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KPFK selected programs & resources - still of value, to be heard.

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Some  few programs on KPFK that seem to continue on and may be of interest/ value, to others who are newer listeners than we are.  Longer ago, this radio broadcast educational and activist event information that was relevant to majority lives, less extreme and less racial,  and less victims-only-need-be-included

The quality of reproduced lectures, conferences, and even guests of dedicated more inclusive programmers insured that KPFK was relevant to many lives and spiritual expressions were discussed and revealed here.

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No longer. Gone. Lost. Not replaced. Sad.

Of course, CHANGES ARE HAPPENING  = faster, more frequently, much more divisively and in extreme political 'party' alliances mostly.  The prior  variety of Moderate, Independent, Agnostic  presentations on air...where the Listener-Learner listened attentively -  to gain alternate information and viewpoints, from 'mass media' audio.  

That was when we, listeners, members WANTED to hear all played there.

But  then, we were listening to new voices, then-new emergences  without being  negatively barraged, hounded, pressured  thru angry outbursts or repetitive elevations of anyone who was poor or a 'victim' .  

Stories were told, information shared, without forcing us, listeners, stake-holders coerced into agreement with the 'few-er' extremists that were heard,  then. 

Maybe the same story was heard 1-2. Tho  the repeated-copied-plagiarized messages were then,  not repeatedly played on air, , nor were the shouts coming form radio  as angrily, righteously, nor as disturbingly slanted as  happens often, too often, now.  

This is not a screed to "go back to better times".   This is a lament for an origination that repeats it's idealistic 1959 mission statement, and it  has kept the same call letters  - but majority of programs have reverted + downwardly spiraled - into being merely a politically stuck, another media machine, a repetitive-limited source:  

that is no longer 'educational', with  the prior many view points, groups, varieties of thinking folk talking and playing lots of global ethnic music. 

Some good and very old, now called "ancient" programs are repeated, mostly at late night hours, replaying what was earlier heard fresh, new, and exciting on KPFK at any hour, daytime too. Now, old recordings are replayed because there is a dearth/ death of that creative energy that existed and was audio'd on Pacficia stations

ohhhh... what happened ? 

Oh, yes ! most of the music is still global, varied and mostly of  unusual origins and good quality.  

While most  programmers sound as if they are stuck-in-place,  hoping to be KPFK's permanent fixtures, for reasons never admitted, on Our Radio Station's airwaves. So those sameoldsameold people holding on-air-slots for themselves alone -  to mostly spin their biases and vent their anger...

and to then propagandize their own particular version they chose - of what they hope/  claim to be 'everywhere' as  The Reality'. Not. they hope to convince 'the rest of us. They don't.

Claims made, but Without evidences, proofs, documentations, verifications, validity
or reliable references. et al  

                              credit: lib.wwwlibrary.com via google
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As occasionally we find gems  tho seldom now, since listening to KPFK has become depressing, difficult, dangerous.  And if we do, we try to find maybe later, on line, 
who was that?    as often names are muttered, low tone, unintelligible on air - 
 that cannot be recognized.

So we do the work: try to research : find out who  that weird guest was ? 

want to know those names that are unclearly quickly said ?  when rapidly uttered on air ..so then listeners are   being forced to search  that program further on KPFK's website, on  internet  - maybe...  to be able to find, read or  check out further their book or other articles, always elsewhere? as sometimes done with other media too. 

But wait ! there are no program notes for what just happened on that program on KPFK's website ! what ? most other radio stations do immediately  offer text or guest names, contacts, their art products listed, their website contacts

Not at KPFK. Check that out. Find No Thing !

Blank program listings, with no current, or even recent pertinent info listed ! none ! huh ?
maybe no one else cares to follow up or find out ?  

so thanks to most of us, being computer users with internet access  ! to become informed, clear and further educate ourselves with what may be of interest, outrage, strange, new heard on radio [or other media too .

But what do we exchange - and trade or pay unknowingly - to hear radio  and then to clarify, elaborate by using internet to find what we listened but did not hear clearly enough. If we bother. If we have the time, interest, take our personal efforts to learn more. Our extra work.

so back to our theme here: 

which is to acknowledge a few KPFK  programs  that recently were actually attentively heard... 

[tho most people can only attend to 1 thing at a time = partially hear any pgm - when honestly admitted....when they are  doing more than 1 task at a time, so most listeners' attention must become divided/ diverted...

and  then again, they return to listening to that radio,too . and then they revert back to complete tasks at hand, and so on....back and forth, tho we don't notice this process. it so happens to human attention.]  


these 4 programs have been hear-able and provide educational, current information of value with much less of the biases and problems listed an complained of here, repeatedly, and again.

listed here Not in order of importance but as heard chronologically  :

1.    https://kpfa.org/episode/letters-and-politics-april-25-2019/     

programmer: Mitch Jeserich 

                                               Letters and Politics 

tho  this program is re-broadcast from Berkeley, KPFA to KPFK  : usually at 10 am weekdays. So it is not a KPFK originating program, but still heard here, it comes with many historical and academics providing educational information from their university studies & jobs there.


2.  A good interview-current news events discussed program - with varied, well selected guests are used to discussed very current events 
                                                   is Ian Masters

his program is:            https://www.backgroundbriefing.org/   

this program is on KPFK =  5 pm weekdays and 11 am Sunday.  

He is less what the KPFK & all Pacifica have elsewhere  have unfortunately reverted to 
but Ian Masters maintains a reality-focus,  excellent interviewing  & discussing skills with his knowledgeable selected guests.  
These are actually information, educational, and relevant to today's real occurrences programs. To be checked out for a quick listen and find more reliable, honest views and expositions of whatever is occurring in political or related threads to weave a coherent story - to be evaluated further, of course. 

but back to lament, the un-hear-ability of the majority of other programs heard any other times on KPFK =

as most  other programmers  continue regularly shouting, commercializing whatever they can, take advantage of their  power-access of having a programming position on air -then using it for   their own angry rants,...

or in malicious tones oppose anyone else... but promote their own   extreme political positions...

or exhibit their  pandering to any or all victims-only... 

as if - to be anti-anything-everything that  previously was labeled as "establishment" or defined as as an 'institution ...  or any aspect of what is otherwise called "government" ... regulatory mechanisms, non-revolutionary or disruptive groups are distrusted and maligned, of course...

and also any one or group  that has been officially set up to manage  the resources of any region/ country/ locale's business  for redistribution, and safety...
 as any publicly officiated are....

plus, of course ! - so easy to criticize and  to find fault or oppose whatever [that the majority of any nation consider their voted-in leaders. or militia-held or ruler-dominated rulers & owners] than to be able  to do or even solve the problems that can be criticized from afar. .

while all airing on KPFK keep taking federal monies - when they can - the Federal Govt's grants of $1,000,000 - but only, if they pass their yearly audits, that is.   

Grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting - or KPFK can, as they have,  lose it when they don't keep up with regularly required business audits, correctly. duh.... 
so easy to just hate them that pays ya ? huh ?

all the while, regularly, and often : this station is  accepting donations from perhaps not-so- other "non"-profit funds only... but may be making trades  and getting services, alliances, benefits -  with Commercial events or publishers, et al. 

Having financially beneficial agreements  with other money-makers, no matter that they advertise themselves as being holier-than-us-folk -  many appear to be profit makers and rule loop-hole-takers....but still,  no one at Pacifica or KPFK are never admitting those questionable exchanges - all those that are not legally 'free' donations, or trades with quiet, hidden advantages to Both.        hmmm..

ever wonder about how that works or fits in to the prized "mission statement"  often used as fake advertising.

yep, those self-serving programs and programmers and the staff that colludes in that pretend-we-are-not-gaining-only-serving-LIE are above described - those are the many, if varied, programmers that anyone can hear...

 or  else must tune out on KPFK most times.unless we do tune in to find  one of these very few ethical, honester selected programs here listed  - 

as these few here listed are more educational, more balanced, more factually informative -and not  acting as propaganda for the far left or any far-extreme group's biases, promotions, sales...

how else to admit that KPFK is mostly attracting Only - those listeners who want to explode anger, act-out in small groups and to enjoy by just rebelling , resisting, refusing and rejecting - all negatives...to  whatever IS....to get that hard-to-have: the image of being 1-up to  others who are 'other' .

And even all the while - at same time -these angry rebels are secretly & un-admittedly,  benefiting from those same 'institutions' and government programs. 

While getting advantages from those same  resourceful businesses, programs, funding sources.- all the while hating on them - and maligning all those who do work in other than so-called-'non profit'-claimed business organizations -  ohhh... except for when some few are "liked" for benefits they receive - by those who don't work in them. 

Some of those same  hated, criticized institutions are also same ones to which many KPFK readers here may also  belong to, subscribe, benefit and enjoy-  as  they also may be those who exhibit more ethical attitudes and behaviors = 

in  other visible, actual,  ways.....instead of  merely uttering on-air words - 
the ones heard and screamed on 'our, The American Public's, free airwaves - all that belong to all the USA citizens' - and is used by KPFK too, of course. 


3.     a person playing very old recordings that cover alternative health, 'spiritual' [often means meditation or eastern religions philosophies....

and some alternative-political  lectures  [often from a few repeated resources i.e. Sounds True, Alternative Radio, Thomas Hartman, etc. ]

 Mon-Thurs - in the 12M to 6am nighttime for those who can listen in those hours, to make KPFK a 24/7 hr broadcast station.  

Roy's "Something's Happening" program covers a variety of topics for the sleep little, sleepless, night workers, truck drivers, etc. too. 

Roy Of Hollywood
a former volunteer, then a host of his own late-night show, this dedicated man provides a service to KPFK and it's listeners -by replaying mostly older-recordings of prior programs from 60's, 70's 
and some current radio personalities too.
                            at : https://www.kpfk.org/on-air/somethings-happening/ 

this programmer also offers a subscription that lists what is forthcoming in that week's programs, to select listening times and what's already been broadcast can be found online, at his site.

4.This is the service that is:              https://archive.kpfk.org/

for all that was 'missed' and maybe of interest can be reheard, but not recorded' from the KPFK radio archives by time & date slot, on a computer, via internet. 

Know the day, time and then check if the sounds seem to be playing what was wanted, or seek out the correct date/clock-time, because many -not all ? - programs can be re-heard later, for a select period of time. 

This is a helpful service, but only if a KPFK member / listener knows what was when. 

So while other recordings can be purchased from the KPFK Radio Archives - a library of older recordings, saved and later sold as mdse, and they describe themselves as : 

 "The Pacifica Radio Archives appraise, collect, organize, describe, and preserve the creative work generated by or produced in association with Pacifica Radio, and we make it available for research and reference use."



yet again, returning to our serious concerns - while above is the pointing to our preferred and only a few programs/resources found  honest and valuable at KPFK above, those few we can value and recommend , the rest of what is heard on 90.7 FM  unfortunately is:

what may be due to the direction that maybe the same in all of Pacifica -
with it's self-selected cronies, who then  become stuck-in-there-forever-never-moving general managers, program directors, hosts, programmers, and all who keep the negativity and maligning going on and on....

notice this = once any programmer has obtained an on-air or staff slot, they will or have NEVER EVER move away or on, but stay forever,  and will NOT share the space with newcomers, but keeping only for  themselves that on-air space, as if "permanently-here-till-I-die"  ...

= thus insuring their own spins, biases, whims, friends & cronies & influencers & promotion-commercial-'guests' are repeaters and also gain special access to Our Station's air waves / events - and holding on to all accesses. 

Some gain followers, others get clients for their private contract work, many get tickets, or samples or gifts or what is never-ever-said-aloud to the KPFK paying public -members. We would immediately stop all checks from payment and report these hypocritical 'corruptions'
to any media regulators or inform everyone thru social media sources. Easy. 

But so hidden is this process, and as it also happens so much at any - every other media - radio, TV , entertainment, news sources, et al. that it is considered  " oh, so common, it is not worth talking about, as everybody else is doing it too, ...." 

and they [almost]  also all are. sadly. quietly. secretly. beneficially.

So closed is that  hidden-from-view or non-improvement system, as can easily be noted, as heard on air too  -so that each programmer  can't ever claim to be fair-  [ how?  to whom? ]  or show their information as being "balanced"-as in egalitarian-generous-good-sharing-honest- providing more than just "1" side of any topic. etc - 

as if....they actually were who they Want To Be : folk  with just  'good will' & good intentions, of course !

Even while choosing their different 'guests' - it is totally obvious that both host & guest do mostly all :  self-serving [ but not admitted]  PROMOTIONAL, P.R.,  ADVERTS, COMMERCIALS and announcements. These are all  intended to be SELLING the guest, the event, the products, the mdse,the music played -  the whatever is being lauded and applauded, there then.

And no one admits or ever even mentions the old phrase that describes a technique used long in radio & elsewhere " payola "  a shunned, denied, ignored word, act, concept, as if .... of course not !   no one ever would think or say that is done, not on KPFK ? huh? 
yes. there is their paybacks - all carefully hidden behind Oz's curtain,  besides their personal freebee's [tasting and gulping what can be had that is also being Sold on the programs].

Yes. but  it can be heard  at KPFK allll the time, denied but notably done. Every show !

also dictionary defined as : 

"the practice of bribing someone to use their influence or position to promote a particular product or interest."     

as in :    "if a record company spends enough money on payola, it can make any record [or person or mdse ] a hit"  
"or make that whatever is displayed/ discussed as  famous, as "sold !, ", as a must-see-buy.....whatever."

 with more definitions, explanations found there by anyone in USA, or elsewhere too. 


credit: npr.org via google        Image result for radio programers in studio   

(c) mm   2019

Monday, April 29, 2019

KPFK's new program, but can we hear what is being said, laughed at ?

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current stats per Google 4/30/2019 = 
Pageviews    last month
Pageviews    all time history


a new program has been found at the early 6 am hour called 'THE STEPHANI MILLER' show.
 It sounds current, intelligent, even funny and  may be worth hearing....if only....

if only - the rapid-fire speech were more intelligible and listen-able to those of us on the outside = outside-the-station-studio audiences.... it is mostly Not.

yes, bits and pieces are heard, are interesting..... but  then, the rest of the sentence, the continual OVER-talking with guests, and the laughter  -

[ as some parts can intermittently be  heard - but whole show is intended for informing, pleasing ONLY THOSE INSIDE THE STUDIO then - as this slot is apparently only between whoever is INSIDE the studio space, not us outside.]  even tho we would all like to be able to laugh or learn  too !. 

there is much sputtering, stuttering, interrupting.....and then sudden spurts of shouts that instantly obliterate what was just said and over-sounding the next phrase.... the sounds of a few brief words clearly stated only to be again, yes, Interrupted again by some other sounds that make no sense. 

Beeps cover more that was just said but makes no sense to what is actually heard by listeners. Can't people keep their language decent when given opportunity to be broadcasting on air?

But if we have paid our dues, we WANT TO HEAR it - so, what's so funny ? 
what is claimed to be  relevant to the political scenes we live in ?     what did the guest refer to ? incoherent interruptions continue to fill in more than 2/3 ++ of the 1 hr pgm.

then...strangely, while KPFK is on another day, the VERY SAME SHOW is re-broadcast, repeated.  as if so good it must be replayed again ?  we feel thwarted, noting the very same interruptions, glib self-enjoying-in-studio people say what sounds like the very same sequence of words...that was in  inaudible / un-listen-able to that prior show broadcast recently.

Can this is true ? That there are insufficient programs ?  so the Program Director & management then are simply REPEATING that same pgm in the same time slot, another day ?  

What is going on at KPFK ? We surely paid for better than this...and are re-thinking our $$$ contributions to get such redundant intelligibility -when we thought we were paying/ supporting professional programming there.

The people's names are rapidly, low-tone, into collar uttered as if 'of course, everyone knows 'em' so names are rapidly said,  slurred quickly ....and then more fast talking goes on  -- with the donor/ listener wondering:"who was that ?" 
and "what was it they said ?" 
"was it funny ?"  
"we didn't get it !"    
"why cant they talk to be intelligible ?" [= heard, enjoyed, debated, repeated, etc. ]

so we did become frustrated, & felt left-out, and then wondered "what is wrong there?"

unfortunately it may be a technical operator problem ?  no one monitoring or seeing the dials ? 
 or not that  ? who out here can know the machinery used and if gauged properly or ignored ?

or is no one INSIDE the studio realizing what emerges on air  ? 
and that listeners/ donors/ stakeholders of KPFK are not just solo-listening,  as only attending to 1 thing, the radio sounds, listening intently, just Only attending to the station's program.. .and nothing else ?  Rarely is that possible, if ever.

And, if we are listening, while doing other tasks,  like maybe : driving, cleaning, cooking, walking or whatever else is necessary to live a decent, clean, responsible lifestyle... 
then the rapid speechifying goes by so fast that only some few words are actually heard, without continuity, without comprehension, without making sense !

and with so much KPFK sounds not clearly audible, and the resulting gaps are leaving the rest sounds as being:
so confusing and blurred or slurred  - or leaving noise-sound-bundles into what is being said - making any sense ONLY to those in-the-know in the studio  -
while we out here - all  that "the rest of us" out here,  cannot hear nor understand !  
what is going on ?  what a waste of our time and attention !!!

                              Image result for ear images credit:   akclinics.org via google

So are those special people, being inside  -with their access to  also seeing:     
all the non-verbal-interactive performances = that give clues/ cues as to context - and comprehension and hinting at implications too...    all else that's already known to reveal WHAT IS BEING SAID - but to only those AMONG inside there, as are then those "so-extra-SPECIAL 
PEOPLE "  - only who are in studio  'doing' this show..   but not us, tuned in, trying...but not able...

while we 'outsiders' get frustrated, for  failing to hear full sentences, or 'getting it'  even at ends of those conversations, etc. are just 'lost".

Yet  People who are doing the broadcasting on radio - speaking fast, being so smart / sharp / quick on their draws & so proud of their being so verbally facile while assuming that, of course,  everyone else must admire their rapid-talk-too..... [NOT]

but they are not talking to the listening audiences - who may strain in trying to hear what was  it that seemed  maybe funny, clever, worth remembering ? ... and then, being  ordinary & 
silly-people who, of course, have learned to 'Only Blame Themselves' -as trained to be blamed -
 for their inability to hear, or follow,  or even understand - all that was 'said' on the radio ... 
we should be able to...... "so what is wrong with us ?????"

however it was said into microphone - too fast, too cut-in-with-other-voices-sounds, too covered-over-with-strange-laughter?   with many " he-he-he's" & guffaws  & giggles  ? we could Not Get It.

plus also:  guests or  even the many referenced  names are muttered quickly in undertones, voice lowered  - as if names were already known, need not be enunciated clearly, &  as if all those  listeners must recognize & know ' who is also there  or referred to' -  program people saying what cannot be clearly understood nor appreciated, even... out here = where we are.

so afterwards - we were looking further, doing the Extra Work,of taking our own Personal Time -
to search out  more on the KPFK website - of Stephani's show / shows....Nothing... 

there were no other names of who guests were, or  what the topics discussed were....
and certainly  there was readable info - no text  available - of what was orally-only
broadcast on-air. Perhaps with false assumptions that no more is needed to share ?

 and this fairly is then compared to the excellent OTHER PLACES & programs - those providing more info of each broadcast = as on Democracy Now 's website, or also many NPR shows too... with even maybe only 1-2 short paragraphs- but  other on-air  places that do again share info =
by  at least, listing names of guests.      so listeners, donors  can follow up ...
or comment about a topic... or save online site to refer to it later perhaps,  etc. ].

actually, the KPFK's broadcast gives an after-effect and memory, but probably not what was intended - in  that we [out here]  heard no more than a blur of  some word-sounds, with an  only occasional recognition of a few phrases, that had piqued our interest....but left us wondering... 'what is going on there ? '

while whole sentences are not possible to HEAR, nor  appreciate, nor later recall -  even  when listened to on a good radio that receives good reception - or on even more than 1 radio that results w/ same poor effects .

worse ! then, that KPFK asks for donations to maintain the station - having lured listeners with putting on air finally a new pgm  ! wow. a novelty. one that seems  probably worth listening to ! and seems to come with humor included ! a rarity - 
but  then.... the station instead delivers a mass of sounds that leaves us 'out side' with the disappointed sense that we missed something ! 

'of course they at our station also: they continue to think it is 'our fault'  .. as said many times "never anyone - anything inside KPFK could be wrong !"  so of course,it is our failings " =

as the forever self-righteous assumptive mode at KPFK has always been that those working inside are fine, while those living outside are not. of course ! we are mere listeners, payors, and recognized during fund drives, but not......

as that must be why we had actually made  the efforts + attempted to attentively listen ...
but then barely got some tid-bits out of that  -instead of the discernible information we hoped for.  

So then, no where to turn to find out the rest  - that was dissolved into air-waves-ether, not heard, what to think ? what to do then ? how to respond to such feeling thus  cheated by our station ? 
             Image result for ear images credit: healthline.com via google  

the most efficient resulting plan was.... of course!
to turn elsewhere. tune in to another more professionally delivering: audible, clear, well-paced, intelligible VOICES THAT WE CAN follow, understand, and enjoy...instead.   Easy !   yes !

the competition for our attention and money is keen and continual. we are not stuck w/only 1.

We even later made extra effort : 

Looking to see Stephani Millers' internet info -found 1 which has a self-serving accomplishments-mostly only - a listing page on Wikipedia , but with a bare bit of bio in there. All bragging and confirming her ambition and roles elsewhere. No mention of KPFK noted tho.

+ Found a KFI radio page  -with Apr 2019 listing her radio program There ... 

and on KPFK website, a notice of her show but w/o a contact address or any per-show info -
to inform those who cared enough to 'Try To Listen' - 
[even if we then felt Failed - by the station's limitations].

                                                     who cares ? 

who bothers to follow up and write KPFK - or even find the link to where to write about this  ? 
few do.

we did. But if, as has happened also same in past experiences, there is a long delay or No Reply at all Received. then we wonder if anyone is home? 

or does any one inside the station CARE enough to make improvements  ? - or notice ? 
when we provide the feedback? 

Or - have we again, 'wasted'  our own time, work, effort  - and become dismayed + disappointed + dis-illusion-ed. especially after all the KPFK  the repeated promos, self-promotional pronouncements - as heard on station's airwaves - 
and that  have misled us as to what they are or are Not doing 'for us, their members' ?

we too, will let readers know if anything further occurs. not hopeful tho.

or if we too have to again:  Give Up Trying to make Contact with anyone at KPFK  [as those who have not already turned away for similar reasons - as already stated here many times]. 

As we are surprised when we accidentally, unsolicitedly hear from other prior donors / volunteers-of-other-times  give us their same complaints - and their reasons for leaving KPFK far behind, instead finding other radio preferables...

[and since they describe their complaint first, they  are not repeating what we have already documented ...as now here. ]
enough ! 

(c) by    2019