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Thoughtful Resolutions that did Not Pass at KPFK LSBs...

Resolutions proposed but these failed at 2005 LSB meeting] These are being posted here again in the hopes that reconsideration of what may be helpful suggestions written by the KPFK LSB parlimentarian are utilized....instead of ignored and reinvent every wheel and every helpful plan is so foolish !



by Terry Goodman


This resolution establishes a single permanent email address for the KPFK Local Station Board to which general members may send message and from which individual LSB Members and Officers may remove themselves. No existing addresses are currently working in the manner described. In preserving access from general members, access from non-members and from spamming robots may occur.


Whereas, No mechanism for general member access to the Members and Officers of the KPFK Local Station Board via electronic mail has been previously approved by this LSB, and

Whereas, Existing email aliases may be reserved by station management and configured for other uses, and

Whereas, Some LSB Members may wish their email addresses to remain private (and all LSB Member email addreses are therefore considered private for the purposes of this resolution), and

Whereas, The private email addresses on an email alias list remain private to list members unless a receipient replies,

Resolved, That the KPFK General Manager is directed to implement the addition of an email alias on the mail server to be named lsb @ [spaces inserted for Yahoo! Group display -TLG]; that the private email addresses of all current Local Station Board Members and Officers are to be initially added to this distribution list; that the purpose of this email alias is to simplify communication to LSB Members and Officers from the general members of the Foundation; that this email alias shall appear as an LSB email contact address on appropriate pages of the KPFK website except where a different email address for a special purpose is authorized by the LSB or the LSB Chair; that messages from Foundation members shall be accepted and distributed to the addressees on the list; and that an LSB Member's or Officer's private email address shall be removed from or corrected on the list upon that individual's request.

Further Resolved, That the private email addresses of new LSB Members and Officers shall be added to the lsb @ alias list, and those of departing Members and Officers shall be removed, upon notification to the General Manager by the LSB Secretary or Chair; and that any added email addresses shall be removed from or corrected on the list upon the corresponding individual's request.

And Resolved, That nothing in this resolution shall prevent KPFK
management or its authorized contractors and service providers from implementing anti-virus or anti-spam email filtering or authentication deemed necessary for the proper security and protection of computer resources in the domain or the equal security and  protection of LSB Member's and Officer's personal computers and email accounts, but that any such filtering or authentication shall not unreasonably impede the ability of Foundation members to contact the participating KPFK LSB Members and Officers by email via the lsb @ alias.


[and another of the failed resolutions proposed by Terry Goodman here reposted:]

The following is a resolution on the forming of a Member Issues
Committee from my post of
March 26, 2004 (fourteen months ago) titled "Draft Resolutions on Committee Formation," available online at

As the text of section "a" suggests, Donna Warren had already brought the issue of premium fulfillment to the LSB's attention before we formed our first standing committees. Her comments and post on this issue were, in fact, my initial inspiration for this committee proposal.

I would like to propose this resolution at the next LSB meeting for immediate referral to the Structure/Governance Committee for
completion, to include the number and manner of selection of the
initial committee members, the method of appointment of
listener-sponsor members, and such other revisions or amendments as the Structure/Governance committee feels necessary or appropriate.

I will point out that all listener member committee applicants who are not selected for membership on an existing committee would likely be excellent candidates for this committee, which could serve as a listeners' watchdog over governance (including governance's management oversight responsibility) and as a general advocate for listener

This is the committee from which a recommendation for a paid or unpaid staff position as listener advocate or station ombudsperson would come, if research and increasing committee workload indicated that this approach had merit (I believe that it does).

This is the committee through which listeners could petition for the placing of special items on the LSB agenda.

This is the committee that could digest and report on email, list mail, voice mail, and postal mail submitted by listeners as advice to governance through addresses and mechanisms established for this purpose, per the committee's anticipated recommendations.

This is the committee to which the LSB could refer the issue of a special rule regarding the placement of public comment segments at LSB meetings, whether these should appear relative to specific types of agenda items or at times certain, and whether and/or which items of business should automatically be tabled until after public comment before the motion is put to a vote.

This is the committee to which the LSB could refer such issues as weekend versus weekday governance meetings, wandering versus permanent meeting locations, and the desirability of web-streaming meetings, so as to get direct listener input on these questions.

This is the committee that could coordinate a quarterly "Report from the Listeners" broadcast, accompanying their section "c" quarterly report to the LSB.

If there is LSB concern that the mandate of this committee seems too broad and unlimited, that concern would be best addressed to the members of the Structure/Governance committee after referral for appropriate consideration within their deliberations, rather than prematurely articulated at an LSB meeting or improperly argued on an internet list in the presence of a quorum.
= = = = = = =
 [and another ] re:   MEMBER ISSUES COMMITTEE

RESOLVED, That a standing advisory committee shall be established to be named the Member Issues Committee, and that the duties of this committee shall include:

a) to identify the responsibilities of the LSB and the station with respect to the local membership, including openness, accountability, notice, records maintenance, privacy, and premium fulfillment.

b) to monitor station and LSB compliance with and fulfillment of
their various responsibilities to the local membership.

c) to report to the LSB quarterly on incidents of failure and the status of pending membership-related complaints within this radio station area.

d) to work with the LSB and the General Manager in finding ways to improve compliance and fulfillment.

e) to review public comment received by the LSB in meetings or by other means and to refer such comments to appropriate committees or suggest items for the LSB agenda.

f) to perform other such related tasks as the LSB may assign and to report and recommend to the LSB as circumstances require.


 Anyone reading the above who wants to take ACTION and put another request or resolution to the KPFK station management/ LSB/ or any other ways to help make this information an actuality can copy and use this information. 

Also - Please let us know what you are doing - do something POSITIVE ! and tell us all  where, and when or how. 
Let us all work Together, finally !

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