Tuesday, August 18, 2015

KPFK reducing staff to what end ? Exit coming ?

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 KPFK has been on air radio 'plugging' begging pleading irritating and repeating for a whole month, to not enough avail. Results are maybe 1/2 of their [pre-set] goal. And who wants to listen to same-old infomercials repeated endlessly....instead of any 'regular programming'.    

Why pay for this onslaught? Then notice of staffs being reduced hours,  as program-staff work-times are also being  reduced when some Newly-set-up ' gen'l mgr' decides she likes extreme  & factually unsubstantiated views better....

and... more to come 

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this is a repost from URL below . most updated info is found there about all Pacifica mis-doings and difficulties spelled out. See them for more as it rolls in.
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"Leslie Radford presented this work schedule reduction less than three months after being hired by Margy Wilkinson as the station’s general manager.

The reductions include three staff members, 2 unionized and at least 4 months of reduction to half time for the station’s remaining 50 staffers.

The SAG-AFTRA bargaining unit does not appear at this time to have signed on to the planned reductions.

KPFK was the network’s biggest money-earner as recently as 2013.

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