Friday, March 29, 2019

Russia wants to know re KPFK ? Ukraine too ? huh?

Strange stats that Google provides on this blog site for the 1 prior week to today:

United States
Unknown Region
Dominican Republic
United Kingdom          1"

and strangely the very week AFTER the above list was posted
here,   the Google results show this instead - what happened ???
huh ?  Who is interested enough in these blog posts where ? why?

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea

does anyone else wonder why there are more 
viewers in Russia and Ukraine than elsewhere?
Or that USA is so disinterested ?

who are these algorithmic or 'bots' that even
bother because of the KPFK-radio station - media
related title ? probably.

weird ways of mis-understanding what is important

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Pacifica's Elections still looking strange, KPFK must pay a colluding part too

Hara Handala  posted this info  on

[and is being copied here, only slightly edited for readability/format, names deliberately deleted out of courtesy only,leaving initials instead &   no other  content changed ! ]

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"Two pieces of election news, courtesy of a coalition website (pejoratively, faction), the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition, which supported the candidature of Bill E____, 
who died in December.

1) The NES declared the day after polls closed that "[w]e have met quorum across the 5 stations". The GCRC's homepage used the same formulation: "[t]he election is over and all five Pacifica stations achieved quorom [sic]!".

 But what the NES said doesn't *necessarily* mean what one may think at first glance: re-read the NES' words: she didn't say 'quorum was met in all nine elections' (listener, staff – no WPFW listener election) – so what she said admits the possibility that one station, or more, may have met one quorum but failed another.

2) The site also has documentation on the firing of the second NES, A____ V_____, on Sa5Jan, the day after she had sent a revised timeline to the ED & PNB, made to protect, in her judgment, the integrity of the pseudo-election, thereby discharging her prime duty on behalf of the Pacifica membership. 

Ms V____ says she needed the membership lists to be improved, & for the whole pseudo-election process to be protected from the persistent political pressure of well-placed candidates:       "[m]y 'faults' were to try to resist interference and directives on how to conduct the 2018 elections from individual directors (who are also nominees/candidates)". (She was also fired as the KPFT LES on 15Jan.)

On 3Jan she obviously upset the ED &, especially, director G A_____ by announcing to them that she was revising the pseudo-election timeline, basing herself on the by-laws & "the advice of the Pacifica Counsel, Mr. F G____".

 The next day she sent the revised timeline to the ED, the PNB, & Mr G____. The day after, fired. Makes sense, really. After all, director G____ A____ seems to be acting as de facto Executive Director, even to the point of running that conversation when the ED called NES Viscarra two days before her firing.

At the crucial moments, again & again, ...[exec dir]  M____ III takes the path of least resistance, towing the line of the ____    faction. The other week he provided a Stalinesque public denunciation, rubbishing A____during a recorded Pacifica meeting, it now enshrined in the Short Course as his 'AWOL' speech. 

No-one stays long as a virgin in PacificaWorld. No wonder WPFW couldn't even find four more listener candidates to slide straight into those empty LSB seats."


Monday's PNB Audit Cttee had a surprise: the CFO seems to have walked out into the ocean. Everyone else was there: the National Office bookkeeper/accountant, the ED, NETA, & the auditor. But not Larry D____. Not even mentioned. In fact he's never attended a recorded Pacifica meeting. (two other files too: 'b' & 'c')

The disappearing D_____. The 6Dec PNB private session statement disclosed his appointment: "the Pacifica National Board hired an interim CFO, Larry D______ as a Pacifica employee". 

The final words are there to make explicit what had been said at a meeting now in the archive: he's seconded from NETA. The meetings archive also says he's there for three months – so expiring today. Oh. 

But maybe there's been an extension, as might also have happened c. 1Oct2018 to the six-month waiver granted by FJC at the very start of the loan (ED L_____ email, c. early April 2018).

As Larry's been seconded from NETA it's rather odd that, according to the (poorly worded) PNB statement, he was instructed by the PNB to negotiate a contract with . . . NETA: 

"[the PNB]  authorized him, in conjunction with our Pacifica ED and NETA, to negotiate and submit a modified agreement with NETA to the PNB that includes hands[-] on staff to address deficiencies in our financial accounting at the station level and throughout our network." 

NETA's website still lists him as in the second highest stratum in the hierarchy, a Senior Controller, immediately below Anita from NETA. But no doubt NETA can be trusted to maintain that wall to prevent a conflict of interest, especially concerning Larry's career prospects within NETA. 

After all, they keep telling us they are full of Southern hospitality. (M____ also had a dig at G_____: he said she was largely responsible for the content of the NETA contract: a lot has been spent, for not that much.)

Even odder than the prima facie conflict of interest, & perhaps more important in the long run, some guys from the Kalahari seem to have got onto the call. It must be said that recording quality has deteriorated markedly over the last few months."



noticing how long the KPFK demands for More Money has been running since February and ongoing to date, there is hardly anyone able to listen or even check-in to see when , if ever that plea - bargaining might end, if ever ???  one programmer noted that their "goal" was not met

duh,  so many outside of that secretive clan - inside the radio station's physical quarters - are again.....wondering  ???   if that meant that when the management, as it is or acts, must not be able to calculate REALISTICALLY or based on how the station may also be losing listeners, thus potential donors too.

sadly, the continuous ANGER OUTRAGING that has permeated throughout sounds like the offically-USA-elected-president-and-adm-style that KPFK claims to disdain and wants to replace. But acting-0ut-on-KPFK-radio-airwaves are the same voices, with their volume harsh & loud shouting, and continuing same repeated 'hate 'em' messages. Same just in another opposing color ?  Plus the KPFK lack of honest accountability, also financially,  to any already-paid-up DONORS leads to more distancing of any or all who previously 'listened' ....

so -between contribution-$$$$ and  wishing for what was the previously vital radio station, that was then =  sharing ALL KINDS OF ALTERNATIVE thought-ful views, opinions - that's gone ... vs. now only racist-promoting venting with biased spun versions are in 1 extreme: the  politically liberalist, leftist-only!  To be heard are : tropes, mottos, msgs and mantras of a 1 extreme prejudice with no balancing, fuller or whole  understandings added. Sad. 

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