Wednesday, August 19, 2015

KPFK paid-programmers pleading for $, not for changes in management . Why ?

Ian Masters wrote 2 letters, placed on website last week. Today Aug 19 Sonali Kohatkar spent 13 minutes in her 1 hr morning program mentioning that paid programmers who do 5x week shows could not live on 1/2 salary. 

But instead of asking listeners to contact the station, or management, or even the LSB [on website lists emails too ], to protest or discuss this issue – no, she merely kept asking listeners to call, pay and Donate more $$$. 

Nothing more active or helpful – nothing active or political or useful, other than to just give KPFK More More More $$$…only. As if nothing else is needed. What is this ?
That plea may be a very limited and inadequate plan. 

And her use of the reductions of staff time & salaries sounds like a ‘poor us’ way to plead with some actual substance of what is happening in Pacifica stations, while excluding all that is left still unrevealed and un-transparent to pledge payers, as before and still now. 

The sudden changes to staff salaries has produced this bit of on-air and on-line cries – from fear of their own personal losses and future dismissals – instead of caring about fixing the Pacifica systems, or sharing important updated information about how the KPFK, and even KPFA, station’s financial mis-managed situations – how these have occurred and apparently are still are happening.

Only here,on this website, with thanks to Tracy’s excellent reporting – the sharing openly the bits and pieces of what IS occurring to Our radio Stations – do any of the payers and devoted listeners learn of the shenanigans, ploys, lapses, tricks, et al. — that may finally cause the ultimate buy-outs, privatization or usurpation of the radio systems we have been contributing to for so long.

Even Ian’s words of “Save KPFK” landed on an old biased site – that has almost no info any other updates of the failing stations and who may be doing what, or not.
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for more info and rants and thoughts –reportings about all 5 pacifica stations doings and missed audit deadlines, etc.  also see: 

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