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Nothing is new, see Amy Goodman info found:

           looking for more info re amy goodman 2001 infighting at Pacifica ?

                                   as  written  by Marc Cooper at The Nation  magazine 

here are just a few quotes to smirk with - copied for recognition of what continues on similarly today, only 15 years later and for insight into the non-ending process at Pacifica and KPFK too:

“Nevertheless, I am peppered almost daily with impertinent e-mails demanding that I state if I am now or have ever been a supporter of the Pacifica National Board. The question is too absurd to merit a reply. But those who believe that this collection of lost souls are either corporatists or pawns of the Democratic Party give them too much credit. 

"For the twenty-five years that I have been aware of its consistently sad record, Pacifica’s board has been dominated for the most part not by evil conspiracy, corporate greed or bad faith but by simple mediocrity. Those responsible for Pacifica have amply demonstrated their inability to build a mature, stable and progressive network. 

"The current majority emit some strong aromas of arrogance and silliness. But mostly of rank ineptitude, as did most of their predecessors going back into the late 1970s……  .

“As to the “dissident minority,” the vaguely more political elements among their bureaucratic colleagues in the majority, they distinguish themselves as ideological zealots lacking a clue about management or quality programming. 

"Neither camp is representative of anyone in particular, having never been elected but rather appointed to their posts by the same majority they now decry as “criminal.…

“Pacifica’s malady stems not from roughshod management, but from no management at all….
“This war was really touched off five or six years ago when a moderately enlightened and short-lived Pacifica executive director sounded the alarm. 

"She was concerned that the network had ossified and grown insular and was not effectively responding to the challenge of a right-wing dominated media that had grown beyond anyone’s imagination. But no sooner had she rung the bell, than a backlash by entrenched long-time local programmers was unleashed who believed they had some entitlement to the air. 

“It is no accident, that KPFA, the Pacifica station that the so-called dissidents so celebrate as the only “liberated” station, is in fact the most ossified. Is it not strange that at a station which pays endless lip service to “community” involvement, many of its key, paid staff are people who have clung to those jobs literally for decades. …”  [and KPFK is similar enough too] 

“…the crisis of Pacifica has been brewing and maturing for more than twenty years. Over those two decades, Pacifica’s growth has been stunted….It has failed to produce compelling programming at either the national or local level…..

“There’s plenty of hot air being blasted around about democracy, community, representation, etc. But no one is talking about how to produce thoughtful, responsive, agile, intelligent radio and how to bring Pacifica’s mission to a wider audience…..

“I don’t think it matters very much to journalism, the so-called left or what’s left of Pacifica’s listenership. The historic project of Pacifica Radio as it was conceived and nurtured over several decades is now dead….

"...and another opinion= I don’t think it matters very much to journalism, the so-called left or what’s left of Pacifica’s listenership. The historic project of Pacifica Radio as it was conceived and nurtured over several decades is now dead. "
[end of quotes from Marc Cooper who was a long term programmer at KPFK and writer at The Nation and moved on ....]   

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and more is at a 2001 letter from DN! & Goodman’s conflicts with Pacifica here:  and  see more links therein too

then more found :

and another 2001 posting

                                              * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
of course, more may be searched easily if anyone wants more and more details of another big ‘fight’ and to learn some of what could be revealed --from what has  been labeled as the "top" or "flagship" of Pacifica -- and  which has also been disputed by others for their status or value. Disagreements, disputes and differences are the center of how those attracted to KPFK, Pacifica and it's connections process and operate - apparently all ways.  oh well....

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lawsuits for sexual / racial harrasments here too ? gone is pledged $$$....

[see this site for more]  

entitled     “TIME TO STOP DAN SIEGEL…”    see above link for article.

therein is : Steve Brown’s replies to Pacifica’s “counsel” Dan Siegel…with lots to learn  -or even search out further for more transparency – 

about Democracy Now! being created by Pacifica staff and investments in 2001, but which then was taken by Goodman thru an atty negotiating with only 2  PNB board members without full PNB [ = Pacifica Nat’l Board ]– all members’ review, approval, or agreement.  

 How did 2 people sell off what belonged to a whole non-profit organization’s property and decide the price ?  [ please see article for more details and fact-check further for what can be known or revealed on this too]

The outgoing Pacifica national board member Stephen Brown details and describes and responds to what atty Dan Siegel has written and done as history is here given a  bit of visibility, as it has not been so before it was found now.

And the Siegel+Wilkinson secretly having set up their own corporation – with Pacifica mission- duplicated corporate papers -  to take over the millions if Pacifica self-destructs or goes bankrupt, under their guise of “helping save” nothing but themselves and their cohorts.

Why would anyone not inform any/all executives, board members, radio station management of having ‘ready to go’ alternate corporations wherein  only those in that incorporation can hold, access, run, and take power over ?

Seigel even admits having set up such a legal entity but does not state when nor why it was not transparent or made known to all involved.  Is that extra work done & that was also secretly hidden done “in order to acquire the valuable assets of another corporation —“ maybe it’s purpose ?

Would that corporation then be only held : ‘as the property of his private, as named,  “KPFA Foundation” ’? 

As it would not be the non-profit public Pacifica as barely stands today, right?   

Also:  “Such a glaring conflict of interest would seem to violate professional legal ethics.”

While Siegel writes to Brown : “The final point I want to make is that the financial threat to Pacifica is very real, and the PNB must pay close attention to what is occurring”…  which is not possible when behind-the-scenes foundations closely resembling the Pacifica one falling, failing, continues to let him be one of it’s officers or counsel or any position with influence & power.

What is it that is so commonly described about sharks being more valued 
than… ?? yep !

More responses to Dan Siegel, an attorney, who has long held many too-important Pacifica, KPFA positions with power are therein  clarified and contended by Steve Brown - with specifics, with links to documentations, to be read by anyone, for verifications, and with simple, direct language becoming understandable to any Pacifica sponsor or listener.

Amazing to read and to wonder how much of stakeholder’s money/ donations went to pay lawsuits for “sexual” or “racial” lawsuits and the atty fees collected for both sides instead of what each donor intended: to maintain and improve the radio stations …not get into expensive court cases be they intentional, frivolous or paid-out. 


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Pacifica people are so hiphopped up, beefed, and impressed with themselves that maybe some of these euphemisms may help…some – maybe not :

OMG [express shock, excitement, disbelief, “what if my parents find out ? or PNBoard ?]

SOHF is "Sense Of Humor Failure” which abounds at all Pacifica stations, dealings, people.

WTHAY is "Who The Hell Are You ?” which each disputant demands of anyone else at Pacifica too. 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Local Station Board- New elected list here:

on Sunday, January 24 , 1:00 to 2:30 PM at the  Peace Center, 
                                                 at 3916 Sepulveda Blvd,      Culver City, CA 90230.
                                                                             [parking is free available in back]

These newly elected LSB members will be seated and their new officers will be elected. Immediately following, at a KPFK Delegates Meeting. & will be held from 2:30 to 4:00 PM

There the PNB Director-Delegates will be elected at this meeting..
Grace Aaron              Kenneth Aaron              Jonathan Alexander        Christian Beck
Fred Blair                   Lydia Brazon                  Sharon Brown                 Sandy Childs
Roberta Eidman         Leslie Fox                      Charles Fredricks            Aryana Gladney
Jan Goodman            Tejvir “Tej” Grewall          Steve Kaiser                    Maggie LePique
Ali Lexa                      Michael Novick                Reza Pour                       Steve Pride
Dorothy Reik              Myla Reson                     Mansoor Sabbagh          Fernando Velazquez

For results at other Pacifica stations and more election information, click here.

for further ways to contact  the LSB Chair, or the Gen'l Mgr and other management/ staff, see website.

                           CONTACT KPFK AND SPEAK UP 

or all sponsor-stakeholders end up giving away our participatory-power to the new LSB or management & Staff --who think they alone can control and act any which way... as they seem to have been doing .....and thus failing  "the rest of us" -- invested monetarily and devotedly to Our Radio Station.

Should you want to comment, advise, commend, criticize or congratulate any of [the unavailale and often inaccessible]     KPFK decision-makers, here is some info:

General Manager= Leslie Redford

Interim Program Director= Alan Minsky

station phone: 818-985-2711     ext. 0     for operator.

[do not just leave a phone message with receptionist, but ask for the person's voice mail  at least, to speak directly to a machine or recording- as most employees/ programmers do not answer outside phone calls. Even though that is poor customer-relations and business-practices, but it is so here.

or go in person, visit the radio station you pay for at:

KPFK [red brick building] at :  3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West
                                                  North Hollywood, CA 91604

                            Image result for kpfk images

mostly street metered parking is all that is available there. take coins. Lot is almost always full. 

 directions and how to arrive at radio station HQ:

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Radio Station Shows cut, mutilated, replaced, with no listener-sponsor inputs ! doesnt KPFK care about those who pay up ?

as many  other KPFK listeners, donor, volunteers too, are doing now,  you, reader, can tell others too in every which way that “anyone” can write to KPFK directly. And thus  fully express themselves there boldly, forcefully and honestly too….[ tho if anything  is read or noted is another question.]

that says: 

“ Program Comment Corner 'Have a reaction to what you heard on KPFK?'

               Email address – [says]

Please provide us with your feedback. If you have a general comment or question, like “WHAT WAS THAT ???.....”, 

please use the Comments Line at

                                         or call (818) 985-2711 ext. 504……”    

or Go to radio station in person [directions are on website too ] and insist on being heard by someone with authority, not just the receptionist !

[ Also see what else is on website and where else to also:  Inform, Demand, Request, all retractions, restitutions, replacements, etc. etc. ]

 If they pretend to Want Feedback, let’s all and others give it to them !!! 

Go to See the KPFK home page *[see addendums below]     and notice that 3 top big huge banners ask for more $$$ as usual, and then only 1  -in bright red colored old KPFK logo- has embedded therein 1 newly played program.   

Who is responsible for this special Promotional Selection ? Why 1 only? What is this program that has bumped out of the time slot programs others have long enjoyed and paid for too?


and if anyone else also wants to - please-  write their opinions, views and  comments, and directing them to any and every source at KPFK that is called ‘management’ – GM,    iPD,     plus new LSB chair and ask it be distributed to all LSB new members ,   and other local internet or print sources that may be interested … at  KPFK and Pacifica too …..

plus there are - a very few- other comment-available websites where opinions can also be placed. 

or telephone or go to radio station in No Hollywood in person is also effective.

To COMMUNICATE their / your choices and reactions to what is being done not only in programs cut, removed, presented but about the total lack of Listener-Sponsor Input. Plus the lack of any transparency or any opportunity for participation -after they take the $$$ and run with it...elsewhere than where donor intended or expected.

and also do more too:    proliferate at  this limited media with what is wanted emphasized by ‘the many’ who have not and do not bother to activate their views and interests, as have those many  emailers printed in 

those who support Roy's"Something's Happening" shows and  who wrote the GM & program director about their distress.over time cuts and changes.

and then more - similar -  comments can be added there too.  
Plus writing to KPFK & Pacifica [PNB] national board members and website.



Just to show More than 1x – continuous flow of objections that need management attention: that there is not just silent + passive+ agreement with how the programs are being scrambled, cut, mutilated, etc.

                                * * * * * * * * * *

        Not "safe" nor a "harbor" but a raucous program  -

difficult for normal listeners to enjoy or even tolerate, as very old outdated now comedian's material does not substitute for the intelligent, educational, and interesting speakers played by Something's Happening programs, of the past...... 

Is there some cronyism or biases or secret agendas now at play [on air] .....

by the KPFK management with the front page website banner 

                          only advertising only 1 program....

               while allllll the rest are lost in the old schedule lists ?   

             why ? how can this be 'unbiased and fair to all'....

at the radio station that Claims to be so politically 'correct'?
                                                      * * * * * * * * * * 

(c) 2016 - a Venice mural which shows the same selfie-self-centered version of what KPFK seems to be seeing and doing -- with the listener-sponsored non-profit entity - the one that owes it's stakeholders more than just whatever current- management-alone decides what they want on-our-air

then  also this: KPFK’s website “Program schedule”, is still past due, listing “Fall 2015” and list of programs does NOT list “safe harbor” — so who and what is that ?????

It is not on here – check it out : 


However on ‘home’ page the top banner in bright red and 2 words embedded in the older, recognized, KPFK logo that says “1959” are also now words “safe” and “harbor”. 

Are these somehow Implying Falsely that they have been part of KPFK’s long history or embedded at this radio station – and not a recent new arrival to these air waves ? 

How long they have broadcast is not findable as that latecomer programmer is not listed by name, nor under ‘Programs’ , nor under ‘Contacts’ on KPFK website now. 

But the prominent promo/ advertising done on Top of KPFK’s Home page with only 2 other banners requesting donations as sustainers or for a legacy… more demanding of those visiting website to  [yet again] give some more $$$$ and more.... – and as 1 of these 3 top banners, the new experiment is put in a a notable preferential ‘special’ PR promotional placement -just for 1: for the previously unknown  “Safe Harbor” program. 

What is the mission, or intentions, or history of those programmers ? As it cannot be located on KPFK website, anywhere? 

Where did they program before ?

Are these Secret programmers?

Are they Hiding behind a program name?

Why is that ? 

Do sponsors and stakeholders have to actually listen to those broadcast on-air programs to dis-cover this surprise inclusion ? – and that has thus excluded prior “Something’s Happening” programs?

*[addendum re website changes ]  - we are amazed to note that next evening on , Jan 18, 2016 the  KPFK Home front page was totally different, changed, & without  the previous 3 top banners that were there  - for at least a few days when the above was written. And similar info was found on an Indymedia article about new programs intercepting prior late night ones.  

A snapshot of that prior KPFK webpage has been saved anyhow.

Now, No one knows who saw those images & words or who/ why these were changed for other reasons on Home page.

Then  ** on Jan 19,2016 noon, yet another version appears, that includes the banner but now is 1 of 4 prominently on top of website. 

Then ** later Jan 20 afternoon  the front Home page banners re-emerged  as 1 with 4, instead of 3 before and the logo with 'safe' & 'harbor' embedded therein re-appeared. But now - not before - there is more promotional info below about this new program....copied for FYI below.

Do they change and take in-and-out special preferences and who is "they" anyhow?

Who + why + how often these changes are made is totally confusing and not transparent. And there is  no one to ask - as management nor staff respond or reply to emails or can be reached by phone. 

Can there be hidden agendas taking over ?    Or is there randomness and chaos only displayed there ?

Confusing place of business,- as inconsistencies continue  on website, while the updating of important information [ i.e. programs, program schedules, how to reach or contact programers, et al ] just remains inaccurate and out of date. 

- - - -- - - - - - - 

copied info from website home page on ** Jan 21
noon  - their promoting a new program, now noting programmers and topics, FYI.  Not listening to what is out-of-lifestyle of many if not most KPFK sponsors, we can't confirm the value of the changes in programming 12M - 3 am.   

Then the Spanish programming with images take up a large portion of home page too, as do playlists of a few recent programs, not all, nor how these are selected is also not mentioned.

If there are continual changes made there it does not provide all equal treatment of programs, nor updated Schedule of Programs, nor filling in Staff information either. 

Then end of page has 4 programs' 'newsfeeds' are also listed, which is helpful for links to be searched further.


- - - - - - - - - - [
[only partial info here copied from website: ]

" The first 13 week season of KPFK Safe Harbor premiers Monday at Midnight!! The newest project from your KPFK features the the hottest uncensored music and comedy from yesterday and today, and much more!!! Followed by Something's Happening with Roy of Hollywood at 3 AM.

"Week 1 Schedule   Monday    12 AM KPFK Comedy Showcase    Classic and contemporary comedy for the masses. This Week: Jr Francis brings us his favorite routines from George Carlin         2 AM Music To Resist By    An interracial, intergenerational, and intercultural dialogue through concious revolutionary music, and open conversation. This weeks guests: Thandisizwe Chimurenga and Dr. Toussaint Losier

"Tuesday    12 AM In Session    A live call in therapy show, just for you, let it all hang outThis week's guest therapist Greg Davin          1 AM Moxy Poetic   The best in spoken word poetry! This week's guests:  Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.and Sanam Shariff      1:30 AM KPFK New DJ Set Break    This week: DJ Foist      2 AM Calafia Zulu Radio      Lastman and Junebug bring you the hottest underground Hip Hop, soul and rock! "
[plus more Weds & Thurs pgm info not  further copied here]

then more promo says : "safe harbor, where it's safe to be dangerous" -    which is a brag that may be dangerous if FCC or listeners do not agree or like them. 

                     - - -end of the noted promos copied from KPFK website- - - -  -                            - - - - - - - - - --  

Then further checking, there are added-on changes in KPFK Home page website : 

then as of : **  jan 30 2016  7pm we are still finding the same old KPFK program schedule that  continues to say same OLD and OUTDATED “Fall 2015” - only with wrong info contained therein  -   BUT their previously so prominently promoted  ‘safe harbor' red logo banner on top is NOW, is NOT on home page,  anywhere at all.

Yet almost ½ of Jan 30th home page is about Espanol  programs w/many photos… then plus 3-4 other programs are now highlighted and then  yet anther Spanish one, more, with their art pix also, thus making the front page now more than 50% Spanish promotions !!!!     This emphases may be slanted but not for any clearly stated, transparent reasons or explanation of  why the radio station is doing this more for some programmers than most others.

Plus  there are 4 news programs' ‘newsfeeds’ with their links on bottom of page.   

Strange changes and corrections: NOW the previously prominent and promoted “safe harbor” pgm is not found at all on home page, which is the initial source page where most visit first and most often.      Nor is this program listed in the  old outdated "program schedule'  - that is an now-antiquated graph of the prior programs, many probably in same time slot as 6 months ago, we presume...

But who can follow or find a program or know what it contains 
or where it is directed ?      We never know because it seems all changes are made without regard to consistency, reliability, nor consideration - for prior-paid-up or even new listeners or website viewers. 

**February 11 a further search of KPFK's home page shows No mention of the conflicted program that used "obscenities" that are not FCC allowed, tho they apparently did not realize that when such words were played on the 'Safe Harbor' program. 

Now, a search on "Programs", "program schedule" and in "categories" did not reveal that this program is listed  anywhere, or is it still played on air? Tho maybe the name was deleted from first-seen-most-relied-upon KPFK HOME web page.

First, there are Strange promotions when they are prominently displayed and then  are totally removed ? by whom ? why ? 

With no obvious sponsor-informed reasons or explanations given, of course.

Who knows what is going with our donations and where the money, or the decisions, obligations or responsibilities lie or are lied about. 
Who knows ? 

(c) 2016    bt 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

“KPFK website is not only out-of-date, but misleading from what is on it.”

                  Website is the way to find an organization, but one that is out-of-date 
                                              and yet still broadcasting on-air ? 

While searching on Jan 17, 2016 at KPFK's website, strange encounters and old stuff were found that no longer makes sense to any listener. Can this engender distrust and withdrawal of giving $$$$ that is always 'needed' and repeatedly demanded/ requested ? 

Check it out when reading here to see if any corrections are made --- or is the audience that 
may find KPFK on line, or want information there, fooled because what is not there or 
is there is incorrect and not accurate ?  

                                Missing info, old stuff, strange postings

Why does GM Leslie Radford NOT list an email on KPFK website [see 'contacts' section] ?  
why not ?  negligence? intentional ? absent mindedness?  or is this an antiquated website but the new GM and her volunteer guy is listed by name.

And  the program schedule reads old and out-dated: as this Now is more recent than
Fall 2015” isn’t it ?  Didn't everyone else move on ?

Why is Ian Masters not  have listed an email in 'Contacts', while other programmers do? . Why  the exception as he has his own website with same name on it ?

AND NO ONE is named as the  ‘business manager’ – so  does that mean there is or is not one there?

And a big banner on home page promotes : ‘safe harbor’  but not yet any other 12M to 3am programs - but  these are not listed at link above -  where only a few, and  not the entire 24/7 pgm list are emphasized.. The separate list under 'contacts' chooses some programs but we readers do not understand why they have been so chosen for special placement..  

So who or why are some selected to be or not be there under ‘contacts’ and ‘staff’ lists?   
Which pgms are specially as maybe more-important then Selected for this more prominent site ?

The 'contact' section also continues to include, still, those who have already vanished from KPFK programming –such as :  Derek Roth,  Beto  Arcos,  Yatrika Shah-Rais in ‘global village’ music slots.  and Don Bustany is gone but still listed also.

Do we know if  Bob Conger still ‘broadcast engineer’ there ? didn’t he retire ? who knows ? who cares ? 

       a 'discovery' by accidentally hovering over 'home' on KPFK website page 

We discovered l a section listed as : 


                        Category: from the General Manager         and then found in  this


                    “November 2016 Profit (Loss) Including Previous Year Totals”  


                                                 and is  linked here =


noted that this is a calendar time which has not yet arrived, but while some Pacifica detailed financial info is shared & attempted there….

[Tho this link is not easily found on home page tabs or pull-down headings,  but appears only by hovering around “home” somehow….].

This informational page is entitled “Pacifica Foundation – KPFK Income Statement” which lists revenues from prior years. Good. But the numbers are squished together for the $$$ amts - so numbers run in to each other thus it is very difficult to decipher.  

And obviously was not proof read or done in a proper business style, as confusion could not be the writer’s intention. right ?  More like: "here it is, you figure it out, if you can...."   and no where to ask questions about what is viewed on line [only].

It must be assumed, guessed,  & wondered if the numbers are projections, predictions, or guesses for "FY2016" at "Nov 2016". The categories of income/ expenses are written for FY2011 to FY Nov 2016.

Look at it for fun and games and find questions that may arise in any normal, ordinary mind, not necessarily one who is a CPA, a professional accountant or Radio Management experienced person.  Just a curious already-donated-sponsor of KPFK. 

While this was written by “Written by Administrator2 “, it is not the GM, as no name or Identifier of source is visible on page.

So who does questions or suggestions go to ? GM Radford ?  As all other memos from June 2015 are by GM at that link

More also elsewhere: has copied a long list of 'Something's Happening' program supporters -  those who lament and are angry at time cuts and changes in 12 M to 3 am Mon-Thurs programming.  Each is listed with name and  their complaints already made to GM & PD, 

those who apparently might be the managers, controllers, deciders of what changes are made at KPFK radio.

                    NO LONGER is there time for what before was the best at KPFK:                                                 EDUCATIONAL,motivational programs for us 
                               fullfilling the KPFK, Pacifica Mission statement. 

Roy Tuckman has been  giving educational, self-help, deep-thinking information, for free on-air listening   namely:

some teachers, experimenters, innovators... who have  later also been discovered and became famous, and maybe rich too.    Some presentations & lectures were shared by    Sounds True programs, while others came in directly through KPFK's doors - or by sending Roy their recordings to play for the 'rest of us' = those who could not attend their [for pay] presentations such as a few remarkable people remembered still and well:

Ram Dass,     Caroline Myss,    Depak Chopra,    Alan Watts,    Judith Orloff,MD.,   Shinzen Young, meditation expert,     Suzuki,      Thich Nhat Hanh meditation teacher     Neale Donald Walsh of Conversations with God,      Gary Null,     and so many more people who later became famous and rich, but were introduced or came to speak on Roy Tuckman’s program first  - or more willingly than elsewhere. 

These late-night programs were often a “first !” 

So that education was on radio for all  - to move to higher, thoughtful, educated, erudite Cultures – words that were offered and can still be revived-  thru KPFK's Archives [for sale now].  

The not-buying or affording to pay for worthwhile but still expensive workshops or lectures or CD’s or books could hear these on Roy's late night programs on KPFK, and listeners paid up to keep this education coming to them on-air.    

Speakers liked us too, because the essential introduction on radio provided 'the rest of us" an  EDUCATION and MOTIVATION. And this intro directed us to them for More too, from just ‘listening’, initially, to KPFK after midnight.We could then buy, go, order, or recommend these teachers to others, for everyone to share - The American People in Los Angeles - could share valuable teachings and learnings...from having heard these intelligent programs.

For years. For these poorer folks, like those who could not obtain a ‘higher education’ in academia, nor attend a fancy hotel presentations listened to KPFK late nite. 

For those under-educated, or were fall-outs of school = people who are smart and want to know, to learn, anyhow - so  here was the source to hear, to learn, to talk about KPFK programs – after midnight mostly.  

For school drop-outs, here was a free on-air source of unusual teachings, expositions, revelations, learnings on KPFK tho late at night when the diversions that abound are quieted and KPFK still offered “a way” – to think  & to understand & to question & more…

Roy’s varied programs were not limited to topic or mindset. But the quality, relevance and vibrancy of those many different voices late at night were provocative, appreciated and sometimes even mind-boggling – talks  filled with innovative & intelligent ideas and knowledge  were made available to all- the whole public and when internet and website emerged, to those who lived anywhere else too.   Globally.  

Sort of an Open University for everyone who listened, and then paid-up because of the value gained too.

And most importantly :learnings could be  shared openly  to all who could listen or later hear it on-line from Roy's programs in Archives instead. Or then later buy it at Pacifica's Archives to share with others' to also learn and grow, too.

The obvious intent has been to Raise Consciousness, not cut it out. 

But now the lobotomy has happened.     Can it be reversed

Is the KPFK management listening too ?   To the subscribers who no longer want to listen to this radio station NOR PAY UP to maintain what is no longer valuable nor

      new programs appears but are not on website - nor known to most, if any

Note on:  KPFK’s website  “Program schedule”, is still past due, listing  Fall 2015” and list of programs does NOT list “safe harbor”  as a program there -- so who and what is that ?      

It is not on here - check it out :    

however on ‘home’ page the top banner in bright red and 2 words embedded in the older, recognized,  KPFK logo that says “1959” are also now words “safe” and “harbor”.                 

Are these somehow Implying Falsely that they have been part of KPFK’s long history or embedded at this radio station  - and not a recent new arrival to these air waves ?   

How long they have broadcast is not findable as that latecomer programmer is not listed by name, nor under 'Programs' , nor under 'Contacts' on KPFK website now.

But the prominent promo/ advertising done on Top of KPFK's Home page with only 2 other banners requesting donations as sustainers or for a legacy… more demanding / repeat:
= give station $$$$ some more –

...and as 1 of  these 3 top banners, the new experiment is  put in a  a notable preferential ‘special’ PR promotional  placement  -just for 1:  for the unknown “Safe Harbor” program.

What  is the mission, or intentions, or history of those programmers ?
As it cannot be located on KPFK website, anywhere.  

Where did they program before ? 

Are these Secret programmers? 

Are they Hiding behind a program name? 

Why is that ?

 Do sponsors and stakeholders have to actually listen to those broadcast on-air programs to dis-cover this surprise inclusion ? - 

and that has thus excluded prior “Something’s Happening” programs? “  

Who is in charge at KPFK and creating more chaos there ? 

Who is RESPONSIBLE and  ACCOUNTABLE to the listener-sponsors and stakeholders - those who have been paying generously and with dedication, loyalty and caring for sooooo many long years ? 

Why is there no announcements, or surveys of subscribers, or explanations given to all those who sustain, subscribe and donate to KPFK...before, not after, the drastic changes and shifts of programs, of attitudes, of emphases and focus are put into place ?

Why is KPFK so opaque, not transparent, not caring enough about those who have dedicated so much for so long to this Pacifica radio station, Our Radio Station ?   

Why is KPFK so much like the USA government and policies they continually condemn and complain about but then do just the same at this non-profitted station ? 

Why ?                  Why ???          Who ???      What  is going on, anyhow ?????  Why ???

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