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KPFK and Pacifica...lawsuits and more, reposted info here .

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What does a sea anemone have to do with KPFK or Pacifica ? They hide deep inside and close up when observed or touched, pretending to their sponsor-stakeholders they are "OK" and ethical, honest, and even transparent, while covering up and closing off any information that indicates otherwise. Luckily, some people who go deeper and uncover some vital, should-be-public information to those who donate and care about Our Radio Station's survival keeping giving 'the rest of us' hints and bits of info. And surpise ! Bad news mostly is learned and shared, as it Should Be, and as hypocritically Pacifica & all personnel claim they do. but dont. 

quote Pacifica missed audit deadlines in 2014 and 2015 and was declared ineligible for CPB funding. Another $750,000 may go down the drain in June of 2016.”   .. With Pacifica under investigation by the CA Attorney General, the wisdom of complying with California’s Nonprofit Integrity Act, which also requires the submission of audited financial statements by 9 months after the close of the fiscal year, is clear.” 

quote “Pacifica has been out of compliance with the NPA for the last 21 months. Pacifica’s status with the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts shows as delinquent again, most likely a reflection of the missing financial audit…..” 

quote “…faction’s first attempt at setting up a secret nonprofit was dissolved after 8 years in existence. 5 years before Margy Wilkinson and Dan Siegel set up the KPFA Foundation to acquire Pacifica’s licenses in the event of insolvency or dissolution, Save KPFA associate Sherry Gendelman secretly set up The Friends of the Pacifica Archives as a CA nonprofit with herself as the agent for service. Gendelman was serving as Pacifica’s Interim Executive Director and chair of the board of directors in 2008.  Friends of the Pacifica Archives was dissolved by Gendelman in February of 2016.    ….”
quote  Both Pacifica’s corporate counsel Terry Gross and DC-based labor lawyer Cathy Harris complained about disrespect from Fuentes to their professional advice. Gross resigned from his position as Pacifica’s corporate counsel on March 25, 2014 rather then continue to represent the board majority. Pacifica has not had an official corporate counsel since.”

[this is more about WBAI in NY but relates to Pacifica expenses and shenanigans, causing “ all  connected radio stations expenses as well ]        

quote “Brown attempted to get himself dismissed from the case early on, but unfortunately was held in the case all the way through discovery (Brown faults Pacifica for this), and the legal fees in the case practically doubled as a result. The judgment included legal fees in excess of $150,000, payable by Chartis Insurance to the attorney, and attorney costs to Brown for taking the action to collect the money.” 

quote “…the temporary withdrawal of the piracy and premiums fraud case filed by broadcaster Gary Null in January of 2016. Null emphasized the withdrawal was temporary and the request was filed “without prejudice”, which is a legal term for a withdrawal that allows refiling of the identical complaint against the identical defendants at another time. Null discussed his case on WBAI….”

[There is more info on issue above in original article, see link above ] 

[ note: * Eva Georgia was KPFK’s general manager for many years, ending her term with lawsuits from employees and her own also]

[  And  no one mentions all the intangible benefits of email harvesting from events and ticket sales that benefit the non profits who sponsor such money-making events..the ways people can be solicited for money or political alliances or whatever the radio station slants itself toward or into….         ]

quote “a look back at fulfillment rates from 2012-2015 revealed that KPFA’s fulfillment rate was 86%, not the 90%+ she had insisted was the case for the last four annual budget cycles.…” 

[ So many wonder if KPFK has not done the  very same sly maneuver - and claimed to have more and then is shown to be less ‘successful’ with less and debts that explode suddenly and exponentially ….causing another cry ‘wolf-less’ or ‘poor us’ to elicit monies from the same giving-listener sponsors who come to the Rescue of the Poor Victim radio station.  

Also when these Pacifica stations cannot live off what they raise in donations, they lay off or reduce hours of union staff, causing more lawsuits and expenses, instead of cruelly reducing pay of it’s workers – those few paid staff members who are needed just to maintain basics ! ]

quote “KPFK general manager Leslie Radford sent the LA station’s staff a social media guide. The 14 page document is a listing of the names of various platforms for content sharing and instant messaging with descriptions cut and pasted straight from Wikipedia link (with the footnotes missing). It contains no instructions, no samples of how content might be shared, and no social media planning”. 

quote “Seemingly prepared by a new volunteer, the so-called guide would be useless to anyone without social media skills and insignificant to anyone with them. The document illustrates how far some of Pacifica’s executives are from a professional understanding of social media and how unable they are to convey *what* the network’s social media approach and plan is.” 

quote “….the disastrous March 19th special program that went awry with a 20 minute meltdown …..the engineer at the remote location explained “the board operator at KPFK didn’t know how to monitor the audio feed, so he didn’t hear the conference speakers”. GM Radford continued to inexplicably blame “wires”, instead of management leaving inexperienced and unsupervised personnel at the station’s controls. You can hear part of what was broadcast here.

quote “….the Safe Harbor programs have been axed from the KPFK station’s archived programs due to the hosts not filling out Soundexchange logs for the payment of streaming royalties.”

quote “To remind [us]  to keep laughing and keep fighting for a Pacifica Radio that can not only heal itself but also help to heal the world, take 30 minutes to enjoy this Twit Wit radio satire from way back in March of 2014 when Pacifica’s national office was occupied in an effort to keep the network from being dismantled.”   

[Humor is indispensable when all else is failing …] 

quote “For readers who may wish to do more, any donor to a California-based not for profit organization like Pacifica may file a complaint to the open file at the Registry of Charitable Trusts at the Office of the CA Attorney General. Pacifica’s case number is CT011303. The form and instructions for filing may be downloaded here.

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