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'You are IT ! ' Alan Watts talks more : about Mahayana. Buddhism, too. Yep.

      This recording was labeled as:     Mahayana Buddism”    [pt 1 of  4 ]

and then typed as best possible when  heard on KPFK on July 19, 2018 Thurs 12 M :

Note: there is no copywrite plagiarism here as it is not a copy/paste or pretend words are by typist recording in text here...some words may also be misspelled as Sanskrit is not known nor understood by ordinary Americans in 2018, hardly.   

While some words may be inserted, for making clarity and sense, but just a bit, hardly.  Or some words under-heard, inaudible, missed in the trying to keep up with the faster spoken words. 

Again, as before, the intention is to share information and helpful REMINDERS that all that we know, learn, are immersed within a social story is not the ONLY one available or most useful either. There are other forms of thinking, understanding, clarifying and defining what each one of us, also known as  "me", may benefit from OTHER concepts, definitions, explanations and practices. 

The essences of what Watts speaks to us, here at blogspot, is that we can have much more freedom from fears when we are not locked/ immersed in the conformist, enforced mind-set that predominates, as in Los Angeles, CA, USA - 

that we can feel both responsible and in control of what we Think, how we define "me" or "us" and how we then act perhaps differently because we are not longer "needy" or addicted/ attached/ helpless/ obedient nor stuck in what is also 'causing' our suffering, cravings, wanting MORE and being greedy too. 

if these concepts, creative thinking elicits more open-mindedness and more spaces in which to self-define the 'self' and what, who, how and as you ARE much the better, maybe. 

and then the question of the need to 'survive' and keep on living - long and longer - because the state, nation, religions, majority insist that living longer is the aim of life, then that too can be questioned and explored. 
As to how true ? 

as to how Helpful to living fully and well ? 

as to if this is the 1 and Only way to live - as in the usual mode of : clinging to life ,
&  fearing death - thus always  fearing suffering, &  denying all other 'options'. 


every individual is something the universe is doing….what you are doing is what universe is doing in a particular way and place…


“the idea of a yana or a vehicle comes from Buddhism as a Raft, crossing the river. this shore is regular every day consciousness…a  sensitive mind locked up inside a mortal body, you and no body else…the other shore is release or Nirvana a word which means “blow out “ literally, as a whew ! a sign of relief. 

Nirvana is never to be interpreted as a state of extinction or conscious in which you are absorbed into a formless luminous ocean which is descried as purple jello but kind of …

not that of all…primary meaning it is THIS EVERY DAY LIFE but understood, felt in a very different way….. the image of the vehicle/ Yana .[?]

Buddhism is called a dharma … and this is mistranslated as “the law” but method or way is better 

the dharma translated by Buddha who was son of No Indian raga, living near Nepal, shorting after 600 BC.

                                        Image result for 600 BC  images [google images]

Buddha is a title, his name was Gothama Siddhartha Buddha is awakened one…to know…. Bud – the man who woke up.

one must see that against the Indian mythology, philosophy first to under stand general Hindu view of life in the world. Maya designates the physical universe. A very complicated word. it can mean an illusion or dream. or magical creation, fantasy, work of art…but fundamental meaning is “measurement”. It comes from word describes what you do to lay down foundation of house, when you measure.

                                         Image result for sunlight images [google light ]

I have said, god said not “let there be light “ but “draw the line somewhere “ – find fundamental measure first….as medieval drawings of god showing over waters measuring waters… with dividers...whatever is divided is Maya.  in popular Hinduism the lord god is not a body as Jews/ Christians ...tend to look at god but an entirely different pt of view.

The supreme being is called “the self” -= that means  the fundamental What there is – the reality, not impoverished reality…not like westerners think – hitting a table to emphasize reality. Hindus don’t think that way. Hindus think of consciousness as reality. 

                                                 Image result for a block of pottery images       [google images]

He doesn’t think of something dead, but something alive. not a block of something but reality as something rich, something full, and he calls it Sat Chit Ananda – something blissful.

so he is saying the ultimately real thing that there is… can best be compared to the ground of your own existence, your self…and he goes on to say that every being that exists fundamentally IS the original self underlying the whole universe….at the bottom of your mind, soul, YOU ARE IT…. you are the works !

every individual is something the entire universe is doing…you is what the whole cosmos is doing at a particular time, place,    and idea of you as something inside the skin is not what is meant. You are a focal pt at which the whole business of universal reality is acting in a particular way.

to put it that way – the Brahman – the ultimate reality – is playing hide & seek and for sake of adventure is playing it is not what it is – the whole you. You are under a spell, but wont admit it.

the idea beneath Hindu life, after playing this good game for a while, then wake up and recognize who you really are Moksha – liberation – what the Buddhists mean by Nirvana and when you wake up you are liberated while still in this body 

                   Image result for buddha images [google shares what Buddha may have said too]

fundamental difference between Hinduism & Buddhism – waking up from the dream of being an individual – they have different ways of getting there, arriving to it…but otherwise similar concepts.

Buddha was 1st psychotherapist, understanding the wiles and deviousness of the mind –
Buddhism is made to be easily understood with #’s – so the 4 noble truths
1 suffering 2 cause of suffering 3 cease of suffering 4 the way of ceasing the suffering.

Sanskrit  Luptha  [?] – chronic suffering – frustration #1 – life of animals and also angels is characterized by chronic frustration…. so that constitutes a problem – people say “I have a problem “ that is Luptha ?

2. the cause of it ? is called  Trisha ? – Sanskrit word of our word “thirst” – craving, desiring. clutching. with that we create suffering  but this 2nd truth means Ignorance…AVIdaya ? non-vision  =our words video, vision. Ah – means non.   a-theist is a non theist.  non-seeing – ignore-ance…. when you focus conscious on a particular area you ignore everything else…so when you know you also ignore [all else ]

if you ignore what you really know you come to imagine you are separate from rest of universe and you are alone, so you thirst/ crave for ….develop anxiety to survive or worry you will die…but you wont die at all, you just start doing something else….  

                                              Image result for sunlight images   [google images]

when you stop doing this, you, you do something else…later…. nothing to worry about at all.
only if you are in illusion that you are ONLY THIS, then you are anxiety and thirst for more…

if you can get rid of ignorance, ignore-ance and see other side of picture then you can stop craving. 

you will still enjoy eating your dinner and making love and finding pleasures continues...enjoying the senses…is only an obstacle when you CLING  to that to save yourself… define yourself.  that LETTING GO instead of clinging to your ‘self’ – earn $$$, keep family together…. do that but don’t let it get you down or

mis-karma    karma means activity – do all activities one does in life w/o taking it so seriously !  everybody likes it better, w/o feeling guilty or obligated to one who is taking life like a DUTY – a dreadful way to live.

4th describes method of Nirvana –the noble 8 fold path… 

                                      Image result for Suzuki zen teacher   images   [google knows to share images]

Suzuki gave a lecture in Hawaii, most eminent scholar of Buddhism in world – 8 fold view of world is RIGHT VIEW, to see things…oh, I forget 2nd step, you look it up in the book “ dismissing the seriousness of rules  laws.   8 fold path is a serious of human activities – understanding, effort, vocation, occupation, speaking, etc. are all part of Samsa    [ ?] = 

 ‘right’ translated but that is not the best translated. San…same as our word in Latin for Suma  [?]= sum of things is completion… but it also has the meaning of Middle Way –

what we must recognize is that Buddhism is ‘right speech’ –means  “don’t tell lies “…. as Theravada rules in South, recite certain formulas ….

 5 precepts, and put hands together and chants…... 
“I take refuge in the dharma, the sanga, the Buddha…”... the followers of Buddha –

5 precepts are =”  I promise to abstain from taking life,  + =”  I promise to abstain what is not given,  + =”  I promise to abstain from exploiting my passions,+ =”  I promise to abstain false speech, +=”  I promise to abstain getting intoxicated by certain substances….”

                                               Image result for buddha images  [google Buddha images ]

while Mahayana say it differently….   the method, the dharma is a moral law, like 10 commandments, but is very different. 5 precepts are not a royal edict that you take to someone else's rules, but for yourself.

how can you take precept – not to take life ? when you eat every day, even plants. Fundamental to Buddhism is NOT A DOCTRINE but a DIALOGUE …and what it states at beginning is not what it says at end.

the method of Buddhism is a relationship between teacher and a student, student raises a problem, goes to someone about it, choosing wisely if there is a Buddha around to be a teacher – says, my problem is that I suffer ad I want to escape form suffering. 

So Buddha replies “suffering is caused by desire, craving” if you can stop craving, you wont suffer. go away to try to stop desiring – mediation to make mind still to stop desiring. Student goes away and says “I cant stop desiring not to desire ! what can id o about that ?”

so teacher says “ try stop desiring to stop desiring …”  or “all right if you cant stop complete desiring, do the middle way- stop desiring as much as you CAN stop desiring and don’t desire to stop more than you Can…

” but student comes back , because it is Koan in Zen Buddhism – means meditation problem – as a case means in law based on anecdotes & incidents – like case law is on precedents .
Judaism & Christianity,  say" to love thy god with all that mind and all your soul"….

= but that too is a Koan, and because  nobody can do that, even when they try = they are being hypocrites  = trying, fooling themselves... because no one loves the lord god....

 they love themselves !  they want to love the boss but actually love themselves more !

so who is that desires ? who is that wants to escape desire ?

a methodological difference says “who are you ?” Hindu says Atman- the self  -now strive to know the self. know I am not my body because I am aware of my body, my thoughts, my feelings…my mind, as if I am aware then I am ‘other than’ – transcending all these finite aspects of ‘me’

while Buddhists have a critique of that – why are you trying to escape the body ? because body falls apart ?

because your emotions are uncomfortable so you want to escape – to not feel anger, failure, disappointment, love when you feel hostage to someone else…  when you are the eternal self – the Atman – is because you don’t want to lose the damn Ego. 

                                      Image result for buddha images

                                          [google shares images] by 

Put in in the safe box of the  lord. The Buddha says there is NO Atman, your ego is unreal,  and there is nothing you can cling to, no refuge to be found
just Let go, no safety, just LET GO…

because Buddha says any Atman you cling to is Not the Real one.
the original Buddhist teachings = says anyone you can Conceive or Believe in is Not the one, the Atman.  no salvation in believing, only in letting go ..

the highest knowledge is no knowledge. to obtain Upanishads – if you think you know Brahman, you don’t know Brahman,  if you really ARE it, you don’t need to believe in it…you eyes don’t need to look at yourself.

difference is dialogue – Buddhism- 1st opening gambits in dialogue – so you cant understand Buddhism from books because they write only opening gambits – hints -= but you have to go and Exp[lore, experiment on such things, …could I possible not desire ? concentrate the mind perfectly ? have to work with it …. the later attempts are the heart of Buddhism..

so then , shortly after Buddha’s time, the practice continued as a dialogue in his followers, then established great universities in Northern India – like an extremely large ongoing bull-session ea trying to out wit each other. …teacher/guru was examining students as to their beliefs and theories and destroying those …. any belief proposed or cling to or make to use as  a crutch, the teacher demolishes it…until you have nothing to cling to !!!   in dialogue.

Any kind of belief, they are experts at demolition. until you have nothing left to hang on to – then you find YOU ARE IT… nothing to grab, to hold on to, as teacher knocks ea one down.

when you have nothing left at all, then you are not anxious with any problems. it becomes the Void. and you laugh instead.  
- - - - --

                              talk available for sale, of course,  as an audio  at 


then another bio-meditative researcher spoke, so very long ago,  also on meditation:

Jack Garis:  re Buddhism  - in  more historical context

"why was it those times …in  6th century BC was a time when other philosophies also prevailed, besides Buddhism- Taoism, Jainism and Jewish prophets spoke ad many changes in moral perceptions, ethical consciousness…  in lands that then were  “Persia ”  ….

in India that period was time of great cultural change, break down of old feudal system and more individuals creating more and more power …  there was a flourishing civilization in India then, sailed vessels  In Sumeria and traded with others  - Jews traded in open seas – they had crows that when released went to nearest land and so  they found the lands – so the  story of Noah was created….

then 1200 BC   so-called India was invaded  by Aryans, destroyed/ conquest [as fall of Troy was then also, great cities were falling ] & Hittites destroyed Egypt. Who were these people ? find by their language something to understand – Aryans spoke of ‘the’ pine, the oak, individually, vs. as a group “forest” …so probably settled around Caspian sea and then some settled down in what became Greece, they  conquest-ed Egypt, ….

gods of Greece as are same gods essentially as used in India –
why were they able to do this ?.....why could they do this ? 

because of their weapons, and they were cattle people and moved about constantly, so having high walls, low rooms, settled in areas protected them…. had chariots with the wheel – the Egyptians did not have a wheel yet, that vs borrowed latter from the Hittites – they were ruthless and destroyed everything except Egypt  - they established their religion over the original darker skinned people…Aryans were lighter skinned people then…

then the Upanishads seers, those of the highest caste broke away from others in about 800 BC – many religious changes going on then  - Buddhism  was then rebellions against the old ways –against the feudal systems were breaking down, around where Nepal is now,

and Siddhartha came from the warrior class, protected by his father in palace w/o awareness of harshness of life, married, at 29 had a son, then had an encounter with …something else…experienced people growing old, people getting sick and death. 

He was shocked as his life was totally apart from this and he left palace, his wife & son. went to country side to find Meaning of Suffering in world and what can one do about it ? why must suffering be ? can it be overcome?   ….he became a hermit, an acetic, found that was also not the life for him—so he  instead  found the MIDDLE WAY –

“ existence is unhappiness” –so he found the  use of  the 4 noble-ways & 8 fold-path – selfishness can be destroyed by 8 ways – right understanding, right purpose, aspiration, right speech, right conduct, right ethics, right mindfulness, right mindfulness.

 vs self seeking. selfish ways.   Proper aim doesn’t mean don’t enjoy but be truthful, proper action –not cause death…. not harm society, not intoxicated, not lie, and not have slavery [harmful to others] , not have evil thoughts in mind,  - be conscious of body, sensations of pleasure and pain in body, and meditate – realize attachments of the mind – be carefree without hurting self or others…

notice Buddha did not call upon god or religions – like Christianity, Judaism – just stated mindfulness…meditation –to start and go on  = self help = not help from any outside god !

the development of tranquility  - meditation – concentration, focus the mind, like yoga. and high degree of unification to transcend 5 senses…even thought – to reach absorption, …. but not Nirvana   to develop tranquility, absorption is not highest level of liberation – which is obtainable thru INSIGHT….the Jains ….

to develop INSIGHT in absorption and body processes is to develop characteristics to safeguard self against phantasmic  visions or hallucinations that is most often characteristic of  “the book-people [Christian, Judaism, Islam] –“ find There is NO SELF, no soul…. from Hinduism the Atman merging with Brahman.

but in early Buddhism  others did not accept the Hindu version –

in Burma  =they taught how to  see things as they are, and see for yourself, not be influenced by others, what they say or want you to see or you expect to see, but start that practice

just be concerned with principle of meditation, not thinking of other things around.  the body posture – when standing, sitting, reclining …be aware of body … sounds simple but we get entranced, preoccupied of why we are doing this, the aim or goal of what we are trying to ‘get to’ that the process itself gets obliterated !

the impression of body becomes hazy, as body is a carrier to take you somewhere, instead of just experiencing what it is DOING NOW –standing ? sitting ? laying down ?    as Yoga does too. 

not saying ‘crossing leg over left foot’ but just ‘feeling the leg’ without a description.
comfort is essential because otherwise distracts the meditation. simple posture with pillow under buttocks.

relaxation. to have general mind fullness  - to notice How Mind Works…1st  notice rise & fall of abdomen with ea breath – the sensation, not naming it, not where it is happening, just the SENSATION, w/o thinking of the movement of abdomen…bare attention of physical process in all of the stages and maintain this awareness w/o a break as long as possible. ……

 then  the knowledge will arise of itself then..

                      Image result for nose breathing images[ google images breathes too ]

later use sensation…of feeling the air entering  in 1 nostril…. & out the other…  

[more not typed here, but that too can be heard on KPFK Archives adjacent to above Watts talk time ]


  (c) mjj   2018  [all except Watts/ Garis's words typed as heard ]

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Artificiality is not natural ? (asked Alan Watts)

Alan Watts talked about artificiality   

as heard from another lecture recorded and replayed - then with time/effort was typed to share here - as heard on KPFK radio: Thurs 12 M July 12, 2018 .

Again, there may be words not heard or typed correctly or an edit inserted to clarify what seems to be the topic and content, done for clarify. There is NEVER ANY PLAGIARISM OR INTENTION TO STEAL WHAT IS APPARENTLY
"OWNED" or inherited by Alan Watt's son[s] to use for their benefit/profits.


" the word “ARTIFICIAL”  is in one sense, comes from word “ficial” – means 

to make” from Latin,  & “ars” –is like  “artist,“  or artifact made by art, skillfully made …

museums are full of artifacts, made by artists left from long ago

"artificial in 2ndary sense – looks too much as if it were a work of art – when it is studied, strained, what LOOKS LIKE  :   plastic vs. glass to drink from.

                             Image result for drinking glass image       [google supplies pix here too]

something is looking like what it is not…has no substance to it …or someone acts in an artificial way, contrived way, and a pretense…

so, are there artificial ways of travel ? is it un-natural to ride a horse, take a jet plane or is that an extension of human capacity ?   like when we are going to another coast, as no one bothers to walk, or drive or ride bicycle ,for who can see the transitions along the way?  

and you cant swim to Tokyo because you, too,  need artificiality of a ship or plane. In older times, as when people had to take a boat, when no planes were available, it is so faster an elevator that goes too fast… traveling by jet feel like your psyche has not caught up with you.   

Then you feel disarranged. So does that mean you should not go by jet ? when you can afford it ? So it is an artificial debate, of ONE UPS-MAN-SHIP  of what is natural vs. artificial

what do you do if you do go to Japan ?– go to fancy hotel and watch their TV or eat their food ? is that natural or artificial travel-acting ?  or do you just stay home and find it more comfortable at USA home vs. the discomforts of
Japanese toilets or their homes compared [to what you are accustomed to have in USA ] ...

that depends on  having 'original' or 'adaptable 'personalities – some people  have same breakfast every day or don’t feel they are themselves.    They become creatures of habit and feel good for being same daily. 

                        Image result for japanese home traditional images[google image traditional japanese home]

So: would you travel to different states of consciousness same as you might travel to Japan ?

What about chemistry of the matter ? as in changes of consciousness… people claim all that has to do with chemistry is “artificial” and not real,  but synthetic like a plastic glass vs. real glass, like synthetic Vitamin C vs. rose hips or Wonder bread vs. ‘real ‘ bread.   

the word “drug’ is  assumed to act like a warning, except when using “drug store” vs. a "pharmacy" . But someone who takes  drugs, that is scary & dreadful –  using as drug=dope, like a dope-fiend -  who lies around doing nothing all day and doesn’t do much but have sexual fantasies and becomes
increasingly dependent on drugs, which is terrible. 

But alcoholics are not bad – tho they may do same –nothing but drink for hrs and keep drinking more to feel good and can’t stop. But that is not called ‘bad’ in same way.

People  like to boast how much they drank last night and had so much fun and there is no taboo to that. but drugs are different.  Japanese men walk down street at night holding on to each other, swaying, and people don’t worry.  It is assuming they are ‘happy’ – or  like the ancient Greeks or monks getting drunk = and that was OK too. It was  the stories to tell about them and how smart they were even when drunk, or how funny the story was [to tell too] .  

Teachers used to get drunk, Zen teachers, and they had permission to use alcohol excessively, frequently, but it is a DRUG and a narcotic, to create torpor, to sleep. But word drug is not used for alcohol.

Doctor asks if you "take any drugs", so you can think of prescriptions and don’t even think of mentioning alcohol. The word “drug” is loaded so to keep conversations clean, we don’t use that bad word.  There are states of consciousness  dependent on use of chemistry. 

A prejudice on the use of chemistry – as if it is a put-down to use chemicals vs. being ‘ natural’ [as if no chemicals were involved in life, living, itself  ?] so you are taught to “keep you thoughts pure and clean & strong and all will take care of itself, mind over matter “– as we say in America.  

Tho it is impossible to practice, because mind over matter would also  mean not eating instead of murdering  animals, plants as we do to stay alive  - or use aspirin, coffee, tea or wine …. or even to list the cost of these items we
use… by not calling them  chemicals, then to not be considered ‘un-natural’. 

All is cultural -relative to how we classify things. ...

But chemistry of things is way of describing what happens  - you can describe anything from a chemical pt of view. like a painting – describe chemistry used and what makes up the painting. 

It becomes clumsy in trying to describe art thru it’s chemistry. Same difficulty to describe sounds or spiritual insights. but even every fotograph, whatever the content, the same grid is needed  to print that foto [small black dots on white/light color background …or  the chemicals that are used to ‘develop’ films for fotos.]  like water...

... the grace  superior and body  subordinate to mind, but that is impossible. putting your head on the ground and looking thru your legs is hanging down upside down  is an interesting pt of view, vs. usual one. 

People who are too spiritual are like wine that is too alcoholic tasting and not tasting good. We have to follow a more MIDDLE WAY.

                           Image result for road line in middle images   [google images]

there are chemicals that bring about changes of consciousness, that can be,   [in Watts’ opinion,] aids to spiritual ways.   A Chinese meditation master said to meditate, have a few drinks first, to save time to be able to meditate deeply. that may be a Chinese way, vs. Japanese ways.

It is difficult to find which chemicals are helpful – most are 3 types – cannabis, mescaline & psilocybin, and LSD [In his day, he said are the principal ones as he discusses in this time of his lecture in 1960's - 1970's].  

There are 3 variables to be considered: the chemical itself, the setting it is used [circumstances &  social ] and the set [the character, his background he brings to the experience].

Everyone has to do it their own way and then speaks to their own set & setting they use chemicals.   So each person’s descriptions of their experiences have to be taken with ‘a grain of salt’ because of their individual differences. not the chemicals being always different but the set & setting parts.

                   Image result for chemicals images [google chemistry contained ]   

We don’t know if any of these chemicals are therapeutic…in  thepast they have used Indian hemp = cannabis for therapeutic uses, as in 1918 it was prescribed. 

But no specific chemicals are prescribed for specific ailments. When a medical doctor puts chemicals in a system is to heal a specific disease  - except vitamins are health builders as supplements, used for ‘diet’ vs. medicine. 

Medicine is for a specific occasion and important to not be hooked on any medicine. To be cured and sent away so patient doesn’t return to doctor.

But clergyman does opposite, wants to hook so person returns every week and is not ‘cured’ or changed. Physicians became more empirical vs. clergy became scholastic – knowing what is in books to repeat and quote vs. studying in experiments and evidence. Physicians began to shift from being clergy to be empirical – but both are helpful to the ailing patient. Most clergy now [not as they did before ] do not believe they have any true power to cure so they send people to psychiatrist instead.  

While the patient who talks about religion is considered ‘crazy’ by a psychiatrist.   it was the fashion for psychiatrists  before to consider all religious beliefs as superstitions and they denied all religious talk – while clergy cant talk about sex or sexual obsessions because clergy wants that aspect of life fully controlled or regimented. 

A physician must prescribe medicine for a disease or he is not allowed to perform some other ritual like clergy might do [exorcism, baptisms, ‘healings’ by the spirit ] .   So, the dying pt is the most difficult, as the doctor cant do anything except want patient to deny death and not face death as an important event – while clergy is quickly called in then. Physician is out of role in those kind of emergencies because his role is to prescribe chemicals for disease and that is his specialty. 

But chemicals are really only research tools. Like a phone you can talk & hear 1000’s of miles, or telescope to see 1000’s of miles, or microscopes – all these are Artificial means …. so is it ok to use artificial things outside your skin  to enhance, learn, but if you use it ‘inside your skin’ then it is dangerous and assumed to be harmful and that you cant handle it carefully, intelligently, or well. 

But [Watts] regards these substances as "INVESTIGATIONS", with careful use, as all things that take you to unfamiliar realms, it can be dangerous  - as anything out of the usual can be dangerous – as going West where you find wild animals or tribes ..chemicals can cause psychosis.

But dangerous does not  mean we never do it or try it  - carefully. As riding on freeway is dangerous too. but taking LSD may be less dangerous than that traffic on freeway ? it is RESPONSIBLE USE of some substances that good things can be done thru them.  ///

                                                [end to typed lecture as heard on KPFK radio ]

[there was more discussion in lecture describing the 3 types of chemicals he mentioned above, but was not typed on here ] 

While Watts was experimental, adventurous and courageous in so many variety of ways in his living and then studying, lecturing on not just personal stories but mostly his wonderings about what he was dis-covering, thinking, sharing his thoughts to make us, listeners, also THINK differently than was conventional then and now too, it was a different era than now.

Chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals and addictions, are similar but not the same as it was 40-50 yrs ago today. The concerns change with public and government policies and 'crisis' declared as "epidemics" when convenient or urgent. 


including radio   [as is also heard on KPFK too]  and on
 TV,    newspapers,    on-line postings    and all -any  ways of publicly TELLING STORIES --all the while claiming that version to be the ONLY 1 that must be "True, Real, Only...." / allowed.

                            Image result for truth images     [google-'can stock' image]

The communicating a certain version of a possible reality or actuality 'that happened or was differently interpreted later... or by others....with their own SELECTIVE emphases - and that is then imaged in pictures, or quotes and repeated incessantly - as if ...

Image result for truth images    [ google image]

as if.... then the repetition is done - to insure that this 'truth'/story becomes  BELIVABLE and remembered as if  "TRUE,"  as if The Factual.                              

vs. being known as as another  anecdote.
vs. as just  another  opinion.
vs. as a bias /  prejudice /  others' personal views et al.

Just as: being socially, culturally, politically POWERFUL =
as in  to have wealth, influence and ACCESS to broadcasting media- 
to be able to present, publish, platform, distribute & proliferate those
certain versions of what may be 'a' reality - maybe, or in part...

 but that story told :  about that photo 
or a story 
or another  made-up-slant-spinning that a then sold-as 'truth' ....

with the Insistence that there is "ONLY 1 TRUTH & we own it. 

and, of course,  only those IN POWER THEN are definers of it.  

the "Authority" to  then control, own, define, decide and claim what is what 
and what is not
 or 'fake' 
or 'other' 
comes with wealth & status,  
[even with many-humans-together-stand-outside-on-streets -to "protest"
do too.-- as that is another form of mass-group intimidation and add threats of violence are included, even when words are emphasized as "peaceful" ...but often many in these mobs are not nor intend to be either]

of course! 


                      Image result for chemicals images [google chemistry for the masses, us ]

which is the "real" chemical and which is merely colored water in a fancy bottle intended to impress and attract attention ?  or sell a story, maybe a lie or falsehood ?

So all "the rest of us" are feeling, believing, agreeing-with and obeying, 

and also then enforcing and coercing everyone else to AGREE with only us is a SET-UP. 

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can this too be = "artificial" while still claiming to be "natural" and "true" and "real"  and acepted, approved of, allowed, to dominate ?

and to  not to be defined, labed, identified as if  the "bad" enemy and labeled with old WWII words mostly or 1700-1800's wars & cultures ? 

: can there be any OTHER story ? that is   different/ argued/ questioned/ nor doubted ! from the prevailing dominant 1 ? or else...?

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