Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Chris Albertson, blogger of WBAI- NY Pacifica's radio station has left us.

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This is to honor and appreciate the man who had a Pacifica blog about our NY radio station WBAI and recently deceased, left his blog with a comment from us as the last one shown there. 


which notes that this discussion site was written from 2012 thru 2019.  There is no indication if his friends will keep this site ongoing or it will remain a dormant website now


This is copy of Chris Albertson's front Home page blog site.  Many articles are written there, some by his friends, and lots of comments are added to each article by Pacifica loyalists from other radio stations nationwide as well.  This site remains a source of opinions, information, and honest criticisms that was intended to save and improve the way WBAI was deteriorating, losing audiences and funding.  If interested, look thru which articles may reveal what else needs to be exposed and remembered ...that continues to diminish the entire Pacifica network of radio  stations as well. Continually and still now. Sadly. 

Only by looking at his Wikipedia bio did we realize that he had died, as there were no clear indications in his last writings there. We do not know or find other information on the search in Google about who has access or may continue his informative blog - that mostly focused on his favorite radio station in NY, but also included bits of info occasionally from other Pacifica stations too.

His last blog post was April 16, 2019, and which copied a comment written by our correspondent, "KPFKcommentator" .

[coincidences all ways surprise us, as connections are revealed thru unusual circumstances - as  was this last posting - done without our knowing it was or had been posted, till it was.]

We are honored to be connected to the only other website we can find -nationally - outside the attached to  each station own promoters/or those programmers' selling their own -

- these 2  blogs, are on-line sites that attempt to Help and Improve our local Pacifica radio station's -for the stations' difficulties, as in :  

mostly lack of transparency, or accountability or any feedback to their stakeholders/ donors.  The closed-dark-halls-incommunicado of 5 Pacifica stations = except what is audible on-air [ only 1 way out, nothing 'in' allowed - apparently ]. 

See prior posts here about attempts to communicate with KPFK staff - 
 and no replies, no acknowledgements, no nutin responding back. 

Same happens elsewhere at Pacifica stations, which then creates needs for blogs and comments to be the only way to expose and communicate with donors' '  local "non-profited" / community radio station'. 

Admittedly, a closed Yahoo group for Pacifica interested [must be selected to be let-in to write to group] writers barely provides any information since a few usurpers use the site to email-each-other or divert from any Pacifica issues to their own personal interests and in-fighting, so that site is useless to provide or to obtain actual, factual information regarding the radio stations. Sadly so. 


                          - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - 

                           Chris Albertson 2006.JPG  
                          Wikipedia's pix - from "2006"

"Christiern Gunnar Albertson (October 18, 1931 – April 24, 2019) was a New York City-based jazz journalist, writer and record producer"    

                       - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - 

 see more at: 

some pertinent exerpted quotes from above website are here : 

" ...In the mid-sixties...[he worked at] Pacifica Radio's NY station WBAI, where he eventually became General Manager....." 

Surprisingly, Wikipedia did not mention his blogsite =  


at all, tho it is apparent that he was dedicated to putting work, effort and attention there, being concerned about the management and future of WBAI .

This is the Pacifica network radio station in trouble due to debts incurred that has indebted all 5 stations nationwide. He continually criticized and exposed the mis-doings at his local radio station, with careful attention to the goings on there. 

More articles  about him are of course listed on search engines, as in :

as Chris Albertson's fame centered maybe more on his works in jazz and on 
his "Bessie Smith biography by Chris Albertson" book. 

 There is a NYT article  about his death and his works, and also another site also has information brief :


The jazz focused site above noted : "His landmark achievements were a reissue of her complete recordings and the definitive biography of her life."   +  "Bessie, published in 1972 and revised in 2003, set out to dispel the many myths about her, some of which that had been intentionally spread by John Hammond. It is considered one of the best jazz biographies of its kind."


Remembering that Wikipedia is not all factual, actual or inclusive, because of their dominators  - who are not official  'monitors' either - but who continually insistingly  to include only what the chose [see other problems at Wikipedia of serious censorship[s], misuses for promotions.

And even KPFK broadcasters who have a page listing ONLY their work promoting themselves with no biographical, personal or other info included - thus being promo pieces... still Wikipedia does provide some references to be researched and some info briefly noted therein. 

tricky plays like the title "PACIFICA news" in search links to KPFA, only 1 of 5 stations, misleading the researcher by work links ? huh ? why is this ? 

Nor is Chris's blog site:  WBAI-nowthen mentioned in Wikipedia under Pacifica Foundation either. Obviously it is unimportant or unwanted.  


Checking further on Pacifica's page too  - to see if Chris Albertson is listed there?  =  Not. 

No mention of Chris Albertson at all  there . Wonder why ? Because he is unimportant or was 'reverted'-deleted if written in some time ?  There is mention of 2006 Greg Guma... and 1991  Sawaya....2009 Grace Aaron....but 60's was so long ago, who cares about the WBAI station back then ?


or what was included in WBAI's Wikipedia information or what eliminated, neglected about Chris?


Yes, there is just 1 mention, or admission that Chris Albertson existed and was connected, concerned, and continually involved....  even tho Chris  continued to write,  to contact, criticize, listen and donate to WBAI. 

At end of article is a list of "notable alumni" and Chris's name IS there !. wow. as a link to his own Wikipedia page [see above]. 

Even tho  WBAI is noted to have " First air date  January 8, 1960 (59 years ago)" there

and "WBAI played a major role in the evolution and development of the counterculture of the 1960s and early 1970s.[7]" .  

And lots of other achievements of the counter-culture of 60's is described in this article, no mention of Chris or other General Managers are given any credit or mentioned either. 

Only celebrities, now even more famous than then, are applauded there. 


 We here do honor the work Chris Albertson has done, not just what gives him fame and creds on line, but more so on his dedication to continuing making efforts and attempts to improve a PACIFICA radio station - 

....and always noting what is killing off the media-radio-station - WBAI - the one that he dedicated himself to for so many years. 
No R.I.P. cliches needed. 

No faked sentiments to a man we never met  - except in on-line-words we and he communicated. 

No pandering applause - to get-in and pretend to be 'best friends' or to be attached to a person who has achieved more than we have. 

No false pretenses to be close to the NY blogger we read often  - 
and  where we too used his space used to tell our own views about KPFK,
not WBAI -  tho that was his place of loyalty, while ours was across country in LA instead.  

Just a simple Thank you, Chris :   

for remaining loyal and dedicated to the ideals of the radio station that claims to be as honorable as you apparently were and continued to be. And thanks for noticing our agreements, on just those 8 days before you left us behind. 

                                     Thank  you, Chris. _______________

 (c)  mjj 2019


Friday, May 31, 2019

KPFK just spent 31 days selling us mdse while pretending to be not-for-profits but being commercially promoting stuff... huh ?

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Has anyone noticed that if  Our Radio Station's - KPFK - radio broadcasts are 'turned on'  all one  has heard during 31 days of May 2019 are the proliferation of repeated sales messages = that continue 24/7  - hrs/days ?  

Those desperate and dreary fear-mongering messages come with  the urge plea to send in More More  More Money, Subscriptions, Donations, Pledges, and Cash - credit cards will be accepted immediately !

[find the link of your choice of how to order items/services that cost 3-4X any ordinary price, even on the sellers' own website or elsewhere too ]  Here are just a few listed:


All those  on-air 'pitches', are  really :   
advertising promotions, 
sales manipulations, 
guests selling their own products and services
maybe even a few testimonials thrown in - for better selling effects

and the program host continually admiring their guests & stuff sold. 
This is clear and obviously  SELLING stuff, and  with  repeated exaggerated claims of 'amazing !!!' and "fabulous"...  This is "The greatest "and "no where else can you buy this"...

Plus ....more exhortations, exclamations, & enthusiastic, breathless SALES pitches of their having, promoting, publicizing  : "The Best, The Most, The Greatest...."  Yes !!!! And all  & any other verbal superlatives -

but - [NONE to be factually believed, but researched further at least and not be lured into BUYING whatever is said 'to support KPFK' at any price advertised.  

Notice ? There is No honest mention is made if the merchandise/ services are partially paid for with the high-price asked for or if the PROMOTION & PUBLICITY & visibility [audio-bility] is of more value than the stuff being traded as a "premium". 

No mention, of course, is made if those products/services are also given as 'samples' or gifts to the staff at the station, or their cronies, LSB members, or valued friends. Are they ever ?    

Like maybe, as has been stated elsewhere, there is a distribution of FREE hand outs - like theater tickets, travel trips, movie tickets, all kinds of health-healing services, lectures, and events. 

Plus products given to staff or management, of course ! But never admitted. 

That is 'regular ' business practices, and KPFK is not different than any other business, tho the claims of purity and honesty because of their 'non-profit' legal corporate status makes that  implication - as it is said repeatedly, and purposely. 

 ...but, yet, we hear same repeat 'audio clip' over and over on-air.   As those "gifts"  -also called "premiums"  -are just a generous return on the $$$$$ donations sent in to the station. Not as a fair trade or exchange. But just as an 'extra thank you "gift" for you ' - What a LIE !

Some of these purchases are recordings [ some saved from the prior month-long - too long  - so called:  'fund drives'].   Repeated same 'premiums' from where everyone [with a free on-air access but claimed  to be 'volunteer'  programs]  is  forced to do their  share of getting money in - to 'save and maintain the radio station ....

oh, and also not stated any more but still legally indebted and paying up = $$$$ to pay the WBAI - NY Pacifica - catastrophe = of  their manager not paying rent when due. And then Pacifica being sued, losing in court,  and all their 5 radio stations nationwide continue  paying up the $$$Millions due - plus interest, attorney & court fees, et al.  

Interestingly, if the Spanish time period every weekday evening were able to elicit any donor funds of value, they would be pleading in Spanish. But are not ?  Instead  we hear repeated commercials, infomercials of the same-old-same-old staff gushing enthusiastically -  with  false claims for magical medical cures and instant healings. 

Do : Listen in ! Hear any of these infomercials during all fund drives. Ever ask why ? Maybe it would be worth to =  Call the station and ask why this block of Spanish-language programs [ or are they the only ones ?] are exempt from getting-money-in duties . 

                                    818 - 985 - 2711        weekdays 9am - 5 pm 

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Interesting to learn that the Program Director  has duties related to "premiums" :
as in Aug 2018's notice at :


:  "   *Participates in the development of strategies and plans for on-air fundraising, in collaboration with staff.

      * Participates in the evaluation and approval of all premiums offered by the station.
      * Meets with donors as needed."

[note that the current KPFK website lists same PD that has been 'intermittent' there for many years, and no new names are listed nor information about hiring process or it's development to find a new PD] 


"Interim Program Director
Alan Minsky
Ext 202
On-air programming and content"


There are also other sites provide their own views, not so different than ours. If of interest, listed here for your convenience:

                                  "last modified on 24 November 2018"


                              and KPFK finances also written about on a PDF here:

                    Audit of CPB Grants Awarded to Pacifica Foundation Radio Stations ...

......deduct the costs of high-value premiums from membership revenue for all five stations; ..... KPFK...   TOTAL. Schedule A, Source of Income: 2.....

                                                      another informative opinion here:


EVERYONE   must be exhausted, relieved that another of those strenuous, continuous sales sessions  are over for..... only a short while.    But a breather before another 1/4 of each year + extra days and events and special needs returns to turn many donors and stakeholders away. Having given,a nd given and given and given more already...

which  means those who have been LOYAL and GENEROUS already - cannot, do not - continue:

in the same addictive, habitual Game of "rescue us ! save us ! Give us money!" for on-air extended periods  - and with someone assuming that there is no-end to it's members', listeners' tolerance  - for this exploitative style of pretense ... that this is a 'fair trade' or exchange.  

And that the infomercials, commercials, sales stories are not [free or exchanged ] advertising and promotions and publicity, not for KPFK, but for the 'premium' sellers instead.  


                                           Image result for money trading hands - google images credited 

Those ARE :  [ tho un-admitted ] Promotions,  Publicity, Sampling presentations, & Infomercials. Yes. Also too much gushing admirations  are expressed as if genuine and authentic. Selling is being  done - over what is being advertised on KPFK's 'non-profit-ted'  and The American People's Airwaves.

This finally must be changed into a different business model. Claiming an antiquated to those times ideals - the 1959 'mission'  is used as the excuse  - to be stuck in only 1 mode of maintaining KPFK on air is not working well.....

but it is the only one in which the management & staff are pretending they 'can do' and thus they assume they are not ACCOUNTABLE - for what they continue to use - over and over - and fail to improve.

(C)   BTT   2019

Monday, May 27, 2019

No one at their Home at KPFK ? 2 mo, 3 mails, no acknowledged response to Members ? huh?

If another interested KPFK affiliated-interested person wishes to add a comment, plse do.
But only if it is NOT SPAM, nor an ADVERTISEMENT disguised as a comment, nor ANY DISCOURTEOUS OR MANIPULATIVE USE of this site. 
All, any of those comments will be Instantly deleted and reported to the Google parent of blogspot for further investigation.

The dismaying difference between the on-air-radio presentation of what KPFK mis-represents to be as a member non-profit-member-paid 'good' organization...but when there are any attempts to contact some staff there, there is no sound at all replying.

What is wrong ? Follow up emails are sent and still, nothing comes back to indicate that "anyone there is Home" !

Strangely, the  KPFK website lists only 1 email contacts for staff - from Donors, Stake-holders, Members - those same people that are continually pressured and coerced to send in More Money!
with month-long 'fund raiser periods'.


Yes, at least 3x a year these month long dreary pleas for more of others' hard-earned dollars and then in between short spurts of same begging and fake-exaggerations of 'premiums' being SOLD =

 [tho claimed it is a 'gift' but if paid for with extra cash compared to the value of any such stuff, that is a for-sale-merchandise ] well as very obviously being a big promotion for the person / company/ lecturer/ author/  or whomever 'provides' that premium - that gets 'advertised' repeatedly - often sold in more than 1 'fund drive' too.

To deny what is publicity, promotion, excessively enthusiastically claimed as soooooo  good, superior, special, unavailable [tho they are available at providers' website or even Amazon ]
is to LIE to members just to get money from them.    Sad.

Then, of course, the claims are "we have to do this, only this way" as if there were no better and  improved ways to solicit money from KPFK listeners.

Strangely, it is not only the premiums that are extreme exaggerated positively described, but the station's program is  as well, and  as its claimed  'integrity' also.

Clearly- things are  Not as claimed. No innovative ways to pay for KPFK's sustaining while losing audience numbers in Nielsen's count ?

Compared to other FM radio stations who apparently do raise funds from their listeners in a 1 week time period ?

What is going on ?


No replies, responses are ever received when attempting to communicate with Our Radio Station.

The KPFK website lists only 2 email addresses, with no names attached and there is no replies ever received from either one of these - check this with the website under Staff and contacts section:

                          ''     and       ''

The 1st  comments is listed under the General Manager's name, and the 'pd' is listed under the Program Director's name.  Neither are working - the emails, for surely the staff must be present at station and working.

Tho listener-members have taken time to write their sincere concerns or questions and then even written 3x follow-ups asking if email was received, no answer at all. Silent denial. Or are the donors and stake-holders of KPFK   [ =paid up members ] are being ignored?

the usual excuse is that there is 'no time' to do all the work or respond. huh ? how could that be?/
There are many long loyal volunteers who could be trusted to at least filter and select out or to write 10 words to 'reply' and indicate someone inside cares about 'communications'. As claimed.

i.e. when money is wanted and when services are needed, by - for the radio station's staff.

The more relevant emails, questions, suggestions can be summarized to then get some response that can be provided to the interested and activist members.

This is not a new problem, as this has been reported, complained to GM while inside station volunteering many years ago as well. Nothing happens. The INSULAR and, ISOLATED,  =
secretive and unresponsive attitudes continues to date.

Below is just 1 example - 1 email' recently provided to use to expose here. The writer asked to not be named, as they are concerned about some retaliation from those enabling this dis-functioning staff at "their radio station" .

Also, if any member calls the front desk receptionist at station [ 818 985 2711 ] and leaves a short verbal msg - written on those 1/8 page message papers - that also gets no better response, never has,
ever before either.

If any stake-holder calls to leave a voice mail at any extension  stated in recording, nothing more  happens.

It has been heard that the receptionists carefully complain back, when asked, because they are scapegoated later - by those callers who have become angry  and unhappy - at being so obviously  ignored, rejected,  and denied any access to  rest of the staff.

Callers who feel frustrated and helpless to access any of the paid staff at KPFK  then may vent on any person they might reach  - which is only the front desk receptionist, again.
At " ext. 0" of business phone #.

                                                   Image result for telephone imagesgoogle images - Shutterstock credited. 

[quote edited only to excise names or for clarity ]


Dear Zuberi,               [ the general manager who is listed next to 'comments' email address]

repeat: glad to be finding a new program of interest lately,
[as most are stuck in mud at station repeating sameoldsameold ]

Stephani Miller, so we checked on line for her qualifications.  We found her at above link  -
that did not state if she was also [ at same time] doing a show on KFI ?

We also looked at her own website and KPFK was not even listed there. 


Is it OK to do multiple shows in various places and that not be revealed, admitted ? It so  appears..... this pgm host is doing a KPFK show - or are they different places/ broadcasts on different topics, different guests ? Or are they repeated same shows in 2 or more places ?

Is that legit ? Especially if not admitted, stated anywhere ?

Instead of writing her directly and being ignored, it might be helpful for whomever does the TECHNICAL work and insures that  the KPFK programs are audible, intelligible and listen-able,
is not noticing how difficult it is, regularly, to hear whatever she has to say. Often impossible.
Has anyone noticed how rapidly she  & guests speak  ? so that = it would require listeners' intense solo attention to be able to catch what is being said....or make sense of quick mutterings with sounds not words intruding to non-formed-full sentences mostly, [as heard on air].

Do listen from outside station = to find how often she & guests Over-talk each other so what is said,and laughed at, cannot be heard by on-air donors/stakeholders ... so most is not-intelligible, while the in-station crew seem to be having a good time- but only amongst themselves.

Listeners mostly cannot.
Did anyone else notice ?   The continual nervous sounds that might be 'giggling' or attempts to elicit listeners' smiles is not working, at all.
If anyone outside is listening to KPFK pgms - while DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE BUT ONLY SOLID LISTENING time -    as in : doing no other tasks, or driving, or working, or even menial tasks that take minimal attn, maybe then  ?

Maybe then, parts of the garbled hour can be understood. maybe.

Only then can the rapid-fired talk & inter-talk + interruptions + attempts at laughter = 
when maybe discussing  pertinent-to-current-events -those that seem of interest if only they could be HEARD CLEARLY, is lost on 'the rest of us ' listening to KPFK.
Then, maybe, we could receive information / data / revelations - to then be better informed and become thought-full, active, & responsive about those topics, after listening.. . but not. now. 
But remember, most of us cannot just do nothing else but listen to radio for any period of time. duh...

Maybe those who are 'in'  or inside studio/ station just don't realize the effect on LISTENERS  ? members who are anywhere & or of any kind = all those who WANT TO HEAR what is said...

Or else  our option is  :                         
that we then immediately turn to Another Station for rest of the day -
 after having that bad experience of trying and failing to 'get' what seems to be offered for us.
Of course, we are assuming that , if no one there cares how it sounds to us, then why do we strain and try to catch the gobbled words and un-share-able laughter  + as all that seems unattached to anything thus heard. tid-bits of words, but no full sentences, or maybe these are not even uttered ?

Those at KPFK who do programs: as this particular one- have a host & guests who are quick, 'manic,' are  "in the room"'  - and thus also visually seeing & connecting with each other - there... can it be that they may not be aware of the effect when that banter is 'on air' ?

If these concerns are of no interest to you or Stephani, then the email writer and we are again, making good efforts, wasting our time, work, efforts and good-intentions  - to communicate.

[  But if, you & others there, are assuming that  this is a complaint from '1 individual only',
vs. it being feedback from 1 person, representing many others too, = is  the 1  who does the work+ gives the time provided freely + makes  the effort + takes the trouble to INFORM YOU -
and is Requesting Improvements  - yet,  is irrelevant.  ]
Or if anyone at KPFK station realizes that this is just ' 1 is Representative of 100 + 246 others " too - writing for those who don't bother + who easily just turn away + and those don't donate or care enough to write you

[or even  those who wont make efforts it takes to even search out to find even where to write you !] -then all is already lost. Finished.

As  noted: KPFK - is reported to have continually lowered audiences, as us, the donors have already noticed... in the few stats made visible on line. Then if there is only a 1-way communication allowed to insulate and separate out anyone 'outside' the dark halls/rooms there, there is danger.

We are only "spoken to" = words, sounds, go 1 way out,  but no way in -
thus we can have no discussion or answers to questions or suggestions -
a closed loop at station - nothing else available from 'in' there. 
While all other radio stations at least have automated replies, provide a a 'ticket #" indicating the email is being appropriately forwarded to correct person-dept. 

And when phone-called, someone at other radio stations are customer-friendly and courteously responsive, as a matter of 'good business practices' of course.

To claim KPFK cannot afford better that avoidance of feedback or questions or suggestions :
is to deny that many volunteers often have for years before worked the front-desk-phones -
for free and done it well.

PLEASE REPLY to this email.
Or get an assistant who can answer this in your name and with your input too...
even if short and courteous, some communication 2-ways is necessary to keep us connected.
Only then there can be honest communications happening.  So instead of avoiding  us, your donors, respect us too. Since otherwise, we may only be able to resort instead of  doing further , elsewhere, more writing  - if your distancing and hiding away gives us even more concerns & complaints.

Donors, stakeholders  are stuck =being only outside KPFK -  except for paying for it.

We have concerns about the station-staff's : lack of responsibility,
 + lack of accountability and response-ability
[as has already been long noted, & written about, for yrs before now, too ].

The LSB members who do not 'represent' anyone but their few cronies, are not responsive, not listed on KPFK's website to be contacted and do not answer members' attempts to contact if found.

Never have. Still selected LSB people act on their own and do not have a constituency or anyone to report to or be accountable to either.

A dangerous and insular system all over Pacifica & KPFK.  Nothing new to that dysfunctional & mis-labeled titles =  'board member' or 'accountable' station staff either.

It appears that there is an old custom of hiding and avoiding contact,so that there is no need 'to know' about member concerns - hoping they will never be exposed/ reported...

[end of stakeholder's email- that was  sent 3x with no indication of anyone  :
 being 'home' at KPFK - to date]
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