Monday, September 12, 2016

No Help Wanted. at KPFK. at Wikipedia. where else ?

Someone suggested a good idea that has Not worked for the many years of trying  :: 

of going to local LSB and voicing anything, suggestions, corrections — has resulted in NO responses (to any Public Paying Member) ..   and not even any acknowledgements of what is even said there….   and certainly nothing was used nor appreciated… this is at KPFK. 

and this is called a "Forrest with Trees" but it is bare and hollowed out, 
like KPFK has become as well.    (c)

Years later, 2016 with new LSB members is still exactly the same .  So futility and bewilderment is all we come away with from Our board non-leaders, who do not want to hear, learn, admit nor allow anyone 'else' to even offer ...more. 
Yep, An Unfriendly crowd  still in there.

The radio station management and staff  have not & do NOT ever reply to emails, voice mails.   They are hiding inside building behind  very secured walls. For years it has been this way. Today it is the same too, maybe more so. 

Those "in" folks, who want the Sole Power, now  apparently are letting the whole mess die away, and they may win. The infighting is hidden, tho a dribble leaks out to reveal what else may be conflictual and thus ineffectual at any/all levels. 

While the rest of the donating-subscriber-sustainer-listenership Public are left out wondering if the debts & financial emergencies mean this is The End. Could be. 

By continually asking for  more and more and more Money, $$$$ only, while providing lack of transparency as to why there is such indebtedness at KPFK, leaves those who want Survival to Continue in doubt. Yet Again.

Strangely, there is no open community for unity or collaboration. Nor input allowed. Nor transparency or admission or audits revealed.  Nor open communications that can be even just heard, outside of LSB meetings or inside the Dome of on-air-only words.  Ever  

Regardless of donation size or free-volunteer work done over many years, KPFK people have kept their secrets and decision-making only to themselves, leaving the 'rest of us' loyal listeners Outside questioning and wondering...
"is it really going down now ?"
The lack of actual, factual, financial, programming choices and how programmers are selected or allowed on-air is shown when trying to Search : "KPFK".  Pages of sites lists only the programmers, guests, long-ago events and just the main KPFK webpage shows up.  To even try to 'understand' or 'comprehend' or agree or question anything that may help donors TO WANT TO CONTINUE ....TO CONTRIBUTE [except more and more cash] doesn't exist. 

One main website that does offer updated information on all 5 Pacifica stations and provides what is then re-posted on maybe 2 other websites is:  

Others then copy from there because where ACCESS to all the contortions or agreements and the collusions or decisions can not to be found by "us, the KPFK stakeholders"


So, not-knowing prevents reporting, and  thus not-wanting to pay for more at Our Radio Station.  

What has happened and shifted at the Pacifica Archives ? No sound has been heard nor written as who, how the Director LeShazor has left these treasures. Who is in charge ?

Who knows ?  We don't.  some have said  they
"consider Pacifica Radio’s archives an “endangered” collection". 

Meanwhile the interim director who wants to up his job and only said the 25% pay reduction and cut hours has not endangered them. Who is to know the realities there ?  Don't ask those who want to move up to directorship and now also have to find funding for this project - separately from all other radio station costs. They may have a slanted view and a big stake in giving real information away. 

for some info see: 


What has ever been revealed or even allowed to be known by those who are not Already intricately IN-volved?

Those already locked ‘ in’ are locked away tightly inside -- and totally taking  as much full control to themselves, regardless of the many 'others' = with differently-thought & voiced & repeated ideas. 

This is not "open" communications nor an Open organization nor Open minded actual station either.  

This way is called Hypocrisy. Instead of even following their hallowed Mission, opaque hidden operations and problems are closed off. Denial rules. 

Yes, it may be time to admit it…. There is plenty of competition in radio and even more via internet, for all those views, voices, opinions and growing data too. 

Others also are not shouting at listeners, as continually angry voices and so loudly outraged as Pacica’s voices tend to be. 

Try it.  Search out "KPFK" or "Pacifica" to find any current info besides those already "in" programs or their promoted events.  Because there ain't none. 


Surprisingly, even Wikipedia edits us Out offered updated- information  when honestly contributed there…so even there it’s a Lock-out. See their "2002 - 2009" old slanted info re some then-changes  that are still  listed on Wikipedia -- and no one is allowed to correct or update those. 

Try it !    Sign in to contribute and add what you have found perhaps published in venerable citable sources - to see if it is allowed. 

Some others [unknown -most go by pseudo-names too with their HTML know-how] do a 1-up - by not allowing actual current events, actions taken, problems exposed, etc.  to be added. These unknowns  then Edit Out ["revert"] what is updated, giving vague fake reasons to take out what is honestly offered there. 

So Wikipedia is old. And controlled by who-knows-who that want to decide by only themselves, repeatedly.    No other reporters allowed to be published. Someone comes and deletes out chunks - without actual reality-checking the information either. Just edits work out w/o true justifications.

Though it was recently heard that the founder of Wikipedia claimed that the site was maintained by "kind and compassionate" people who work "in unity " together. Not so ! 

This was surprising to find - that what is allowed or written on Wikipedia may not be as valid, reliable, allowed or un-slanted as is promoted or presumed. 

so You are it

We try to share. We want to point out what needs FIXING finally.  We want to keep KPFK and it's overseer Pacifica Nat'l Board honest and competent and sane.  We want to be part of a thriving radio organization, still. Now.

But this is a "wish". And this may be not possible. 
Who knows ?
We sure don't and can't predict anything. 
But still, keep on trying to ask, even via this blogsite, for Change, for Improvements in sharing, for Honest exposures, as KPFK repeatedly demands from all others, but doesn't offer itself as one who 'walks the talk'.

(c) 2016  btt