Thursday, August 24, 2017

Other, older events have never been publicly resolved or acknowledged...

While new conflicts just emerge and capture board members diverted attention. What ever did happen to complete the action of the Executive Director of Pacifica = Summer Reese - who was ejected when a contract for her employment was enforce ? 
Or was it legal at all ? 
Or was a lawsuit settled ? 
Or where and who knows ?

Because of the continual LACK OF TRANSPARENCY that is 'normal' in all corporations [secrets and shame kept out of investors or shareholders / stake holders/ donors sight continues.] And suddenly a later day the question re-emerges, what ever did happen to......???

for example the issue of an Executive Director of 5 radio stations nationwide being forced out of her position, maligned, and publicly shamed [as was possible by passing stories to other media, tho not well balanced info was ever heard on the radio stations, nor KPFK here. ...

WHAT EVER DID HAPPEN to Summer Reese ? or her contract ? or a lawsuit ? or how are legal differences and changes resolved ?    Fairly ?   
Or secretly ? 
Does  all remains in hiding and not found by internet search?
Does one have to be an 'insider' crony to even have access to ask ?

Or not even then as the 'games played by radio staff & programmers' are brutal, divisive, dramatic and weird ?

this good graphic image:  ILLUSTRATION BY IAN KELTIELeft-Wing Darling Pacifica Radio Is Sliding Into the Abyss was borrowed from LA WEEKLY article of excellent image expressing [even ongoing to 2017 and onward] the eternal struggles ...imploding, maybe even toppling, that radio station. 

And all in spite of all the "Pacifica Mission's"  written "good intentions"... those that may not always be put into actual actions, or barely. Great theory, but a hard act to perform,
is it ? Lots of words but little effect in factual life ? 


written by  Hillel Aron           on Friday, March 21, 2014

A description of events 3 years ago that sent Pacifica into another turmoil and divided in-fighting series [not a mini-series but major ones] is in this well informed article.

and some comments came in to the LA Weekly also, but all were fighting for one side vs. any others, of course. And afterwards...little actual facts emerged as all went under the ocean waters to be dealt with accusations, nasty words, alliances and eneminities and then......blankness only was left. 

The article quotes words by :  Summer Reese, and  Ian Masters, Gary Null [a salesman with health-political opinions promoting his products on KPFK then] , Marc Cooper,  Amy Goodman, Tracy Rosenberg, Sonali Kolhatkar, Lydia Brazon, and Christine Blosdale. 

So many had their 'say' and some Pacifica past history was included in that informative article, now apparently long forgotten...or ignored ?  

Others wrote their views too in 2014,2 weeks later,  getting  their voices heard outside from the corporate halls of KPFK too. 

see more here : 

That briefer article in same magazine referred to the many 
[they are linked there] comments made by non-staff or even some of the employees of KPFK again, too. 

Stranger still, a current search reveals so little that those who are ' $$$ paid-up'  or otherwise still involved with KPFK and Pacifica can not find ...what else happened since 2014 ? 


other articles, still way back in 2014 are included, such as :  

and on page 3 still more [ now old ] information was made public.   

searching further for updates to 2014=2015 reveals...NOTHING ! 

why are end stories so hidden or neglected ? Or is that 'old' information labeled as 'not relevant' when all that happened in Pacifica's problematic his-her-stories continue on to influence much of what continues on....heredity continues as genes do...

And the same old influencers still abound in each radio station's hierarchy, demanding to be Right and Heard and bowed-to-also by others who always seem to be disagreeing...still and now, as then.

                     The question arises:

How do all those who remain active and vocal and feisty on all Local Station Boards [LSB] and then some elected to the main Pacifica National Board [PNB] continue to be 'voted in' again and again and while always claiming to be there to help, to change, to improve the impoverished and conflictual conditions in all the organizations of Pacifica....?

The same stories  - just like sequel movies or TV series or novels - continue on in similar ways.

Improvements are claimed, but hardly factually proven. The very same people who argued way before 2014, back in 1980's and even further back to then, are still acting as-if they had the Answers ...but cannot seem to actually effect  IMPROVEMENTS or create a different atmosphere...

Even with all the attempts at heroic ousters, winning seats of power, or moving on into another position within Pacific's spheres of radio-station-influence. results are not yet better. 

What is not publicly admitted there ? Denied, avoided,ignored.

Who are the repeat-offenders-staying-stuck-in-power-positions? 
Like so many who are playing at 'non-musical' chairs and persevering to keep their  own.

Why is there no centrifugal or universal forces that eject the same-old same-olds who insist on keeping their prime spots [ that are obviously dysfunctional, or change would improve Pacifica's style of governance and financial failures ] ?

HOW is it possible - for so many years - to have different versions of the same stories repeat with many of the same actors ...acting. and... pretending roles of importance... all the while apparently not achieving their stated good-intention-goals ?  

Or are such unwanted questions dismissed as " just more complaints.".and " you just don't understand"...
and 'go away already !' = as in the more vulgar, direct 'shut up' or as more often heard:  "just Pay UP MORE $$$"....?

maybe it is keep repeated asking for :
TRANSPARENCY - in management, all affairs
ACCOUNTABILITY- to all who 'own' a piece of Pacifica
DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY -from each person there
PROFESSIONAL interpersonal skills, communications, management, financial affairs, and all behaviors therein
FINANCIAL STABILITY and real audits made public
HONESTY in feedback to all donors & stakeholders, at least
Non-HYPOCRISY, between what is said vs. done.

and so much more...
is needed to make Pacifica, and KPFK ever Trust-worthy and worth spending any of our  hard-won-earnings to sustain them ...ever...again. 

(c) mj 2017


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reposting MISC COMMENTS - found on a dedicated to NY's WBAI station

These are quotes taken from various writers who apparently listen intently and then post their MISC COMMENTS on….WBAI focused blog:     


Though that New York's failing radio station is not the same as LA's KPFK, the 'sisterhood' connection means financial failings in any 1 of the 5 Pacifica stations can then seriously hurt or cripple  any or all of the others too. WBAI can sink KPFK as easily or hurt this station badly. 

Comments selected from the many at that site re WBAI:

“The Pacifica National Board is no help—it spent its entire public meeting this evening (1 hour and 21 minutes) arguing about what to argue about… 

"We laugh, but it isn't the least bit funny...

“It is clear that the PNB does not have a majority of members who want to conduct business in an orderly way. If such a majority existed, the "disrupters" would have been shut down and Ignored long ago. As long as the rest of the PNB tolerates them, the "disrupters" will always win, regardless of technology… 

"They are choosing *not* use the tools they are paying for.”…. 

"the loonie left is so similar to the retarded right….. 

"Today's technology helps people stay in their little safe spaces by confirming their beliefs and evaluating events from their perspective…. 

"In the case of Pacifica, its actually worse. They truly believe they're free speech advocates but they're too invested in their ideology to tolerate other points of view...

"Amy Goodman freely admits she does not have and will not have conservatives on her show….. 

"Another part of the problem is the unwillingness to take chances in programming…. 

"they need to be reminded that "criticism" does fall in the category of free speech….

"Wouldn't the absence of a personal consultation be a more valuable premium…. 

"These people are so dysfunctional they would mess up a coffee order….

               Image result for coffee order google provided image

 Sometimes all that happens inside the dark halls of KPFK radio station are so well hidden, kept secret, tightly-held-close-to-'only-insiders'-chests that all that can be gleaned are biased 'leaks' from board members, if that. 

Secrets. A sign of a healthy organization or one that needs more sunshine and honesty ?

While always complaining and criticizing all government and corporate secrecies, KPFK acts exactly the same, whenever they can, while meanwhile claiming to be "special", "free", always telling  "truth to power" ... Not.

And all the while, all those who know-anything of "what is going on ?" are keeping the secrets so secret that the POWER of knowing is secreted, carefully ltd & kept by the station's management ?

Any public revelations for subscribers to even try to understand:  the stability,  the viability, the operational activities - of what we pay for. These are left only to the stake-holders'/ donors' imagination. If that.  

Because the good-functioning-radio-station imagery is not holding up but fast sinking into financial and internecine battles & morass.

Of course, shame runs the shows. Embarrassment is to always be avoided. "Bad Publicity"  means being negatively criticized... or questioned. And that is surely Not Allowed ! Never ! Anywhere, not just at KPFK, of course ! 

But the fake idea sold daily, hourly, every word put on air steams with the opposite version of being so Open, so Honest, so truthful and factual, "not like those others !", and altruistic only, of course. 

The Mission is worded as to do Good, just like Google also prefers to claim it is, it does.... Do No Harm, except when necessary, i.e. for profit, monopoly, image-framing, et al.

There are very few [ maybe 2? ] places where any commentaries and revelations of what occurs within the Pacifica radio stations is shared. Does anyone else know?

Just like the USA governments, the careful 'containment' of all information is kept guarded, hidden, kept Secret, and not given to 'The American People'.  

To those whose individual lives are deeply connected to those agencies... and whose taxes pay for all that maintain any government actions/ properties/ personnel/ officials, etc . Same story with KPFK.

Information to be made PUBLIC, as "freedom of information" at KPFK needs to be given freely.  The listeners/ subscribers do Not have any intention to harm.  

But We want to KNOW, what is happening Inside, where it counts, not only an on-air-simulated-version-of Our Radio Station. 

But for KPFK management & staff & programmers  to REPORT. To share information with the people who give them their $$$ earnings -who need to know what happens to those precious monies. And if they agree to the policies & plans of what will be happening to KPFK too.
Is it not Fair to want to know the reality of how KPFK operates or dysfunctions? 

What problems are solved or faced or denied?   

Why transparency is claimed but hardly ever shown, not even a bit ?

(c) Bt 2017