. 

If the last 2 meetings have twice been direct attacks on this writer public member’s safety and reputation, then some enforcement of safety and courtesy and appropriate behaviors needs to be done. Both the Chair and a[nother] public member have each separately offended and threatened this writer. Who else do they attack ? and why did they choose to do this  ?

[end of repost]

The writer of this "open" letter asked if anyone else who was present at LSB meeting in April or any other LSB meeting can clarify what the disputes and conflicts ARE about in simple neutral terms, that would help all others who are becoming concerned about the dysfunctionality and disrespectful behaviors that seem to predominate at what should / could be KPFK's nonprofit board meetings-  that are business and official meetings.

Note that there are audio recordings made of each meeting accessible on the internet also for anyone who has  the patience and interest in listening to 3-6 hour meetings (with members continually interrupting each other, some mumbling, some not using the provided microphones, and  the many and various inaudible aspects noted when one attends meetings in person on any date). Good luck.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What is "committee of inclusion" at KPFK ?

"The Commitees of Inclusion are an additional layer of governance added
to a draft of the Pacifica Bylaws when the Court's deadline for finalization of the Pacifica Settlement Agreement had passed.

About half of the interim Pacifica National Board were of the opinion that
the proposed method of democratic governance was a form of Euro-centric institutionalized racism and some in the other half hoped that this proposal from Houston would break the deadlock and enable bylaws adoption by a balanced majority of the iPNB. 

The token gesture was accepted, but the deadlock remained."


"In addition, there shall be established, in each of the Foundation's
radio station areas, standing committees of the Board to monitor the
under-representation of communities in their respective radio station
areas. These "Committees of Inclusion" shall include one Director and
three LSB members from each radio station area who shall be elected by
their respective LSBs, and such additional individuals as those four
shall choose by majority vote. 

The Committees of Inclusion will monitor both station programming and staffing in consultation with the LSBs. They will also monitor the diversity of election candidates and work with the LSBs' appropriate committees to improve the diversity of election candidates at the local and national level.

These Committees of Inclusion shall monitor diversity participation in consultation with the general manager, local committees and the Board, the status of which will be published and maintained in each respective radio
station area.     Communities deemed to be under-represented by the
Committees of Inclusion will be identified and the extent of their under-representation shall be communicated to the Board, the respective LSBs and any local outreach committees. 

Station managers and appropriate LSB committees will be expected to consider these communities in their future decisions about staffing, programming, and candidate outreach, subject to any applicable state and federal laws and regulations. 

All station managers and Committees of Inclusion will report to the Board and their respective LSBs quarterly on the status of diversity within their radio station areas. The Board shall query and monitor radio station areas with identified under-represented communities and any plans for addressing these under-represented communities' increased participation. 

Where necessary with due notice, the Board will suggest and/or direct managers and committees to implement specific measures to improve the status of under-represented communities in their respective radio station areas.   

The Board will assist and encourage station managers and Committees of Inclusion in finding new ways to improve recruitment efforts in their respective
radio station areas."  [Pacifica Bylaws, Article Eight, Sec. 4]

The COI membership changes each year.  Some years it never meets locally.  One year it met nationally via teleconference.

The KPFK Committee of Inclusion is organizing itself for the current term, ......  The COI is rather unique in two ways.  First, it has authority to add public members of its choosing.  

Second, each local COI is technically either a committee of the National Board or a subcommittee of a National COI which is a committee of the PNB. 

The local Committee of Inclusion is not a committee of the Local Station Board, so its membership is not restricted by the KPFK LSB rule that non-LSB Members cannot outnumber LSB Members on local committees.  "

[note: all italics or emphasis is this blogger's and not Terry Goodman's info.] 

the above is information provided by KPFK's parliamentarian, Terry Goodman, who has always provided accurate and findable information when asked about the organizations that are involved as in Pacifica, KPFK, and their affiliates. His long term loyalty and excellent memory for history and facts makes him a unique resource and reliable researcher also. 

His contributions to making LSB meetings function in a more orderly, legal, and by-laws-following-fashion have been noted by everyone present there. Terry Goodman is the source of audio recordings of KPFK meetings on line as well as putting up announcements of meetings on the station's web page in events, and elsewhere. 

He works diligently and is commendable and appreciated too.

(c) al 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

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COMMENTS ? Read this first please.


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