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This may be our last sharing of KPFK's / Pacifica's hidden doings, quotes here:

Below are more quotes from another NY focused website. If we have inadvertently Repeated any blurbs/ comments here, please excuse us. 

the glazed eyes syndrome comes upon any readers of too many words to consume intelligently. The many comments begin to blurrrrr together and need much time/ attention to sort and put together in a logical manner. We have unfortunately not been able to do that for our readers. Sorry. 

But our intent is to do the final clear-out of what we have kept for this TRANSPARENCY PROJECT that pertains to Our Radio Station- KPFK -  and it's being under the Pacifica top heavy loaders and the old By-Laws, many of which should have long ago been updated and corrected, but, as usual, NOT done. 

Below are some comments re-posted from WBAI - NY's focus as if NY were so much more valuable or relevant than LA's KPFK. Not. Except in bad deed done that are now encumbering all 5 radio stations, turning what was barely financially viable paying loans, interest, court settlements, attorney, etc etc etc and more... some of which is detailed by others below here:

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comments here are copied as found, to provide a bit, not much, of information re KPFK too...

Jara Handala has left a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

"3 of 3

"Lastly, whenever anyone speaks of Pacifica's big loan it should always be termed 'the FJC variable interest loan'. This is because even PNB directors, including some on its Finance Cttee, didn't realise it wasn't fixed. 

"Again the Trump technique: it was first spoken about as a 7% loan (wrong figure, but hey), really good for the likes of Pacifica, we're so lucky. And that's how it got fixed in people's heads, a specific number – so fixed, not variable. 

"So at the last Finance Cttee meeting, Tuesday 10 July, director Tony L___gasped on hearing the news (6:38, Ken Aaron, KPFK Treasurer speaking, Gasping Tony gasping "who knew that?!?" in the background at 7:10 – & no, I never want to see the gif – 

"Guess Director Tony, also member of the national Finance Cttee, never got round to reading the FJC webpage ( – incidentally, how Pacifica satisfied the FJC Loan Cttee's third bullet-point mandatory condition, only G-d knows)."    ###

yet another's words here reposted:

"As for your question as to the Large Loan, so far as I know, .... there’s a great deal, particularly as to specifics, that isn’t known, that’s simply not available to the listeners, to the public. 

"The ‘democratization’ and ‘openness’ Pacifica claims are on the whole quite simply lies and false claims

"Most critical business, pretty much anything involving money in any meaningful way is kept in ‘confidence’ in ‘Executive Session’ meetings. Sometimes there’s information available post facto, but often it’s simply never available, and in those cases where it is available, it’s almost always so long after the actual decision and expenditure that it’s of only slight historical interest."We know almost nothing of the terms of the loan, really. All significant specifics are still in ‘confidence’. Even many board members simply aren’t informed, and if they are informed it’s only after the actual decisions have been made by a far smaller group."In a sense, anyone who’s interested has little choice but to rely on a combination of rumors, the occasional leak or two, and a few bits of fairly hard information occasionally actually reported."The overall picture is what really matters, I think, and we do know that the overall financial picture is still very bad. Estimates as to total indebtedness for the large loan, pension obligations, etc, seem to range from about $6m and north from there

" It’s possible that the ‘housekeeping’ efforts with the new accounting firm, etc, will result in firmer estimates."The key, though, as I’ve mentioned and as I see it, is simple: Pacifica programming simply doesn’t appeal to enough people to keep Pacifica alive."Unless truly radical positive changes are made, all evidence strongly suggests it will in time collapse."Then again, that threat has existed in various forms for decades and they’ve managed to squeak along, largely unchanged, and with very little audience, serving really only themselves – which seems, sadly, to be all they really care about, rhetoric notwithstanding.      ####

"You are by no means the only one who wonders about that. There are many secrets and where they’re are secrets there are, as we all know, things to hide— we really need to know what they are hiding, and why. ###
MORE HERE :   yet another's words here reposted:

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

"I’m neither an attorney nor an accountant, and memory is ever and always a fallible instrument. Also, of course, hard information is nearly nonexistent. 

"All that said, my impression is that KPFK is in a sense directly vulnerable in that I think the space used for Pacifica Archives, which I think is owned and/or controlled by KPFK was used as part of the collateral for the Large Loan."In a sense, though, particular properties being ‘owned’ by particular stations is something of an illusion. Don’t forget, that all five station, plus the archives are part of Pacifica, which means that in reality, legally, as I understand it, Pacifica owns everything, and the debts of any entity or combination of entities is all owed to Pacifica."There are consistent rumors, incidentally, that the loan agreement precludes Pacifica filing for Ch 11. If that’s the case, and the financial picture worsens, it may be the case that Ch 7 dissolution is the only option. Again, I’m not an attorney, I’m not an accountant, and very nearly no one has seen the actual loan agreements, and those who have seen the full documents ain’t talkin’."There are longstanding rumors that factions supportive of KPFK and/or KPFA want WBAI’s frequency t to be sold and those monies used to ‘save’ themselves (KPFT is sort of up on the air in these rumors, and for that matter, so is WPFW, and there are some pretty clear differences of opinion between KPFA and KPFK).

"t was pretty clearly factions from Southern California that fought the proposal of last fall to file for Ch 11 protection and reorganization, preferring the strategy of the Large Loan and the hiring of Mr Livingston.

" Frankly, I have no opinion as to which might be the better strategy – I simply don’t have enough information as a mere member of the public, and I think it’s safe to say that very, very, very few of these people are to be believed or trusted."As ... said, I see the core problem as the lack of talent, and the lack of programming of any substantial merit. Thus their relegation to history, obscurity, and irrelevance."As  stated previously at tedious length, I see the abandonment/betrayal of the original foundational principles in favor of narrow, strident political advocacy as the fatal error. That transition occurred somewhere in the mid-1970s and onward. 

"Amongst other problems it meant that the criterion for access to air was no longer whether or not the person or persons ‘did good radio’ but whether they were in accord with the reigning political line and reflective of that ‘correct’ mindset."Such unimaginative, closed-mindedness is not likely to lead to fascinating radio, nor to drawing audiences. As has been demonstrated now for about… what, three or four decades?"Pacificans seem to be rather slow learners, I suppose which, given the original foundational goals and purposes, and the first few decades, is a shame.. but so it is, and so it has
long been.  "   ###

READY FOR MORE ? HERE'S  another's words here reposted:

"have not seen the breakdown of the massive buyout of the ESRT lease."How much for interest?"How much for penalties?"How much for rent owed?"How much for penalties?"For how many months was the lease bought out? What was the cost for each month? Was there a discount applied for the months that remained?"When a commercial lease is broken, the remaining obligation of the lease comes due. Ergo, quantify the amount saved by breaking the lease?"Let us all stop the nonsense."    ###

yet another's words here reposted - IF ANY ARE REPEATS, FORGIVE THESE TIRED EYES WE'VE COME TO SUFFER FROM...[po' lit'l us..... ]:

Jara Handala has left a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

"2 of 3

"Pacifica provided documents to FJC in support of the loan application, including its plan on how it will repay the loan by c. 31 March 2021. Unbelievably, this central text, supposedly regulating what the Foundation does for the next three years (well, 32 months now, 11% fundraising time already lost), has not been distributed to the directors as a whole; 
"this lil fact emerged at the end of the latest PNB open session, Thursday 5 July. Point-of-order-Madam-Chair A____ put questions to A____-from-NETA & Mr Tom (38:55 & 46:18 –
" First she asked A___ if she has two documents: Pacifica's cash-flow forecast thru to 30 September 2019 (the end of the fiscal year); &, more importantly, Pacifica's plan to pay its debts. Simple, really. So simple that Chair N____ functioning as Praetorian Guard N____, immediately intervened to say A____ would sent it to Mr Tom who would then send it to the directors (40:18)."Eventually A____-from-NETA got her chance to speak about the first document: "yes, Tom sent it to us, so we do have it, & we're starting to, ah, review it [then she talked about NETA Cash-flowGuy doing that work ...] so, yes, we do have it"."Then A____ asked A___, in a confusing way, presumably thinking of the FJC loan in particular but knowing that Pacifica is going all strategic these days, whether Anita also has a copy of "the strategic plan to repay our debts" (41:18). "Yes we do", replied A___, in a definitive, self-assured voice. Well that seemed all done & dusted; straight questions, straight answers. All above board.  
"But this is Pacifica."A ____got a chance to repeat her request that the PNB, & so all directors, receive these two documents (46:18). She asked Mr Tom directly: if NETA can receive documents from you, why can't the PNB? Mr Tom betrayed that he was a bit rattled here, pinned back into the corner by Adriana-the-people's-Rottweiler, & wilted under the pressure: 
"A__ was, er, er, mistaken about [Mr Tom] having sent that to them: 
"I have not seen it [one document or two?] myself, er, it was, er – we have access to Sam's computer, um, and, er, yer, we were, the, what the auditor has said is that this was something that was sent to him, so I'm looking for it, um, I, er, in his, er, I, I have a, a gotten access to the email that changed the password & so I'm looking, & I will be glad to send that to you as soon as I can find it.
"And if you believe that you'll believe anything. (Sam Agarwal, Pacifica's last qualified Chief Financial Officer, finished working at Pacifica on Friday 8 June
"So Mr Tom had the data in front of him for four whole weeks, but lacked the competence to find them. Some iED & acting CFO.)"Anyway, A____ just took Mr Tom's floundering as an upfront response, straight away asking him something else. A___ didn't ask A___ why she said what she did if it wasn't true, especially as she talked specifically about CashflowGuy flowing thru the cashflow. (
"Yes, A____ was probably off the call, but that's beside the point.) And A_____ didn't ask Mr Tom, the acting Chief Financial Officer (unqualified), how he's managing without both the fiscal year's cashflow forecast & 'the strategic plan for paying Pacifica's debts'. 
"Such trifling pieces of paper, so why ring Doug R____ or Sam E____ for a copy? Shucks, no. Maybe he'll find it on Sam's computer. Maybe he won't. 
"But, guys, these are Pacifica documents, so they're hardly worth anything to anyone, right? 
"That's some acting Chief Financial Officer (unqualified). But it's unfair to call him Mr Tom. As I said a few weeks ago, he is qualified: he's Tom L_____ BS. 
And it's only because his political opponents at Pacifica are so ineffective that his BS is able to smother them, it's only in the dull reflection of this crew that Mr Tom looks qualified. "  ###
                     here's  another's words here reposted:

a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

"By ‘housekeeping’ ....referring principally to moving to put financial affairs in something at least resembling coherent, sane function:"While the Ch11 v Massive Loan argument had valid points on both sides, so far as I could see, at least a decision was finally taken, and the massive loan was used to buy out WBAI’s crushing lease obligations at ESRT, and to move WBAI, complete with a new transmitter, to 4 Times Square, slashing unsustainable operating expenses."Similarly, the wildly overdue FY 2016 audit was completed and submitted, avoiding the immediate threat of the loss of charitable status for Pacifica."Similarly, also, steps were taken to hire a new firm to consolidate and carry out Pacifica’s book keeping functions, and to bring in people to assess and consider how to deal with Pacifica’s retirement fund short-funding problems."None of these is fully accomplished, but real, tangible, substantial steps were taken, and if carried forward, will begin to put Pacifica in a coherent financial state."That leaves open, however, whether Pacifica’s programming can be revised/improved/resurrected/transformed/whatever in such a fashion as to make Pacifica relevant to anyone other than itself, and to actually draw an audience sufficient to repay that massive loan and to move on to financial sustainability.

"These questions, those beyond ‘housekeeping’ are the ones that matter most and will matter most, and the failure to address these issues for decades is/are what has led Pacifica to its present status as invisible, inconsequential, irrelevant, and often reliant on scams of various sorts to attempt to survive – all of which was exhausted long, long, long, long ago."In a sense, simply to further speculate, much may depend on what sort of General Manager Livingston is able to recruit, and what actual authority they will have."Those are the questions that matter, if Pacifica is ever to matter in any meaningful sense, and I wouldn’t give odds on that happening."It is, in my observation, as I said, very highly resistant to any actual change. It was able, reluctantly, with a great deal of strife, still visible just beneath the surface, to accept steps desperately needed to avoid immediate implosion, which I’ve referred to as ‘housekeeping’."Anything more substantive, however, seems to me very doubtful. I’d guess that at best they’ll continue to barely survive, as a fever dream hobby-holiday for their producers.That’s at best, and as I said, I wouldn’t give odds even for that. " ####
 more words here reposted:

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?": "Pacifica, as a product of its history and the time of its first creation and earliest evolution, is exceedingly resistant to any assertion or claim of authority in any and all forms."For that reason, the default position makes it extremely difficult if not impossible to remove a program, for very nearly any reason."This has long been the case and is, I would argue, the central determinant in very nearly all Pacifica decisions – inertia, one aspect of which is incumbency ". ####

need  more words here ? more reposted=

a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

"it is always surprising, tho it should not be, that OTHER PACIFICA radio stations may replicate the same, similar stories & problems reported here re NY's WBAI.
" At KPFK in far away LOS ANGLES the latest returned GM may be adequate [tho loved by staff for his 'sweet personality' and ways but the effectiveness of management is not apparent in positive changes in how the station sounds, or probably operates. no names mentioned, no law suits needed, thanks.

and KPFK has as racially slanted, biased and prejudiced - not in European heritaged people against the darker skinned people....but the applauding, admiring and seeking approval from those who emerged from further south: like African identified folks, or Latino's who dominate a whole segment of evening in only Spanish-Spoken-There prgms and another whole Friday afternoon, + more.
"There does not need to be a 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 of dominant census based populations or their cultural preferences, leaving out the rest of the real world. But the disproportion and the sounds of OUTRAGE ! Righteousness as if there is only "1 Truth" and we know it and shout it. or Anger, attacking, and diss'ing anyone or profit earning businesses as "they must be evil" somehow ! etc. "Then: Aligning ONLY with victims, as the old 60's ideals held but couldn't produce the solutions that lasted hardly. But still demanded as if 2018 had reverted to a time when KPFK or other Pacifica stations elsewhere were relevant, and anti-war when there was a war to be anti."So there is going to be way toooo soon another "fund drive" - money money give give US more more more ! sessions with special repeated old pgms....

"and in-credible-ly [not believable, credible] high-priced exaggerated claimed products to produce those perfect, healthy, happy beings everyone dreams of being but knows it is imagination and not all that promises imply either. "OK, so why complain more here about the Other station, [KPFK] whose property was mortgaged for that loan to help WBAI survive - was that how it went ? "...because there is little information, revelations allowed to the stakeholders, donors, public listeners or anyone other than those rare self-serving 'press releases' by some management chief. so KPFK is silent, doesn't respond to questions, not at LSB meetings by public questioners either, and provides no honest, real feedback. Sad. too bad.

"as to how to make actual positive changes, [not selling t-shirts and arguing about which color would sell better... please ! ]is dis-cussed on Pacifica group emails but the actions needed to ACTIONS AND CULTURE AND POSITIVE DIFFERENT IMPROVEMENTS are apparently not risked nor dared nor tried. "Or are they ? where ? what has been Done? Anywhere ? who knows. maybe better, who cares ? by this time."some try to share more publicly, openly, transparently. Like here.
like which seems to have gone silent for last few months.
"is the whole shebang gone dulled and the comments, concerns, questions 'just blowing in the (desert )  winds "   ####

 yep, always more.... words here reposted

Jara Handala has left a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

"1 of 3
"not only the breakdown but even something as basic as the size of the settlement (ending the contract prematurely) has not been disclosed. And of course the settlement should not be confused with the judgment, the court judgment, that preceded it. 
"The same two things apply to the judgment: its cost has not been disclosed, nor how it was make up. But isn't a $1.8m figure bandied around, sufficing for most as the size of some Empire State problem or other? 
"And that's the problem with casual talk: we all think we know what's being referred to, but the imprecision allows the nitty-gritty to slip thru the fingers – and that always lets those in positions of power (& responsibility) off the hook."And that's the situation here. Pacifica's information gatekeepers have consistently pursued an approach that Trump often uses: choose a quite different thing, cite it, cite it again, & keep citing it. That thing is the judgment, the 4 October 2017 NYC court judgment, which refers to unpaid rent of c. $1.8m – 
..."which seems to be the amount outstanding when Empire State Realty Trust made its application to the court on 23 November 2016. The $1.8m actually excludes the following: the subsequent rent due prior to judgment; interest & penalties as per the contract; interest at 18% levied by the court for delayed payment of the judgment sum; court fees; the legal fees of Pacifica; & the legal fees of ESRT. Plus, no doubt, some less obvious charges. 
"So $1.8m? No, the judgment alone – & this is apart from the settlement – is a fair bit more than $1.8m."So, why the hell have the Pacifica administrators & PNB not given the facts to the members & other listeners? Why are we all in the dark about the cost of the judgment, & its breakdown, & the cost of the settlement, & its breakdown?
" Why? The answer is anyone's guess – is it to help politically those who pushed for the loan, to suppress bad news, done to help the very people who went on & on about the process costs of bankruptcy, the alternative course? 
"And given this disclosure deficit, why the hell are there so few directors (i.e. the PNB) & delegates (i.e. the Local Station Boards) demanding that this info be released to the members & other listeners? Why? Life, even that of a zombie radio network, moves on. 
"And like Trump, keep leaving issues in your wake & they sink to the bottom of the ocean, forgotten by all.

And it seems only a few directors have been given copies of, or sight of, the FJC & Socal loan documents. Who decided on this apparent restricted distribution? Using which criteria, criteria agreed by which PNB meeting? 
"The very Finance Cttee of the PNB has itself complained, without success, to the iED & the PNB that it hasn't seen these documents (or even received summaries, written by which privileged employee or fellow director, on whose orders?). 
"How can all this be other than a dereliction of duty? Why does the PNB, & indeed the members, tolerate this? But worse is to come."  ###

another comment  here reposted=
new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

"Question : Tho this blog is all about only NY's WBAI - Null was a prime seller / distributor for many years on KPFK in LA.... but is he still on elsewhere, or at KPFK?"And Null and other 'guests', sales promoters, workshop promoters, etc. are not listed on the schedule on website either. Who's to know ? Do you ?"Some of us barely can tolerate the other false-claim hawking and racially-motivated slants to listen to anything past old recordings replayed from other distributors {Soundstrue, Nader, Watts' son's site, etc ] - while Ian Masters is the most balanced/ exposing various view by academics and some politicians - at KPFK, that is. "So it is unhelpful and uninteresting to be a 'listener' any more. "How is it elsewhere? Are any/ many programs replayed at the other Pacifica stations that are worth hearing from 1 ? "   ###
                                more words = here reposted:
a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

"who knows, and can tell "the rest of us" how those producer/programmers = the long-termed-forever-clinging to their On-Air Access spots and never releasing the space for any other views, demographic set, or more updated viewpoints CAN hold on for so long so tightly, and on and on.....?????"Who decides if that same program can remain on-air forever after ? By what standards, criteria, or reviewed values is it Determined that those, once-in, never get out ?"Is it the GM, PD or LSB or ????? And who informs the stakeholders of why, and HOW those decisions of POWER are made ? "Who holds those reins and controls it all - to stay stuck in the long-past repetitions ???"This is not a facetious but honest want-to-know question"  ####

end of quoted words - whew !


WOW  ! no more  words here being re-posted- ....whatever else was written in July 2018 must by now remain elsewhere, as if ever single written utterance contained some so! important ! data, or  fact, or  information-needed ? =  not.

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we are so ordinary sometimes ! as in always thinking of More to share, to find, to want to help FIX IT ! 

but we know, we can do so little, except flap wings, look shiny, attract attention to what is not being revealed / nor admitted.....

 and then let the rest do whatever "happens". or doesn't. both /either/ all is OK as IS.

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we are not concerned with what we cannot even know or is beyond our mere human actions or comprehensions.  

We are responsible for OUR CHOICES, our doings, our intentions and our
 doing-the-work-in-volved.    period. 

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The rest  is UP to whatever else occurs or doesn't, .... just as life evolves, revolves, randomly or with patterns. All is done as each wing or wave or seed can offer it's own energy to the Whole. we are. so too.


(c) mj ++ 2018                            [a collective work done ! ]    

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    "comments spaces" are used as hacked ways to sell whatever = people, services, products.

    These are NOT EVER ALLOWED nor solicited.

    When caught and read, these are immediately deleted !

    Spammers, hackers, fakers are not welcome here. That is space-stealing for their advantages only. Horrible people do things like that, even located from outside of USA too.


    More Found Info re ESBT NY debt/ loans to repay, as KPFK has to !

    A few  more posts for public view from another Pacifica website were found relevant and so copied / pasted here for KPFK interested stakeholders + donors + listeners + volunteers etc. to also learn, to know, to stay informed and not be kept out of the loop of those 'insiders' who talk most to themselves and hide behind their 'closed' discussion groups. 

    If not interesting, ignore and find more interesting topics to read and engage with than is wobbling KPFK now - debilitated and still hiding facts & all info of their being forced to repay a Million$++ debt/ loan created by the NY radio station's mis-bad-business practices - 

                                            Image result for business forms rents images[google forms]

    not paying rent to EBST and having a court judgment imposed on all who are /have been paying into Pacifica - the top tier of this so-called 'non-profit' corporation. ha ! what a game of words and loopholes included in that 'non-profit' that is continually exclaimed to try...

    to prove...innocence, not being 'commercialized' and whatever else helps this system get $$$ and not pay taxes and get donations that are then 'tax exempt' by donors too ! what a scheme ! 

    and not just done here at Pacifica but is same loophole legal ploy used by many, many other organizations with high-pay employees or hiring for the sake of having image of being a 'non- profit business' to get funds, grants, gifts, etc.   

                                                       Image result for holes  images 
                                                              [google holes explain it well ] 

    alll w/o stating what they Are: a business, making money to spend and pay a few employees and continue on for centuries under the guise of being a special kind of corporation - while doing almost all other commercialized businesses/ corporations do daily too...

    oh well, as all manipulators of any businesses or politics or religions too DO: find ways to get away with what benefits them and theirs while pretending / framing themselves as 'innocents'  + "do good only - we are sooo generous & kind, et al " and ' don't blame us for anything, as we are "only non-profit' and not greedy, at all !" ..

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..yuk - another Game People Play to get goodies for themselves ! 

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    Jara Handala has left a new comment on the post "What next, PNB? 7-23-2018":

    "1 of 2

    "The website now carries a statement by First Secretary Kobren – telling the faithful, "[t]he PNB met in closed session on July 26, 2018 to carry out Pacifica’s Conflict of Interest policy (Pacifica Bylaw Article 13) regarding a contract with a Director and voted to deem that it is in the best interest to [sic] of the Foundation nonetheless to enter into the contract" (all links below). 

    "Which begs the questions, which director? what contract? and how did people vote? (The First Secretary's report does not say whether section 3 of that article had been complied with, that 

    "[t]he minutes of the Board or committee meeting shall reflect: (D) that the Conflict of Interest was disclosed; (E) the Board or committee's decision regarding the Conflict of Interest, including a statement that the Interested Person was not present during the final discussion and vote;

    ... " and (F) that the Interested Person abstained from voting".)"It is worth noting, re the So cal loan, that Doug & his associates disclosed in their FY2016 auditor's report that "the Foundation obtained a loan in the amount of $500,000 ('Supporters Loan') from various benefactors of the Foundation (Board members and other individuals). 

    "The purpose of this loan is to cover restoration and moving expenses related to the relocation of the WBAI transmitter from the Empire State Building to 4 Times Square" (note 17, page 19). So "Board members", even in the plural – something NEVER disclosed by Pacifica. 

    "Pacifica's publicly available statements, even in speeches by directors & delegates, have been CAREFUL to never speak of a director being a provider of the money (& recipient of the interest from Pacifica members), let alone directors in the plural.

     All that has ever been said is that director Jan Goodman is to be congratulated for helping arrange the loan. (Smiley face, for those who appreciate such things.) So possible conflict of interest? 

    "I have not seen mention of this impertinence in either the calendar or closed session reports. Incidentally, director Grace Aaron, in an email to me Friday (Pacific Time, a discrete quantity, unlike Pacifica Time, with its quantum intermediateness), spoke of "[t]he 'Supporters' Loan' of about $530,000" –

    "... this is the first time I've seen a figure other than '$500k' or 'c. $500k', & that includes the latest auditor's report."Regarding this loan, directors Chris Cory & Carole Travis declared at the KPFA LSB, Saturday 16 June (1:28:31), there is NO confidentiality clause in this contract. So why not clear the air by publishing it?     
    No-brainer, yes? 

    "And for the Pacifica info gatekeepers it is indeed a no-brainer: without irresistible pressure why would it even cross their minds to adhere to the Pacifica principles of transparency & accountability? Are you crazy? 

    "So in a double sense the gatekeepers are part of The Resistance: that against Trump, & that against their fellow Pacifica office-holders, the other members, the other listeners, Pacifica staff, & all those Pacifica does business with, both now & in the future.  "

    and 2nd part here:  

    Jara Handala has left a new comment on the post "What next, PNB? 7-23-2018":

    "2 of 2

    "And, as I have said before, note that this loan, contrary to directors' statements to the PNB & the Californian LSB's, had nothing to do with ESRT, either the October 2017 court judgment or the March 2018 settlement to get out of the contract. It was required because of Pacifica's chronic cash flow, its inability to cough up $340k for removals from the Empire State Building (director Grace's figure). 

    "That piled on top of currently having net liabilities of c. $10m (one would be surprised if it was anything else); that for a c. $10.5m a year operation (income, with expenses $2m higher – as per FY2016); operating without station budgets or any financial control other than what's in the bank that day – all that countered by a sole force, the alert gaze of the Acting Chief Financial Officer (unqualified), Major Tom, [iED] who in a month's time hopes to be on a real Pacific beach, in Acapulco, despite floating in a most peculiar way since leaving Pacifica.

     "And pause for one moment . . . into this tornado FJC agreed to throw its clients' money, $3.265m (revised down from $3.7m), repayable in full in 32 months' time, c. 31 March 2021
    . Not in 2022. Not in 2023. Not in 2024. 

    "Drilled into our heads has to be this reality: FJC bears a fiduciary duty towards its clients – it has none towards Pacifica. "An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money [...] 

    "The relationship wherein one person has an obligation to act for another's benefit." 

    (But, hey, it's just a word, right? In Pacifical and words have a different worth.)"Pacifica's secrecy culture is alive & well. Pacifica just keeps on digging." (more visually interesting than the original, & a nod to the First Secretary with the altered lyrics) " # ##

    [end of quotes from that source noted above]   

    another person's words below

    Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "A West Coast view of WBAI":

    "Focus people. We need to focus on the real problem here. The inept, incompetent out of control GM who has taken the money saved from the ESRT deal and gave a chunk of it to L______. I keep thinking there must be a conspiracy but he just isn't that smart. I will check with Brady.
    Maybe I am just not connecting all the dots.   ###

    and yet  another person's words below - apparently a reply to offensive intentions & writing: 

    Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "A West Coast view of WBAI":

    "what a mean, demeaning and offensive reply above this - intended to deter any other opinions or thoughts that do not please I________ ?????
    "why do some people enjoy reacting so negatively when they don't happen to agree or like someone else's views, comments or questions ? 

     Is that commentator 'I________' the main 1 higher authority here ?

    "Or is he assuming that his bad sad life can be easily projected on anyone in any digital platform – that negativity projected on others, instead of dealing with his own angers himself ?

     "Why are attacks on any commentators [not corporations, systems, policies etc] so easily posted ? - not just here? 

    "That any person is assuming their ‘be-mad-be-mean’ power to then vent their own personal anger - while hiding behind a digital screen is cruel , but common.

     "And since when is any person/ question required to do a Wikipedia search before asking – as if not allowed to be question anything - here or anywhere ?  

    "While knowing that Wikipedia has easy access info - but is also not all accurate, unprejudiced nor balanced & and is used by many to promote themselves only. Is C____ a famous person with a Wikipedia page that everyone must read before asking about him ? who decides that rule ?  

    "Maybe I____ has an investment to claim control and punishment powers over any posts he doesn’t like here, or any that offends him - or he mistakenly assumes refer to him personally. Or is this person just being over-defensive? Is Claiming Ownership-control over content in this site by reprimanding others ?

     "How arrogant to tell-off another & to try to humiliate some other poster here. Really? Sad"  ###

     and yet  another person's words below =

    "________is located on the West Coast, but he tunes in to WBAI via the stream. I don't know if he uses his computer directly—I listen to the other Pacifica stations through Alexa. That works very well although the erratic volume shifts often make WBAI even more un-listenable. 

    "I am not sure how well known the problems Pacifica's other four stations are to BAI listeners, but I think many in this area are beginning to see the current mess as system-wide."GM_____@ WBAI  airs Margaret Prescod here, but I believe her NY listener-ship is quite low. We are in the middle of another fund drive now and this morning they rebroadcast for the umpteenth time Prescod's pitch for a Robeson set. 

    "It is hopelessly outdated, so we hear her once again claim that she only has 15 sets left, that she had to fight fiercely to get these copies, etc. The one-hour plea (with WBAI's pledge number dubbed in) is at least a couple of years old. 

    "This kind of thing is rampant, no effort is made to bring it into the present, so it is a very obvious instance of deception."They have several weeks between fund drives, but there is no sign of any preparation—they just throw this stuff on the air, and then they wonder why nobody is biting. "  ###

     and yet  another person's words below about WBAI having had equipment stolen a while back:

    Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "What next, PNB? 7-23-2018":

    "Lets follow the equipment trail. The story that the equipment went into storage and was lost due to non-payment of storage fees. Where is the paper work [GM] @ WBAI NY]  Mr. R____? 

    "Having the studio's equipment returned would improve the sound of inept on-air talent, not the content, its a place to start. 

    "BTW does Pacifica still have a D&0 policy? How will Mr. R_____ look in orange? Working on answers.  "  ###

     and yet  another person's words below=

    Chris Albertson has left a new comment on the post "What next, PNB? 7-23-2018":

    "WBAI Manager B R_______ consistently lied about the actual amount owed to the ESRT people (and others), embroidering the facts to cover up for his own inept management. Had he done the right thing and laid the facts on the table, rescue efforts would have been set in motion long before they did.

    "much time was wasted because of this and R_____ became untouchable when the majority faction (C______, et al) saw a possibility for a takeover. 

    To accomplish that, they needed to crash the station. One way to facilitate that was to make it virtually un-listenable, so the programming became deplorable and the content tainted by black street-level racism."There is, of course, much more to this, but what I describe forms the essence of this latest assault from within.

     "Much money is unaccounted for, virtually nothing has been spent on improving WBAI in any way If one were to seriously scrutinize the pledge situation, I would be very surprised if criminality charges didn't surface. "    ###

    another person's words below

    Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

    ".... I don’t believe R_____/ WBAIs/ Pacifica’s thinking may be accurately characterized as strategic. To my mind, and in my observation, it’s simply tactical, often a grasping at semi-random straws, which Pacificans, within the private, closed, secretive delusional walled worlds tend to think of as ‘strategic’.

     "There was, as if to illustrate the point, a sad rambling typically meandering discussion a couple of months or so ago about the definition and ‘deep meaning’ of the word and the concept of ‘strategic’. This pointless exercise was conducted by the Pacifica National Board Strategic Planning Committee, which committee was unable to grapple with the concept of the meaning of the word ‘strategic’.

    There was a sharp divide in the long history of Pacifica which occurred some time in the 1970s

    "In the case of WBAI it was clearly visible in the form of ‘The Crisis’ of late 1976/early 1977. The board, which had come to be dominated by Percy Sutton’s people, attempted to redirect the station from the original foundational goals and ideals to a quasi-commercial sound, left/‘progressive’/‘community focused which – coincidentally – would fit perfectly with Suttom’s people then thriving Inner City Broadcasting empire."The staff formed a union and occupied the station.

     "After about a month the police were called in."In the aftermath the station became narrowly focused on a ‘correct’ political line, whereas previously, while the greater part of staff were always on and/or toward the left, the principle of fair confrontation and difference of opinions had prevailed.

     "Most critically, I would argue, there was a profound shift in the internal culture. The principal criterion for access to air had long been ‘Does this person do good radio?’ 

    "Radio was seen as an art form where talent, where quality were paramount, whether in a free form program, a music program, a program for children, or public affairs and political reportage."That criterion was abandoned. In the transformed/transfigured WBAI/ Pacifica only one thing mattered, really… was the program ‘correct’.

     "It’s hardly news that that inevitably leads to a sharp degradation in quality, which is, I would argue, the core problem for WBAI/ Pacifica in the time since.

     "Hence the situation of the last decades in which the only way to stay on air has been by hawking miracle cures, a few old archived programs from the earliest years, and public charity.

    "The simple truth is that the institution lacks artistic or intellectual integrity in any sense. Lacks vision. Lacks direction.    It also lacks, for all those reasons, any listeners, delusional thinking of talentless mediocrities notwithstanding." ###

    another person's words below :

     Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "A West Coast view of WBAI":

    "Well, way over here in the other Pacific [not Pacifica's] coast - in Los Angeles - there were many years of continual and incredible Gary Null products, thoughts, promotions and expensive stuff of any color SOLD, pretending to be a "gift" aka "premium" when it was cash to the station and to pay Null for merchandise from him & his company.

     "Because every volunteer at any time received as many calls complaining about "why didn't I get my premium after I sent in my $$$ donation Last Year ? " that the unpaid volunteer could not answer nor get mailed out either, it was a shameful place to answer phone "pledges".  

    "For many years, Roy Tuckman [programmer]  loved and applauded and played Gary Null, promoting and thus advertising his credibility, as a host of a 4 nites 6 hr each show. 

     "So 1 whole night of 6 hrs was often,basically, dedicated to his 'friend' and whom Roy promoted [and probably rec'd some samples too ] with enthusiasm and to get funds to support KPFK.  

    "Anything was, is done to get $$$ and then as explained in various places, including here, that there are no laws or by-laws broken, so why worry? why question what is done to get money "when we need it so badly !!!" =exclaimed by anyone near Pacifica = regularly. 

     "All that is written about WBAI applies to KPFK in LA too - except the rent not being paid and the debt and court and financial crises that cut across alllllllll 5 ? radio stations nationwide to repay .  

    "And this WBAI blog focuses on their own and since it is too painful, boring, and shameful to listen to KPFK anyhow, and much worse at it's long, exhausting "fund drive" begging, exhorting, advertising, promoting weird stuff and dubious services with lots of fake promises too... to know if Null is out of LA or continues in any way there too. 

     "Warning was given that another long fund drive will begin Aug 1, 2018 - yet again at KPFK. as 'Never enough' is the motto. "Maybe someone else can stand to listen and know about Null's inclusion or expulsion or why it came about in LA ?   did it ? 

     "All the suggestions, rants, bickering and demeaning other Pacifica loyalists that occur, nothing seems to make the whole shebang better, or more transparent, or more honest and to stop make Fake promises - and fake assumptions too.then claimed those are "facts". Not.

     "LA is being brought into this conversation here because there is no equivalent commentary taking place about KPFK that is found.

    "Even tho there is 1 site dedicated to KPFK and it's dis-ingenuousness [problems].
    " ###

                                                                 Image result for book "Games People Play"  images [google images ] 

    and yet, yep, another person's words below=

    Jara Handala has left a new comment on the post "Has Reimers called Cosby yet?":

    "Correction, & 'whoops!' =the cost of the ESRT settlement has been disclosed – but not by Pacifica. 

    The figure is in the latest auditor's report, that for fiscal year 2016: "approximately $3.5 million" (note 9 of the financial statements, p.12 – given the way such reports are written, the figure appears three more times: n17 (p.19), n19 (p.20), n24 (p.22)).

    " The auditors are required to disclose material post-balance sheet facts, so those after 30 September 2016 – in contrast to the Pacifica info gatekeepers who are not required to disclose material facts at any time: that can only come with political pressure, including their replacement.
    "The auditor also disclosed, with reference to the $1.8m plus judgment of 4 October 2017, that "[t]he lawsuit sought unpaid rent in the amount of $1,357,429 plus attorneys’ fees and penalties" (note 19, p.20 – repeated n24, p.22). "As we're on the ESRT matter,..... I think it worth noting that the auditor's report corroborates my reasoning (comment 2 of 6, 22 June) concerning the SoCal loan, the one allegedly from director Jan Goodman & her friends: "[t]he purpose of this loan is to cover restoration and moving expenses related to the relocation of the WBAI transmitter from the Empire State Building to 4 Times Square" (note 17, p.19).

    " It wasn't for the settlement, to pay ESRT: Pacifica needed an extra c. $340k cash (director Grace Aaron's figure), & needed it quick, to pay a one-off expense, because it has so little cash to hand & presumably no on-demand credit facility. 

    "As I said in that comment, "[i]t is important to note that no Foundation staff member or director has even intimated that Pacifica's chronic cashflow problem forced the sale of Nakapon".[property in Berkley]
    "Trivial I know, but just noticed that Pacifica as of yesterday or today has changed its URL, gone all shiny: "


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