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The WBAI debt fiasco has revealed all the other broken pieces of Pacifica too.

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A long, detailed report to KPFK listeners by the interim general manager is interesting, full of information and towards it's end reveals that a portion of  KPFK Local Station Board  members  want to SELL the property & building to pay WBAI's debts - 



& that now might be Pacifica's debt ? The easy OUT to get back to Pretending that Pacifica -the so called 'umbrella' under which a few stumbling radio stations are ruled or controlled or indebted to is trying to save it's ever-changing players ...



a few smart 'save-us-not-the-world' -   who want to BUY out the broadcasting valuables and sell the 'store' to pay the losers .



[ WBAI staff, management and who ever allowed or caused the huge, un-pay-able debt that everyone else is burdened with every since  - are not heard from nor are their excuses or positions find-able to be held personally accountable - as far as can be searched....]



All that was so badly done, that failed 4 more radio stations along with it's sinking - tho  a few years ago done,  the NY Court then ordered monies to be repaid  = but by no station that could be even earning enough to sustain themselves alone !


If this version of the sad, bad, stupid story is incorrect or limited, please make a fact-check correction & with references if they are available. 

So tho it seems ridiculous, the current i GM wrote that most  management staff functions are now being completed by Volunteers ? huh ? With what future promises included ?  that is not hardly possible with just 'good free will' and no enticements or rewards given ?



Read as much as is possible in various segments if so needed, to absorb all the carefully included details in the iGM's report.  No one would easily find this information, even by searching thru KPFK's own website - but Google could locate it. Prompted by 1 single comment at 6 am 1 weekday by 1 host. hmmmm
     article re havoc at KPFK LSB


The next strange event is when searching thru the KPFK website for contacts, or names of staff or their emails ? dont bother.  "Somethings' Happening" show host is not listed as staff or whatever other label paid workers are claimed to be by title --  as only 2 women of long positioned place are listed now, as of March 2023. 



 See for yourself. Or call to see if there is anyone 'home' ? answering telephone ? 



                            Far Side creator Gary Larson publishes first new cartoons in 25 years |  Comics and graphic novels | The Guardian      - image from the Guardian 

No one has ever responded to emails for the last 10+years so that is still a futile & waste of good time/ effort/ work/ good intentions and queries are ignored  + apparently not-wanted! 

If these comments 'sound like' complaints, they are repeats, old, stay the same as nothing improves and 'funds' continues to be the [non-profit but still corporate]word there. Dont ask for anything but do send Money !!!! Nothing more happens from outside to inside there. 


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Thursday, September 29, 2022

“KPFK doesnt improve-- but stays secretive, hidden + thus not accountable to owner-funders? huh ?”

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 Occasionally we get curious about what was our favorite Radio station - from 60's +70's when KPFK was at it's prime & being more relevant, useful, educational...


Cut old radio drawing /credit        but unfortunately has been deteriorating & failing every since...those prime 'anti-war' re Vietnam drafts & Iraq no-legit-war times ... and when teachers, lecturers from east Asia came to our western shores to teach us about their philosophies, beliefs, & customs  - then it was not focusing on international foods nor consumption[s],   or buying cheaply  --  as is now - the main commercialized emphases  -- and such displayed by most media: how low do we go ? as seen on TV, radio pgms, print media, etc. -


all are going only to lower chakras -  in those over-strained but churning stomach, intestines -  those over-filled up guts !


  [CUT  chakra cartoon + credit out ]       Go to KPFK's website for information - to learn & figure out maybe? how does it still operate besides the constant-continual-relentlessly-repeated-commercialized DEMANDS FOR MORE $$$$$$ - never enough, never stops, and still now same emphasis - continual crying  "help us as we are failing...  again...  more...   stilll..   now..."


Cut cartoon  & credit       who is the General Manager now? How /why  is that such a revolving position ? What are their names, photos, accomplishments to merit this position ? 


Who are the staff there - who are paid or  who are volunteers ?  How  long have they continued to 'work' there and for what benefits-advantage-payola-or $ earned?


Why is the website so antiquated with old info only left there -not updated, not informative and obviously HIDING SECRETS or keeping hidden what is Happening at the station that many have 'invested' their earnings?


Who is at the ship's helm ? plane's pilot seat? lectern's mic ? or getting undisclosed Benefits to keep those few left still operating the basic station's on-air programs ?                                               


  – credits “word” drawing        


 and why are the very same -same old words - same words -mostly heard there ?  ....   as if:  no new programs nor hosts  are joining KPFK  ?.. where are they going/appearing instead ?  ...or where are those innovative + creative + forward-moving people  ... doing radio ?     


  [credited Thanks for sharing.]           


  Instead of  the repeat Not-hardly-any-changed 'programmers' who stay there ~ stuck ~ in as if cemented in station walls  - for years !] -  are there  no others ?   better ?  and a wider variety of urgent topics?   can't be found none there ?  to be heard on- KPFK's-air either ?  really ??????


cartoon @ credit          


The same as were heard saying same words, same voices, same views/ slants/ bias  & prejudices [tho un-admitted] on the airwaves OWNED BY 'The American Public' -  used but not owned - by any radio stations ! 


and same taped commercials - tho not defined as Promos, P.R., advertisements - tho the messages are same as any profit-earning for investors organizations ... not holier, better, more honest, nor virtuous at all !


so just learned a small bit: a new GM is now in charge? or acting as if he were ? Who is he?             


 how to find out  more about his past, qualifications, intentions, accomplishments?


name read: "Moe Thomas" - who is that ?  why doesn't Google offer up a simple image, a bio, a story, credits ? - or do we have to join websites & do lots  of work to find out ?  -very little available for public confirmation : 


Moe Thomas - Chief Engineer - WPFW - LinkedIn   "For 42 years I was Technical Director and team lead for transmission operations at the Washington News Bureau, serving all major national broadcast coverage ..."


 1 image found !     [credited to linkedin by Google] / which 1 is he ?  of MOE THOMAS ?


 Why is there no further press releases to be found via google ? or especially presented to all stakeholders  'Contact's section is reviewed ? see what little spare info is given to public who are asked to Fund, Pay, Support but not allowed to know who works at this workplace? huh?


 and who is being fired, re-hired, excluded, added on, doing what tasks - besides repeating same old political positions....


 while mainly:  exhorting their own prejudiced-held-personal OPINIONS & VIEWS 


- &:  while  this station continues claiming  IT to be "only-1=Right"--  [ being righteous? and of course, promoting the far-left-liberals - Only] ...

 with pro-1-race-selected as preferred ?    

[ which brings doubts of USA demographics - the emphases are other than whatever US Census claims are a majority or plurality... or able-to-pay - for KPFK's survival ? ]   


census 3x images & credits           


What is considered 'proportional' or 'representing' realities ? -  by what criteria & by whom ? 


Who are authorized to claim they WANT more of their own voice, hosts, views, and claiming-priority of programming or staff positions there ?   


   [credited: Thanks for sharing]  


Who is the person supervising, insuring all 'paid donations-subscriptions' are in order, honestly credited & where the cash goes ? 


Who chooses which programs are kept - for 20-24-60 years or makes a change/shift ? Or how does Local Station Board [that has been more than merely dys-functional and not honoring it's own bylaws nor any rules ?


[ Anyone ever go to an LSB meeting to see in person- real life ? - not as paper-computer read only  as when 'timed' speaker is allowed to go on & on & on tho time was up but by default rules are ignored & selected influencers  can harangue & pressure further ...  but - while others honor the rules set instead =    

[as seen in person many times there]  

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - 



ahhhhh ...same critical points being repeated as nothing has been improved seen only from 'the outside'-  Here ...  tho not inside any more - whew ! - inside the darkened clumped-cluttered-spaced interior of KPFK station property was & must still remain probably. 


Does anyone outside the programmers ['volunteers' w/ lots of benefits  & advantages gained so never ever leave their sacred spots !]  or fewer than ever staff -paid or not - CARE ?


There are no other commenting sites found- even a prior informative re Pacifica's stations un-doings  & schemes caught or leaving the whole organization paying for WBAI - NY 's intentionally not paying rent -  then major court deciding that was wrong -  so those debts remain - putting KPFK's property/ mortgage in danger...  




or is KPFK  still indebted to that ploy from another Pacifica radio station so far from LA CA ?  or maybe better to ask: Who cares ? Who hides pertinent info that affects all that forceful demanding MORE PLEDGES $$$$!!! repeatedly endlessly.. ugh... 


& Who else cares but those gaining from 'being inside' and having on-air-precious-ACCESS ? maybe no one cares to know reality but prefers the fake image/ story sold by station's inhabitants?   Who else is asking these questions ?    

Where ?  Plse let us know if you know  more than we can find via internet today. thanx



Receiving a bare bit of 'news' from Somethings Happening weekly schedule mailings,it reads this: 

"BEHIND THE SCENES =    While we are searching for a new General Manager, Moe Thomas has been running things as a (terrific) GM at KPFK. But he has been managing WPFW, Washington DC as his main position and also helping KPFT in Texas. For one thing he saved “Something’s Happening!” by refusing to fire me when ordered. And he let Buzz [“Mansour”] reappear as a constant helper in many activities as a volunteer.


But while the General Manager is being searched for, we have hired Michael Novick as an Icting GM. -  He has been active for years at KPFK in many ways as a board member and I think he has been a temporary part-time GM before. ...   


One immediate activity is to arrange the next fund drive since we failed to make our goal in the last ones...."





If.... nothing notable nor magical nor improved occurs - no better TRANSPARENCY  nor ACCOUNTABILITY = then that  means KPFK  - & by whomever is in charge or competent - must do more  to stop being secreted in its dark abyss.... But be Publicly Open & Clear about it's doings and failings & attempts to be as their regular Mission claims KPFK is suppose to be... doing. But is not, yet. 



then no more questions nor observations need be reported from here either. 





Alternatively, there is NPR radio that provides news with the similar liberal slants expected and with more factual information and less personalized-by-program-host biases or emphases included there. 

Tho NPR is not 'fair nor balanced nor sharing any 'other sides' than their preferred Democratic Party allied ones either.  



But right across the radio dial- aisle is a station -  that barely, rarely -  puts out to public a 'fund $$$ raising'  for few days only. 

 How do they do that so differently? 




While  we stay away for mental-health safety - but remain: Observing - with an open mind and cleared receptive ears...   &  must continue asking the same questions / concerns / all that has been similarly present since this blog's inception...   we wait ...still now.... but expect little now.  



Sadly we refuse to collude with a failing...state... or a government / country or station... 


we too wonder and wait........ for a real life earth rainbow - that is not a flag or a PR -promoted icon....



but  that continues to be the Real Life symbol of hope and beauty.



                                      Momifesto: A Definition – CVI Momifesto 

 [credited to Momifesto.thanks for sharing pix ]  




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Saturday, February 12, 2022

It's been a long enough time - to review how well KPFK's money problems improved. Did they?

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For so long we have all been waiting for the promised stability, changes,  honesty and relief from the continual misnamed "fund drive" that more often drives listeners away from listening to what were assumed... mis-taken-ly again... 

for informative, provocative, out-of-the-usual-USA-boxes.... for dissident alternatives to ponder, wonder, consider...     if true?    if real ?   if relevant ?  or just another free-styled  venting by a puffer =  claiming OUR airwaves [ these are all owned by all taxpayers, not corporations - check Ralph Nader's continually reminding us of reality ].


 Again there is 1 other online site that provides good substantial stats, data, & info about the turmoils, conflicts, 'facts', finances et    allllllll that is otherwise never heard on radio or elsewhere either. ... 


re Pacifica - the head 'umbrella' over a few still-struggling-old- original-radio guys   angry-ranters  &  anyone wanting to be a celebrity-star-famous  "Hero"....

                                                                                                                                            or pretend to be heroic - when insisting they are The Only Right 1 and the only few who KNOW "The 1-Only Truth" - 


with everyone else being discarded &  dismissed & rejected, of course.                              No one else is allowed that privilege unless obedient, agreeing and allied. 

Heard these called "programmers" who 'own' a slot on KPFK radio that refuse to ever leave or give up their prime [free-no pay, no fee] airtime.... to claim they are "free"                    and their speech is "free speech" w/o telling 'the rest of us' what that legally means. 

It cannot be the freedom to say anything at all anywhere or at any time ...                      check this 'fact's' real-ity plse.  Those in 'official' &"authority" & higher ranked positions immediately & quickly remove that mis-applied word ...


that is so common that 'free' has become not a benefit  - but a weapon  with which to hurt others /  to reject /  & to take-over anyone else's freedom... with a  of their own few strong-backers, of course, This is noticed in all coups, revolutions, changes of presidents & dictators, too. 


                                Conformists Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

                                             credit: Chris Madden cartoons. thanx

 The subtle, hidden to ‘the rest of the world :  of listeners/ donors/ subscribers of KPFK         & the rest of limping along Pacifica stations is revealed again: as copied from -see below : of July 27, 2021


who Wrote:    "Since there are only about 90 paid staff, and about 1/2 of them vote, a bylaws amendment under Jan Goodman and Sharon Kyle’s proposed “New Day” bylaws, could have been “vetoed” by as little as 24 paid-staff voting in their own little class.... 


lots of angry emails and posts... ....language in the Pacifica bylaws about members voting in classes wasn’t invented by Pacifica. It’s in the California Corporations Code Section 5033-5034.     The literal meaning of “class of members” in not for profit law is the ability to vote on matters as a separate class. “....


 the New Day Bylaws were defeated in the just-completed referendum with a rejection by the staff member class of 58% (No) to 44% (Yes). 76% of the listener members did not vote in the referendum, but of those who did, 56% supported the proposed new bylaws.” “...


the LA Progressive, which competes in the same market with Pacifica’s KPFK-FM. “ “that worksheet describes KPFK as the leading source of financial distress in the network,    and identifies KPFA as the unit with the largest downward profit trend over the past 18 months. The losses at KPFK have been alarming....“ 


 + “....a current proposal to remove accrued severance pay beyond 4 weeks for long-term employees at KPFK....” 


+  “Roy of Hollywood’s long standing monetization of the overnight hours as a unique accomplishment within Pacifica....” 

+  “....hope the PNB and SAG-AFTRA can work together to make reasonable expense cuts at KPFK.....” [ A key player at board meetings: uses “trigger words,... blames “democratization” & “the magic words were referring to the $80,000 KPFA secretly transferred to the attorneys trying to shut down WBAI in 2019. “                      /////// 


                                        Conformity in art – cartoon 

credit: Chris Madden cartoons. thanx

Next subsequent article: Aug 1 2021


“On Friday, July 30 [2021], Judge Michael Stern dismissed the Pacifica Safety Net lawsuit for the failure to make a viable complaint after four tries. A demurrer filed by defendants Grace Aaron and Alex Steinberg was upheld without leave to amend and the plaintiff’s case dismissed with prejudice. The court order can be seen here. “....


The lawsuit began on Dec 8, 2020 with a demand for the court to take all of Pacifica’s assets, including its station licenses and real estate properties as well as all cash in bank and place them under the control of a San Bernardino attorney named Matthew Taylor under the supervision of the court. After that demand was rejected by the court...” 


“...After the plaintiffs revised the complaint two more times, the court has now dispensed of it for inadequacy. .... KPFA, Pacifica’s Berkeley station, has been bearing the cost of the litigation iniated by the chair of their LSB....” 


Next article there : “,,,The appeal is unlikely to succeed in anything other than wasting more money, as the dismissal was based on the faulty construction of the lawsuit, including the lack of a clear demand, a misunderstanding of the business judgment rule and as the judge stated: “a lack of facts to substantiate the bald conclusions”,,,      


” Re voters of listeners & staff -“ Pacifica’s members” - where more than 80% did not vote for/ in that attempted lawsuit [coup? Steal? Maneuver? ]: 



 Nonconformist Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock credit" Chris Madden cartoons" - thanx 

 “Hopefully, the remaining 20% will align their priorities with the 80% going forward.” “They want radio news, information and entertainment, not bylaws”s [END of excerpts from informative essential other site] [Plse see original article for fuller understanding of conflicts forever ongoing & repeated still....          


                                                                                                                                      [ Note: only the font emphases here were added & a bit of editorializing to make excerpts here clearer, easier to read has been done to basic holding to essential info there.] ////////////////////////////////////  

                                  Conformity Cartoon High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy 

credit= Chris Madden Cartoons - thanx  

Re repeated pleas, threats, harangues, long demands for MORE MONEY –no other input wanted/ requested, unless a vote is needed to engage in internal conflicts...    


  “KPFK always has a fund drive in May and that fund drive always has a goal between $500,000 and $750,000. Every single year. Along with similar fund drives that generally occur in February, August and October.” 


“The goal of each fund drive is to raise all or most of the station’s expenses of around $240,000 a month or $720,000 a quarter. If that money isn’t raised during the fundraising marathon, then the station will not have enough money to pay its bills” “...               allocation of the first PPP [fed funds] grant -which has been fully forgiven- .... 


“KPFK received $322, 200.86 in Jan 2021, while KPFA received $365,434.51,     KPFT received $35,142.78,    WBAI received $93,946.23,     WPFW received $111, 422.54, the Pacifica National office received $282,380.41    and the Pacifica Archives received $46,755.67 for a total of $1,257,284.00    -  for the round of PPP  funding.                                                                                                             

According to those same financial statements, KPFK’s monthly payroll and benefits before recent layoffs averaged about $165,000 a month” “ $1.2 million in payroll protection funds would cover about 9 weeks of payroll and benefits....”


 “...the profit and loss statement as of 2/28/2021 here. “       

+ “KPFK, pays less than $100,000 a year to broadcast from Mt. Wilson or approximately $8,500 a month)” + “...the people who have “control of the national board” are the listener members and the staff.     They vote for the delegates and the delegates chosen by the members vote for the national board members.....” 


+”... Pacifica’s [2003] “democratization” process ......assigning 1 member, 1 vote. No matter whether you donate $25 a year, $2,500 a year or $25,000 a year, that still buys exactly 1 vote in the delegate elections...”          


 + “ addition to the annual financial audits (which are finally caught up on after a painful delay that began with the 2014 management coup by Margy Wilkinson), Pacifica has already been audited by the CPB (2011), and by the California Attorney General (2014-2015). Pacifica’s financial audits are posted as well on All you have to do is look at them,...” 


+”... in 2020, the wheels fell off and listener support dollars from the fundraising marathons declined to $2.1 million, a drop of $400,000 in a single year. And no listener died and left the station hundreds of thousands of dollars in their will in 2020...”       + “KPFK posted a huge divisional deficit of -($697,000) in 2020.” 


+”... KPFK was completely unable to pay for joint Pacifica expenses including auditor fees for the annual financial audits, legal fees, FCC compliance services, payroll administration, insurance, Audioport (the system that distributes Pacifica programs to the 200+ affiliated stations) and satellite fees –      the parcel of expenses that are paid jointly as central services. KPFK had no money left...”                                                                        


+” The station is out of money because its expenses are as high or higher than the revenue it has been able to raise.” 


+ ” Lew Hill , founder, said that noncommercial radio was an interactive dance between broadcaster and audience, not just an exchange of currency, but a participatory dialogue between the broadcasting organization and the audience that supports it. That participatory dialogue should take place on-air – and off-air via governance.” 

 From       May 2021 


please give the radio station your own personal feedback -

about the ways they are stuck in place with same 'USERS" of all-our-air-waves and our $$$$ supporting the staff, expenses and whatever else goes into keeping KPFK on air....

as their boards are repeat-offenders & cronies keeping the illusion of POWER to be media and heard on net or radio - beyond what most who grab-stay-stuck-OWNING-their-spots on air...


there are a few standards, oldies, goodies, valuable who repeat and update their info... but the majority are clearly niche, fringe, very minority-supported and on KPFK just to prove "we do not skip or ignore any VICTIMS - self-defined or socially PC'd.  


see KPFK's grid schedule to see how much: improvement /  changes / new voices are there ! 


and do not use this site for those fake-comments that are adverts/ promos/ garbage please ! 

   (c) mj - 2020   [1 of a few who care to provide this work, shared with no agenda/schemes ]