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SAG-AFTRA labor union involved in KPFK mis-doings. Reposted more info.

 Aug 31 2015 

as the radio stations go Under Water, trying to find a nook,or a hiding place for miscreants, and hiding in deep waters what else is being mis-managed, there is another yet website that provides some needed info...see excerpts below.

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Some edited portions related to KPFK are reproduced here from :  

“On Thursday, the SAG-AFTRA labor union filed a demand for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association. The union stated to its members their position that Pacifica is in ongoing violation of the collective bargaining agreement. … Three of Pacifica’s  four unionized stations are represented by SAG-AFTRA, ….  

Pacifica is attempting to lay off three workers at KPFK (the webmaster, film club coordinator and a development assistant), reduce all other workers to 50% time for at least the next four months and “reorganize” the staff for the following budgetary year with new job descriptions and work schedules.   

This recording is from the staff meeting where Margy Wilkinson-appointed general manager Leslie Radford announced the layoffs and reductions to the workers. The layoffs were handled …by Radford, with one employee not finding out they were laid off until 4 days after the staff meeting, and incorrect job titles listed on layoff letters. 

The union also has taken umbrage at Pacifica’s suggestion that it authorize supplementary unemployment checks for still-employed union members, a program that PNB ….[at KPFA]  has used to supplement his own paycheck since …

Both [Gen’l Mgr] Radford and ED John Profitt [Exe Director of Pacifica] have stated they relied on advice from Bay Area attorney Dan Siegel regarding the implementation of the layoffs and work reductions at the KPFK division.

Siegel, along with former IED Margy Wlkinson, incorporated the KPFA Foundation clandestinely in 2013 to capture one or more of Pacifica’s broadcast licenses in the event of organizational breakup. 

SAG-AFTRA’s resort to litigation against Pacifica was probably abetted by Pacifica’s inability to present a coherent set of accounting records. 

On Tuesday night, the national finance committee made confused noises about an income statement, complete with 24 pie charts, presented by the controller that showed the KPFK unit with a $182,00 net profit for the current fiscal year and the 501c3 with a $959,000 net profit for the current fiscal year. You can listen to part of the meeting here. 

The gist of the confusing explanation offered, both at the meeting and in a series of emails that flew around the network afterwards, went something like this: “After the temporary KPFK bookkeeper was terminated for embezzling on or around August 13th, the former CFO Raul Salvador, now consulting, was sent in and then most, but not all, of the station’s April and May income was double-booked into the KPFK general ledger, income which had already been recorded before, presumably in April and May. The controller, formerly Salvador’s subordinate and seemingly now his boss, issued financial reports based on that ledger, whose accuracy he was unable to assess because no bank reconciliations had been performed at KPFK in the last year”.

On August 17th, GM Radford distributed a completely different KPFK financial statement to her local board, so the double-entries (if that’s what they are) can be attributed to the period between August 17 and August 24th. 

KPFK is reported to have paid $46,000 in the first 9 months of the year for temporary bookkeeping services. This sound clip features Leslie Radford telling station staff about the embezzling at KPFK.


In the meantime, staff candidates not aligned with the majority faction, have experienced targeting … and KPFK staff candidate Ali Lexa picked as the only full-time KPFK employee to be immediately laid off. …. Lexa, the LA station’s webmaster, was the first place winner in KPFK’s staff elections in 2006 and 2009, and served on the Pacifica National Board for a year in 2012.

Another LA staff candidate, music director Maggie Le Pique, has had her position eliminated on paper in GM Radford’s 2016 staffing plan.       Radford was an ardent member of the Siegel-Brazon faction during her local and national board terms.


In 2015, with KPFK’s 2014-2015 two year operating deficit (in whatever version of the financial statements you choose to believe in) at half of KPFA’s 2009-2010 two year operating deficit and the unpaid network services amount quite similar, there is not a peep out … about “sustainable budgets” and three year network services payback plans.    

Wilkinson’s appointment of factional cohort Leslie Radford as KPFK’s GM on her last day has depressed KPFK’s daily fund drive revenues by 33%, from $30,000/day to barely $20,000/day, directly exacerbating the station’s financial instability and in opposition to the stated objections of all but one of the LA station’s workers.

Pacifica in Exile readers may write to the board at

For readers who may wish to do more, any donor to a California-based not for profit organization like Pacifica may file a complaint to the open file at the Registry of Charitable Trusts at the Office of the CA Attorney General. Pacifica’s case number is CT011303. The form and instructions for filing may be downloaded here.

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Note: only those portions of the entire post relevant to KPFK mainly have been excerpted  to share here.   “snip” locates where large portions have been excluded.    While  “…” indicates some words were edited out. 

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a Station programmer writes....

This is a copy of a bit of info - from a long-time programmer sent to a KPFK subscriber :

“KPFK LOCAL BOARD ELECTIONS       It’s vital to participate.

Sept. 1 is the day that the board and general manager have scheduled all KPFK employees working at more than ½ time to be paid at ½ time. This decision was made without Union participation (SAG-AFTRA) and the Union has filed a grievance for violation of the contract (aka union busting).            

The decision holds despite the fact that July 31 Pacifica Budget shows KPFK is operating at a $182,000 surplus, and we have also received in addition a $134,000 bequest as well as bringing in some money in the August fund  drive.            

It is also being rumored that after the 3-4 months that the cuts have been scheduled to end, a new contract, from the board, will have all KPFK employees employed at 17.5 hours a week, several new employees will be hired, and at that rate there will be no union and no medical insurance. (aka union busting).           

Fortunately, the bequest has allowed Pacifica to continue with the board elections and thus there is a chance that the current board, now working in [their] second terms due to cancelled elections last time, can be replaced. There is some gaming of the election process, but there is also a very strong showing by KPFK listeners who are running for the board.         

 So it is hopeful that before the end of the year we will have a less ignorant and/or destructive board majority. The GM has requested all employees to submit their plans and hours after the pay cut (3 employees were terminated).  My decision [programmer] is to continue with the same work schedule and program times as my responsibility is to the listeners and to the Pacifica Mission.       

I don’t know what will be done with this decision, but as far as it is up to me, “Something’s Happening!” will continue for the same hours and the Sunday Alan Watts will also continue.          
When a program is taken off the air, the audience is fired. The new program, however fantastic, starts with zero. But people without radio experience simply can’t understand this.   

Austerity doesn’t lead to prosperity – any Progressive should know this.”                 

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commentary to what is stated above:  
It was noted that tho this midnight programmer said Watts tapes would be played,  yet on Sunday Aug 30, this was not on.              

Viewing the KPFK programs online new listing - which seems to have changed recently and can change any time again -- Alan Watts is alternating at 8 am Sundays with a different pgrm vs. having that slot regularly.

It appears that not everyone knows  any or all the time "just what is going on here !"  ...even when they assume they know.   And what delays can or do not happen with the union grievance is also not openly defined to stakeholders of this radio station.

"Listener-sponsored" also needs to be verified, questioned as to what that is defined or means and when a large $ sum is suddenly 'found'  or is in excess but not described, many may wonder again "what is going on ?"  not just in programming but financially especially.

Does the  long-termed-out 'Interim [6 yrs long ?] Program Director' decide  ?  or does the Gen'l Mgr decide on such changes ?  Who is in charge ? 

Or how do serious decisions get made ?    With or without any staff input ?  What other influences enter in, too ?

Stay tuned, but not to on-air station information, which is rare,  very limited, and personally slanted, but to any other sources that bother to report about  all at KPFK and Pacifica - those corporations that still lack any honest transparency. 

KPFK is as opaque as ever before, except for when the turmoil turned up heat  - so a bit more is now exposed, but not about benefits of being a programmer, nor about where finances are mis-managed.    

But the always blaming “listeners” for not sending in more money are the only revelations put out on air for listeners to listen-up and correct Oh, just a bit on internet can be found about other Pacifica board games and the ongoing manipulations occurring.

Notice that until programmers were themselves directly affected - by having their own semi-permanent position/ slots cut and ending , there was barely any trickle of info about KPFK's workings given out to the stakeholder/ sponsors.    

The only info revealed on-line is what can be read at: - as no other sites can be located anywhere that gives some facts, vs.  one-sided-propaganda. It is  only here  for more  & most updated info available.  If there are other reliable verifiable sites, please add these to a comment below here too.

Yet, Suddenly, now, when some are angry, afraid,and retaliatory reactions emerge, now, the listeners hear a bit, tho not all and not often enough. And so far no words of anyone taking Any Responsibility for their share of this morass either. Wonder why ?  

But, still and continually, we ‘outside’ the station are all exhorted extorted to "keep sending us $$$" ... any how. Or be blamed for KPFK’s failings. Does this make sense ?

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KPFK's gen'l mgr's work-reduction Letter

to see the letter for work time reduction for staff can be found at this link below, as it could not be copied here.

(c) 2015                                                     Have a seat while reading this ...uncomfortable...but may need some support !

Letter to a KPFK programmer.

Excerpts are edited here from a letter sent to a KPFK staff person -- about the changes happening now in August 2015 - all that is also of concern to most station-stakeholders:
 - - - - -  -

"I am moved  to write you, not as a consolation or condolence letter, but as an offering :  to be  Reminding what you must know well, ...from all that you too heard when listening when KPFK  plays educational words for us. All those years of reminding us-out-here of  some wisdom words must  also be absorbed by those inside, playing those tapes. And when needed these learnings may emerge as if they were ‘yours’ too, not just sent "out" when played to others on-air. 

Knowing what I've learned from much listening, is not just Mine nor new - but it is  learned and shared again,some more, somewhere else passed on…

The drastic changes that are now relevealed as occurring -- of which we, ‘outsiders’, know little but bits of leaks that emerge thru only 1 other site [Pacifica in Exile] mostly -- and now recently even thru Sonali or Ian’s on-air complaints too. Finally a KPFK person, besides the midnight host's tiny tid-bits  -that have carefully hinted but not stated too much nor very clearly either-  has dared to voice their Fears…but mostly out of their own self-concern instead of for the stakeholders benefit.

You may have – or not – read my constant complaints about the total lack of Transparency year after year -   

About the problems hidden in KPFK’s halls, operations, management, staff conflicts. And  yet there is only the repetitious, boring demands/ begging for  “Give Us More Money!” ,and  the merchandising, the  informercials  [Christine’s and Lisa’s mostly, but not only them ] the guilt-tripping  [Margaret, Sonali etc. do this often ] and then the berating of the listeners for never sending enough $$$$ …. as if it is no one else’s responsibility – not those who cliing to their on-air-special-access, aka " programming", …nor those involved with the [inept or transient] managements that slide through.  

Nor the Pacifica Board members  admit responsibility - those who are perhaps also stealing a station or two or the titles of 'foundations' for some future good-deal   [the "KPFA Foundation" seems to be a name usurped recently by a few PNB ] .  

Sonali has also taken to putting full blame Only on the LSB now. As if she has attended any meetings to hear what happens there? Or she assumes LSB has powers they keep saying they don’t have, and wish they did ?

My concern is my loyalty to the station -- and those who have provided replays of lectures from which I have learned over these 55 years. 1960-2015.  Yes. A lot of selected programs, and so I have thanked you before. And bits from other programs too, while many I have left unheard  --because they are so biased, angry, vehement, prejudiced and limited in their  only-1-pt of view-allowed-only.  You have not always done this but on occasion been heard to repeat this same ltd-thinking way too. 

The only 'good people' according to KPFK programmers  seem to be only  those that society has labeled as “victims” - then only their plights are  heard on KPFK. No other definitions of "good" allowed. Wonder why ? Could this be just a slanted bias only allowed there ? 

I am  supporting your acceptance of whatever changes do occur therein… even tho you will probably also fight, argue, and stand up for your own version of “The Truth” … just as everyone in media always repeats “but …the truth is…”  -- as if only They could voice that 1 and Only holy version- the only 1 allowed, of course . 

I hope you are in understanding of what you could or  cannot change or control -l the whole of what is occurring . Am I wrong ?    My thoughts - from out here - is that whatever ways the station goes, it has already long been toppling and sliding and the decay, un-managability, and  interactive dysfunctions  have just now become more acute and visible.
- - - - - -- -  --

For all the LSB meetings I have attended over these many years, and  as I also have seen most GMs bring in a poorly-visible-projection of the next year's ‘budget’ for the LSB to ‘pass” - right away, of course… expected to be w/o discussion, in the brief time the GM visits 1x only.    

And I too have asked how could any group approve when they have had no prior copies to examine, no explanations, nor answers to questions they still  have for GM or the accountant-business mgr.  But No appropriate response was ever given. Just the same defensive demand for approval  and unearned trust of what they wrote, those  #’s presented as general categories, with no details, no clarifications, no financial info actually shared.

I still attend some LSB meetings, not all,  - because what is written by LSb secty is very limited and doesn’t show most of what actually goes on in meetings.  Almost no  KPFK staff-person ever shows up  - unless they want to demand something in our ltd 2min ea. "public comments" slot - because otherwise they don’t seem to care or think LSB or volunteers there are worth anything ?  …it’s just part of the same non-cohesive, not-cooperative non-system.

As No answer is given by any GM about the proposed budget, or anything else re management either - [even latest iGM did same act and did Not answer any questions when asked…he side -stepped them too ]  These guys just expect to just get a ‘free pass’…. unreasonable but demanded nonetheless. But then, they do get it too.

And now Sonali is blaming only the LSB now ? - for the proposed work time reduction of paid staff - or is  it ‘just her’ version of passing on blame and taking NO responsibility - for all she too could have done all along, long ago -- and helped, asked, activated others or even given of herself in her programs to make-known or to get-good-business-practices-help Before… now when she rec’d notice of Her-time-reduction.  

No, I doubt she would say anything openly if it did not affect her, her salary, her program, her self.  Wow…who would have known this was how it is at KPFK, never displayed so clearly before ?

Anyhow, I don’t assume the station will survive in any way it has fumbling along  in last 10 + years now – and tho it has gone thru other transformations before…such as when  Adelman had a suit against Pacifica for wanting to steal parts off…or various other conflicts over ownership, management-ship, and even membership… this seems to be a more critical transition that KPFK must make, however it occurs.     

And from way Out here, the listener-sponsor land, the  never having had NO other benefits if we did not just listen for  interesting information, there is still very little and limited reality-info exposed to us.  It has always  just our giving instead of getting from KPFK.  So  I am in agreement that big changes are finally possible and clearly needed too.      

As everywhere else, only crisis brings about the change & transformations  --that everyone meanwhile still objects, rejects, blocks, etc. -- just to keep their own for themselves. Same story here and anywhere else is the same. Trying to cling and keep what they had as benefits, as media access, as special privileges and even payola [never admitted tho, of course] and more. No one at KPFK has been selflessly  'just giving' for no benefits and then also hoard, cling to their  special sweet spot for years on end. 

I assume, hope, that you can find your way thru this life, these life-changes, full hrs you have had so far - and  that you realize too  that those who love to listen to your program  have already learned enough and can access info themselves too now from more from direct sources.  We sometimes have been ‘introduced’ to a person or story. 

And now with internet we too can find – in text or briefer – that interesting source.    And those who have not heard what the older-loyal-KPFK-sponsors heard, they are probably not interested nor paying attn to this stn anyhow.

They are younger & different than their parents, their  lives & minds are focused elsewhere -- and in ways they do not appreciate the “old” stuff replayed here, & repeated in series &  sequences.  Just like those who had products for premiums sell themselves, their stuff and ideas elsewhere, it is  same for all others equally. 

The same repetitious people do not deserve to have so much continual access….as when they do repeat and sell their stuff & get free on-air much lauded promos… and it looks just  like it is a commercial too -  even if they do not get $$-pay - the benefits they Do get is still  never admitted.  I disagree that such exclusivity should continue, even tho some seem cultishly also devoted to the few selected to be broadcast on-air.
I also rec’d those 2 letters sent by Ian  Masters recently, who also was berating  any-all others out of his anger & fear of losing his on-air time too. They were emailed . What was on bottom that I mistook were words saying  “Save KPFK” and so  I assumed there was such a website. But after more careful reading, I noted that he posted it on another old Pacifica-related commentary site that is irrelevant to most of us, and  there is NO “save KPFK” site, after all. Sad. 

Then I googled KPFK - and found only 24+ long pages of all the programmers on KPFK…and none other.   But when I inserted another word, only then this blog too came up, but not under word “KPFK” itself.   Even 'Pacificainexile' did not come up when searching for KPFK either. Nor under many search pages of "Pacifica" either.

While I attempt to write imperfectly but with zeal and intensity of my concerns, my questions, my thoughts, my suggestions -- and try to Activate anyone else to write/ call the stn, the Gen'l Mgr or anyone at the station with their own questions & concerns, there is no feedback to know how many or few even care to make their wants, their views, known and considered, 

I have no idea what effect, if any, any of us  can have- as  with this unadvertised blog.  I only  what I do- and do it  because I want to  - as this too is my work -  but without the common ambitions or those desires for fame or appreciation. The work some of us do is out of love-of-the-work and getting-it-done vs. the applause and admiration that may not be known or coming. 

Also here was posted recently a  typed up version of  Sonali’s words demanding, [=not same as the usual kind of pleading this time], for  More $$$ donations !! -- but  only because of her own on-air time being reduced.   No, she did not ask for anyone to do any more than send more $$$$,- was she assuming that the more $$$ with her name attached to it would keep her in  full time vs. the rest of other staff.    Sonali did mention Ian Masters tho  1x ea day.  These words -used within her program for 13 min by Sonali ea day - along with my own commentary, thoughts, and questions too - are elsewhere below on this blog.

That Sonali did not even suggest any other action than the same old demand for $$$$.... vs. any other protest, or activation, or writing of  letters, or even calls to GM, or anyone else at station, showed a very self-centered personalized message.  And while she also blamed LSB viciously - but w/o any hint or  actual verification of how things are their faults and responsibilities, but  she said this a few times ea day. 

Strange, but true words, emanating from KPFK of the infighting of groups - programmer vs. LSB vs. etc. . If might also have gone on other days but this is not a favorite regular program I listen to anyhow.

Many previous-sponsors don’t listen much to any [not many either ]  programs on KPFK any more either, as others have also said that  they don’t now. Many too have moved to NPR, yes, the stations that Alan, iPD -constantly berates and claims superiority to- - even tho they meet their budgets and don’t offend listeners either with their elitism nor with continual “fund-raising”, as it is called. We out here call it something else.   

Sad too that Nielsen noted  the loss of audiences too.  It must be for some reasons this is happening.

Sad too that there is not much that is  complimentary to write about KPFK now –so  I write what I observe, including when there is something positive there for me to report.  

Being in another world than those inside the radio station, I have always felt a distance, that seems deliberately erected and maintained, between us –us who are volunteer/donor/stakeholders and  those at KPFK - even when programmers or staff are in same space.

 This same separatist attitude from programmers to most volunteers – who don’t want a lot but a a small smile or nod - that would be friendly - as when both are in same room at same time. This rarely happens, even when working for free answering phones during money-drives.  

 It is  the unfriendliness emanating and defensiveness from all staff, not just from you, has continued. And not when they are ' doing programming' only, but also before and after too, when a gracious word or look would unite all who care and work for the station, then and there. 

If no one cares - that says how the separation by one side then reduces the responses of the others – others are  the mere volunteers.   Being a KPFK celebrity or assuming  that everyone wants to talk/touch them may not be the actuality, tho that may be the reasons most staff/ programmers use for the separating-social-walls. 

This wall erected speaks to the continual break down of social relations and elitism or possessiveness or whatever is secretly thought by those who "work" at the station - separated carefully from everyone else - the volunteers, donors, supporters. 

All that separation that  ‘no one cares’ that happens -- to alienate and reduce the connections between stakeholders and everyone ‘working’ at KPFK  --has brought us also to this, not just money incoming. They all ‘go together’. Even Watts said so.

I learned long ago in trainings  that I just do my ‘50%” and the rest is not my responsibility. I say and offer what I do and whatever happens over there - others’ reactions of any kind or none apparent - are not mine to take on or worry about. All these words, thoughts, concerns and reporting is on me, my part. And if anyone else cares, i can do nothing to create that part.     

so may you - an affected programmer - may slip and slide and fight and argue and balk and let-go and threaten and smile or whatever fits … as this whole shebang slips into………..

thanks for the good work you have been doing- so far, and for so long  - and if it is not the same or as much -  or if at all, that will be “ok too”, as all else is too.   good luck.! "
- - - - - - - - - --  - - -

(c) 2015  mj

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KPFK is in double trouble with credit cards and no elections either.

this is copied and reposted from Pacifica In Exile org site and KPFK revelations provided here- if links dont work well, please just copy-paste instead or see the originating site:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -excerpts re KPFK only copied below: - - - - - - -
"The severe financial distress at KPFK-FM, which resulted on Monday in an announcement by Margy Wilkinson-appointed general manager Leslie Radford of the immediate reduction of all KPFK employees to 50% work schedules and the layoff of three employees, has been accompanied by growing evidence of a year and a half of financial mismanagement of the station, 

"Pacifica’s highest earner as recently as 2013. KPFK abruptly fired its second consecutive temporary business manager after finding out about monthly checks issued to an outside person by the business manager, along with unauthorized cash advances never paid back. 

"The business manager was personally hired and trained by former CFO Raul Salvador to “fix” the accounting mess at KPFK in the fall of 2014, and per a motion passed by the national board in 2014, reported directly to Salvador rather than the station’s general manager.

"Thousands of dollars in fraudulent credit card charges at Walmart and Ralph Lauren on KPFK’s company card in May were enabled by an April replacement of that card by Salvador with a new card issued to the identical card holder (not the now-departed business manager). 

"Salvador failed to close the previous card, leaving Pacifica with two different credit cards issued to the same individual with different account numbers open at the same time. The old card that had been replaced almost a month earlier was the card victimized with almost $4,000 in bogus charges.  

"The former CFO offered his resignation the following day, only to be brought back as a “financial consultant” and now assigned to replace the former KPFK business manager after her dismissal.

"This sound clip from Monday’s KPFK staff meeting describes the scope of the KPFK bookkeeping problems and staffer reactions. 

"The layoffs at KPFK were for development assistant Sue Cohen Johnson, Film Club coordinator Donna Walker and webmaster Ali Lexa Al-Hilali. Walker’s layoff may cause a problem as KPFK has many subscribers to their film club and with every single employee reduced to half-time, it is unlikely any will be able to take on new projects, and refunds would be expensive and strain the station’s finances. 

"The station’s webmaster has double the then-seniority of KPFA’s Brian Edwards-Tiekert who contested a layoff in 2010 on seniority grounds, and is likely being targeted for participation in governance, as the first-place finisher in staff board elections in both 2006 and 2009 and a candidate again in this year’s suspended elections.

 "The station’s SAG-AFTRA bargaining unit has stated that layoffs and work reductions were neither agreed to nor negotiated with the union and has already filed grievances against Pacifica. The union has refused to sign off on an EDD work sharing plan, a plan that has subsidized the salaries of KPFA’s news department since 2011, although the station has made new hires since and probably should have terminated the state paycheck subsidies several years ago. 

"(Recipients include Upfront host Edwards-Tiekert and news anchors Aileen Alfandary and Mark Mericle). KPFK GM Radford stated publicly at the station’s local board meeting that the reductions of all staff to 50% time will not exceed 4 months in duration, but curiously presented a 2016 staffing plan with the 2016 budget which contains no full-time employees and several new part-time positions

"This proposal, given Radford’s definition of a half-time schedule as 17.5 hours a week, would eventually result in a completely non-unionized workforce with no health benefits, as the current union contract in effect only provides benefits with an 18 hour a week work schedule.

"This sound clip from Monday’s KPFK staff meeting captures staffer reactions to the work reductions and layoffs. 


"Pacifica’s long-delayed board election got even more delayed when the foundation failed to make a $25,000 postage deposit to secure the mailing of ballots. No information has been provided about the length of the latest delay. One half of the board’s elected terms ran out  in December of 2013 and the other half runs out in December of 2015.  The network has until  September 12th to mail the ballots to salvage the election. 

"The putative reason for the delay – that stations could not afford to pay the postage – no longer seems valid as KPFK has received a one-time bequest of $134,000 and WBAI has said they can fund their share of the postal deposit (about $9,000). Over 100 candidates have filed nomination papers for vacant board seats currently filled by stayovers whose terms expired twenty months ago. 

"Meanwhile, the five local election supervisors and one national election supervisor, who remain on payroll for the duration of the delay at $10,000+a month, have been processing fair election complaints and issued their first reprimand to New York’s Justice and Unity Caucus (a Siegel/Brazon-affiliated group) for failing to post a required disclaimer on their outside website.
"Pacifica’s latest overdue financial audit (for the year ending 9-30-2014) is looking, despite earlier reports to the contrary, like it will, after missing the June 30 deadline for submission to the State of California Registry of Charitable Trusts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, be almost as late as last year’s effort. 

"KPFK GM Leslie Radford confirmed that KPFK’s schedules for the audit “are not prepared” in this sound clip, contradicting earlier claims by Pacifica’s national office that they were

"Pacifica in Exile readers may write to the board at

"To subscribe to this[theirs, not here ]  newsletter, 
please visit our spanking new website at

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[end of excerpts re KPFK included here from site listed above]

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another demand for More $$$ by Sonali Kohatkar, to save her full-time job?

8/20/2015 about 8:35 am -8:47 am  again:   
            Sonali Kohatkar in her  Uprising program said these words

 [most of her words transcribed here below  “[with italicized color inserts as added questions, commentary]”  are here recorded, talking about KPFK station’s financial problems and Sonali Kohatkar’s blame of only the local board - while no other sources of verifiable responsibility are mentioned, nor revealed, nor addressed.  

Who and what corroborations does she have for claiming this exclusive ‘cause’  
 and blame ?    What are the actions and motions passed by LSB - in their monthly meetings- that has created this total financial meltdown of the station ?  As it has often be noted in person that this group does Not have  much, if any, management input. The LSB just wish they had that power and power to influence management, as they complain of such repeatedly.   

 It is apparently not as Sonali images, or as she has declared here. She has rarely attended LSB meetings and may be scapegoating those who also wish her words were so. Such declarations and attacks needs to be investigated and  verified, to authenticate her easy blame.

Can the KPFK Local Station Board actually reduce or expand or change how KPFK management chooses to spend it’s [lack of] money or how such funds are raised ?  Or can LSB do more than select a candidate to hire to be the Gen’l Mgr, [before this last one that was pre-selected solely by a Pacific Board-KPFA member undercutting the new Exe Director’s duty].  

Do visit an LSB meeting to note the lack of cohesion,  or any good business practices and the lack of effectiveness or even power-to-effect improvements at station, emerging from this conflicted, tho dedicated, group. If the LSB could, they would help much more instead of repeatedly decrying their lack of control, lack of influence on what happens in KPFK’s actual management.

And recent elections to replace the current LSB and PNB members is being postponed, or avoided, so the very same ones remain in place way - past their due date to retire -  and let others In now. No money for elections has been stated as the reasons for no elections. Do any of these pronouncements make sense ? Anywhere ? Or only at dysfunctioning non-profit corporations, who can be irresponsible and not even meet their auditing requirements ? 

What is happening at KPFK and Pacifica ? Who outside their exclusive halls & meetings can know ?  :

                                    - - - - - - - - -Sonali’s words, transcribed: - - - - - -

  …. if you flood our station with donations…contribute money to salaries …to keep lites on, computers running, to take your pledges…given 2 weeks notice, as of Sept 1 to ½ time and 1 let go…because we don’t have managers that stick around longer than 1 yr @ a time, …. 

[BLAME ONLY LSB only with no facts, stats, verifications that they are the sole reason for KPFK’s failings ? can this be so exclusive or is there a lot more not being admitted, revealed, stated or acknowledged ? ]

the local board takes out a manager who is contributing or chasing away anybody who is “good’….a dozen mgrs for the dz years I’ve been here at KPFK – that nonprofits need to rely on is non existent…vs cutting staff, cutting staff, “walmartization”…

….this week’s  announced partial layoff – partial reductions- to work ½ time and paid ½ …if they want us to work FT and get pd ½  time…

….who can volunteer 5 days a week ? we don’t have what worked in past – hybrid of FT and PT – don’t know how that works out, for how long and who runs that stn with that philosophy based on anti-union anti-working class philosophy. ….

….prove them wrong by calling with $$$$ - gift is the programming we work so hard to produce every day – make contributions ! ….

….I don’t like talk about behind the scenes at KPFK vs. other international issues.. but this independent media is under fire – ruled by the tyranny of those who show up who sabotage the station, the beginning of the end of KPFK – unless you contribute ! in the long term. ….

….it has crippled the stn, prevented it from achieving it’s potential….contributions, make them now, fast, large, as this is end of the line. Starting Sept 1 anyone who works more than ½ time is reduced to ½ time, our families rely on our salaries…

….we have had pleasure, honor of being here until last few months..stn is eating itself alive…an unwieldy structure – those monies going on elections not available… if people don’t call us…

we are just told that our salaries are being cut, and we can prove them wrong if you send us $$$ to say you don’t want the salaries cut.. come thru for us…like we have for you….

….our hours and salaries cut to ½ time, kpfk will go down, unravel before your very eyes and ears…I have no been asked to put this out on air and probably lots of people at station are cringing and wish I would shut up but what do I have to lose at this point ?    

[only when she is affected does she reveal anything of what is occurring in station & it’s management and systems ?] ….

….there is no money so no paid staff. I cannot afford to work for free and I WILL NOT WORK FOR FREE BECAUSE I HAVE DIGNITY…. “         

 [end of transcribed words heard on KPFK radio today, Aug 20,2015]

                                                COMMENTARY TO ABOVE:

Sonali is saying she will not even volunteer or give-back  from all that she been gaining, getting to be  the local celebrity thru this on-air broadcasting, obtaining all  the accesses , forming so many contacts when she brings guests on-air as Media always maintains such special exclusive relationships, and then there is also the status she has climbed to by being KPFK-staff-related…. and all else she has been given,  taken, used, gained and  has so well liked before… and now there is no more give-back ? 

And  she tries to claim it is her  “dignity” she is keeping  or is it plain selfishness ? or her wanting revenge ? or can it be an extortion-attempt- her [finally] complaining on-air - when others don’t dare or are gagged more ?  and why does she  say this as a subtle threat – she wont even give any volunteer time unless….she is paid further, more ?  

This sure sounds like a self-serving scared rant in anger and fear, of personal losses, none of which can be detailed nor identified to the public, of course. This is Sonali’s taking her privilege of having been a union-protected & Paid for many many years programmer, on salary, now feeling threatened and refusing to do any less than before, and telling ‘all’ that affects mostly

Her and hoping to get donors to pay More to keep her in place ?  Can that be a wild imagination and request ? To prove her worth to KPFK by hoping listen-sponsors will surge and that will change her employment status ? what about the other staffers who are equally affected by this staff reduction ? 

They are barely mentioned, except 1 –Ian Masters who has also made similar angry announcements on-air [but his words have not been recorded for written exposure that we know 

and why is Sonali who is always within the radio station and involved in what happens there not telling us anything before it affects her salary and on-air time ?   Why no transparency until it becomes a personal $$$ issue for her personally ? 

This lack of bravery and lack of accountability to all listener-sponsors before this sudden plea is shameful and does not provide Sonali or others with any respect, dignity nor trust from those who contribute their earnings to sustain KPFK all these many years. ….  

is this going to be the new KPFK bldg soon ?
Don’t the people who gain from being ON AIR and IN our radio station owe it to their audiences and payers to be up-front and admit alllll the factors & vectors that has brought KPFK to this change of paid staff work hours ? ….

The reduction of some paid hours of the paid staff has already become Public Information, so Sonali is not giving out any secrets or  giving away anything not in the out-side-KPFK public domain, as even their union, SAG-AFTRA has become involved and is filing a grievance. That too is not mentioned by this prgrommer.

her limiting herself to ONLY asking for More Money and not suggesting any activist protests or any acts that involve support or questions to management or LSB or anyone, including Pacifica, their umbrella org..

Why is so much still under-covers, kept opaque, left unsaid, not mentioned
 nor exposed ????]   

(c) 2015  bt