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KPFK's staff reduction /elimination/ changes that are not on-air revealed !

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 To reveal what is mostly hidden, secret, denied and to remainas opaque a non-profit corporation dares to be, more searching was necessary.

This was found at late-night Mon-Thurs radio pgms' separate from corporation's website. 

There are no references to this external site - kept by Roy Tuckman that pertains to his shows, tho after-airing those programs, then  the main KPFK radio archives do contain links - to hear what was missed or avoided before there. 

from :   

"                        BEHIND THE SCENES 

Regarding the continuance of “Something’s Happening!” 

Our new Interim General Manager, Moe Thomas, told the staff ‘emphatically’ that I  [Roy Tuckman *]  would not be taken off KPFK.      But he is not the Interim Executive Director and also did not mention the possibility of Buzz  [ more accurately known as Mansour Sabat before assuming a fake nickname *

 (and Maggie  [ Maggie Le Pique*] - Music Director) being able to stay, so though it was a deep relief for me, it was partial. ....

We hear several new programs coming on - as the rather pessimistic totals move slowly. So to be careful, Buzz   [Mansour*]  and I (remaining at the #1 spot in pledge total) still advise the pledges to carefully be monthly sustaining, allowing the giver to control their investment. ...

But our fingers are still crossed. 

There are many generous and grateful listeners and Buzz [aka Mansour] is an incredible pitcher [not baseball but money pleader] - and there is hope for some changes in the future. 

 As of May 8 the fund drive total is $131,989 — goal is $650,000"


* note: [ bracketed ] inserts are their actual names vs pseudo-confusing-changed labels  that are being used for reasons that are not explained there or anywhere else. Why not be clear, honest & informative at a radio stn =

... that prides itself on revealing "others' " info  - plus their being pride-full of their expose-preferred ways, but then not doing the same in their own communications ? huh ? 

thus = hypocrisy is displayed all over KPFK's communications again.  


                                 Chicken Little News: Sky Actually Does Fall In – Fintech Recovery image credited to:  

then a public notice from same programmer reads as follows:

                   "MAY 10-13 + MAY 17-20 PROGRAM GUIDE

                                      BEHIND THE SCENES 

The fund drive is lagging far behind the necessary total. As of May 15 [2021]  we have reached $203,307 with 1375 pledges.
With a goal of $650,000 we are way behind. “Something’s Happening!” Has brought in over $45,000. 
And those of us left keep working and hoping that listener supported radio will not become a memory." 

so.... dire warnings of demise, eliminations of staff & long term programs continuessimilar to usual scare tactics/msgs : 

 'chickens are falling from skies into pits' as long long long before too...                                  

                         chicken 001 | Chicken clip art, Chicken art, Cartoon chicken   image credit goes to: 


more info re station's & Pacifica's chaotic happenings are copied for you too, here:

" On April 20, [2021] the Pacifica Foundation sent a review of the Foundation including:
“The Los Angeles station KPFK has implemented a 30% reduction in expenses in response a $700K deficit in 2020. 
 Pacifica management, in consultation with the Pacifica National Board had to reluctantly make staff cuts as KPFK was reaching a crisis point, and getting close to not being able to make payroll or pay bills. 
Terms were negotiated with the unions involved in order to ensure that all severance pay and other obligations were provided. This action, while not easy, should restore KPFK to fiscal sustainability.”

While the 30 % reduction was the goal, we have received no word about the discussed layoffs of Buzz [aka Mansour]  and me  [Roy ] and the connected continuance or disappearance of “Something’s Happening!’’ 
More than 200 letters have been sent to the national board and interim executive director from our listeners and at last posting, “Something’s Happening!’’ has rated #1 program in pledges during the current fund drive. 
But in order to not to cheat our supporters, we are still advising that pledges be made as monthly sustainer payments to provide you more control over your investment. ($5 or more per month).

[Roy's suggegestion here]  
To send an email to National Board:
To send an email to Interim Executive Director:"
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that's all for this KPFK plea for money and threats to close down or cut out regular-long-there-holding-up-this-still-failing-radio-station folks !  

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please:    let us know   if you honor & respect or appreciate our work, time, dedication [still and now barely but still a bit occasionally]   here, or if not, we too can exit that scene we have been dedicated to since 1960 !

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Is it true ? that KPFK is falling apart, finally, now ?

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Can what we heard from "Somethings Happening" program be true now ?  after being threatened with this radio station's demise, defeat, bankruptcy or general failure for over 60 years, - this may have finally become True ?     

as heard on May 13 2021 5:55 am                                        Broken piggy bank with coins on white background with clipping path Stock  Photo - Alamy   

        credit to Alamy stock photos. thank you. 


Words uttered on air said :    almost 1/3 of any left KPFK paid staff were being soon eliminated - by their Pacifica National Board...... and so these  programmers were begging everyone to send Money! in ...again....

but not to subscribe to the general station - instead chose to send $$$$ only thru these programmers instead- as  a sign of support to them.


yep !   threats are always vividly included : 

cuz only thos then left 'free volunteer programmers' would take over KPFK ...          and all would be catastrophe or worse,  maybe anarchy?  or total crumbling down disruption ?  

predictive specifics were not publicly stated, but dire implications were strongly hinted  at - as if we listeners could, of course, imagine the worst extreme scenarios by ourselves...... and we would regret the loss of whatever programs we had been listening to before - they would be gone ! 

ohhhhh ! sad..... unbearable... tragic.... as no alternative media could compare or substitute !  ohhhhhhh !  awful !!!!

message also said :    that the prior long-time general manager was gone, as was program director too.   Now the few left over  paid staff were further threatened or informed they too would soon exit or could maybe stay on for free  - but no more salaries.... tho their SAG union contract may say otherwise ?

The music director was also being thrown away /  kicked out  - as per  the on-air comment heard. And tho still listed on KPFK's website:   the Sr Programmer Minsky has already been out of there for a long time, but listed as staff there.

So the KPFK website is way out of date  

- whether deliberately  ? or has that person prior webmaster been long ago fired too? who is to know ? 

This website as it exists in place showing current programs featured - that is still the external Presentation that KPFK maintains it is ....

but who is to know what exists 'inside'  the station or it's administrative staff & policies ? Where is there any reliable, credible facts  & updated information about what-who we are being constantly demanded to "donate !" our hard-earned              $$$$$ wages to ?

Is this just another faked  & non-profitable corporation - set up with a replica of Dorothy's movie as 'the wizard of OZ' pretends to be - with a hidden man blaring, leading .... a bunch of ... what where they ? monkeys?  human crowds? both  ?

                                     Starving monkey 'gangs' battle in Thailand as coronavirus keeps tourists  away | Live Science

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so looking at KPFK's website today - to see what was finally being  explained to the paying / subscribing / donating public ? What is happening ? Where is the transparency claimed & proudly presented as-if-so ?  What is going on ? huh ???

see here :  

a '2017' info blurb re station's  location, how to use rail/ bus travel to KPFK  [that has already been on website for many years before - same ]... that is still today   listed as the same prior 'general manager'- the 1  that was paid to be there ...before ... huh ? Is he out ? or replaced ? or fired ? or doing a lawsuit ? or a union contesting his/ their removal ?  or what ?

who is telling it as  '"IT IS"?  

what is happening to all that MONEY WE HAVE ALREADY DONATED and sacrificed to KPFK before ?  Where did it go?  

Who took  $$$$  for any other use than what we paid for and we paid-up so expected benefits  to happen for us listening donors too  ? Were we taken as fools or in a ponzi scheme ? what happened ??????

or what is not being updated on  KPFK's website?  to then keep secret +  silent +  quiet + opaque ....vs being  transparent -

 as KPFK always brags it is and has to be- up front, honest, clear, transparency being a goal & mission too ...also  to keep all  donations [slipping in under their locked-tight doors?] bank accounts. ...tho maybe not as fancy as this image below, but KPFK doors are as tightly CLOSED as this is.

                                                    Door - Wikipedia  

                                                                               credit photo : wikipedia thank you


If anyone ever reads this good + dedicated to a prior KPFK radio station - blog - 

please fill the rest of us in - us- the exiled donors - those already having given more and more & too much before and againl....

please  tell us:   what else is actual,  or known, or  heard or being questioned elsewhere ?   - maybe as in their monthly  local station board  meeting -again happening May 16 on line .

or  maybe those who can tolerate all the infighting at Pacifica - as at their national board meetings, group messagings, and external sidelined sources...anyone who may have actual real information of what is occurring or will be soon ...

to OUR RADIO STATION - the one we have already Paid for !

or in  any other way of getting those secrets exposed  -  made known too to those who pay to keep the radio 'on' and help KPFK's  property taxes be paid and paying for the remaining staff there employed, too.  

KPFK's today's website still lists those who may not be employed, or leaving shortly. Here is what they still seem to claim:  see

General Manager
Anyel Zuberi Fields
(818) 985-2711
General station operations, and oversight, Public Relations & Partnerships
Program Director
Kevin Fleming
Ext 202
On-air programming and content
Senior Producer
Alan Minsky  
Music Director
Maggie LePique
Ext 326
  Music programming


Note also:     This posting is intended - as always before -

to inform,+    to update    +  to warn     + to explore     + to ask for better facts.

if anyone else cares about this extreme Left, 'progressive', Liberal radio ?

+ also can tolerate KPFK's  prejudiced + slanted + exaggerating + hyped + spun + bias + struggling for money to keep 'our doors open'  -[ tho their doors are most locked against any strangers  [not a programmer or guest or staff ]. Their  Heavy steel doors with only an outside plastic push-bell if anyone inside then responds or cares to do so.]


 [ b/c  the Pacifica National  Board's Yahoo closed group is mostly misused by many long-time-clingers-on and are difficult to follow -  IF any 'other' person can even be accepted as 'in' to read what is blared there. ] 

Any other places that write or care about KPFK's continued existence can share or be linked here too.  

KPFK retains & preserves their original 1959 Mission statement  -                           [a statement the locals proudly proclaim they follow and keep , even when they don't.....  but  anyhow it makes for good imaging -  

as if KPFK were so altruistic, fair, balanced {not at all} or relevant in it's information-sharing.]

Criticisms for this long imbalanced radio programming- but occasionally interesting tidbits ...sometimes... as when anyone listening is wanting to be provoked, or to  get angrier, or maybe  be aligned with the political-social-racial leftest possible views  & extreme promoters there.

Compliments are included too : 

 for some varieties of alternative stories, or groups, or current event viewpoints  not found in most other media sources....  tho not knowing WHO & who else -  is behind that pgm - even  when heard with a good dose of  cynical-questioning or questioning of who is behind those views or programmers. 

Some of the better quality and unusual-sourced programs we prefer are:

Somethings Happening

Democracy Now

Background Briefing with Ian Masters

Thom Hartman +  Ralph Nader  + [some other external programmers -                       that share their words repeated then at KPFK too -  for free - without pay.]

but yes -  they too  - do a trade / barter :  by having more good  audio exposures here ....&  also then if taken up by other Pacifica radio stations nationally too - more exposure elsewhere too....  maybe..  or get followers, clicks, known from here later.

and,of course, the continual  various music programs =                                           that may be payola'd -  but still do share good music of many varieties & genres.


Altho we had thought to totally stop writing here :   because there were No KPFK staff, programmers or other listeners appreciating our sharings before -  this new tid-bit was relevant & important enough to elicit more of our [freely done, time spent, efforts given] to write a another posting here again.....

 regardless of what we know about any other readers -who will care about these sharings... or may just be shared on faked hacker sites [ like in Ukraine, Russia where prior Google stats showed we were clicked -  [algorithm-ed ] more often - in before times.  Google owns blogspot and shares this format generously. 

see map for our clickings as revealed not by KPFK but by this blog format owner.

                                Shaping Eastern Europe | Eastern europe map, Eastern europe, Map 

                                      photo credit :   thank you 

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