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KPFK's property is being collaterized for WBAI NY's debt

These are not  "normal " times. 

The concern is about "if Pacifica is going to survive", not if KPFK is going to continue to operate - as a non-profit entity, a corporate entity....

....then some better austerity must be enforced & established over a longer time.  There must be a specially-designed and designated Plan /  budget revisions / a well-thought-out program / & accountable OVERSIGHT - by Professional management people. 

Those experts, not just a crony-selected board member, but those who must be devoted to Clearing this dangerously overhanging debt – and insure that they CAN generate monies to pay what must be paid ! Past this recent loan[s].

And also professionals must be fully and actually Responsible, & Accountable as management people, not just be another set of those talkative people who are casually voted into LSB, PNB or even into interim positions. 

For these then do-know-how-people to then focus upon all & any activities that may bring back stability and safety.   

Especially to the radio stations that did not either ‘know’ or care or speak or even plan-ahead to the $$$ problems that WBAI [has caused to emerge…as is happening Now !] as it is legally spreading their misery & debt to all other radio stations. 

Apparently none are independent but have never reported that bit of vital information to their funders - before this catastrophe was exposed.

This would include all monies spent to be pared down, and austere budgets created -     to free up need $$$ funds to pay back any loan[s].... or to pay for other things that haven't been getting paid that must still be paid. 

Who knew ? 
Who didn't tell ? 
Who hid the dangers of not being able to pay their own rents ? 
Who signed a lease that was unsustainable and why was it hidden so well until 2017 ?

Neither the Executive Director of Pacifica - the 'umbrella' organization [which is a vague and apparently un-accountable-to-the-stake-holders-anywhere ] part of this problem - Pacifica's ED nor the CFO have been watching over or supervising each station's actions re their budgets nor for any austerity measures.

If Greece, Spain and other entities had to do so, why not each station under Pacifica?

Some people have been pushing for the central organization to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While the PNB has been pushing for a loan collateralized by real estate. KPfk'S REAL ESTATE, that is. 

Leadership may begin with a competent, more expert & experienced with financial management PNB.  and yes, it's their job and nobody else's to lead the Pacifica foundation = safely, soundly, intelligently, and with fore-thought & planning, for emergencies as well.

But: if  any and all PNB members, even as they change in the group for themselves....if they have been playing dead but still power-filled with status, and yet dragged their oversight job - those without doing their official duties, as is apparent now, they should be not just reprimanded but questioned & be investigated for lack-of-capacity or lack-of-being-responsible-to-all-5 stations....

...and as the current PNB members don't take the necessary positive steps to bring financial health to Pacifica, well, then those who have allowed such chaos and $$$ debts to occur should be eliminated -- and penalties imposed correctly, legally, on those who signed & agreed to the huge debt be required.  

Plus anyone in any official position in this organization NOW, should correctly now place blame must place it squarely on the PNB members past and present - and not allow this vague "we kno nutin" game to continue... 
so stop!  Now.

PNB needs oversight and to be held accountable, even when the present members prefer to claim no-knowledge and no respon-sibility for those who created that WABI huge debt.  

               Image result for gavel images[google image}

Serious, Verifiable, Responsible actions are long overdue !!

[[Additional tid-bit of info:

The recent PNB elected Nancy Sorden, who is Director from WPFW, as their pro-tem Chair, including all powers of the chair, etc.  She replaces Jonathan Alexander from KPFK, who had been the just previous chair. ]]

While its handy to be able to disassociate each person who may be now wondering “what happened at WBAI to create this enormous debt" that is now affecting every other radio station, INCLUDING KPFK mostly- KPFK, whose property is being now used as collateral for the debt/loan/monies owed, not here, but

in NY… 

then the reality is that the so-called “democratic governance” claimed that runs in Pacifica,[ the same Pacifica in which there were various un-admitting and are still un-accused people too]- is that those who were either the Exe Directors of Pacifica or the then GM of WBAI – be declared RESPONSIBLE for their actions and mis-deeds. 

So all and any of those who must have participated in some formal, legal way too .

Who decided and participated to agree to such a big bill & then debt ? Who all, more than 1 person for sure, thus stuck WBAI and KPFK [ + 3 other stations’ donors & stakeholders and all their budgets, too]    passed  on their mis-management with this lease ?

           Image result for torn legal documents[google image]
And therefore it is a FORCED-to-be-shared responsibility now, but HOW TO to figure a way through it has not been found nor discussed publicly to those who PAY !

There are some hoped-for loan possibilities, a few leaks say.   

Then the short-term PROBLEM is getting WBAI [it should not be KPFK’s problem in reality, but we are sunk -tied-into their morass, their black-hole-with-no-exits-no-way-out– of their legally-enforced summary judgment- and apparently that problem that must be paid off by KPFK too.

So other essential expenses, such as getting the audits of ea station done, and has been fund-$$$-raised to do, are still awaiting the order [whoever all has the power to enforce that all legal rules be followed and done ] so that all the Pacifica stations do not lose their tax exemptions – as early as this spring.  whew !

How dumb or lax it must have  for those who signed and agreed to such high-priced leases been ? 

And they are not named or identified nor punished nor reprimanded ? huh? 

Image result for broken pottery images
And how many of KPFK’s stakeholder/ donors/ payers even know of how their monies are being wasted ? [the word "spent" is too tame a word for what has and is happening - to any donations made to KPFK, still now ]  

                                  [google image]

We are Outraged and feeling used, mis-used and
called it 'abused' financially too, to have to help pay for WBAI's or Pacifica's mis-deeds and stupidity or false-hopes-of-riches to be able to pay for what they apparently could have realized was not realistic or practical.

WE includes all listeners, besides the paying stakeholders, investors, and donors, past and present and future at KPFK.

We includes all who have worked, volunteered, recommended and praised KPFK, with the false assumption that it was an entity responsible for itself, not for 5+ others too. We have not been informed nor warned.
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We wonder what can happen to the property that houses KPFK now might be mis-used, or sold, or more loans needed to use that collateral, as a back-up for debts created a while ago and far away ? 
How safe is KPFK anyhow now? Who will tell ? or Who Knows ?  

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

KPFK merits looks from Russia, and far away others?

Google owns this blogspot.

and the STATS they provide are amazing!

for week of 3/6 thru 3/13/2018 these are the "audience" sites of those who VIEW THESE blog pages....'pageviews'

and then those elsewhere  [as in serious governmental or media reporting sites about serious inter-government influences and friendships ] are also those who wonder about Russians "interventions". 

As when far away states & nations may have any interest in a blog of a far leftie, and largely ignored by American 
public ? 

To read the  misc. comments of what can be learned about radio station: KPFK's doings? huh?

even writers here can barely learn anything of reality or honesty about Our RAdio Station anywhere, on line, and certainly not on KPFK's property site as a 'public volunteer'. 

Or even attending the disturbed, distressing Local Station Board = LSB meetings - to hear their continual arguments, anger, manipulations.   

While these 'representatives" who do not represent anyone we have ever met - except, perhaps,  their own small group of cronies  & close friends Only ... while never giving all the rest of the $$$takeholders any feedback of what motions were passed or denied or discussed there. 

LSB members mostly are just  ignoring 'the paying public' - who take personal time & drive to attend those uninformative long meetings - who then may be allowed to line up for a brief  - "2 min" or less - to address the whole room, with a tiny "public comment". 

Meanwhile the LSB members barely  seem to listen nor attend to those sincere words uttered by the public that has no power to give them benefits or fame or even a renewed vote. 

They do NOT respond or show any indication that they heard or cared in any way about what that "public" person tried to share & communicate.

We know. We have attended many LSB meetings with same scenario and sad results Then, walking away after tolerating the many hours of the LSB members haranguing and arguing and shouting at each other. 

And meanwhile LSB-ers were totally ignoring the small number of 'public' persons attending,those who were hoping to learn or  even to share too.     But. Not. 

The listing of the time and place for LSB meetings is on KPFK's website, as is a list of those who claim to be representative of listeners or stakeholders [ listeners may not pay $$$, stakeholders do, often & loyally ].
- - - - -

Here are the listed &  copied numbers today from "stats" Google provided here:

United States      20

Russia                12

Spain                    2

France                  2

Australia                1

Canada                 1

United Kingdom    1

Italy                       1

Netherlands           1

Pakistan                 1
[google image]Image result for radio stations images

Are these "bots" - those algo-un-rhythmic automated
programs that just visit or view or write 'fake news' ?
Those automated systems that are using a few honest facts and then twisting those into other mis-information for any total Effect THEY chose ?

Or are these sites [which are not locatable nor identified
further for blog owner ] just collecting information in case
it is of some economic or political use later, any time ?

Or  do these programs then use what is here written in any how they can twist, edit, re-interpret, translate or USE whatever - that has been carefully, courteously, considerately written here ?


What weird results these are - for those ordinary folks, like us,  that want to simply inform the Los Angeles KPFK audience, their listeners, the $$$takeholders of what has been researched and learned -  in person or even on line. 

With sources of info used given credit and noted for further reviewing by readers here. 

We wonder.....

We don't know much...

We just do what we do because of old LOYALTY to what was long long ago an educational, vital, apparently-more-honest [tho never transparent ] local radio station.

                   Image result for radio stations images [google image]

One that brought anti-war protesters together.

One that replayed philosophical lectures and self-help information that was "new and not just repeated over & over" in the 1960's and 1970's.

One that introduced listeners to what was not then easy to find on the inter-net [barely available to a few then ].

One that was interesting and seemed to be [then] a place where the do-good-to-more-than-oneself could meet or learn of others doing the same, with seemingly sincere intentions.

No more. 

Repetitions of what was "not yet heard or shared elsewhere too" are now what is on-air, if that. 

The very same people are heard, still : clinging-to-their-prime-access-to-air-time-slots programmers are still claiming innocence, and holding-tightly-on so no one else can enter the radio airwaves but them, same old ones still stuck there [as cronies tend to do, as government lobbyists & power-clingers hold on to their positions too, same way ] .

The programmers hiding behind the "not us -  no-profit" status of the station, all the while they are denying and ignoring all the PAYOLA, favors, trades, PROMOTIONS of guests and products.

                         Image result for merchandise images[google images] 

Then all that is actually so much commercialism, that is denied it is just that and is not just a generous sharing of new, novel events, books, workshops, meetings, et al....all that is  continually played on-air on KPFK now, is pretended to to be 'non-profitable' and no benefits anyone at the station or on air ? huh? 

What an implied, & repeated lie !!!

As all listeners hear these infomercials,  which are clearly product or people adverts - and all the P.R., plus the constant promotional [all the laudatory complimenting of  people and their products] is announced =  loudly &  repeatedly.

As this pattern continues, as it has been for  the many years ...of what has been also recognized as the radio station's deterioration. 

Yet the idealistic ancient "mission" is repeated as if, but not, followed, or even true, now.

Sad.... to be complaining about the KPFK radio station - that had, long ago, been a source of education, information not found elsewhere, and idealistic purposes stated [ or those who donated $$$$ & listened assumed ] were adhered to, also.

We would prefer and enjoy complimenting all or any of the programs now being heard, but honestly ? we cannot. Not anymore. And the same laments have been written about the the other NY Pacifica radio station: WBAI.

Truthfully evaluating what is now rarely turned ON, anymore. Tho our loyalty apparent and here still remains. 

Now, we also may wonder if it ever was what we then "thought" KPFK was, or we were then too decieved, but did not realize the PROMOTIONAL character and processes that are continually part of their claims of "non-profit", do-good for "others who cannot obviously help themselves "

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Alan Watts talks about god and us too....

Another good typist is now putting in written form an Alan Watts' talk ... mostly verbatim here but not all exactly as uttered then whenever that was, so many years ago: 

As the tapes are copy-written by his sons who are in business with his legacy, audiotapes they sell and want to control his thoughts, maybe in audio form but probably in any form, dead man held tight for some gains or profits ? 

So do not copy or paste please unless you do ask permission from the Alan Watts organizations that let KPFK replay their tapes - in return for the blurb of where they are borrowed for play and thus like Sounds True too gets heard...otherwise maybe hardly NOT heard.

It is here too a trade-publicity-promo always. 

The inheritor-owner [of father's audio tapes, after he died, not before, we presume ] desperately tries to hold on to their stuff  - as if it were all so original, words were invented  by orator or recorder of talks, and as if the thoughts Alan Watts said were ONLY HIS OWN, not borrow, repeated and translated by him, as written, told by many before his birth too..

So these 'new owners' after Watts died in 1976 made a business in order to maybe properly control their father's inheritance to not be freely available to be used, or to be educational, for FREE and easy and made popular-use, and they can be contacted for their aims, and stated-motives,too. 

Tho we doubt anything but altruism is ever stated as the reason why copy-writes or claiming-'rights' = claimed by governments,or  samplers, or repeaters, and all who claim to be 'artists' or 'inventors' or such people who enjoy claiming Total Originality ! huh?

And then they deny where they learned and gained information, hints, thoughts, teachings, words from all those who shared those same ideas and interpretations BEFORE these utterances, maybe in a different language, or a few words turned, slanted, spun differently but all the message &  info are essential THE SAME, just pretending to be "MY OWN" by owners, of 'legal rights' for their own gains. 

Gains can be status, imagined property-ownership-rights, or even images long dead and gone and no longer able to say these grasps are what the speaker/ writer/ artist/ entertainer intended or would agree to in this day & age.  

Thus the owning of dead people's articulations, as if this could  really ever be OWNED at all anyhow.  Words in lectures, then recorded and the recorders given equal profits/benefits too?
or the "entertainer" as Watts claimed to be, no longer doing business, certainly was not on internet then to be revealed, as his words are here anyhow. 

This is for PUBLIC INFORMATION DISSEMINATED FOR FREE AND WITH NO RETURN NOR BENEFITS in return, here. This is not a  'disclaiming" anything, but a statement of what is happening, here, now. duh....

[please ignore any punctuations disarray or words left out or whatever is imperfect in the attempt to share some interesting ways to think.Or buy a tape from the "owners" and type it up to share further, unless that is already available and FOR SALE ? ]

And understand what religions love to claim is ONLY their domain, their expertise, their connection as dispenser of godly favors, and all they claim to "own" too, or threaten death and suffering, of course ! ?      

if you are using images of god at all, you cant go higher than protestations that any other image falls below image of man…becomes compost of tapioca or jello…

only 1 exit from this predicament. if one tries…to use images

it is necessary to go beyond Images ! but if one uses images, cant go beyond man cuz we don’t know of anything more evolved than ourselves

and even if there were anything, I. e. dolphins, we don’t know dolphins more than we know ourselves

everywhere else we see things from surfaces, from outside, but you know yourself from Inside. so have advantageous situation, have a  deeper view than anywhere else.

now then, if dissatisfied and cannot stand image of GOD as personal, as a religious man, the only way open, if you still use images, you have an Incomplete image of man too.

most extraordinary thing, as in arts – what happens to image of man in arts and what happens in contemporary art to that image?

contemporary artist have cut adrift from representation of humans or anything else at all, as we used to regard as realistic terms.   theologian  Nicholas……wrote about disappearance of humans in the arts.

that is sinister & destructive. but he missed point because when some contemporary artists draw a man, they don’t want to represent human as he appears from Outside, but experiment themselves as they really feel to be themselves…and when do that comes up that doesn’t look-like man as we know him….

Elsa Gindler gave problem to class – a large paper – draw a pix of yourself as you see yourself to be and student with conceit who had studied movement, and know all about construction of her organism, Charlotte drew complicated muscles, bones, but when all students arranged drawings with Gindler making comments, Charlotte was astounded at what else others drew….

Charlotte could see more from their strange drawings – a blob -   Elsa had not drawn as she Felt herself but as she had learned from physiological textbooks but not as she really Felt about herself.

[see google if this is the same person:

if we can make attempts of how to represent our self as ‘being’ – which will not be representation conventional of how we ‘look’ – worth thinking about – how artificial our conception of ourselves is – but even Camera is trained to see things conventionally. The lens we put in camera to not distort things but it Does Distort as we manufactured  lens to make a distorted image of how we look like  - and we call that “real”.

but when we show a foto of a Bedouin chief and show it to him, he cant recognize himself !
because he will turn foto around and look at back and not see himself…! 

distance shows him smaller in perspective and he says ‘tree is not shorter than I am, why show it smaller?”
we depict ourselves in prejudice.

Chinese shows faces w/o shadows – everything is w/o shadows. Emperor shown with shadow considered inauspicious – ½ his face black implies it is dirty – a shadow was cast over his life. He is insulted.  

do look  “Art & Illusion” [book a study of optical problems in western art.

how lots of contemporary art considers problem of how we see from how we are Suppose To See. that’s how Cezanne shocked everyone, to how world says I am suppose to see it, as leaves are green, but are there ? 

people draw blk outline and fill it in w/green, but leaves are a multiplicity of colors w/o blk outlines in reality. When artist says “I don’t now whether how I see the world is thrust upon me, how I am suppose-to see world or how it IS, how I do see it ?”

other influences tell me what to See !   like in sculpture – we can get in touch w/ subtle body distinct from physical body.

physical body can be described as conventionally seen – as you see someone else. But surgeon or other can see other body. but SUBTLE BODY is how you see in adv shows distorted foto of person with swelled head showing headache visually [exaggerated, artistically]

as in a cartoon showing airplane overhead and animal saw himself twisted looking up at it, like the subtle-body, not conventional but as it felt to him.

to represent facts how it feels inside your head is different from what is expected representational. To feel out vision, what appears outside in front of eyes is state of affairs in your brain.  that means if you draw that, you’ve got to draw what is Inside your own head. That alters our images, of man.

One thinks of one’s head as Blank, colorless, neither dark nor light is behind our eyes – external world begins here and goes on out-   in here is unseen recipient – where optical nerve centers are…but that is difficult to Feel that… but can do so. 

you can come to feel that with all senses, hearing, touch, to see that whole external world is literally YOUR BODY.

and corollary of that is that external world is your body ! there are 2 different ideas involved, external world IS your body and not ‘out there’ differently. You have arbitrarily drawn line of where I begin & end, as if at your skin.

but know skin is in relation to pressures, electronic relationships that go thru you and rest of universe so why draw external world at your skin ? that is a game.  know external world as YOURSELF…your organism is inseparable from yourself.

your deepest inside is as much external world as anything else. your external is same as mine is. each of us knows external world in terms of himself !!! I am aware of me so that’s how I am aware of you !

if you begin to feel that too, when I draw my eyes, I don’t draw conventional eyes but also things that are ‘outside’ my eyes to express what my eyes FEEL like.  if feel eyes with fingers then have to draw fingers too, the state of fingertips, feel eyelids and draw that, if eyes are totally open, how does that feel ? feel temperature of eyes, twitches, and how else do eyes fee?

my goodness ! they feel like you !

now extend that…how you FEEL -?  like the universe is how you feel.

this way image of man alters. no longer bag of skin inside it. He is relationship between bag of skin and everything and NOT APART FROM THAT BAG OF SKIN.

you are not ‘in this world’ like pea in pod or penny in piggy bank but part of it.
the organism is in a polar relationship to everything else, so any full account of that organism is takes all else to that you feel,…because your feeling of others is a feeling of yourself at same time/in same perception.

otherwise you have weird conclusion of who you are. I don’t control your movements but I see your movements as movements of me. when you lift your hand it is in my BRAIN that I am aware of so it is my movement too…I have to keep track of what is yours and mine and suddenly I might feel that in a state of conscious – we are part of everything is happening…. that you are controlling what everyone else is doing !

all voluntary actions are part of involuntary actions.

other people are part of you. as your heart beats are you , tho you don’t feel them, consciously. you don’t control other people’s behavior but that/they are also you, as your heart is, tho you don’t think of that.

as you find  the WHOLE WORLD IS YOUR BODY TOO, both translated in your nervous system and your objectively being a physical organism – a process inseparable from all other processes that are ‘outside’ of you, you are part of external world you think is ‘outside/around’ you. you cant set it aside as if something ‘different’ than you.

world is full of lines, boundaries, spaces…. it is there…but the outline of bodies is inline of what surrounds bodies at same time…we move together as one.

even if one is taught to think they move ‘independently’ of one another.

as you become aware of that  that the WHOLE WORLD IS YOUR BODY too,

so universe is the shape of man, not like having a head, 2 arms, a truck, but that man is more than that shape. we have the shape of whatever universe is, tho we don’t know all that it is.
so immense and in more dimensions.

it too feel like itself is surrounded by other galaxies, surrounded by other bodies, who knows?
all you know of US is having a map of Kansas so think if expand that map it will cover the whole world, but it doesn’t.

You cant judge from what you see that the rest is just a continuation of that ltd vision. So whatever shape Universe is, that is our shape and not what we “think” we have as a shape.

that is shape Chinese of have Tao…the course of nature is a conception of world as an organism. that involves thing peculiar to us that all particular parts arise together …. the organization of an organism is non-political, it is not ruled by a governor…

look at a ….. we can see head and tail, but the high doesn’t come Before the Low. They need each other… they come in together and are together.

people say ‘brain feeds stomach’ but can say ‘stomach serves the brain’ keeps it going but they serve each other mutually. brain would be nowhere without stomach….if limbs all got together and said ‘we do all the work and stomach is lazy and doesn’t do anything !’ so mouth, hands, brain didn’t do anything went on strike but realized w/o stomach they could not survive. 

                                                  Image result for stomach[google image shared here]

All had to work in unison. All parts come to being together and relationship is all mutually advantageous to each other.

to not be operating in a chain of command, in a pecking order, but in unison. To assume the pecking order, top down, is looking only from an Analytical process, looking at piece by piece, start somewhere and end elsewhere to analyze assume that is how nature starts. to start with head and goes on down to feet, but it is all combined, united. like kids draw figures. Could start with feet first and move to arms, or head.

how could head be going around unless firmly grounded with feet ? how can feet on ground w/o all starting on head, the ctr of intelligence ? but cant work that way. that is how we learn to draw, to begin somewhere and then move pencil further. but you were not drawn as that in mothers’ womb.

an organism comes to birth is more like image develops on photographic plate, all in one …the whole image comes to being – like fetus grows – so who is boss of that being ? the chemical in developing foto tray or the plate ? no , all together brings being image come to fore.

so image of world there is NO top process, but all comes emerging together, in mutual relationship to all processes in it.

because of this, every and all parts, there are NO PARTS, we just call ‘things’ as if there were separate parts, but all is essential to the whole.

all parts disappear when you drop dead, so parts are not essential, the whole is.
all begin and end in course of time.

they have essential parts are temporal limits and special limits, a significant feature of universe that Socrates did exist. the world in which there was Socrates is different than one in which there was none. 

Tho that world disappeared he is still an Essential Feature of our cosmos, or any other person who has lived, or will live. They are all symptomatic of the WHOLE THING.

 in your short span of life the whole universe depends on you as you depend on it all mutual, all of a piece together…

you now have a different image of god, if that image of man is expanded and inclusive ….vs the image we have been accustomed to, limits man by skin and as ‘governor’ of universe or governor of cities, tribes…
it just a copy of what we have seen – a monarchical image of the universe..

as if “1 nation under god” accords god the honor as if he were a king on earth, is a political image, make up story by rulers who like that version, as if organized organically vs. humans’ political interpretation of relationships.

people don’t like rituals in church that look like legal courts, even churches look like judicial courts. how same they are decorated, with jury box for the choir ad judge sits at pulpit, wearing same black gowns as minister wears…both indistinguishable.

Decorating churches began w/ protestant reformation – a bourgeoisie reformation – a city merchant version – emergence of city merchant class over landowner classes, because they had a kings-court version before.

The city court was replicated in churches, chose images of how we govern our selves [ a choice ]
while catholic church was monarchical…and is becoming less by bringing altar to center of church...

but that is dangerous for a king who can be attacked that way, instead of with east wall behind him protecting him with  military [other church people there]…. had to leave swords outside but wore divided skirts that dragged behind them so they couldn’t run in those clothes to protect the king from being hurt  or abandoned by his court.

so when church begins to move altar to center, position of king has been abandoned, and expands from center is a healthier station, mutual trust all around vs. king in defensive stand w/ hidden altar parts in back – pubic not seen – to protect him.

in traditional church stand in row like army on march with god head in front, like on top.
to be walking down long aisle … 
with pews, so not one can turn over any part w/o being stalled.
the TOP ONE is up there, by altar… 
higher up [physically placed higher as if for all to see, and for him to see over them to protect himself ] the old POLITICAL PATTERNS are repeated.

this is the beginning to be aware of the transformation of image of god. 1 facet is image of man  is changing into image of universe. and universe functioning organically vs. being in a chain of command, like kings & their  military were .    

all position below governor are not functional, except to him, barely important, vs. the universe means there is NO CENTER, which is in middle because all are middle ones.

Universe as we know is not like a ball with a middle and the rest if outside. In math terms the whole universe has been distributed over surface of the ball, but it has no center that way…. sphere like as if a black center rotating in front of you but as your shift the sphere it has No inside and No outside, but the totality of a a curved surface, no middle one, anyone can be middle one.

just as you feel you are in middle of the world…
you see same distance all around you even in middle of desert …
same all the time. you see as if a long past behind you and long future ahead. but we are in place called NOW, between then and will be.

you can put people down and say they are not in ctr of world…YOU are center.

when we found out Ptolemaic center of world doesn’t remain, sun is then center of world but then found it is on edge in galaxy and then found millions of galaxy and we found we were small, but didn’t see other side of picture…what a remarkable being man is to realize that at all, to be insignificant solar system of the whole and to be AWARE

as of that reflecting mirror of Buddhist image of Indira’s nest  multidimensional of spiders web in morning dew.
- - - - - - - -                                - - - - - - - -                      - -  - - -- - - -  -            - - - - - -
paraphrasing here:

Watts reminds us also that there is NO SEPARATION "the knower" vs. a separate stuff to be "known..."

the viewer is also the viewed...

and there is no "I" looking at what is "over there"...

because we are all of one, whole, and not as is said in languages, or socially trained, to think : that this is not separated parts or isolated objects as 'individuals'  

the space between words and distances we think we 'see' between this body and that person or object is "empty space" is what we are taught to believe and pretend....

as if from a separate "that" [in time, in space, in perceiving, in the motion of 'knowing'] "this...

yet, the inside & outside are all of one and not pieced / spliced/ cut apart. 

While this re-cognition is difficult to remember  & hard to recognize in daily life, it just takes another "Wake Up!" reminder for that moment - to real-ize that what we Assume.... and pretend....or define is "them" and "that" is not another or 'other', but all are This too.

like Krishnamurti often said : there is no difference between the observer and the observed.

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