Friday, June 26, 2015

More on PACIFICA FORUM in LA june 2015

An overview of what was observed, noted and of concern: 

KPFK’s LA Public members :       Many KPFK Volunteers also arrived to these meetings,  as ‘public members’ to the PNB [Pacifica National Board]meeting in LA, with most wanting to speak aloud to all present,  their Public Comments  allowed for 2 min each – allowed  2x/ each day for each signed-up speaker. The rest of the time, this sidelined group had to sit totally separately and isolated from the action, while in back -  behind the horse-shoe seating of the 20 official members who spoke only to Each Other.

KFPK staffers and programmers:       Many  also came only to speak and then quickly leave, giving no acknowledgement to the volunteers also present, as usual.  Many loudly and in their  upset complained about the new Gen’l Mgr foisted upon them without notice or input.  Their unhappiness at being forced to be controlled by a person they did not appreciate or have input in choosing seemed to leave their powerlessness and distress audible.

PNB exclusiveness :     The PNBers clearly were trying to avoid seeing, speaking or acknowledging the misc. “others” riff-raff  who had no fancy standing but crowded in back of room. Even when a break opened up interactive possibilities, it was sadly noticeable that that the PNBers did not act friendly nor socialize or smile at those ‘others’ of lower standing. Latinos ate only with one another, and special affinity groups excluded any ‘other’ ones there.

This done while each was  surely denying that ‘elitism’ exists in such a free-dom-sharing organization,  yet the voting individuals acted aloofly and separately. Perhaps PNB members maybe assuming they needed to defend themselves from the messy masses seated in the back  1/5 of the room space.

Spanish-only-More-air-time:     The motion to add an Extra 5 hrs/ week for all-spanish-speaking-only programming was passed with ease and hardly anyone dared object to this ethnic-minority demand – especially with their 6+ Spanish support group used Public Comment time for speaking- taking their 2min in vehement Spanish, then taking extra time 2 min not granted to English-speakers for the  needed translation. 

     Using strong words, making extra programming  demands, and even with claims of discrimination -  as well as giving excuses for why all Spanish programming on air now does Not financially match or meet their on-air-time use.    

    Every KPFK LSB meeting has a Latino or 4 demanding more time for Spanish-only on-air time, regardless of their continual inability to help $$upport the  the station to survive its debts and monetary obligations. But then, more time taken from other programs was given anyhow, money problems being  ignored at this time.

PNB unnamed :     The ‘others’ had no idea of who the PNB unpaid staff present were and while flimsy name cards were in front of most, no allowance to walk behind the seated members to note who was whom from where. Mention was made of this ignoring the Public’s need to know, who were present and who voted for what, then a list of PNB members was finally distributed, but only after an angry request was delivered to surprised PNB group.

Exe Director :      A positive surprise was to meet – even from afar – the newly selected [by outgoing iED] Executive Director – John Proffit – who had one of his major duties slipped out from under him a few days before arriving at his office to select or even interview a new KPFK General Manager. Such trickery was not mentioned at this meeting but his presence provided some reassurance that someone with a more professional demeanor and expertise in Radio Station Management  [30 years ] was now one of Us.

Control over meeting of argumentative members :        The chairs of this PNB group and the secretary were dedicated to keeping some order, and tried to do so repeatedly,  tho it was obviously difficult -  and their call-outs were often ignored while PNBers yelled, argued, and spoke over another ....or forgot what the motion on the table was at that time.  The official members were not timed nor limited in how long they went on...and on.... unless another official one  fiercely disagreed....

        And each often would  repeatedly ‘forget’ to use the required microphone - so everyone in room could hear their personal versions – and because the whole audio was being recorded for on-line archive-listening, for later too. Much of the long, day long, meetings seemed disorganized, disorderly, and inconsiderate of other members and the public too. Each representative seemed to demand their opinion to be given more attention or validity, as happens in Pacifica & station  events.

TIME – not shared fairly, equally :   The Timer person attempted to passively show a hand-made sign with “TIME” showing at the 2 min limit only for Public Comments, not for PNB discussions or arguments or rants , but this was ineffective for most who refused to see or did not bother looking and kept on and on and on....until someone else objected to their unfairly usurping more time than allowed to others. 

         The meek attempts were insufficient and tho requested 3x to have a sound-effect of time-up to alert speakers they had reached their limits and even gone over, this small device-system was not used –and maybe not even wanted.

The  PNB job:            Apparently, tho not mentioned at this meeting, each PNB members is unpaid with $$$, but wields power and has access to the managements of their own stations and to the umbrella organization – which is a big POWER reward & benefit. Each PNB are voted from their own station’s LSB for a set period and thus given this elevated status with accompanying [but never revealed] privileges, plus the work of attending such stressful meetings.

Accountability:         It was not clear how each PNBer is held accountable or responsible for their actions from their station’s staff/public when acting at these meetings or if they act on their own volition and intentions instead of representing the radio station from where  they emerge. 

The usual :     LACK OF TRANSPARENCY of anyone involved in a Pacifica radio station  is always a noticeable issue, i.e. as to who was present, what their agendas or biases were, who they ally with and whom they oppose regularly. 

         As these official members did not address nor act open nor friendly with any of the many Public members present, even when all were in same rooms at same time. This gave the impression that the distance and separation was not only intentional, but defensive and self-protective so no questions can be asked nor anyone embarrassed.

see for futher information and to see who is on their board, or to contact anyone there.

Their location apparently is in Berkeley tho that is not easily noted. KPFA is also nearby, while KPFT is in Houston, Tx, WBAI in NY, WPFW in Wash.DC and there are other ‘affiliates’ who use  some of these programs too.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

a Pacifica Forum - observations from a sponsor of KPFK

Kpfk-ers  and LSBers and PNB Pacifica people are unusual :

 [as repeatedly observed and perceived and considered in groups  in their congregated meetings such as PNB meeting in LA hosted -- -and paid for our by KPFK station budget ] :

As observed, these folks are  not the ‘normal’ ordinary people as one might meet at a grocery store, park, movie or shopping in any store.

These people are: extreme ! in most many ways --  these folks are : 

+ very ultra-controlling-people, while refusing this label or even any hint they may be so

+ like to dominate while presenting as-if agreeable-only type

+ idealists , wanting to make a ‘better world’ by themselves

+ intolerant of differences in mind and suspicious of others and any other ideas than their own

+ diligent workers and detail conscious

+intense + emotionally reactive- to almost everything presented  !

+ in denial of difference between who they Think they are and how they act

+ smart + know lotsa facts plus gotta be RIGHT all the time or they get mad !

+ loyal to their causes, like any cultists or adherents to any religion are too

+ good with words + clever repartes, quick come-backs, angry-attacks, and watching YOUR words for any malintents they may find outside of their own   

+ rarely smile at each other [tho they may smile at the down-trodden/victims/poorer ones]

+ refuse to laugh or be friendly for the dangers of letting anyone see them other than well defended.

+ exclusive, in-groupy, speaking only to ‘their own’ and not outsiders [unless they are dis-empowered ]

+ of course, these folk want the Best for their own causes/ station [but are also] secretly biased to any ‘under-dog’ & latest Victims available or found anywhere, even animals maybe.....

+ seeking their own ‘holy’ grail-goal = want their own “perfect” world”

+act often in passive-aggressive-anger unless provoked and then Righteous Anger is wildly exhibited

+ like denial-self-pretending they are ‘nice’, ‘courteous’, ‘kind’, and ‘unbiased’ when those qualities are not easily exhibited in their meetings with others of similar ilk [or while pretending to be oh so polite. for moment, till righteous anger wells up, yet again Or shout, scream, yell in wild Angry fits 

+ extremely reactive in many emotional ways, instantly, w/o a breath in between

+ demanding lotsa Attention while pretending it is not demanded, expected, or needed

+  are very Involved, immersed, and  clinging tightly to their ideas, their group, their cohorts, those like them whom they may trust, a bit

+ insist everyone accede  to their demands

+ dedicated to their IDEAS only and having own version, that becomes the Only ONE allowed    in their presence, or arguments ensue

+ intolerant of any other – views, people, politics, ideas - of what is RIGHT  and not theirs

+ assume that  their own is the ONLY Perfect way/world/self

+  secretly identify as victim/hurt/powerless while pretending they are Not needy, hurt, vulnerable too

+ prefer Rescuing and Saving others, to be the more-powerful-giver, helper, do-gooder, in image

+ want to rescue & be savoir to others –anyone who are visibly any out-group

+ are ambitious [but denies to self this strong hidden desire]

+ strong willed + thus stubbornly DEMANDING [while imaging they are only ‘nice’ & ‘just askin’]

+ intend to be Useful to others =those  that look like they recognize themselves inwardly are

+ dedicated own version of How It Must Be – with no alternatives allowed –

+  they Know Right Best

+ intent  to “SAVE out world”, all of it , no matter what else/ harm/ consequences occur too

+ intrusive with others, assuming that priviledge they don’t give equally to any other person

+ interuptive with their righteous ideas and presumptions

+ talkative and fast-talking, debative, argumentative, able to out-talk most ordinary people

+ Have To have the Last WORD – at almost any cost - to another

+  slyly ambitious:    to be best/most /one-downest / helpfulest / usefulest /

+ desire to be IMPORTANT [but not admitted, ever ! ]

+ do-gooder to prove themselves as “good” after all, to prove themselves against parents/ others.

+ want to be recognized [only for qualities they admit and like, none other ]

+ are consistently  Power-Games PLAYER [denied],

+ are  prejudiced only to down-trodden, and against anyone who has anything, or more

+ become self-sabotaging, and suffer but secretly, in these behaviors are difficult and unhealthy as they prevent ‘flow’, or ‘social generosity’ or ‘good social skills with 'acceptability’
+ these folks are not just all the ‘bad’ descriptions above but contain more that they make less visible and only share with the selected trusted few whom they allow. The rest of ‘us’ can just take a hike or a jump or a s....t because these folks do not ever want to “change” or improve and arrogantly think/ hope they don’t have to do anything other than – save/ help poor [other] people. The secret arrogance of pride and avarice are not known or well hidden and not faced or admitted.

so who cares ? who defines anyone else ? who describes another without some recognition ?
who dares confront and call those who are so dedicated to “changing the world and making it better”?

who can describe from mere observation and bit of interaction the behaviors seen in a room of 50+ people for 2x  12-hr days ?

And it was also clear and obvious to anyone who observed the happenings in that room - that the KPFK-LA staff, programmers who came to this PNB forum did not act friendly nor recognize those who were long-time volunteers at the station and did not ‘see’ anyone but their own in-group friends and walk out of meeting after having ‘their say’ at microphone and did not stay to hear the others’ msgs.

That was noticeable that the KPFK official people  could wait for their turn to make a “public comment” – available to everyone present -  to the  PNB --- while  listeners who sat separately in a packed 1/8 of the room were ignored as if ‘furniture there’ to be dismissed as unpowered people crowding the space. 

No friendly smiles, no greetings, no eye contact nor any outreach from those who ‘own’ the KPFK station, or act as if they do because they are staff or hold program on-air access spaces. Strange contortions to avoid making any ‘contact’ with strangers who may be ‘enemies’ or ‘others’   maybe ?

and the PNB folks ? they did not provide a list of names or which stations they had emerged from to be flown by Pacifica funds to this LA meeting for the listener-sponsors here to know who was talking to other PNB – in their separate close horseshoe way,  while the public sat in a rectangle of tight-fitted chairs in ‘back’ of room with some PNB people’s backs. 

One PNB woman from Texas continually acted controlling, parentaly, and reprimanding any public outbursts or any attempts to disagree with PNBers- who were faced elsewhere and  talking only to each other for hours and hours .... with the 10”  allowance of public comments that  were allowed - for as many sponsors [and KPFK staff & programmers there]  as wanted to address all of those in the room – who were mostly PNBers -  and the new Exe Director of Pacifica was the only one who appeared genuinely interested in all being said and acted less emotionally reactive than the exclusive PNB  “members”.  

This same  power-playing woman took it upon herself alone to act as if she was the protector, the definer, the admonisher, the head of the PNB group of which she was a mere member = with her attitude of entitlement that no other PNB seemed to question ! She yelled at a public person, stood in front of another one videoing a PNB speaker, took fotos herself without permission and claiming “but it is a  public...” when asked to refrain.

PNB people argued, discussed, yelled, disputed,  balked, voted, made motions, got attention and tried to dominate the meeting and others in the room, as was possible.   

The Los Angeles people sat and waited and sat and waited and gave a 1 or 2 second public comment to all in room and sat and waited and wondered why . The food provided to all, after PNB were served first, paid for by KPFK, was good and generous.

The location was free and provided by a PNB’s employer generously. Parking was easy and the June 12-15 days full of words, disputes, motions, mismatched intentions, good monitoring by the chair and secretaries and was recorded for eternity on an audio by a real audio-engineer too. But who would want to listen to hours upon many too many hours of voices outshouting the others and overlapping to drown any opinion but their own later or elsewhere ?
 maybe ? someone ?

The energy was fierce and the attendees were excitable. The observations were noted and transcribed here to inform , make transparent and give the view that is under covers and denied by most of those present at this PNB forum, as are other LSB meetings of stations elsewhere similarly run.

Everyone needs to visit and see what happens at these meetings and forums -  and learn  how those who control so much money [ that is raised from fundraisers at each station and some transferred to this Pacifica national board to oversee them] act, behave, believe, and use their power. 

Millions of $$$$ are in danger of being wasted or misspent, even if PNB members are not paid in cash or employees of Pacifica, they have big benefits and lots of POWER they dont admit to controlling and using in any way they chose. Come to an LSB meeting at LA's KPFK and see the similar patterns of similar people who are not different and not nicer either, right in our own home town and whom we give privilege to elect PNB members from here to Pacifica to run all the 5 stations & affiliate radio stations too. 

Come in one time, and see for yourself. 

(c) mj 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

KPFK premiums are BOUGHT by sponsors ? what ?

Business transactions or donations? Are these clever word-plays to hide the realities behind non-transparent financial shenanigans?

The implicit story always was that the merchandisers were providing free of charge contributions of their thingies -
in return for all the on-air-advertising they receive, way beyond whatever their contributions could get anywhere else.

Now it is revealed that 'premiums' are traded in return for money ? that the overpriced gifties for station donation support are also PAID for ?

so the seller of stuff gets lots of free-on-air-&-website promos and then also charges for the stuff ?

The statement above quoted as "Plenty of authors featured during pledge drive donate copies of their books to support the station."

This sounds like what is the only-on-air claim made - so dumbed down donors assume this does happen with merchandising of all the KPFK pretend-'gifts' - which are offered [sold] - and sometimes sent in exchange for $ donations.
[ while many complain of never receiving their gifts after many FU inquiries too]

Bad business for KPFK. Other than Pacifica radio stations do reveal their advertising for what it is, but here stations deny, hide, dissimulate and pretend they are not advertising and promoting selective merchandise - all the while doing just that ?

What is NEVER mentioned anywhere for radio audiences is that the 'premium' merchandisers' promotions, & PR, & advertising & radio programmers' repeated lauding this merchandise and their authors is a big gift to the Merchandisers ! Their gain from this on-air exposure -- the promos are obviously worth much more than whatever the stuff 'donated' [and their donations being tax-deductible too ?] made in EXCHANGE ... for money exchanges to stations. Sounds like a set up,, not clean nor honest after all.

Thus the so-called-'premiums' hawked for money is a financial business-trade, and not a free-will gift - from merchandiser to station and from station to $ donor - but a business sale to and from any station that promotes the stuff = all are just falsified, dissimulated business transactions.

The continual concealment and misrepresentation of who pays for what and at what prices are the stuff exchanged, is a fraudulent if the stuff were not 'sold' but gifted is a big LIE that is never admitted nor addressed, even when such practices have been questioned openly at many LSB meetings.

Until the $ amount owed for 'premiums' aka merchandise-exchanges for station sponsors' donations was acknowledged here, the long-paying sponsors of KPFK had no idea that they were simultaneously PAYING for the stuff thru their donations, instead of all their donations being used to maintain the failing radio station essential costs.

Lack of any transparency and the secretive silence repeatedly hides the money realities played within station finances and their business-dealings ....and has done so, for decades thru to now. So, why would anyone be willing to pay more for being so boringly harangued with continual dissimulated ads and promotions ?

(c) 2015

[this is a repost from a comment found elsewhere- story remains the same though ]