Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Good words written elsewhere about Pacifica's failings and how to improve, too

To better comprehend more of what occurs by those who are long-termers, with his / her stories of working at Pacifica's radio stations in various positions, their views are relevant and revealing, and never without others' dissent or contentions. 

Here are a few offerings that seem to say more that the Paying Pacifica Public, i.e. KPFK donors & stakeholders & sustainers & listeners 'need to also know'. 

Note: no names are mentioned to quote or address and some quotes are edited for relevance and size here. No one is blamed nor applauded but their words copied here to inform 'the rest of us too' 

1 person’s view is stated as:   

Doing a radio show that produces no money and has no listeners is not contributing any value. They might as well go home. They're useless.”  


when a entire entity has failed to support itself through its inability to meet basic costs for years, then it is time for EVERYBODY on air to go..”       

"and the “dichotomy” between what people say in the heat of a moment and how they act....”

 while an alternate view said :

The measure of a producer's worth must *never* be how much money she or he raises. That failed policy has already resulted in losing some of our most talented producers. …. 

"If you want to improve what you see as the quality of a producer's program, then you do that in a collaborative manner with guidelines that are in sync with the station's mission statement. You hire a Programming Director who knows how to get the best out of people”…   ” 

"a fact at WBAI in NY for years that the audience cume was too low to sustain operations  
and yet, if no one is willing to support with cash payments a program that the staff/management/ local station board [LSB ] “think” is so great & valuable,  how does that contribute to the value of KPFK

or the maintenance/operations of the whole, Pacifica 
included ? 

where is VALUE placed, on how many listeners help pay for that program OR if listeners want it so donate to keeping it & radio station On The Air ? 

OR if a 1959 written ‘mission’ has some similarities to what program presents ? huh ?

a consideration is offered as a good proposal: 

PNB [nat'l board] should impose a simple rule: 
every PD-program director is on the air for two years, the end of which their contract ends, and can be renewed only if they have proven their value to the station and the network, 

"....not just in fundraising but in social media, advertising, new members, public relations on the station website and elsewhere.           

" Any GM [gen'l mgr ] renewing a contract without favorable statistics from the above criteria will be accountable ....and, if after five years s/he has not enforced/implemented the two-year rule and has not improved the station’s programming (and bottom line) significantly...

"then the  GM [gen'l mgr ]  and PD [program director] will be replaced the LSB [local board] working under the direction of the ED [exe director]  and/or the PNB [nat'l board ]  Personnel Committee. “

or just be  replaced by any authority willing to take ACTION instead of using many words, excuses, niceties and ‘we love you so we won’t…’ platitudes traded to make decision-maker Look Nice.

“ We need a little sunshine on the resumes of any candidates to a local board [or any management, staff position at all, all & any  of them ], as in “what do you know and how did you learn it? 
Then….add to that: 

 "where did you learn it, how long did you stay there and why did you leave ? "

plus add a few more probing questions:  about authenticating past work history and doing that too =  not just believing any words gladly uttered to get a position at a limp radio station…..



More findings of people who have long worked to keep and help Pacifica radio stations survive and thrive write :

“It was news to nobody that Pacifica was past deadline on its audits.  ….

"and should not have been news to Directors that audit delinquency would eventually endanger the Foundation's nonprofit status.       

"….it was awareness of the legal requirement for audits and of Pacifica's delinquency that prompted Summer Reese's occupation of the Pacifica National Office, and that progress in audit preparation was disrupted by the re-hire of CFO….  

"Once audits are up-to-date, Pacifica will no longer be disqualified from CPB funding on that basis and could again apply; but Pacifica might still have problems qualifying….. 

"The PNB theoretically has bylaws authority to stop the iED or ED from fulfilling his or her CEO obligations, but a paralyzed PNB is unlikely to approve any such motion, if proposed.  ….. "

1 opinion stated was that :
"the audit delays were primarily caused by under-staffing, incompetence, and/or embezzlement by individuals among Pacifica's (and some stations') financial staff." 

 someone wrote that Pacifica is :

" giving voice to the voiceless “ 

so then another replied this:

"Judging by the low listenership at all Pacifica stations, very few of those voiceless are still around..."

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