Monday, January 29, 2018

DANGEROUS situations emerge and are revealed, elsewhere:

Many details have been finally revealed - elsewhere - and will not be copy-pasted here, as the words THERE are informative and supply details that pertain to KPFK's 'umbrella' or 'national operating offices and board [PNB]'.

Please just click at link below,  or go there regularly, to update for valuable data and INFORMATION available no where else on web  - about the financial travails and disputes and problems that have emerged for KPFK  - and it's land property ownership to back up debts incurred at NY's WBAI....

Finances, that have apparently for years been mis-handled, overlooked, problems denied  and / or not having any professionally business oversight... and  all that has come to a recently Court Award of millions owed by WBAI, and with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$   loans using KPFK's property  and more as collateral mortgage.

This is totally unacceptable to any Stakeholders/ Donors/ Members/ Investors in KPFK, in the past or now !

But as a done-deal by a Court Awarded settlement, KPFK is paying for what it's listeners, community, volunteers, even management had nothing to do with, before ...but now, do.

Sad, scary. Bad. 

so see    

for all articles since Dec 28, 2017 onward - for more details and explanations of how this financial mis-manangement[s] has affected all 5 + Pacifica radio stations, not just the WBAI part. 

Note that the Pacifica National Board," PNB" , is made up of selected, chosen LSB - local board members of ea. station: brief vote, and then these folks are without vetting or question as to their expertise  asked to manage any foundation or radio station's financial or managerial affairs ?

These are then the apparently "main deciders" with that authority for all 'the rest of any members' [donors, stakeholders, investors, funders et al ] .

... and along with an INTERIM general Manager - who may be doing his 'best' - but who apparently is also in conflict with many & various factions with their differing solutions choosing what may prevent total catastrophe. maybe.

Anyone can call, write, go  to their local radio station =

to demand information and answers to any questions, 
           whether welcomed there or not. 

Note that it is all the $$$$ fund-raised - & coming up more fund-raising - that is being wasted. 

Plus all any $$$ that is still being spent - not on any radio stations' improvements -  nor even on technical equipment, nor on property maintenance nor even on  their basic same-old-same-old 'programs'' maintenance. Nor on staff salaries or management pay. No. Not for what is assumed needs to be paid with members' earnings and sharings.

 [Because  no one ever wants to give up their own Program - tho they are mostly payola'd - by having that special ACCESS, which is also POWER,  to use their on-air promos/ slants/ guests/ events/ PR/ et al. They claim they do not get "paid" as in cash or a revealed-trade-favor  = but that is not all that goes on behind those scenes..never admitted nor mentioned, of course ! ]

So each 'volunteer' [they are really a promoter, and are not volunteering - but they are more keeping a hold on to their assumed-property-status.... as each 'programer', as staff or volunteer, still rigidly retains their broadcast spaces - and all  continue on for years, yet without any real. independent, valid, reliable evaluations or show any improved changes !

Pacifica stations apparently operate in this closed, stuck-in-stone, for each individual 'program' person's feifdom- manner and Anywhere in this USA !  

                         Image result for kpfk imagesgoogle image, of course

so in LA write or call :          

tel. 1 818 985 2711    day time hours  9am -5 pm   x 0 

and ask for The General Manager 
 [ a new one coming as on KPFK website:   
             "Anyel Zuberi Fields to be Next KPFK General Manager"  ...

even tho he has been there in that position before now - as 'interim'  GM then...
and no actual, factual evidences of better qualifications have been provided,  no evaluations or proofs of improved expertise, ..nor has any professional vetting has been stated about any GM selected to run the show, even as .."a nice guy" seems to not be enough...

while no qualifications are ever revealed or even noted to us, as members, donors, Stakeholders, investors to KPFK or any Pacifica radio station, we are not involved nor participating, as some wish or maybe are assumed to be ...OK policy, pattern as is ? huh ? ] 

or ask to speak directly to the Program Director  
[tho  the KPFK i-PD  is also "interim =-temporarily, while  still stuck there for many years] . 

Changes or improvements are apparently difficult with the same people in POWER POSITIONS. As they continue retaining, repeating and slanting to  their own views, their own limitations,  their particular talents--  but not showing progress or even attempting to experiment-allow-for-IMPROVEMENTS there.  

                      Wonder why ? 

[so trying to find the station's link for staff or management on KPFK's  website? it is difficult  - when links are hidden behind other 'words'  members' waste time to search out simple things like, "what is location ?"  huh ? ]
see ""  to then find their location ? who would have thought to find it there ? anyone ? logically ? 

link on more... to this : ""  

and only then, maybe, find how to to locate YOUR radio station...duh...

a travesty to have to flail about to find this basic simple info ! 

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Friday, January 19, 2018

KPFK helping pay Pacifica's debt with a loan based on.......

As of January 18, 2018 the Pacifica Foundation board formally approved and accepted a Loan - that was put together by it's members in So. California  - in order to pay off a pending legal judgment that has been  awarded to the Empire State Building

The Debt was created by it's NY radio station WBAI's rental problems.This is not recent but a longer occurring financial problem that had not been paid nor resolved earlier. 

This loan was created to keep the Pacifica organization out of a less preferred ' Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing', for now.

So another plan of action to prevent the collapse of Pacifica and it's many radio stations across the this nation was to instead create Loans to help WBAI - and all the stations  who are then also indebted, too.

The resulting loan, for now,  is a short-term "bridge" loan. 

That is  intended to pay off the ESRT judgment immediately and then transition the seriously indebted organization into a 3-year line of credit that will  then follow.

A resulting 3 to 3-1/2  year-timeline will thus allow Pacifica to possibly explore several more or other options - to pay off some of it's large & long-term debts. 

The [PNB] Pacifica Nat'l Board and the management then assumes they might get clear of the ESRT final judgment awarded.

 [and while some people prefer to claim that it was like an
 " extortion " - that was the term used defensively, perhaps - because tho all of the court-awarded results & actions were apparently legal, and so binding & had to be paid  - and had been due for prior years, the lease contract was entered into by WBAI and/or Pacifica management and boards, in prior years.]

So then the recently decision judicially made about that lawsuit judgment - that was just recently completed,  Pacifica and all the people who have some authority to act in it's behalf were required  to find some quick financial solutions. 

Thus, this  LOAN THAT ENCUMBERS more than WBAI, but alsoKPFK or KPFA , stations that own properties, also may involve and indebted other stations too, who  may have to pay some monies for this catastrophic legal debt. 

The debt is assumed to have been created by those who apparently were not professionally astute enough nor adept at making proper, practical financial decisions or contracts - when signing that lease at WBAI.

Blame is being thrown to many who occupied positions of some authority, at both WBAI and Pacifica. 

Tho no one has come forth with  any apologies, nor with any acceptance of  responsibility for signing those WBAI rent leases.   Nor have there been  any open, transparent or trustworthy explanations of "what really happened?"  given by those many involved in Pacifica -of those who may be from - then or now -  'in the know'.

The actual people or sources who signed, agreed to, and held quiet to the dangers within that huge UN-payable debt  have not been [yet] publicly revealed.  Nor investigated ? Or questioned ? Who is to know ?

The Donors / stakeholders of KPFK - and  all the other Pacifica Stations  - have contributed hard-earned money, savings, gifts of  financial worth - but intending that for the maintenance and improvement of their radio stations. 

But none of those donations were surely given for these :
legal debts, fees, attorneys, legal fees, plus past rents due.... and yet ....all that has and is being spent - to extricate the main organization from this judgment - the one that has occurred around WBAI's rent in a NY high-priced building.

The Empire State deal resulted in that real estate trust taking in much revenue without  Pacifica then having to engage in some fire sales, or reductions in what is owed now.  For a while, anyhow.

This loan may help Pacifica  -in retaining some semblance of  the organization's independence or sense of being temporarily steady, not collapsing.... until or if some difficulties later do emerge - maybe, when & about  later renewing the loan or if having some difficulties in repaying the loan just created. 

Some hope. Others may despair and worry. Who is to know ?

                          - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - 
Plse  NOTE
Much of the above information is explained more fully at . Look there, to see  many other articles about what occurs at the National Level at Pacifica, which covers KPFK and it's 4 other major city radio stations, that are under it's network.

                        Image result for money images google generous images 

Perhaps, specific numbers, debts or financial conditions of each radio station may or not be available at that more informative website. It is the only other available source of updated information about the whole Pacifica...which then affects our KPFK every time, too. 

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

New KPFK, old interim: Gen'l Mgr coming

Per the Pacifica's  Interim Exe Director of Pacifica:
                 Bill Crosier:

"I'm excited to be able to announce that  
Anyel Zuberi Fields will be coming back to KPFK 
as the station's next regular (as opposed to interim) GM, 
effective on or around Jan. 29 2018."

that announcement made a just recently did not explain nor reveal who else was considered for that prime position...

 & not who else was available, nor why Christine Blosdale was no longer staying as the interim GM

That announcement barely revealed the above, 
and nothing more was revealed about the selection process, nor about who chose this GM, nor why this change was being made Now.

That is how things are done.  

With little explanation to make the process acceptable, understandable or to gain The weary KPFK stakeholders, donors, listeners trust.  

Transparency is the missing part here, yet again ! 

[As Zuberi had been an interim GM before, and his qualifications or effectiveness  was not described, nor if any vetting done. None was mentioned .

[unless we missed it ? 
Where are such announcements made for all KPFK dedicated investors to know what is happening at Our Radio Station ?  ]


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Friday, January 5, 2018

Sonali on KPFK - talking with Bill Crosier ,interim Exe Director of Pacifica, Jan 5 2018

Sonali on KPFK talking with Bill Crosier interim Exe Director of Pacifica Jan 5 2018 

this short interview can also be heard again on:  

  or KPFK Archives 
and            “” 
look there for text if any or pod-casts

Interview was conducted on-air = Jan 5, 2018 @ 8:25 am – 8:40am Friday morning on Sonali’s radio hr program.

Note the reduced rapid discussion of basics that are better explained by print that may be in other printed articles, as well.

We don't know when the decisions were made to NOW EXPOSE AND ADMIT TO ANY OTHER OUTSIDE MEDIA. 
[other than those many only-internal emails to closed Pacifica groups -or at PNB or LSB meetings. And if there were any public groups, town halls, we did not hear or know of any so far.]

IF…any other radio hosts have been revealing info, that could be easily be missed unless any listeners were deafened listening to any Pacifica radio station 24/7-to then go bonkers thru all else those feisty tidbits that might also be filtered.

These words below have been sorta “typed up” as they were  so rapidly uttered on air,
w/o many explained details or solid info given,with a few breaths being taken that made a few points audible and thus notable.

It maybe that Crosier is being interviewed in many places and thru other external medias that has not been revealed nor admitted nor promoted openly ? 

We, urban workers, all have ltd time and energy to listen, attend to what happens out of our necessary worlds. 

This was typed, and now shared :            TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF EACH, ALL Pacifica's RADIO STATIONS= those who have DONATED, thus BECOME STAKEHOLDERS [and are thus the ‘investors’ w/o any documentation.]

Those who have no‘voice’ or say about what happens to their hard earned funds,‘gifted’ for the various & dubious-valued “premiums” hawked by on-air hosts.

Also, reader, you may want to searchand see more media articles, interviews, any exposures of what has FINALLY NOW BEEN REVEALED - in WSJ, Common dreams, Bay area nsprs & websites.

[tho many seem slanted towards defending and promoting KPFA mostly, while baring noticing what any of the other 4 stations are about or doing -or how they are affected by this $$$$ catastrophe ]

Image result for building breaking falling images google generous sharing of images


"they have not yet seized our assets...

signal[swamping?] swapping – coverage area traded w/exchanging signal swaps… we have broker looking in this

no pain free out of this, we have additional debt

ESRT took us to court and won...they can seize assets but would take 1 yr to finalize, after FCC would approve it first so it could be challenged ...

we need $$$ sooner from loan in interim... to paid by signal swap... but we have NOT YET MADE DECISION ON OW TO GET FUNDS...

we have poor credit to get good rate on loan

have interest-share-rates [?]

we have 2 diff loans looking at thru PNB,
we may sign written agreement so they don’t seize assets or take bigger loan [takes couple months to get] to pay all other debts too

we eventually have to pay interest & loan of both

KPFK owns bldg in Studio City, talk of mortgaging to pay loans but that would add to our monthly expenses !!!

our credit is bad, we have lots of debt, so difficult to get good loan

initial loan w/ KPFK bldg as collateral, but bigger loan so would use all other lands too too  not just KPFK’s

stations having to take up this burden, 4 other stations, problem was generated by just 1 station in network

WBAI has helped out other stations in past
debt was approved not by WBAI but Pacifica’s GM in past, tho it may have been inadver-tently [not realized how steep or how deep debt it involved ???}

NY stations hurts that high rent obligated to pay filing for bankruptcy may help Pacifica’s controlling it’s debts tho PNB voted against it

many opinions on this…[Bill] thinks we should have done Chap 11 already to prevent
ESRT seizing assets in 4 mo, tho have many yrs to pay off ALL OTHER DEBTS [?}

all PNB said [agreed ????] to file bankruptcy to protect our assets & continue operating.. we can file Chap 11 immediately but has expenses also, that we also have to pay

Board decided to get loans to pay judgements and then late figure out how to pay all other loans too.

Pacifica has lucrative licenses, signals in huge areas, KPFK 112 [voltage or ?] signal power 

except KFPA may be best financial station 
 [is this a fact or a version ???? no # or facts have been clearly revealing this]

why so few listeners in all ? [Bill says]- all have reduced listeners, even tho we have archives that is not listened to nor used enough.

we need more pgms, better pgms, some shows not doing what they should and are not being supported, so need to be replaced  -  we need more good programming , for other time slots not doing well and promoting them better, ways low cost to promote them, get younger listeners too [not listening to any radio either ]

are we alienating listeners with so much fund raising ? they complain regularly &
when shows pre-empted we lose listeners…like there are 140 days of fund drives next yr  == that drives yng listener off,  ...

KPFK fund drive pgms are sometimes interesting on their own and they have many planed fund driving days, but it may not bring in enough money

re governance: other organizations have more fund raising done by boards… yet some of our board members do not raise much or get major donors..we need to figure out to how to change our governance

there is a tremendous amt of infighting !!! public members are turned off to watch or hear that fighting !!

we need to have demands for meetings w/ high standards of purity, "we cut off nose to
spite face" = we need to produce good radio so people support us…Pacifica now needs us

now, with more issues with president in WH… we need board members, every one, to help get funds !   open meetings are web-streamed and can be listened to on KNXT, audio archives are listened to later when broadcast live – people don’t listen, – people fight over little details, little contentions, 3-5 yrs of meetings every week, and cant get thru this is not way to solve problems

there's too much complaining and blaming and finding faults so not completing agendas

Pacifica radio network should be a household name but it isn’t. a completely different
model of broadcasting than others, so valuable…we hope Pacifica will emerge out of crisis, both $ and political. 

"American needs Pacifica" 

Let’s hope to talk again… hope process will work. we need to pay of loans."
             Image result for building breaking falling images yep, google image

 end of quotes from Sonali's program.

see articles printed elsewhere too

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

HOW BAD can this KPFK [ Pacifica ]business get ? read on….

 -ooo-------------------+++ [~]+++//// ............. oo  ---------oo---------///............[~]................===....

Pacifica's interim Exe Director wrote that it is ok to finally make public his thoughts, words, and findings - about the "yuge" debt facing our Pacifica network and thus also each radio station therein.

So quotes have been selected and are presented here  - to help inform all of us a bit =

past and present ones, [who also might be called 'investors' and loyalists] can check further for more updated info as it emerges elsewhere.
here are a few quotes out of a very long letter:

“Pacifica has been kicking the can down the road for several years and has accumulated large amount of debts....  

Pacifica is asset rich but cash poor. It must sell or swap some of its assets, whether real estate or  signal license to generate necessary cash that we need….   

the local Board has chosen to conduct these deliberations in Closed Session, meaning in secret. This gives them cover…. the Board has chosen to conduct these deliberations in Closed Session, meaning in secret. This gives them cover……..
point where Pacifica’s interests in its assets are in imminent danger of being seriously damaged. After Jan. 8th, 2018, ESRT can record an abstract of judgement any time and perfect their lien on California properties. This will include both the KPFA and KPFK buildings and the National Office building. .... 

Our bank accounts are already under threat of seizure at ESRT’s discretion. We had earlier provided a legal opinion from bankruptcy attorney….    some…. still hoping for getting a loan to pay off  the ESRT judgment….. 

It will be difficult to get a loan when there is a lien  attached. It also seriously weakens our negotiating ability…….

We are delinquent in our Audits, both for Financial statements and  Retirement Plans….. Our book-keeping and reporting is materially  deficient where we are not able to produce monthly financial statements  in a reliable and accurate manner…. 
Several stations do not have  qualified accounting staff… 

"our business does not produce a cash surplus to service interest or debt  repayment. A few stations do not have working capital to sustain their  operations….
We have been very alarmed and concerned, for quite some time, about  the dysfunction and paralysis…..   

"PNB has not taken any action so far to  protect Pacifica’s assets…… 

More than 120 employees and their families  will be affected if Pacifica is not able to recover from the present crisis….         ###

then another person involved in Pacifica wrote: 

PNB did not get to the bankruptcy motion last week so no action was taken on it....          

"80% of our money comes from listener donations   ....

another wrote: 

 "...Pacifica agreed that WBAI would pay...the Empire State Realty Trust steeply increased rent."     True.    The agreement  was made by Pacifica, not by WBAI [NY] .”


for any readers here, who are unaware of the crisis that all Pacifica [5x] radio stations are facing because of the WBAI [NY] station's plight with not paying it's prior debts - and letting things escalate into serious financial circumstances - do check the internet web for other sources, tho few, that may have more detailed information.

The many details, specifics and the extreme difficulties are not being repeated here, purposely, to avoid  then eliciting the usual trolling,  and mean-angry-people responding here.

An article has appeared in the Wall Street Journal recently.

More information may also be found at that contains many more relevant specifics, with comments contributions also possible there.

                        Image result for drowning images an appropriate google image 
It is important to now question all those - who are currently or have been on all local boards, &  the main PNB nat'l board, & the local staff, &  managers ...and all who are 'in the know'... or should be so.

Members can no longer be told it is not our business as the Pacifica Business seems to ready to fall apart. We are the contributors that have sustained it so far. 

All in Pacifica, in KPFK, are now facing the serious financial possible downfall - of all/any the connected radio stations - because they are each tied together in this 'network'.

So if 1 goes down,or is drowning, then the others also will sink along too - or are merely being choked by the mess - tho created by a few, while others seen to have "never noticed anything " before the collapse.  huh? 
no one knew ? no one who held official positions cared or asked or noticed ? no one was told the problems existed ? 

How could that happen ????? then or now ?

                        Image result for drowning images ththanks, google images !

        ['gasp!!! glug !!! owch !!! noooo!!! ]

We had no idea that our donations were going to be required to help pay for those far off debts & mis-managements... tho some were done in the past and others may have been a lack of accountability, transparency, accountability by any/all radio stations - we are part of - currently too. 

The dangers of KPFK's property in LA being used as collateral for any loans that were not created by LA, or KPFK, but by far away decision-makers,is really 
scary ! 

Any concerned shareholder, donor, listener...= all contributors, volunteers, interns, and concerned-citizens might want to call the radio station, write the station managers via email or hard-copy mail, or write news reports to inform 'all those who need to know'.

It is not just the cash, money, and donations that are at issue here. 

The whole management and boards' oversight has apparently been negligent - for all to get to this so serious condition... 

And each radio station nationally has also inadvertently or even deliberately colluded =
yes,  by not caring or noticing what their 'neighbor-sibling-neworking-station' was or was NOT doing...

as in any station that was not doing proper or professional good business practices...

did no one notice ? that fun image and demand for separate "independence" was claimed. But now is not possible or being  denied - when all Pacifica radio stations are apparently tied together - if the Foundation network is impoverished by any 1 
or more radio station....

[and who knows when this actually began, anyhow? ]

The selecting of a representative to a local board does not measure their competence or their reasonable decision making - nor their fund raising abilities either. 

[but local LSB people are selected mostly - tho not by any majority of KPFK members, like you - who listen, pay up, & volunteer at any of these radio stations, but by a few selected nominators and friends, agreers, the so few that are needed to become a LSB member ! ]

& check out the bylaw-rules for how this done, to see the lack of any vetting, any expertise required, or any accountability demanded to be on Board ...
how few members vote or even know what LSB does or doesn't do ! 

Those who claim to run the 'show' do NOT actually represent us, us = the donors/members of Pacifica / KPFK they do not communicate with us, nor do any LSB or PNB members -ever- inform or ask us about any plans, actions, programs... or any of the decisions they say is only theirs to make, including incurring debts... hmmmm

Nor does is there any transparency of what any LSB persons are doing... nor do they show they even care that we exist - past their being voted "in"...  or past our dollars being sent in to station. 

Has Anyone ever receive a postcard ? a phone call ? an email ? or any 'report of what is happening to your radio station .... to the listener' ?   by anyone in management ?  or LSB position ? Anyone ? Ever ?  

When all falls out/ down/ or breaks apart, then all who want status, power, position do the blaming, make hard accusations,  do harangues, hide behind denials and even expose their meannesses - all yuk emerges  - and floods much communication that hides secretly inside that organization. 

That is happening now at Pacifica.

And if we, the KPFK PUBLIC members, are not informed at all, but we are kept a far distance 
[as long as our credit card & checks clear and ur money is taken], because we are irrelevant. 

We are not connected nor valued. 

Yep. We are uninformed of the dangers, the decisions, the actions taken, the programmers allowed 'in' to on-air-access, et al. 

All that separation of membes then creates the silence and secret world - that has also allowed such dangers to KPFK et al to happen.... is now. 

Not even KPFK's  direct actions or inactions were mentioned, tho from anyone in there, it seems all staff, management, boards were  too neglecting to see or care - what [else] could bring them down, down, down !!! too.

Like the question about sexual abuse in news now,  that is & has been always easily denied, & not 'seen',&  not reported, & not noticed... until....that silent collusion by negligence and DENIAL then helped form this dire situation that has culminated...

= in the same ways KPFK & Pacifica has a huge debt, a huge bill, & without funds to pay it without causing harm or losses.

The lack of professional expertise of all those who claimed power/position/officialness, now becomes noticeable - sadly...tho only when crises and unseen-unexpected BAD changes erupt.  

As they have NOW:  at WBAI, and thus slipping over to KPFK... as well as KPFA, KPFT and other Pacifica stations & affiliate ones too, perhaps.

As in "we are one" but not for benefits or progress...and we thus all together "sink or swim".
It is long past time to learn how to swim, by now, so we/they are not well enough to not 

              [gurgle ! gasp !]

KPFK is our local radio station, for a little while more, maybe. We, public members, donors, have not heard or been informed about any dangers past the usual local funding ones. 

The current overall-network financial problems are serious and need to be exposed, solved, corrected.

Any such circumstances be corrected & prevented. 
Tho who knows ? It may be later than curable or solvable now without serious damage,such as in mortgaging KPFK properties to pay others' debts, loans...or endangering what we thought 'was OURS' for so long. 

sad. bad. secretly denied. games people played. sad. 

(c)  bt & rr    2018