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KPFK - Pacifica - to Not Pay More to sustain if elections invaid ?

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Many Pacifica in Exile readers have written to this publication over the past two and a half years describing their anguish and difficulty deciding whether or not to continue financially supporting the organization despite deep distress at the actions of the Siegel/Brazon majority since their March 2014 coup. Pacifica In Exile has always advised donations continue, due to financial fragility and the potential ability of members to fix the mess by exercising democratic voting rights. 

“But with the Siegel/Brazon board majority’s actions this week to de-recognize and de-certify every election result contrary to their continued dominance, and the continuing and acute decline in the integrity of the network, we no longer feel unethical behavior can or should be enabled. 

“In the age of Trump, the deliberate weakening of the biggest progressive media network in the country by botched audits, grant forfeiture, misuse of restricted funds, abrogation of member voting rights, premium theft, and copyright abuse should no longer be tolerated. We can’t afford to have the only mass media infrastructure in the United States free of corporate or government ownership

held  hostage.

Therefore, we are asking Pacifica members to say enough is enough and that they will not participate in year-end giving or the upcoming January/February fund drive cycle unless and until the rot is cleaned out.

“We are asking for the immediate resignation and permanent severing from Pacifica governance of every single national board member who did not vote affirmatively on the national board against decertifying the 2016 election results and the invalidation of the two WBAI directors elections in defiance of basic voting rights. You can sign on to the Get the Rot Out Strike here.   


“….The local  [KPFA Berkeley]  board says they intend to sue to dissolve the Pacifica Foundation if the assets are not voluntarily handed over. LSB chair Carole

Travis relayed that preliminary contact had been made with actor Peter Coyote to
headline the effort to forcibly extract the assets into Wilkinson’s new nonprofit at
a fraction of their value."         

                [emphases not in original...this is end of quote reposted here


 a comment found from Dec 23, 2016 – re “Catch 22”  at

"Notice how elections sound similar in USA and elsewhere globally too, to what “invalidated” results are occurring at Pacifica stations ? Wonder why these ‘coincidences’ are happening in similar earth time zones now… hmmm..  

Votes are not what is counted validly but manipulations, power plays, bluffs, and games-politicians-prefer predominate, both all over This Country [as it is]and Pacifica Boards too.  
And cronyism ? well, let’s call it “friends helping friends, of course !” instead.
 Exclusive groupings prevail. 

Elite positions of power-taking are the new Normal. and ‘changes they are a’happenin’ wildly and in extremes.

So what else is new ‘the rest of us’ need to adapt to or revise ?     

Oh, the words muttered by usurpers are denials of what their actions reveal. And the tactics are tricky. 

Ploys are not playful but power-mongering. And most amazing is that the few who act dishonorably and dishonesty do “get away with all they do, too !”       

And that there are no other Authorities to *Enforce* that all set bylaws, govt federal and local laws, and rules, are followed ?         

No one is minding the chickens-hawks so they are emptying the coop ?"   (c) 2016 btt

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pacifica is revealed at Here is a comment from there.

" Thank you, again and again, for updated information – that is never heard, nor found elsewhere , and Not Allowed “out” — to KPFK & other Pacifica station’s members. 

But here is described in detail. We rely on your good reporting and your accounting expertise / know-how. 

 Every report is a ‘surprise’ with revelations of behaviors, wild maneuverings, sly manipulations, dysfunctional meetings…and whatever also reflects what seems to be the Political Scenes within ‘our’ USA governmental proceedings currently. 

And your dedication – to Sharing what is otherwise kept “secret” and “concealed” and hidden- is appreciated. Even while our radios are blaring-begging – as all program hosts & KPFK staff just pretend — that all is” just fine” –if you all just “send us More $$$ ! ” 

The fake image is repeatedly presented – as if all is ” in order.” And the only consideration given is that: if only more $$$ donations are received, then there are No Problems …[at KPFK, et al. ]. 

The Solution is just money, and more of it.

Meanwhile, here we learn that the processes and meetings and interested-individuals: sabotage or take control. And thus are destroying any possibility of KPFK & other Pacifica stations be stable, sustainable, or held accountable – and continue – as they seemed to do, be, before.

thank you."

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Monday, November 21, 2016

KPF-A is undergoing Corrupting Dissolution - coming soon to KPF-K too ?

NOTE: all emphasis in quotes is not in original but presented for noting, not ignoring or by-passing.
This is a partial repost of quotes of the  Nov 20, 2016 article at :


             Fowler Museum Exhibit

 "KPFA being transferred or sold-out? by new org set up by a few KPFA players, and their lawyers, of course.

Pacifica’s bylaws also require a vote of the Pacifica membership prior to any “transaction…”  and    Pacifica’s 2002 bylaws ….were drafted up by listeners in Berkeley   

           “KPFA’s division has operated at a deficit 
                   for 5 of the last 7 years.

             "Pacifica’s debts were last reported 
                        at $4-5 million dollars.   

” There were 8 affirmative votes for the proposal, representing less than a 1/3 of LSB’s membership.  

…” Campisi indicated that if the Pacifica Foundation national board of directors did not accede to KPFA’s proposals that he intended to propose the KPFA local station board initiate a lawsuit against the Pacifica Foundation to forcibly dissolve it. Campisi said that he intended to take advantage of the loss of directors and liability insurance …” 

and      “…that he would attempt to get around the law’s requirement…”

“A successful legal action to dissolve the Pacifica Foundation in the California courts would result in the Federal Communications Commission revoking all of the broadcast licenses and re-allocating them. 

"In general, the policy of the commission is that re-allocations are not made to past or present members of the governance or past or present employees of a previous failed licensee, so 
it is likely all 5 broadcast licenses would be reassigned to entities with no past or present connection to the Pacifica Foundation or any of its stations.” 

             - - - / - - - - - / - - - - - - - - - - - - -/- - -

What often is in question and  seldom correctly answered is : when there is a breaking "a law" or "bylaw" who has real Authority to enforce anything ?    

When there are no authorized enforcers or visible power to effect and keep honest those involved in any organization, then all sorts of cons, games, thefts, and ploys are in play -continuously, unless Stopped !              

 But when any enforcer is denied the position of Power or Legitimate Position to Enforce what is claimed or written as "our rules" or "The Laws" - becomes only a facade of legitimate structure.        

 Illusions of stability and form are ruptured any time by anyone with any excuse when there is no accountable Enforcing those perimeters.       

Lack of substantiating members to any decision makes doubtful whatever they vote up or down. As in USA presidential politics, more easily so in minor orgs like Pacifica and it's children.       

Quotions from of above show that - All these  indicate lack of 'mandate' power or authority to actions taken that are then any how  branded/ labeled as if  "Done!"       

Also as quoted parts of above:  

" if the Pacifica Fdn  .... did not accede to KPFA’s proposals...the KPFA LSB [may, or will ]  initiate a lawsuit against the Pacifica Fdtn   -to forcibly dissolve it........that he intended to take advantage of the loss of directors and liability insurance …” and “…that he would attempt to get around the law’s requirement…”      

Those revelations further show how using law suits to get one's desired results are made or  intimidated, to further subvert any "bylaws" or Rules or prior decisions made by elected [or selected]  group members. Sad. Bad.     

Not unusual in other businesses -  but in idealistic Pacifica w/it's constantly crowing about being so "non-commercial" or not corrupt ? Sad. Bad   

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