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KPFK's new program, but can we hear what is being said, laughed at ?

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a new program has been found at the early 6 am hour called 'THE STEPHANI MILLER' show.
 It sounds current, intelligent, even funny and  may be worth hearing....if only....

if only - the rapid-fire speech were more intelligible and listen-able to those of us on the outside = outside-the-station-studio audiences.... it is mostly Not.

yes, bits and pieces are heard, are interesting..... but  then, the rest of the sentence, the continual OVER-talking with guests, and the laughter  -

[ as some parts can intermittently be  heard - but whole show is intended for informing, pleasing ONLY THOSE INSIDE THE STUDIO then - as this slot is apparently only between whoever is INSIDE the studio space, not us outside.]  even tho we would all like to be able to laugh or learn  too !. 

there is much sputtering, stuttering, interrupting.....and then sudden spurts of shouts that instantly obliterate what was just said and over-sounding the next phrase.... the sounds of a few brief words clearly stated only to be again, yes, Interrupted again by some other sounds that make no sense. 

Beeps cover more that was just said but makes no sense to what is actually heard by listeners. Can't people keep their language decent when given opportunity to be broadcasting on air?

But if we have paid our dues, we WANT TO HEAR it - so, what's so funny ? 
what is claimed to be  relevant to the political scenes we live in ?     what did the guest refer to ? incoherent interruptions continue to fill in more than 2/3 ++ of the 1 hr pgm.

then...strangely, while KPFK is on another day, the VERY SAME SHOW is re-broadcast, repeated.  as if so good it must be replayed again ?  we feel thwarted, noting the very same interruptions, glib self-enjoying-in-studio people say what sounds like the very same sequence of words...that was in  inaudible / un-listen-able to that prior show broadcast recently.

Can this is true ? That there are insufficient programs ?  so the Program Director & management then are simply REPEATING that same pgm in the same time slot, another day ?  

What is going on at KPFK ? We surely paid for better than this...and are re-thinking our $$$ contributions to get such redundant intelligibility -when we thought we were paying/ supporting professional programming there.

The people's names are rapidly, low-tone, into collar uttered as if 'of course, everyone knows 'em' so names are rapidly said,  slurred quickly ....and then more fast talking goes on  -- with the donor/ listener wondering:"who was that ?" 
and "what was it they said ?" 
"was it funny ?"  
"we didn't get it !"    
"why cant they talk to be intelligible ?" [= heard, enjoyed, debated, repeated, etc. ]

so we did become frustrated, & felt left-out, and then wondered "what is wrong there?"

unfortunately it may be a technical operator problem ?  no one monitoring or seeing the dials ? 
 or not that  ? who out here can know the machinery used and if gauged properly or ignored ?

or is no one INSIDE the studio realizing what emerges on air  ? 
and that listeners/ donors/ stakeholders of KPFK are not just solo-listening,  as only attending to 1 thing, the radio sounds, listening intently, just Only attending to the station's program.. .and nothing else ?  Rarely is that possible, if ever.

And, if we are listening, while doing other tasks,  like maybe : driving, cleaning, cooking, walking or whatever else is necessary to live a decent, clean, responsible lifestyle... 
then the rapid speechifying goes by so fast that only some few words are actually heard, without continuity, without comprehension, without making sense !

and with so much KPFK sounds not clearly audible, and the resulting gaps are leaving the rest sounds as being:
so confusing and blurred or slurred  - or leaving noise-sound-bundles into what is being said - making any sense ONLY to those in-the-know in the studio  -
while we out here - all  that "the rest of us" out here,  cannot hear nor understand !  
what is going on ?  what a waste of our time and attention !!!

                              Image result for ear images credit: via google

So are those special people, being inside  -with their access to  also seeing:     
all the non-verbal-interactive performances = that give clues/ cues as to context - and comprehension and hinting at implications too...    all else that's already known to reveal WHAT IS BEING SAID - but to only those AMONG inside there, as are then those "so-extra-SPECIAL 
PEOPLE "  - only who are in studio  'doing' this show..   but not us, tuned in, trying...but not able...

while we 'outsiders' get frustrated, for  failing to hear full sentences, or 'getting it'  even at ends of those conversations, etc. are just 'lost".

Yet  People who are doing the broadcasting on radio - speaking fast, being so smart / sharp / quick on their draws & so proud of their being so verbally facile while assuming that, of course,  everyone else must admire their rapid-talk-too..... [NOT]

but they are not talking to the listening audiences - who may strain in trying to hear what was  it that seemed  maybe funny, clever, worth remembering ? ... and then, being  ordinary & 
silly-people who, of course, have learned to 'Only Blame Themselves' -as trained to be blamed -
 for their inability to hear, or follow,  or even understand - all that was 'said' on the radio ... 
we should be able to...... "so what is wrong with us ?????"

however it was said into microphone - too fast, too cut-in-with-other-voices-sounds, too covered-over-with-strange-laughter?   with many " he-he-he's" & guffaws  & giggles  ? we could Not Get It.

plus also:  guests or  even the many referenced  names are muttered quickly in undertones, voice lowered  - as if names were already known, need not be enunciated clearly, &  as if all those  listeners must recognize & know ' who is also there  or referred to' -  program people saying what cannot be clearly understood nor appreciated, even... out here = where we are.

so afterwards - we were looking further, doing the Extra Work,of taking our own Personal Time -
to search out  more on the KPFK website - of Stephani's show / shows....Nothing... 

there were no other names of who guests were, or  what the topics discussed were....
and certainly  there was readable info - no text  available - of what was orally-only
broadcast on-air. Perhaps with false assumptions that no more is needed to share ?

 and this fairly is then compared to the excellent OTHER PLACES & programs - those providing more info of each broadcast = as on Democracy Now 's website, or also many NPR shows too... with even maybe only 1-2 short paragraphs- but  other on-air  places that do again share info =
by  at least, listing names of guests.      so listeners, donors  can follow up ...
or comment about a topic... or save online site to refer to it later perhaps,  etc. ].

actually, the KPFK's broadcast gives an after-effect and memory, but probably not what was intended - in  that we [out here]  heard no more than a blur of  some word-sounds, with an  only occasional recognition of a few phrases, that had piqued our interest....but left us wondering... 'what is going on there ? '

while whole sentences are not possible to HEAR, nor  appreciate, nor later recall -  even  when listened to on a good radio that receives good reception - or on even more than 1 radio that results w/ same poor effects .

worse ! then, that KPFK asks for donations to maintain the station - having lured listeners with putting on air finally a new pgm  ! wow. a novelty. one that seems  probably worth listening to ! and seems to come with humor included ! a rarity - 
but  then.... the station instead delivers a mass of sounds that leaves us 'out side' with the disappointed sense that we missed something ! 

'of course they at our station also: they continue to think it is 'our fault'  .. as said many times "never anyone - anything inside KPFK could be wrong !"  so of course,it is our failings " =

as the forever self-righteous assumptive mode at KPFK has always been that those working inside are fine, while those living outside are not. of course ! we are mere listeners, payors, and recognized during fund drives, but not......

as that must be why we had actually made  the efforts + attempted to attentively listen ...
but then barely got some tid-bits out of that  -instead of the discernible information we hoped for.  

So then, no where to turn to find out the rest  - that was dissolved into air-waves-ether, not heard, what to think ? what to do then ? how to respond to such feeling thus  cheated by our station ? 
             Image result for ear images credit: via google  

the most efficient resulting plan was.... of course!
to turn elsewhere. tune in to another more professionally delivering: audible, clear, well-paced, intelligible VOICES THAT WE CAN follow, understand, and enjoy...instead.   Easy !   yes !

the competition for our attention and money is keen and continual. we are not stuck w/only 1.

We even later made extra effort : 

Looking to see Stephani Millers' internet info -found 1 which has a self-serving accomplishments-mostly only - a listing page on Wikipedia , but with a bare bit of bio in there. All bragging and confirming her ambition and roles elsewhere. No mention of KPFK noted tho.

+ Found a KFI radio page  -with Apr 2019 listing her radio program There ... 

and on KPFK website, a notice of her show but w/o a contact address or any per-show info -
to inform those who cared enough to 'Try To Listen' - 
[even if we then felt Failed - by the station's limitations].

                                                     who cares ? 

who bothers to follow up and write KPFK - or even find the link to where to write about this  ? 
few do.

we did. But if, as has happened also same in past experiences, there is a long delay or No Reply at all Received. then we wonder if anyone is home? 

or does any one inside the station CARE enough to make improvements  ? - or notice ? 
when we provide the feedback? 

Or - have we again, 'wasted'  our own time, work, effort  - and become dismayed + disappointed + dis-illusion-ed. especially after all the KPFK  the repeated promos, self-promotional pronouncements - as heard on station's airwaves - 
and that  have misled us as to what they are or are Not doing 'for us, their members' ?

we too, will let readers know if anything further occurs. not hopeful tho.

or if we too have to again:  Give Up Trying to make Contact with anyone at KPFK  [as those who have not already turned away for similar reasons - as already stated here many times]. 

As we are surprised when we accidentally, unsolicitedly hear from other prior donors / volunteers-of-other-times  give us their same complaints - and their reasons for leaving KPFK far behind, instead finding other radio preferables...

[and since they describe their complaint first, they  are not repeating what we have already documented now here. ]
enough ! 

(c) by    2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

KPFK links to schedule grid, some web-visible staff, etc. Check them out.

KPFK links and noticing some [good to see !] programs not there before and new schedule grid too.

check these links out if of interest, they are the station's proprietary.

a new Executive Director of PACIFICA - has been hired a few months ago :  

                 Maxie Jackson [see pix on link below & info too ]

Pacifica, as readers may also know well or more than we do : is  the umbrella that KPFK & 4 other radio stations in USA nation  seems to be mostly [mis]-run by the Pacifica National Board there [in Berkeley CA  ]- "PNB" as noted in other commentaries elsewhere.

These same repeated people with undue influence and repeated 'winning' elections  [over decades, not just 1-2x ] have apparently dominated the scene.

This is not to criticize any one person's Intentions or even Skills, abilities, good-will, but this questions why the same names re-appear for so many decades [over 10-20-30 years !] as them main deciders, controllers, repeat-non-effective-solution-finders of KPFK and/or/both Pacifica...
so some easy to find and look at links are here for any readers convenience.

{note prior posts of who looks at this blog - via robots, bots, or hacker / scam / interferers of USA politics & elections.]

Because this blog-spot is owned/run by Google, they provide "stats " and "audience" location by country per a time period. The surprise is that Russians, Ukraine and many others do "page-views" of this simple informative blog, while USA seems to often be 1/2 of less of those interested enough to direct their searchlights here. hmmmm       

This link lists some preferred programs  and seems to be alphabetical. ... don't know how or who selects these, as THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AND IS NOW NO TRANSPARENCY of who/how/why any actions are taken, done or planned.

Admittedly the KPFK web site pages have greatly IMPROVED and provide a much more visible, informative and format than they had for more thousands of views & decades of time, over which station  management was directly requested to improve, notice, update and CARE what was   so seldom & poorly presented... their web face was not only dull, unhelpful and blase, but the webmaster apparently didn't seem to notice that. duh....

however, even today [4/16/2019] the listing on above link page for next upcoming LSB meeting is listed as "4/21" -  while when clicking on LSB page, it is past already, listed as  '4/15'  instead. huh ?
so next LSB FYI is = on May 20th with more info at


tho note:
as a "public member" each donor/stakeholder/member may only sit 'in back' of circular tables/chairs where members bicker, shout, ignore rules and make 'motions', some passing, many contested.

There are 2-3 maybe min. for each lined up public person to give their views, suggestions requests to everyone who is in room to hear, but it has been repeatedly observed that most/not -all, LSB members don't appear to listen, care or ever respond.

 [whether by their own clever protective 'rules' or because there might be worse fighting or 'words' erupting ? or ? ] ...

so public comments are heard, with a mike, but no one afterwards either, acknowledges or discusses or dissents or confirms or anything like polite feedback occurs...except maybe from another  'public member' only, not from official

[if sparely Selected, vs. 'elected' LSB members are given official power positions' .]

Experience speaks ! many times appearing at long-winded-long-extended LSB meetings, we have observed and been dismayed at how OUTSIDE, excluded, ignored and shunned the public members are while crony like LSB people cozy up to each other. sad scene.

Tho it is difficult to tolerate or exert the stamina needed to stay from beginning to end, and those who walk out as [approved guest speakers] almost always walk Out immediately after their 'say' not waiting/ wanting to hear anything else.. wonder why ?  

The pages now seen are greatly improved and worth viewing, as before after a few times of attempting to get info & finding our stakeholder efforts wasted time/work then...but different now.

[note sadly: over decades -almost centuries- of years the local station board = the  'LSB 'of KPFK has consistently, continually, & repetitively ... been mainly  = just a place of board member conflicts, seclusion, secrecy and non-availability to KPFK donors, members, stakeholders.

Those who are called "members' and who provide the    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ =
 funding are excluded [unless befriended as a crony of the elite LSB or PNB apparently ].

                                 main home page of course is [also much improved !]


              this page now lists NEW PROGRAMS visibly on front HOME page :    [copied here FYI ]

"DEMOCRACY NOW! with Amy Goodman moves to 8 am
Rising Up with Sonali moves to 4pm
Stephanie Miller joins us Mon - Fri at 6 am
Inner Vision with Nita Vallens moves to Wednesdays at 7pm

Transforming Your 
Consciousness moves to Tuesdays at 1pm"

and surprisingly, the station says [maybe true or not, as alll the 50 yrs of prior experiences of trying to contact, give honest feedback or ask any questions was not only Impossible ....but the staff denied the barriers, blockades, WALLS of no-access, while claiming they wanted comments...then...maybe different and improved now !

Please Try contacting the radio station you pay to keep on-air -  to see what occurs and respond here in our comments - Only with courteous, truthful, non-biased for-or-against feedback if the Contact Them works or what actually factually happens. 
So we can share more than 1 promo-line,
 or anecdote here too.     Thanks !     Image result for bell images credit- Google images are generous to all 

and found :      another new feature - a good one, improvement and a CHANGE ! "

Shepard Fairey Designs KPFK's New 60th Anniversary Logo from KPFK on Vimeo

NOTICING THE CHANGES - differences now, when the same old same old same old was forever dully shown as a stuck-in-mud mindset Before...and shifted into gear, motion, change, now. finally. So glad to see a bit a revival so any KPFK web visitors can maybe 'like' or actually want to see what is 'there' ...NOW...

OK admitted: for all the years since 1960 that we have contributed:   our ongoing idealistic devotion  + our continuous loyalty + our regularly volunteering PLUS also donating our hard-earned MONEY... to KPFK. But  finding the very same stuck-system...

....and guarded-self-protective & mostly paranoid  staff & associates... but worst were the LSB selected repeaters. 

[the LSB who could barely ever have enough voters to form a Quorum to  make elections valid and nominees with very very few friends who voted for them so they 'got in' even tho they were unknown to the  89% of KPFK stakeholders. strange ways continued...  maybe still does ? ]

[while LSB 'claiming power & position repeaters ' also continually denied their  acting with excessive being guarded  boundaries - even when  they were NOT endangered at all actually, factually -
and LSB were claimed/ supposed to REPRESENT the rest of all members of radio station ,
but were Not.] ]

                                      Image result for wall images    credit: google /
Image result for yelp logo image

then there are OTHER SOURCES OF FEEDBACK, INFO too , as in  YELP :


too which any reader here can add a post too, hopefully one that is true, experiential and informative to all, not just venting anger or negativity, of course !   

Notice there  KPFK has only  3*  of 5 in the listed there o 63 reviews.  wonder why ? 

check out the radio station and what is being said elsewhere, not just self-serving promotional applause. Please. 

more importantly is who is INSIDE, staying place with their special jobs/ unionized, for pay and INFLUENCING anyone who might listen ... as radio is an important MEDIA  ...perhaps more outside of huge urban cities like LA tho that info has not been searched yet....

as a source of supposed 'factual' or spun, slanted, biased versions of events, of descriptions that can be viewed/interpreted in more than      "Only 1 way" = ours !        or "just 1 truth Only exists"  claims made, at KPFK, as elsewhere too.

and noted on link above are the same old-same-forever-holding-their-place..... same clinging-on to their  same elite positions of control folk there - ask them how long they have continued to earn and influence what happens at KPFKwhile  holding-on there :

General Manager
Anyel Zuberi Fields
(818) 985-2711
General station operations, and oversight, Public Relations & Partnerships
Interim Program Director
Alan Minsky
Ext 202
On-air programming and content
Music Director
Maggie LePique
Ext 326
Music programming
Chief Engineer
Stuart Landau
Ext 217 Transmitter and studio maintenance
Website, Online Archives
Ali Lexa website, online archives,

including the listed "on air hosts" and "news" and "spanish" pgms there... same people never leave so never have new voices, new thinking, more creative expressions of what it is to be KPFK ! not there. 
stuck.  or shall it be better described as :  tenaciously grabbing  exclusive opportunities for themselves alone

                 Image result for mussels stuck on wall    google image /

as holding on tightly to all official or effective positions is mostly - grasping  or seizing for themselves repeatedly, by obviously some secretive means, to not allow new or other folk that same opportunity to do same job for same pay with similar know-how too.....
& it is same as   clutching, gripping, holding on as if stuck /glued ....and worse 
just like those that kPFK media criticizes of other Governments or Corporation executives, staff, power-position-holders .

...because  if same is done  elsewhere then that is "bad" but when done at this "good" and honorable [we wish ! ] station, that is taken for granted - as OK.   huh? 

[[[[ yes, we realize we sound so "negative and critical" as if that were also a "bad" thing to do...instead of EXPRESSING OUR OBSERVATIONS & EXPERIENCES over many long years and different times, same story happening at what we hoped,  & assumed, &  
we all thought that it too was "our station" ...]]]]
Image result for hope poster images   credit: google images /
 [NOT any prior president but instead:] "Fairey's adaptation for the Occupy movement"

but - obviously it is not ours at all. after all. 

(c) mjj 2019 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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