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KPFK as a Pacifica part is indebted. Information of who did the wrongs hidden or denied. Part 2

This is part 2 :

of what was begun with same exposures of comments written by others who want Paciica to continue to thrive, tho their focus is not on what Was viable at KPFK, with it's own LA property that is claimed to be OWNED BY PACIFICA, not KPFK at all !!!! but other stations Rent instead. 

How  did that happen ? 

So with the same disclaimer and explaining our collective's desire to REVEAL + expose and be TRANSPARENT instead of just having in-house cronies write to each other Only and hide their thinking, concerns, worries and bits of info, we have HERE continued [from prior post, same date Aug 4, 2018 ] 

even if a lot of writings tend to focus on NY Pacifica station and their adherents..... while KPFK remains behind a SILENT WALL OF NO WORDS.... 

                                                           Image result for WORDS IMAGES[GOOGLE shares power with images]

which then becomes by that hiding, no-sounds of WHAT IS HAPPENING [other than continued pleas for MONEY, funds, donations, subscriptions, buy our Premiums, pay for what is 1/4 priced elsewhere to keep KPFK maintenance..... 

but without revealing the humongous DEBT INCURRED BY NY'S WBAI RENT non-payment that brought further poverty to the whole corporation.... duh.   

[so we repeat the basics with MORE DIFFERENT COMMENTS BELOW TO SHARE HERE NOW :]

With the intention to help inform and share what is written that pertains to KPFK as much as it found in other sites that are labeled as focused only on PACIFICA or NY's WBAI station, here are copy/paste comments.       

No intention is made to interpret or agree to anything below.         

No copyright can be claimed as those are email groups or web blog sites from which these opinions, rants, complaints, have been copied here.      When a source is pertinent or important to be made known, it is so  added clearly. 
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      [google has a lot to offer too,=  images ]

The purpose of SHARING WORDS THAT MAY BE RELEVANT but mostly hidden by those few who can join a Pacifica Yahoo group [ that mostly rant, opine, attack, demean, criticize each other and everyone else too...] or are comments on a public-visible blog that chooses to limit themselves to NY - as if that radio station were more important or financially viable than the  other 4 ....    
the 4 OTHER Pacifica radio stations that are now & will continue to be indebted/ pay for the NY radio station's managements serious failures to maintain proper ethical required business practices, i.e. pay rent due as contracted...

then to have a law suit that awards NY's landowner: ESBT  the million[s] or such amounts that is to be paid by ALLLLLLL THE STAKEHOLDERS included at any/all Pacifica Radio Foundation's radio stations.

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Remembering always that while KPFK doesn't on-air repeat/ remind listeners, it is more than indebted but OWNED and RULED by Pacifica and all those PNB and Exe Director deciders. 

PNB = Pacifica Nat'l Board consists of 4 local board people from 5 radio stations nationwide, +2 affiliates - 20 there ....of which 4 are from KFPK ...means 4/22 are from LA's board to Save KPFK from the rest of those in Pacifica who have OTHER interests.

=that becomes "0.18181818181818181818181818181818"   > 18% approximately, of all decisions are directed by KPFK people [maybe]. Not enough to insure that KPFK's interests are served, protected, or taken into honest consideration,either.

The comments are others' and copied here for sharing INFORMATION publicly, fairly, transparently, w/o names or any plagiarism or copyright involved at all. 


Reprinted below this explanation: comes from "" written re silicon valley - but info still applies similarly to Pacifica people same. too:

" There are four classes: the Inner Party, the Outer Party, the Service Class, and the Untouchables.

" Liars and narcissists are big problem and should not be rewarded even if they have a large vocabulary and can speak in complex sentences and are intelligent. Ethical gate is the first one to pass... You don't make it through... go away and get your act cleaned up.
" The fact that he has not been smitten by a lightening bolt is proof that the gods don’t exist.

[they are ]
" focused on a narrowing definition of ‘community’ "
- - - - - - - -  -
others have written these: 

 " What we need is a full scale rebellion against the two decade decline of WBAI and the managements and LSBs that created and continue to recreate this crisis everyday.


"  I want ACTION.  I do not seek "a full scale rebellion".  I seek about 20 or 30 people who are ready, willing, and able to ACT.  Not 'online".  Act in real life, interacting with real people, including people whose names and locations and community connections we do not yet know but intend to discover.

"  suggestion is to rebel against management and producers that do not grasp fundamentally the Pacifica Mission Statement and do not program the station in this spirit and additionally have no understanding of how to build audiences program by program, blocks of programs by blocks of programs. A change of pace would be to have competent people operating the station who are also very principled, open and honest and not hiding themselves behind their various facades from the listening audiences and their fellows at the station "

    + this is  extraneous tid bit found in some Pacifica person's writings, of political interest currently:
 then President:   Bill  Clinton  said re immigrants  =    [can be fact checked if accurate ]         

.All Americans, not only in the States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.

That's why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens.

In the budget I will present to you, we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.
We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it. …

by.... William J. Clinton     XLII President of the United States: 1993=2001
Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the State of the Union
January 24, 1995 "


July 2018  re - NY's "
WBAI, which is, conveniently, without a program director. "
a person posting elsewhere claimed:           *[names are excluded here for their privacy purposes]

" I currently do the job as secretary of the WBAI Local Station Board. I also chaired the WBAI Community Advisory Board for several years.   Prior to that I have worked in print and broadcast journalism since the seventies. I wanted to ... point out some additional factors you may not be aware of." The average amount of people listening to WBAI at any hour ranges from 300 to 1,000 at the most......" [No broadcast manager would be believed if he or she claimed more listeners than can be statistically demonstrated.     U.S. broadcast audiences have been carefully measured for decades and those measurements are published at least monthly....][ NOTE:   but it is difficult to find any actual data on this for stakeholders to stay as informed as those who internally write to their cronies about their OPINIONS and rants mostly. Not facts, not where to get data, charts, numbers, just displays of wanting to be clever & superior to their other - cronies.]
" Some shows have higher Arbitron Numbers but they are usually the ones that may surprise some:" Democracy Now  ...audience is vast for a Pacifica show but is basically a nation/global  wide phenomena that focuses primarily on financing itself." The only other show that had high Numbers was a health sales man -now still on WBAI-NY, formerly for years was hawking and promoted on KPFK too. 

" His Numbers approached a WNYC or NPR show with between 15 to 20,000 people per hour listening to him." The bulk of the shows during a fund raising drive only bring in about 25% of the money so going to a strategy of raising money through the quality of the shows themselves minus premiums is bound to fail." The last time a Program Director tried a strategy to raise money from listeners based on the quality of the programming itself the strategy flopped and he was fired.

It is obvious that [a new NPR guy hired ] probably has a total audience for his  show equal in ten hours a week to the entire weekly cume of WBAI which is about 100,000 to 150,000.   That is clearly the rationale for bringing him on.
" I have worked in newsrooms before and seen all types of sexist behavior. This includes  both in the mainstream and in a Pacifica station. " But the main picture  lost ... is that many producers at NY's WBAI are locked into many years of not having their shows being evaluated at all ...Some producers  equate their presence on the air to being akin to a old Russian  political version's of.... this dictating this WHAT IS TO BE DONE model." They validate their agit prop radio as being a right on version of waiting  for the contradictions of America to implode so they can help lead the revolution." All this to defend a impact in the 16.2 million metro market of NYC that yields only 300 to 1,000 people an hour to listen to them. To alter this would, if time/work was actually undertaken, then require more staff, volunteers and...  a lot of work.

"There is also lurking behind the surface in all this hoopla the simple fact that WBAI has not in its current form been able to sustain itself financially for years.
" Its inability to pay the onerous rents at 120 Wall Street and  the transmitter at the Empire State Building nearly caused  all of Pacifica to be pushed into bankruptcy. That objective was the clear goal of some in Pacifica who wanted and still desire WBAI to be sold for at least $20 million dollars.
" Others want to turn the station over to MNN and partner with them. .... They also desire hegemonic control over all the content with such a move. They know full well that their content  as is now cannot work to develop a larger audience  -hence they want to shelter it maybe elsewhere, like n MNN. ".+++++++++++++
other comments :

 [ Why are KPFK's RATINGS NOT KNOWN, so audience #'s are not verified ? Is info publicly available ? ]" Only stations that pay for the ratings services are published. None of Pacifica stations have paid for ratings for a number of years and, therefore,  they are not rated or at least not published.  Any GM or staff member can claim whatever they wants and no one can challenge him. They may be measured by someone somewhere but until they are paid for, they are not published. "


" ..... Pacifica’s renegade behavior has generally been in support of repressed or mistreated groups. But in the case of hiring a guy from NPR in NY that was fired, now Pacifica has gone rogue in an opposite way—in a way that hurts or disrespects a historically mistreated group – women. ..." and some show hosts, including very good ones, have quit their shows and left WBAI  {NY] in protest of this recent  now-paid-staff  who was hired as a host-programmer.


" Many dedicated to Pacifica in their emails, make their point is not to make a point, but merely to engage in “righteousness displays.” Which is to say that they seem pathetically eager to signal that they are on The Right Side, even if so clearly for the wrong reasons.

" Some Pacifica managers and programmers can resist the bait of exaggerated allegations from  those [wishing to be ] "social justice warriors" who are  claiming to speak for victim identities "better than other" Pacifica managers and programmers. Perhaps their strength of character might someday be worthy of reward - rather than condemnation. But who is to predict what can/ will be ?
" While decades ago typically only the Department Heads among Pacifica station programmers were paid,  but now several other Pacifica stations do  have some paid programmers and producers.  Tho the stakeholders/ listeners do not hear or know which are which. "... it’s a tragedy.....the story of a "progressive community"'s  radio station throwing its values away  for the supposed purposes of survival - yet that  seems depressingly fitting for where we are right now. " ...notice that the purposes of the Foundation do not include that its radio stations be progressive nor that they be subsumed within any different/ younger community radio movement."

= = = = 

this below was found previously, now shared because it was made publicly VISIBLE,
 SO now here it is also  COPY/PASTED IT TO SHARE OPENLY. THO THERE ARE NAMES INCLUDED FROM THAT SOURCE, IT CONCERNS NOT KPFK'S EQUIPMENT, BUT ACTIONS TAKEN AT NY'S RADIO STATION instead- Names are from source copied and not known if these people are still involved or not at any Pacifica stations/affairs. 

and since their legal debts have been shared/ indebted/ sent financial ruinous waves to all other radio stations, these long ago bad-acts are only a Possible INDICATION of what has and can happen elsewhere too...tho not admitted, not revealed, not found to share info, to ALL stakeholders within Pacifica, that are obviously Affected 

              "when it happens to 1 it is as if it happened to all"

                                                  Image result for crowns IMAGES[party image- google ]
                                        notably - a masculine crown for all the men who tend to dominate at Pacifica too - tho they vehemently deny this but if the list of KPFK general managers is looked at, so few women appear to have reached that pinnacle..... or even at some other dominant positions of power anywhere at Pacifica too is counted, then.....check it out

- - - - -  - - - - - - -

quote  below is copied as is here :     "
re computer stuff stolen 2008"

another controversial matter on my desk. A year before the national office had spent about $66,000 on 18 iMac computers, supposedly for the purpose of enhancing remote broadcasting capabilities. The idea was promising but few people knew in advance that a decision had been made. As CFO, Lonnie was obviously involved. 

"So was Don Rojas, then manager of WBAI. And it appeared that ___Coughlin had originally suggested a similar project. But most station managers knew nothing about it, and when the computers arrived, they said the choice of Macs made them less than useful. Stations mainly used PCs, and these new machines required expensive, proprietary software. Most of the computers had remained unopened in storage rooms around the country for the last year. A couple shipped to New York had disappeared…”      

"The Board knew about the computers and several members were demanding an audit. Who was responsible for this “boondoggle,” they wanted to know. And where was all the equipment now? I was expected to provide a report at the next in-person meeting.

"The trail led back to Lonnie. Few things in Pacifica that involved a substantial amount of money happened without his involvement – and usually his approval. The only exceptions I’d seen so far were the settlement with ____ Campanella at KPFA and the ADA agreement, both arranged by Ambrose during his stint as Interim ED without Lonnie’s apparent oversight.

 "On the other hand, Lonnie sometimes pursued projects he defined as part of his “development” function without Board review or ED agreement. In short, an ED couldn’t normally proceed on a project without the CFO’s sign off, but the opposite wasn’t always true. If I was going to effectively oversee finances, supposedly part of my job, my relationship with the CFO would have to be clarified.

"According to the hire letter I’d received, I was the supervisor of the station managers and all national staff – except the CFO, who reported directly to the Board. But that suggested that I did supervise the finance staff in the Berkeley office. 

"In addition, Lonnie’s original hire letter, signed by ____Coughlin in 2002, said that the CFO worked “under the supervision of” the executive director. After reviewing the situation with the HR Director I asked Lonnie in for a talk.

"As far as he was concerned, the CFO was completely independent, accountable only to the Board. And the finance staff reported to him, not me. In fact, if I wanted any financial information he preferred that I request it from him rather than go to the staffer who might actually have it. He was especially sensitive about any contact with Assistant Controller ___Magno, who I’d met early on and asked to serve as part of my transition team. Every time we talked, she said, he would come over afterward and grill her about the conversation.

"It quickly became clear that Lonnie wouldn’t submit to increased oversight without taking his case to the board. It was too early for such a confrontation. He knew much more about the flow of money and the internal dynamics of the organization  ..."

 copied from :

                 Pacifica Radio: Following the Money     Maverick Media - 8 July, 2008


                                 Image result for crowns IMAGES[google crowns]




Prior general managers at KPFK were searched and may not be accurately dated: 


Zuberie Fields Gm currently 


Christine Blosdale iGm 

Leslie Radford [2015 - 2017 ?]

 iGM Zuberi Fields, [was Operations Mgr earlier times] 

 Bernard Duncan [2-3 yrs - 2014  ?]  

 Shawn Hietkemper 2008  [=1 yr ? ]

Eva Georgia  [ -woman finally !  from So  Africa was GM for maybe 5+ yrs? ]
 Mark Schubb [at least 2-3 yrs + ?]   

Cliff Roberts  [1995]


 Then this found in ancient documents: re 2007 some of the very same people continue to dominate, continue to have powerful positions and are on both current local or national boards, others are gone ?  


It amazes how long some people  have retained special positions where they continue to exert their opinions, keep their alliances with special cronies and while none may be claiming that long-long-term dominance or influence that comes from continuity, the same names that were seen in 2007 & before that remain in /on the boards that influence and decide now too. Wow !


and there are no reminders of this ongoing revolving door that is so criticized when it happens in government official positions, and yet it happens just the very same at Non-Profits too. Pacifica is only 1. 


There must be many others as well. But we are concerned about KPFK ...and that means if the same people are 're-selected/elected' that also means new or fresh stakeholders cannot fit in or be elected as it is "full up already" with the prior incumbents. Wow ! 


a revelation found when searching thru older documents saved but no where is this stated/ revealed/ admitted to the current 2018 public. Nor 2017, 2016, 2009, or further back, for an eternity. Secrets are best kept silent, hidden, and never admitted !  



                                Image result for scrolls IMAGES[google.theknowdenverpost]


Grace Aaron David Adelson (Director, PNB Chair)
Yolanda Anguiano

Lydia Brazon     (Director) 
Israel Feuer
Bill Gallegos

Jim Lafferty (interim General Manager)*
Sherna Gluck
Jan Goodman *
Terry Goodman (LSB Treasurer) *
Adriana Gomez (LSB Secretary)

 Ian Johnston©
Kimberly King

Tracy Larkins
Arturo Lemus

Ali Lexa  
Reza Pour 
Margaret Prescod 
Jack VanAken (LSB Chair)
Rodrigo Argueta Vargas

Fernando Velazquez  
Steve Weatherwax  
Don White     (Director)
Gabrielle Woods
Yosh Yamanaka (LSB Vice Chair)
Lamont Yeakey       

 * The GM and Secretary are not Delegates, so do not vote on LSB resolutions.

+     see other years for other familiar names surprisingly continuous on such lists.... hmmmmm  ????


(c) rr  2018               for our collective writing and researching KPFK information -

all that info is less and less available.... due to "our radio station" being NOT TRANSPARENT nor publicly accessible. 

we here are almost ready to complete our duty to share and expose:  our saved and relevant found  tid bits to share here. 

This blog may have fewer - if any more postings.

As Allen Watts re-quoted: once you have received the message, it is time to hang up.

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