Friday, September 29, 2017

KPFK is seeking a new Gen'l Mgr...wanna apply ?


 This just found on KPFK's home page, web site... also for Texas radio station.

To assist KPFK improve it's standing with their stakeholders, legal & financial debt holders, and the day-to-day operations to run this vital, unusual, "lefty" radio station - with a hugely powered antennae on Mt. Wilson- please ....

share this post/ info with anyone who qualifies and has the desire to join in the Los Angeles radio station located in No. Hollywood: and heard on 90.7 FM radio in more than the local area - and on internet too.

This was copied from KPFK's website on Sept 29, 2017. How long the position has been made available was not recorded there, although the current GM is on interim basis there now. 

The work may be challenging, takes good interpersonal skills and willingness to 'struggle' or discuss or disagree or fight for what is best, both for station workings and it's long-termed-audiences.

Best if it is possible to visit the radio station directly first, to see what it 'feels' like inside, even if the walk-thru is short or limited, before investing too much w/o knowing or feeling the 'culture'
observing the staff or volunteer-programmers [most are these latter]. 

And observe the state of the premises and environment, then rush to apply and negotiate whatever is necessary. It must be a GOOD FIT for all concerned, so no quick-turnovers 'happen' again [yes, they have before]. 

Trust whatever your experience on-site and in-person is, reflect on it, analyze and contemplate the whole story of what a GM does there, and be sure to ASK MANY QUESTIONS and demand clear & honest answers from whomever does the walk-thru. Or ask to return again, and with a different guide there. 

Good luck. The energy and intensity of those who associate with this radio station has always been vital and sometimes valuable, sometimes biased/ prejudiced/ slanted to whatever & whoever is 'running the place.

Tho KPFK has been broadcasting since 1959, 
[soon after KPFA at Berkeley] with many versions of it's stated mission [see website for those intentions...remembering intentions are not the same actions].

Call for an appointment there with Receptionist or who ever they chose to be the 1st-person-to-answer any questions asked about the station, the position, or whatever 1-3 questions you first may have to ask.

Then insist that the person interviewing for any position anywhere is as "in charge" of any interviews and reviews and negotiations as the business/ powers-there-are [who claim to be one-up to interviewee, but are not so]

Surely KPFK wants the best 'fit' and a person who is compatible and competent and more... in order for all there to succeed and have some long-term continuity. You want the same for yourself, or who ever wants to work at this radio station. 

Good luck and stay aware of everything you see/ hear/ notice/ or is not-revealed. 

Ask any & all questions you have, not just at 1st visit, call, but any time you have prepared a list of concerns you need to ensure YOU are the 'right' person to be there and they want you to be their GM too!


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[reposted from KPFK website here]

TO APPLY FOR KPFK: Email  resume and letter of interest to: or mail to:

Attn: KPFK General Manager Search
3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West
North Hollywood, CA 91604

  KPFK seeks a General Manager to provide leadership and vision, who is serious about innovative, high-quality, community-based programming.
The General Manager is

Responsible and accountable for "the sound of the station", as well as overall administration, personnel, programming, financing, technical operations and public relations for the station. 

Working with the staff, the Local Station Board (LSB), and the community, the General Manager is responsible for monitoring and guiding the station,
The General Manager (GM) supervises a management team consisting of the Program Director, Business Manager, Music Director, Chief Engineer and others, in the administration of all station operations, including programming, human resources, budgeting, fundraising, long-term planning, and FCC compliance.
The GM reports to both KPFK's elected Local Station Board and Pacifica's national Executive Director in implementation of the Pacifica mission.
The General Manager is expected to improve the gross and net income, and to increase the membership and listenership of the station through good management skills and decisions.
Financial Accountability and Responsibilities
 In collaboration with Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Executive Director (ED), supervises the preparation of the station's annual budget  (currently $3.5 million) and presents it to the Local Station Board and Pacifica National Board (PNB) for review and approval.
Maintains the fiscal integrity of the station through membership/fundraising activities, budget management, and compliance with Pacifica National Board and Pacifica National Office policies and practices.
Supervises the timely preparation of reports for revenue and expense oversight including monthly financial statements which are to be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices,  and ensures that the station maintains a balanced budget.   
General Operations/Physical Plant
Ensure transmitter function and compliance with all necessary local, state and 

Federal laws and regulations.
Ensure maintenance of physical plant in conjunction with chief engineer and/or operations manager.  
Ensure that public safety measures are in place for paid and unpaid staff, members of the general public, and visitors.
Ensure program content complies with all necessary state and Federal laws, regulations, and requirements as well as Pacifica programming policies and requirements.
Establish, maintain, and review programming goals and services in line with Pacifica's mission and goals.
Oversee technical broadcast operations, and in conjunction with the Program Director, oversee program content, delivery, format, and schedule.
Maintain publication of programming schedules on the station's web sites and in other appropriate venues and media.
FCC, CPB, EEO, AG Reports
Ensure completion of and compliance with necessary publicly filed reports, annual CPB Station Activity Surveys, FCC license renewal applications, EEO mandates, charity registration with state Attorney General, OSHA regulations, and other necessary filings.
Serve as a non-voting member of the station's Local Station Board, attending meetings once per month as an ex-officio member.
In consultation with Pacifica's Executive Director, when required, select  and hire a Program Director from a pool of candidates presented by the station's Local Station Board.
Work with Local Elections Supervisor on implementing local board elections.
Personnel/Trade Union'

Supervise all station staff, paid (about 35) and unpaid (~200)

Participate in  trade union contract negotiations and handle grievance process.
Follow all Pacifica procedures and State and Federal laws and union contracts regarding employment processing, recruitment and selection, hiring, evaluation, termination, and other personnel actions.
Community Relations
Represent the station and Pacifica at public forums. Handle media relations for the station.
Broadcast regular report to the listeners with time allotted for call-ins.
Supervise development of strategies and plans for fundraising on-and off-air, along with staff.
 In conjunction with the Program Director evaluates and approves all premiums offered by the station.
Meet with donors as needed.
Oversee maintenance and development of KPFK's web services and social media platforms in collaboration with the webmaster and staff.
The General Manager will work under the supervision of the Executive Director. This is a full-time exempt management position.  
Normal work week includes being physically present at the station five days per week.
Demonstrated commitment to Pacifica's Mission. Bachelor's Degree or commensurate experience in related field 3-5 years of experience managing a radio station, preferably in public broadcasting, or related media. 

Candidate must be committed to a diverse workplace. Candidate will possess excellent management skills and a proven ability to work collaboratively with paid and volunteer staff. Candidate will possess strong interpersonal and communications skills and the ability to lead and motivate staff and volunteers. 

Fund raising experience required.  Spanish helpful but not required.   

Most candidates should be able to lift 30 pounds and be able to navigate stairs multiple times during each work shift.
This is a full-time management position.

Annual salary: $60,000 to $80,000, depending on experience

Excellent benefits: medical, dental, disability, 403(b) and generous vacation and holiday benefits (upon completion of introductory status).

TO APPLY FOR KPFK: Email  resume and letter of interest to: or mail to:

Attn: KPFK General Manager Search
3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West
North Hollywood, CA 91604

(c) mj 2017  [and KPFK]

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

FEAR mongering prevails - used especially alt-leftists-extremes too.

Fear mongering is used for many secret purposes. Everywhere, and often.

Notice how much and how frequent programs and even 'news' on KPFK promotes FEAR and anger ! 

Mass media has another version of 'how to promote Fear' to get attention, ratings, listeners, donors, funding, et al.  

And also notice how Pacifica's style emphasizes the worst that can [maybe] happen or declare that those with more power/wealth are ready to obliterate everyone & all else.

Be Aware: how much all media of any side/ spin/ bias/ prejudice/ selective-view-point USES FEAR for it's own purposes and benefit !

To create OBEDIENCE because of created-insecurities. 

To elicit attention and create an audience, like media and advertising always keep doing.

To play into people's less & already held : serious insecurities, worries, concerns and to then escalate the Fear Factor is a trick often used politically and in any arena.

To then USE any emotional distress as a tool  - to get adherence, agreement, obedience is to also reduce any questions or doubts people may have otherwise have had.

To use normal human emotions for other political or power-pulling purposes - it is an easy tactic & ploy -  to exaggerate normal fears or denied paranoid thoughts.

And  then use their own fears to seduce a crowd/ mob/ group/ or individual alienated folks into being [blind] Followers - instead of thinking for themselves! 

Fear is animal-human-normal when in moderation and appropriate to those circumstances. 

But humans do it worse and cruelly- humans use ordinary fears for clever power-plays. And that is used in games to dominate others. And also to steal, cover-up, spin, divert & to easily deny anything, et al ...

As FEAR often dominates and over-rides other emotions and  any reasonable thinking. 

Then Unconscious reactive acts that have bad/ negative consequences come from fearing excessively and frequently. As Moderation can instantly turn into addictions and that [enjoyed] Adrenaline Arousal

Yes, fear is also addictive, because it is a stimulus and easily chemically turned-on in body.

BBC stories often relate to more than the main topic addressed. A story about US federal government wanting to stop "leaks" [ exposures of what is reality and happening ] is again being attempted.

But at KPFK & Pacifica it is the OPPOSITE problem - few involved people there are 'leaking' realities that are 'need-to-know' for all donors.  

And most hold and express strong opinions and put their personal spins on any-everything.  Or  they repeat ego-blasts of their own fears.  KPFK programmers also often use irrelevant diversions to any current serious topics to turn those topics into danger stories.

Reality Leakers are actually needed ! To hopefully then make this 'non-profit corporation' be actually ACCOUNTABLE.  Maybe help Our Radio Station even trusted - by anyone who 'thinks independently' and donates $$$$, or who volunteers = and to all who are stakeholders / investors.

When the social rule is to deny, ignore, & pretend that 'FEAR is not happening', nor felt, especially taught to men, the denial of admitting reality happens, repeatedly.

It is not just masculine training. Fear is claimed to mean that  men are 'weak', & not strong-enough. Men should never ever show or admit fear or fearing. How else could all those needed military exist?

Fear means that emotion can spread like fire - and cause havoc & chaos. So the social standards say:

 "do not 'fear' -- but just "BELIEVE US -only we can save you - save all -- because only We own the '1 and Only Truth'...Everyone must give us their faith, and their life too...and then we all can pretend we do not fear, no more...ha ha"

[BBC world news image]

Armed police officers in Ferguson, Missouri (18 August 2014)

While there is more militarization of uniformed 'workers' of any employ,in any nation/tribe,  there is also a similar pattern emerging in 'talk' and visual materials used by those who tell 'the rest of us' what is happening [any all media, propaganda, news, story-tellers]. 

Only They 'know' what is important, and what to focus on, and what to ignore. 

[a BBC article quote: ]  "...Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, who issued a stark warning to leakers ... "Anyone who engages in these criminal acts is betraying the intelligence community and the American people," he said.

"We feel the pain of those betrayals intensely and I can assure you that I will do everything in my power as director of national intelligence to hold those people accountable....."

[does that mean 'punish them' or 'get rid of them' or  intimidate/eliminate them ?]

While USA's federal government wants to stop any / all leaks and truth-telling, because of fearing their power may be undermined and their corruptions revealed- so too... corporations are also as angry and scared about real-revelations being leaked to their public, those who fund them, buy their stuff,  & are investors. 

And this includes KPFK and Pacifica radio stations that are also "corporations" -  while pretending they are a 'public service' and unbiased. Or that they are not manipulating & not deliberately instilling fear to sell their stuff.  

Just observe & listen carefully to  just HOW MUCH FEAR IS CONTINUALLY ENCOURAGED and SPARKED on-air, and -oh so easily, so often.

The new wording being recently emphasized is "weaponized"
 -- to say that anything that is used 'as a weapon' instead for other purposes is thus being weaponized. 

The action-verb vs. noun is now conveniently turned into defining anything as "a hammer" & then used for any-all-perceived-nails-and-any-other-standing-objects. 
Hit them all down.

It is a trick, to turn minds, off.

Pulling and exaggerating FEARS into becoming the main & major emotion is bad for everyone, and hurtful. Also manipulative. 

Also dangerous. Also seductively attracting adherence and coercing selective actions [ i.e. "give us money !" ] and selling fake stories ["listen to us only, as we are ones who own The One and Only Truth"...or else]

Too many factions are using FEAR as their main way of stealing attention & getting undeserved benefits. A way to attract alliances and playing on human frailties. 

But only Humans are more vulnerable to fears than is healthy or safe  - so much more than other animals, insects, all 2-4-legged creatures, water wild-life, and all else that  lives / exists on this-their-our earth. 

Take notes.

Count the number of times the same fearful effect emerges. 

Note which words are chosen to describe anything - 
what could be neutral vs. words chosen to be fearful or scary.   

Catch the tricky ways we [together] are being turned into quivering, helpless, cowering beings. Un-free. Un-deciding. Unthinking. Just agreeing, to be scared, more ...and more.

Instead of feeling empowered and strong and trusting. Instead of being activated, and generous.  The pull is to dis-empower. Through staying in states of fearing.

Ignore the process at our peril:  for each person who falls into the fear becomes more contagious... and sends that limiting version of reality out to others too...with or without awareness or intent. 

Dare to call anyone, anywhere on their slants and the harmful effects of their style - their ways of communicating.

Please ! 

Don't accept the ' fear-virus' passively, stupidly, politely, and fearfully.

Be brave. Stay Aware of the 'games people prefer to negatively play'. 

Become all we together were born here to be. Fully humane. 

(c) mmj  2017 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Just a bit of improvements, but still precarious ?

The main resource for all changes, problems, conflicts, concerns that affect KPFK ,and what occurs under it's Pacifica umbrella, can only be learned from the clear reportings at this site below: 


And also see other postings there - for info on the other 4 'sister' stations - as all are also financially intertwined....and thus any 1 may be liable or go broke because of problems with 'another' radio station across the USA.  

Note:  Quotes below are from this link above, with emphases & editing done mostly  to limit info here about the Los Angeles Pacifica one = "OUR" radio station: KPFK.   

Stakeholders, donors, contributors and volunteers are the basic supporters / investors and financial base - tho those people are mostly left in the 'silent-dark' about their investments.    

selected quotes reposted here : 

       “LA station KPFK dodged a bullet after it found it that the station’s long-term free lease for its radio transmitters on Mount Wilson with the United States Forest Service lapsed in 2016 under former GM Leslie Radford and had not been renewed...

Fortunately, the Forest Service did not lease the plot to another radio station, force KPFK to stop transmitting, remove its equipment or force it to rent space commercially on another tower. The lease renewal is now in process.”   
   “Listener support took a deep dive from fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2015, dropping from $10.3M to $8.1M, with the difference made up for with estate bequests and contributions…. LA station KPFK owes $155K, [note: to employee pension plans for prior 2 yrs 2015-2016]…  

      the [most recent] auditor noted “During June 2016, the Foundation received notice from the California Franchise Tax Board that California tax-exempt status had been revoked with an effective date of February 27, 2017“.  This notice does not appear to have been shared with the Pacifica National Board of 2016, whose officers [a prior faction that has been voted out recently ] did not notify the board of a tax-exemption problem …. until December of 2016….   

     “The Pacifica Archives, which is turning around after a disastrous 2015/2016 that had many thinking the collection would simply collapse, is crafting a digitization agreement with Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation which takes an interest in the preservation of audio history.

The partnership will focus on the electronic preservation of the large amount of reel to reel tapes remaining that will eventually degrade, if not saved and cataloged..”


If and who may be discussing the safety of KPFK - or any 1 other 'sister station' - from creating a collapse... as those  'domino games effects' can be to each or all other stations ....has not been clearly described nor admitted.

Remembering at least 2 other times that KPFK has been endangered [and without there being open disclosures and any warnings of what was going to be done / attempted to use KPFK's resources for 'other' purposes ] were:

1 was many years ago, when the then Pacifica National Board people made strong legal attempts to steal KPFK w/o any hints or notifications. They had begun their mis-deeds when a very few KPFK activists caught the foul smell and....

A counter lawsuit by David Adelson, who was a very looyal  and dedicated KPFK activist, [and some others - unknown to us by name or their contributions to that dangerous pull back from a financial precipice ] and at personal expense he saved KPFK from being sold-out/ stolen/ reduced to rubble or defeat.

more info may be glimpsed from any of these links here:


The next, following danger was ever so briefly written about 'OUR' KPFK building almost being mortgaged -- to pay other stations' and Pacifica's bills, but which fortunately did not take effect. Who saved us from this theft and how far the thieves got in their attempts to take away what was Not Theirs should be written about and revealed, even now =  a later date. A brief bit was located here:

The Fraud in Foreclosure Fraud KPFK Los Angeles Interview
Oct 26, 2010 - The Fraud in Foreclosure Fraud KPFK Los Angeles Interview. ... the foreclosure process, as these mortgages were being bundled and sold, ...
           goggle images Image result for kpfk building

Plus  more information may be found in this detailed explaining of events 'played' by some con people  to change what had been Pacifica's route to one more advantageous to just a select few PNB members. 
This same refrain is repeated endlessly, and will continue. Until more accountability, transparency, honesty and fair-sharing of operations information that those who Pay so much $$$$ is definitely a "need-to-know". 
While all corporations, including those who like to hide behind their  'non-profit' image -  as if that meant they were more 'do gooders' than those profiteers - businesses like to keep SECRETS.  
And then they pretend to be their created-framed &  branded images - their  fake fronts that are mostly P.R., advertising, sales spiels/stories,  gimmicks, spins and false-front-presentions. 
All to appear to be holier, more honest, more transparent, more accountable, honorable or any positive quality they chose to WANT to seem to be.
 [note: "seem" = are appearances, not realities] 
 KPFK should be what it pretends to be: 
Much more OPEN and thus  trust-able. 
Who  knows, then maybe listeners will want to actually spend more of their hard-work-earnings to keep KPFK debt free ? 
But Only if the operations can be accountable, responsible, democratic and trusted. 
Who knows if that state/stage will ever arrive or be realized ?
(c) mj 2017