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“Pacifica is in a dangerous process, again. Careful. Here is summary.

An informative timeline of events happening at Pacifica, KPFA and KPFK and other stations has been posted and is being quoted below with acknowledgement of work/writing done to inform ‘the rest of us’  - those of us who are donors, sponsors, stakeholders of Pacifica who have no voice and little information available.  

Anyone want to read older posts at this same site or subscribe there for future news articles are listed also.

If anyone has ‘other information’ or different versions of what is explained and exposed here could help balance or correct or inform ‘the rest of us’ -  of what else someone else KNOWS - or has evidence to show they know more or better too.  It can be written in comment here or at the poster’s original  comment site also.

Please do share and expose what else is to be known, to help those who otherwise are fast drifting, swimming, escaping away from the chaotic non-business-like moves occurring at  our radio stations or their umbrella network and management at Pacifica and it's board. 

There is so much hidden and denied that end up affecting what we, the radio-listening-audience-supporters do not know and can do nothing about - when we are left out of all information loops. 

We only hear what is externally presented as-if all was healthy, well, organized and honest inside the radio stations and their management/ staff operators too. It apparently is very different inside from what we hear -outside.

Secrecy, hypocrisies, conflicts and in-fights happening verbally, and maybe in other financial fighting ways also, leave all the the donors feeling helpless and cheated as well. The hypocrisy is the difference between the on-air presentations and the realities taking place inside, and with their board meetings & decisions.

Not knowing becomes  not trusting.

And then it becomes not paying again, either.  The more the differences are hidden, even of how to save or even improve Our Radio Stations, the poorer the organization we are $$$-invested too remain. 

So when real honest revelations are given some ‘light’ - and honest access to information is made available, we all want to help and keep our station safe and stable.  

Then also the more everyone who cares can and wants to contribute – in any way. Not just monetarily. Tho that is all that is ever asked for, more and again.

So:  here is quoted and re-posted revelations and a summary of events, from Pacifica In Exile. Org  is below  - for further exposing what is known and named by some few willing 'whistleblowers' and honesty-demanders. 

And if others may be posting differently elsewhere, let everyone share that too -  but where and what is said otherwise there ? And who dares tell The Truth without using  self-serving purposes ? 

We would like to be able to read, hear, learn and make some cautious judgements for ourselves, without interfering in any essential work of those paid to work & maintain Our Radio Stations.      

Wishing for good luck is not enough.    
We need to know, to share actual information of what is going on at Pacifica and Our own Radio Stations and let them be sold off or die away and regret our non-involvement later.

                      here is the news article from  :   


              "A Timeline of the Coup"

"September 2013 KPFA-affiliated board member Margy Wilkinson and former corporate counsel Dan Siegel secretly incorporate the “KPFA Foundation” to scoop up KPFA’s license and maybe some others should they become loosened from Pacifica.

 February  2014 – KPFA’s Margy Wilkinson declares herself the winner of a tie vote for board chair on the basis of a “fifth place vote” ranking when there were only two candidates running.
March 2014 – the board fires the executive director Summer Reese only 6 weeks after she signed a 3-year contract. Reese was pushing to get the audit done and cracking down on allegations of piracy at the NY station (and elsewhere throughout the network). Wilkinson appoints herself the new executive director

April-May 2014 – Reese occupies the national office until forced out by court order. Initial complaint filed at CA Attorney General by 8 former board members alleging financial mismanagement. Dan Siegel is secretly retained as Pacifica’s lawyer by the board majority.

June of 2014 – new board majority tries to amend the bylaws and vote down 9 of 10 amendments, all suggested by themselves. The only one they pass is one that allows them to try amending them twice a year instead of once a year. Wilkinson loots the restricted fund for the renovation of KPFK’s music studio to pay operating expenses.

July 2014 – former board majority member Hank Lamb calls for booting Wlkinson for dishonesty and withholding documents from the board. His motion is never heard by the board. Wilkinson dispatches experienced radio station manager Richard Pirodsky from KPFK and installs the former facilities manager as the GM to “save money”. The first comments about “amputating WBAI” are heard from board members.

October 2014 – Thee “call center” imposed on the California stations turns out to be run by a Tea Party politician in Oregon. Pacifica accepts a $156,000 loan, later a gift, from Southern CA real estate millionaire Aris Anagnos, the employer of board member Lydia Brazon. Brazon handles the gift/loan and does not recuse herself from the board vote to accept the money. Wilkinson loots the restricted fund for Uprising’s Indiegogo TV campaign to pay health benefits.

December 2014 – Bill Fletcher declines an offer to become Pacifica’s new ED. Pacifica’s 2013 audit enters its 13th month undone, now six months past the legal limit. The year goes by with no board election held.

March-April 2015 – 2013 audit finally appears, 18 months after the end of the fiscal year. John Proffittt, a Texas NPR exec agrees to be the new ED and to sart in June.

June of 2015 – Wilkinson appoints Siegel/Brazon board crony and community college speech teacher Leslie Radford the new GM of KPFK on her last day over the head of incoming ED John Proffitt. CFO Raul Salvador quits. Wilkinson’s “notepad” from 2013 appears with a list of her fellow board members categorizing them as “us”, “them” and “workables”.

September 2015John Proffitt quits as ED after 4 months on the job and is replaced by Lydia Brazon. 4 KPFK music programmers quit on air decrying Radford’s destructiveness and the entire station’s staff is put on involuntary half time. SAG-AFTRA takes Pacifica to arbitration for labor violations. The secret 2013 filing of the KPFA Foundation comes to light. Election delayed a month because Pacifica says it cannot pay a $20,000 postage bill.

November 2015 – Board members talk about mortgaging buildings and former Dan Siegel employee Jose Luis Fuentes describes bankuptcy as “a beginning”. KPFA is asked to return a $400,000 bequest made out to Pacifica that KPFA’s GM signed for instead of Pacifica’s CFO and deposited in KPFA’s bank account. Emails released show Radford’s “security guard” Adam Rice, who she has made the station’s volunteer coordinator, is providing instructions about program changes to the GM. Rice is overheard talking about carrying guns on KPFK’s facility.
December-January 2016. The board majority appoints two 2016 affiliate directors, neither affiliated with a station that is a current Pacifica affiliated station with a written agreement. Something’s Happening, the highest rated program on KPFK is shrunk to half its former time and is replaced by a program strip anchored by Rice that is premised on using profanity in the late night. KPFK rejects the board majority in a landslide victory for the independents that is overwhelming, but the rest of the stations end up with majority-affiliated or closely split boards.

Feb-March 2016 – Board majority insists on filling a NY vacant seat with last place finisher from 2012. When NY rebels, national board refuses to seat them on national board at all. New CFO is hired. Last job is a state department funded NGO that sets up American-positive community media projects in developing countries. 2014 audit now becomes latest audit ever. Two straight board meetings disrupted with music in acts of civil disobedience. CFO announces that NY and DC stations may face liquidation and sale in as little as 60 days."

[end of repost above ] 

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Alan Watts talk here, typed from KPFK program

As one of the best Values KPFK has put on over many years is Alan Watts talks, that describe not only many and varied so-called Eastern religions translated for the Western mind.

As when Alan began these lectures and workshops in 1950-60-70’s, only the more dogmatic academics could read and understand what was going on in minds outside of their own cultures.

And representatives of Asian religions, who came with their own strict teachings, with limited English abilities and then taught as they had been taught elsewhere, that was mostly not a good-fit to AmericansThe ones who wanted to learn but not be strictly disciplined in other-ways, nor devote their lives to another religion or viewpoint. 

Roy Tuckman has continually replayed many audiotapes in connection with Alan Watts’sons - who retained the rights when he died in 1973.

And the KPFK audiences listened late-night, 1x/week, midnight mostly for years, because this was an unsual and free EDUCATION and contained new Revelations – not of bibles or books, but of UNDERSTANDINGS and other-ways-to-think-and-comprehend = 

"what is this life and world doing anyhow ?" 

"How does this work or where are we going ?"

“What is this all about?"

"How come it happens this way and not that ?

"Why are the majority called Christians in USA determined to only give just their view and demand all others just agree & join ?"    

How to understand from other people & their different ways ?  – the many & various huge, old societies - to Also learn how they Think and Wonder and Explain --  all this...

Instead of just being stuck in the usual linear, wealth-seeking, obedience-demanding societies we live within the Western 
worlds ?" 

Why is this same confusion encouraged and provoked by the 1-only Christian version of what This World we all Live In Together ?  Or also why the 3 Abrahamic religions insist that Only They KNOW and no one dare disagree nor diverge from their sacred books.

So Alan Watts was a studied and well-spoken teacher  - to many who sudden realized they could better comprehend and cooperate with This World As This Is  - when other versions of “how” it all comes and becomes emerged.   

He was funny and laughed at his own jokes, he was verbose and droned on tangents at times, but returned to the “point” he was exposing and revealing. And many who did not get immediately -bored by his talking style listened.  Again and More.

Because the stories and metaphors made sense and hit ‘home’ in minds and spiritual souls.

Because he spoke of expanding versions of  How It All IS and with fun & varied stories told over centuries by different cultures/ religions in world-wide-locations - those that differed but revealed more than what each had in it’s own limited version.   

Not that all Eastern-Asiatic philosophies are better or superior at all, no, but they offer wider, fuller, different explanations of how to Live well, in harmonies, and without the Western anxieties provoked by these limited religions - who all wanted control, obedience and no questions to their dogmas. Maybe other religions also require obedience and no diversions but Americans could learn the basics and not join-in to even their fortified structures.

So sometimes when listening to KPFK radio, we chose to do more: 

we typed quickly trying to catch as many words and thoughts from Alan Watts' lectures, replayed by Roy for our comprehension and education.

 Here is one and more will be posted.

Yes, they may be copied, as when rebroadcast on the radio, those lectures could have been audio-taped or recorded, or even from the then-archived replay available. 

The work of typing and copying is a gift here for any reader. That is a work done for SHARING WHAT WE FIND VALUABLE, not because it was Watts, but because as a ‘teacher’ and ‘entertainer’ he shared what he learned, as does Roy on his program, and as we do in different format here too:

(c) mj               for above portion only

A world we all want to wonder and understand. This one.

note:  that all emphasis are added here as heard or assumed by his inflections or the typist's chosing.

As heard from talk : ‘Tribute to C.J. Jung”  
 part of Art Of Psychonanalysis 1-2-3:

 Watts said: 

"I read commentary of Chinese Taoist text re golden flower by Jung – to remind myself that I could not escape from my own western cultural conditioning – a prison that become likes one’s limbs and brain that could be used but are limited in scope. So I have been a comparative philosopher rather than going overboard for exotic impulses. "

"....Call attn to 1 fundamental principle to his work exemplified in Jung:  his recognition of the polarity of life. His resistance to the absurd hypothesis that there is a absolute CONFLICT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL in life.

"That conflict came up with ….that justified the German concentration camps… that Jung too would not subscribe to the Absolute state of war between Good and Evil… obviously, in certain kinds of thinking, where Right or Wrong only is allowed,…. were I in such a situation, where I might have to chose with  …

"I would oppose those sorts of doings with all the ways one is trapped into those [frame-words]…and recognize THE relativity of all notions, like spider and fly fight each other but as a human being I could not see any of my ancestors as being unreasonably evil…. the degree to which you condemn and find evil in others, so you find that evil in yourself…  

"There are people who are Unconscious of their own Dark Side and PROJECT THEIR OWN DARKNESS on to others, in denial of it in themselves…. and do great harm. 

"As with use of atom bomb threats. The most criminal acts of violence are done this way. Jung saw this. That in order to ADMIT and ACCEPT the evil in oneself, one has to do w/o being confused that one is unredeemable

[Watts] ...had a talk with Jung in 1958 and enormously impressed with him – as ‘great man’ by his wisdom and sanctity, so when someone came into his presence did not feel judged but enhanced and invited to share in the conversation he had a  twinkle in his eyes that gave me the impression that he [had a thought of Vendanta in the back of his mind ] that he knew and recognized their rascality In himself and knew it so strongly, clearly and lovingly that he would not condemn the same in others…. 

"but those who do acts of violence and project the devil in themselves on to OTHERS outside themselves ..he could feel anxious under praise w/o being ashamed of feeling that way.. 

"he understood that he could not eliminate guilt feelings but accepted them, he could feel all w/o recriminations against himself or those feelings.

"....humor  at oneself is highest way of communication – vs,  malice at one self…the social ROLE one assumes, as a great scholar, scientist, leader, beautiful lady ..behind that fa├žade there are certain elements not to be condemned nor wailed over but to ACCEPT one of greatest things Jung wrote to group of clergy:

“ even doctors have moral scruples… some things even doctors cannot swallow….no one can bring things about with mere words… if doctor wants to …….???... must never pass judgment….

"...take the opposite position but not condemnation…. to not confuse this with intellectual abstract point of mind but rather a deep RESPECT for any other view or person….  
to see the unseen presence of the divine will, the doctor should not be repelled by sickness and know WE CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING UNLESS WE FIRST ACCEPT IT… 

"it doesn’t mean we don’t pass judgment, but to help another human, can only do it from knowing and understanding ‘the other’… simple but most difficult
requires art of ....[?]      

"acceptance of oneself first, to have the outlook that I ‘love’ my enemy, accept the beggar, and that what I do [as to Christ] I do forgive, accept and if I myself am the enemy to be ‘loved’? what then ?
- - - -- -  -

In another talk called : 
“hidden belief systems” recorded 3 mo before Watts' death: = he answered audience Questions:

"...all species have other species that keep them down, or are eaten as prey, that is the Ying and Yang of it.     

"when you really get into the NOW, you find that you stop judging ..stop evaluating…start noticing what IS present …. listening to all sounds happening     tho there is some embarrassment about anyone coughing or scratching and anger arises but that too is all part of the Present and Sounds present.    

"we can listen to all sounds without judging and can also observe human behaviors w/o judging…if birds chatter outside, we say ”oh it is just birds” so same we can say “oh, those are just people being people”…   

"learn to listen to any and all sounds w/o judgments …as just ‘a thing going on’ cannot  meditate properly unless you can in a broiler factory and busy city traffic and then just ‘dig’ those sounds too…   
"the idea of having a WILL is phony !!!  that willing is saying I am something different and separate from universe…as if I could switch from being this to that state.. you cannot switch
"cosmic consciousnes is discovering what you are and Will are the same… the state of consciousness is not a separate state....

"we divide up universe with separate grid over your experiences, like on a graph, map, longitude and latitude on maps.. how do we get rid of the grid ?   simply by understanding that this IS WHAT WE ARE DOING,   recognize what is happening…when you realize earth is a globe not a plate you remember that and feel the depth in a 2-D pix that has perspective drawn in it…it is not 3-diminsional but how ‘we see it’.

" in Hindu cosmology, where time is discussed, there are 4 Yugas in ea time cycle, if you add up the yrs in which good prevails from those where evil prevails, good is 2/3 of time and evil is 1/3 of time

"there must be some evil to give spice to the good but there must be an overage of good for the game to be played at all, but it is not ½ and ½ because that does not work, would be static.    Universe has flip-flop-ability, it has a certain imbalance, so earth does not revolve w/o sun but is elliptical and not circular…."


What is the KPFK culture and who is "racist"?

{Technical glitches cannot be corrected for blog  of March 4, so here it is updated. An Addendum has also been added.   see ****}

KPFK continues to be relevant - when the radio station we sponsor and pay for provides educational or diverse entertainment - that is respectful and informative. Instead of slanting into one-sided views and inviting prejudiced programmers to represent KPFK on-air.

Some claim that each media site has it's own 'culture' and viewpoints and cannot be as unbiased nor Fair - even as they like to claim so, repeatedly.   

The unstated alliances, even when claimed as  'not commercial', are barely different than what others business do daily - while at Pacifica stations such trades/ transactions are claimed  as only being "non-commercial" while their actions are different than the claims...    so to define what these people who represent Our KPFK do in the name of being wholly-unpaid-by-ordinary-businesses and promoters is questionable. 

They pretend to be  not-commercial - but that would then be to not do any trades, or any $$ transactions in or out - such as not buy merchandise and re-sell them as "premiums".  

When putting on KPFK-sponsored external event - from which some money is paid for tickets or gotten from ticket sales - is also akin to be a commercial activity, as it would be if sponsored by any other business. 

"Non-profit" does not mean "non-commercial", regardless of such repeated false advertising done on air there. It seems to be another one of those "how you interpret words" games.

Alliances and trades are still often apparent when the representatives of Our Radio Station say do not accept "sponsors"  - those who pay 'funds' for short-words-that -identifies-the-funder announcements.   But these same KPFK representatives also  do frequently announce their related products & events  - done by guests and programmers. Which then is often sounding much more like promotional programs than 'just for education and information' purposes.  

Though those are the identified
Mission purposes of the business of this radio.

Alliances could be honestly called " fair and unbiased" - but only if the organization then does not chose to continually promote it's main one- version of what some staff there prefer - as in a chosen political view and slant, or in siding with a special political-office-seeker, and in presenting constricted 'news' and 'views' of their preference instead of more  varied sides than their chosen-  emphasizing - putting out their preferences over any others. 

In other words, there are such distinct sidings and slantings and prejudices and discrediting of all others that no one doubts that the 'educational' aspect has turned into promotional and political acting. 

                         ((((- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ))))

So looking at what is "culture"  ? And is how that concept is often a word misused or slung around like a bag of coal or sticks:

culture- as defined: Merriam Webster Dictionary:  =     "enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training 

b :  acquaintance with and taste in fine arts, humanities, and broad aspects of science as distinguished from vocational and technical skills

"a :  the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations 

"b :  the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also :  the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time = examples: <popular culture> ,<southern culture>
"c :  the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization 

"d :  the set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic "             

.... vs. the slang & common personal-shifting versions of how this word  "culture" is often used.

                          ((((- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ))))

Then another word  relevant to how KPFK is growing and declaiming everyone 'else'  - but those who do the accusing and attacking people with inflammatory words - is: saying 'They are "racists !" said on-air both directly, and in many variations, indirectly.

“racism" [also defined at Merriam Webster Dictionary]   =  


"poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race "


"the belief that some races of people are better than others.”

This definition does not limit 'racism'  - and it's racists - as only being of one skin or hair color or shade, or of a particular culture nor ethnicity.  It is most often and very often used at KPFK as a negative, offensive definition of those who are lighter-toned in skin coloring, or assumed to be "white". But not those darker, most often those calling themselves "black" or "people of color". Against all those labeled "rich" comparatively. Against anyone competing for the on-air-access and cash too.   [see  ****addendum below about what words have been lately labeled as "racists" by KPFK programmers / staff that can only be written or uttered by some, but not by all. "

The Decider of Who is being How, or What -- is then the same one claiming to BE The Authority -  even while often using that created elevated-status to Define everyone :  as in, "I Know !".   To thus always also be "Right !"   Then they often use the popular  "r" word to attack and blame them-'others'. 

So now the accuser has validated their own claims - with that accusation  they made :  of being "discriminated against"  & also being "unfairly" being made thus a "victim ".  Blamed then it is because of those "racists". And this is often even set-up to stage future Righteous revenge acts.

'Racists' are commonly understood to be "bad".  And those who claim to Know just who Is and who is Not so -  to then use that description for their own benefits. But it is rarely clear who are 'Racists' and who are Not so.  Or Less so.     

Or who it is and when does anyone have any Authority to so define, for everyone else, and to make claims over others. 

Media gives voice to anyone who claims themselves as authority or claims who is victim and who is not, as if 'reporting' or presenting any radio program affirms that expertise, to define, not just describe 1 anecdote, 1 story, 1 place in 1 time, etc. This is also noted in all the usual emphases using common attention-grabbing icons   i.e. babies,  women's nude & sexualized bodies,  and cute animals, or bloody violence. These all  regular themes to easily capture attention and create headlines.  

Race is not in itself a headline-catcher unless there is an accusation of 'racism' or someone being a 'racist'. Recently there has been more 'news' and protests about this topic, which has made the accusation more prominent and malicious as well.

So the common-stories-told about racism may involve more than what is the overlaid storyline or videoed protests also. 

There are those who loudly claim that all "others" only are the Racists -  while they then neglect and ignore their own biases and beliefs. They also do contain those - conveniently unstated, but still secretly held and implied - conveniently selected beliefs and assumptions. But the claim is that it is not they who have some 'racism' or such thoughts and behaviors, no,no... it is only 'others' who do so.

So  can any group claim to lay the 'bad'-racial accusation and slur on to any other group  ? Or only select groups ? - And do those who claim others are 'racist' also immediately assume that this does not include them ? Never ? Ever ?   Even for benefits and status-reaching ? Is this never possible to admit ?  Why ?

Even when skin or hair shadings are not clearly in one or an-'other' group bound, nor are they full indications from which race or ethnic/ nationality that accuser has emerged. Many of obvious mixed-races-tribes can claim to be 'white' enough. 'indian' enough, 'asian' enough, 'black enough. As they chose.  So, who is what and from whom and where is not always so easy to see,  nor to define, even with a polite inquiry.  

Many Prefer to Self-Identify with one race or group, and deny any heritages of other ones perhaps visible. Probably for some good reasons - but not all truthfully nor fully revealed. By choice. 

Anyone's heritage --the one[s] that each person uniquely carries in their body, in their genes, in their blood and in some body-history is not always known, nor openly admitted either.  What each one appears to be may be very different or 'other' than what is claimed or chosen as one's race or grouping. Conveniently so.  Why not chose to label oneself as preferred, and not be 'seen' as  more they may contain - being of more groups within that beautiful body ?

**** Addendum added: 

 Noted in national magazine for all races and classes "The New Yorker" recently included words uttered by those non-white-Academy not-Awarded who cleverly & comically worded their own  Black Awards : [some is quoted here]  =

"There were 13 categories and nominees ...Contenders for Best Helpful White Person ... accepted the award, a golden statue of a pimp "on behalf of all white people."...   .Five Reparation Awards were given, for being "just black enough to still be castable,...  a highlight reel of menacing film villains, Best Bad Muh Fucks cut out ,...[ a person] presenting the award, threw up his hands:   "Man,this is ghetto as hell."...."     

Why are these are words only allowed  to some people and  to any others these are immediately used as search-lit bombs to then attack any-others of a different color, culture, class, race or group ?

Who is the intimidating authority who sets up what can be said and when and where ? 

Why is it 'racially correct' to limit speech to only 'one's own similars in one's own group ?  

How isolating and separating are groups  now more-and-more demanding to give privileges and word-allowances to only 'their own'  "  And only laugh at some but not the others' sarcastic 'jokes' ? How lopsided and biased and selectively elitist have we become, as also heard by commentators on KPFK various times.      [end of addendum] 

                               ((((- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ))))

the dead include an unbiased, un-racist, and honest radio station in L.A. including KPFK.
gone. done. maybe never was but is not so  now. sadly remembered as being better. gone

  ((((- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ))))

Then there is a surprising announcement heard on the radio.... no, not on KPFK but on NPR, National Public Radio -- the radio  stations that KPFK staff & programmers continue to compare  badly - in order to claim KPFK's superiority [said it is because NPR accepts 'sponsorships' from 'commercial' organizations and businesses.]   But here is a good story, to be heard from the NPR website or read in their text:

“government lies !”  was brazenly admitted by Congressman Issa , a Republican from CA.

see:  for story. 

"David Greene talks to Rep. Darrell Issa about his perspective on encryption...."

And so there is a surprise !   To assume that kind of blurting comes out directly to an NPR liberal / progressive 'reporter -- the one who is obviously trying to insist & pressure the government-man to agree with the FBI version -- instead  of stating his own knowledge or opinion.  

It was about the iPhone being interfered and asked for encryption ulocking -- which is equivalent to being sold-out to FBI intrusions -  now, and for more future requests. Apparently unstated is that there have been at least '17 requests' by FBI for iPhone breaking codes before now.

This is a surprising and good story = refreshingly honest, for a change.

A government official is being more unbiased and direct than the media reporter -  who thinks he is merely questioning  - but is instead of pressuring,  with own biased demands - for the answer He Wants to hear!  

And if such gems are heard on those nearby NPR radio stations  - tho called disreputable by KPFK staffers - then they at NPR instead - are presenting something to be lauded and applauded !  

Or did any news person on KPFK do a similar interview with this US Government Congressman ? [ who is a Republican - since that is often considered the enemy at

Doubt anyone at liberal-progressive-radical Left media would do so? Of course not. Biases are unstated but heard.

(c) 2016    btt 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pacifica has bylaws & amendments but how to find relevant info?

Searching for a specific on the Pacifica website -  that is the organization that is the 'mother ship' or umbrella that presides over those 5 other radio stations - and controls them via the PNB. So in searching to find: 

what do the Pacifica By Laws require  or state about fundraising ?? - can corporate sponsorship be used? 

or are there limitations of where and how funds can be obtained for radio station use ? 

who and how is it to set the goals of a 'fund Drive' and how long such 'pledge Drives' last ? 

[which also often 'Drive' listeners away to listen elsewhere instead]

Then,  only this was found: about the Local Station Board [LSB] who apparently does not create or determine the Budgets nor set the fund drive 'goals'.  

[quoted here as found]

"A. To review and approve that station's budget and make quarterly reports to the Foundation's Board of Directors regarding the station's budget, actual income and expenditures."

But-- the LSB does not make a budget but just 'approves' it..

"To establish and operate for ****educational purposes, ****in such manner that the facilities involved shall be as nearly self-sustaining as possible....."

the "*****"  part  is inserted here for emphasis: 

So:  programming is for the EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES and the bylaws do not say for Political restructuring or revolutionizing,  nor for  political campaigning supportnor for Social-Victim-saving, nor  for any such other similar purposes. Nor continual complaining and blaming chosen selected 'others' either. 

These were not the designated Mission - not the main purpose of Pacifica nor it's 5 stations, but  those are is what is mostly heard on these radio programs . 

then note what is said re "Conflicts of Interests":

"An Interested Person must disclose in writing all material facts related to an actual or potential Conflict of Interest to the Board and/or the members of a committee considering a proposed contract or transaction to which the Conflict of Interest relates..."

It may be assumed that Conflicts of Interest are not limited to only Financial, $$$$ matters - but also to other conflicts where any management or staff has a significant interest, ownership, business trade deal, or other investment - as in any other organization, project, movement, social actions, political party or campaigners.... and more.   

Conflicts of interest to the basic BY LAWS established for Pacifica are not 'called' on, nor enforced because perhaps there are many collusions, or unified interests. Perhaps some with staff or management positions are wanting to maintain  their valuable jobs or status positions within those organizations.  Access to on-air media is valuable.

Who is going to dare to whistle-blow or inform on another when they may be similarly called out on their own alliances ....those that conflict or diverge ??

Who will report what is denied in bylaws as the stated general Principles and Agreed Upon Rules - that all are suppose to work and live - by while participating in any Pacifica...or KPFK...activities. Any. and All.  

Then see:

The PACIFICA Foundation WEBPAGE is the worst one to do research for information or to find anything, such as all the amendments to their bylaws. 

This one is a page listing amendments with dates but with no notations of topic or subject therein. Thus making it necessary - if anyone would bother or take that much personal time & work to do so - to click on each link to find out what it is about.  Apparently someone did make this list because of even more confusion and lack of indexing before.

Is it possible that any webmaster would think this method or obfuscation is in the service of the organization ? Or that this would create frustration and resentment -or even wonder about why there is only such poor descriptions of the links is listed This method is Not Helpful At All.

If anyone can find better access to the bylaws and amendments that is user-friendly, as not all are willing to search and waste personal time to find the ones of interest. Please note any suggestions or findings in comments here or elsewhere that all KPFK interested donors/listeners can find.  

Notice also that there is NO search box or query site to put in a word to search site for inspection or information. This is a common feature of most organizations' websites. Not here.

Someone has well set up an index for  prior Bylaws but there is no easy index nor search function to find topics, such as which bylaw describes how funds can or cannot be raised to maintain Pacifica radio stations or any other functions ! 


One may well question and wonder why the Pacifica Website is made or maintained so poorly and  meagerly.  Conspiracy Thinking would indicate that the limitations and confusing categories conveniently prevent information from being viewed or read by those who 'just' Donate - Sponsor - Give monies to maintain both Pacifica and/ or it's radio stations.  

The more difficult and abbreviated the categories are to search and find, the more frustrated and faster will any researcher leave the website and give up. Is this why it is so badly set-up? And note that wikipedia has a very antiquated and limited information source and is basically only informative in the most plain, brief and out-of-date way.

Then notice that  there is a prominent "donate" box that continually obliterates part of the page  one wants to read - creating even less readability - as it flickers & moves in front of other words on the site. Even though some have actually written to ask that this obstruction be corrected by contacting Pacifica at it's website - more than once, no one replied nor fixed this obtrusive feature.  

So nothing improves nor changes, indicating that this interference may be purposeful, and the webmaster/site owners are dismissive of suggestions and complaints. The interfering box continues to obstruct and distract instead.

Who would want to donate to such a poorly run organization that can't even present a website that is organized, useful, user-friendly and does not demand reader must "donate" with that demand & obstructing home page

Can they not even create and maintain a helpful, informative, simple website, like any school student knows how to do ? 
Or, is no one 'home' there ?

Even someone's caring posting of a deceased "Mary Berg" is found on website,  without a date or year attached to the posting. Was it how many years ago or recently ? Who knows?   And why dont they bother to tell us ? 

Yes, it is easier to complain than to Fix what is not-good-enough  - especially for a high-priced umbrella to 5 radio stations that spend millions per year to operate. Does all the money only go to their PNB board meetings and phone lines? Or where ?

KPFK requests $600,000 or more in fund drives 2-3-4x/ year alone, as it's 'goal' for basic maintenance. Or so the management there indicates. That is a lot of cash for being part of Pacifica, which each station pays to maintain, yearly.
And who sets up goals and who creates their budgets and pays for lawsuits and arbitrations [KPFK has and had both]?

So again, searching for a specific: 

" what do the Pacifica By Laws require about their fundraising ??"

That information  was not found. And no one has ever answered emails previously sent to their website.

Maybe the best or most practical response is to NOT CARE ANY MORE IF PACIFICA AND KPFK OR OTHER STATIONS die off, decay, fall apart or go into bankruptcy -- and maybe  be stolen by those who have already set up a plan to take over KPFA, or even KPFK, or maybe other stations that fail financially. 

Maybe giving up now is the smarter plan ? Easy to do. But
hope for improvement or someone reading, listening, caring
about those who have for decades provided funding and wanted to keep that version of 'educational' radio, varied but not limited nor slanted radio programs on the air.  

When is time ? to totally separate and give up that long term investment that has gone downhill ?   now ?  when ? 

(c) rr