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Pacifica National Board [PNB] doings affect KPFK too

reposted here : may 19 2017 
Topic:  about Pacifica National Board doings

from posted there on May 13:
re:  May 11 PNB =These are re-posted because some relevant points may affect all stations under Pacifica’s umbrella, though the site focuses on New York's WBAI predominantly.

+++++++++++++++++ quote: ++++++++++++++++++

A motion is passed to give the Chief Financial Officer authority over individual station business managers and when necessary their general managers in order to secure accurate and timely financial information and to have the authority, if needed, to apply disciplinary measures  to secure such accurate and timely financial information. …

"The argument cum complaint Is made that the CFO is unfair and unrealistic in requiring cuts of stations that are losing money and listeners….     "the CFO has reported to the finance committee that the national office is in severe financial difficulty, posing severe difficulties with respect to the planned audits, with respect to which the CFO points out that over the last two years the stations have not paid ~$800,000 in central services, and that that ongoing shortfall continues at the rate of ~$44,000 per month, which represents approximately 40% of the national office’s budget – ‘How can we continue our business’  " 

then some comments to this blurb include these:

 1 – said:   “the national office doesn't have enough because the stations can't raise enough to cover basic expenses and central services. 

"They hold back on national because they figure national can wait and besides who are these people anyway trying to tell them how to run their station? 

"They would just as soon be on their own even though they know they can't. They can't raise enough because the programming doesn't work but they insist the programming is excellent. Its just a matter of getting the word out. The 'obvious' solution is longer fundraisers. Now national is starved for funds and is reduced to asking for a piece of the fundraiser time. “
2-  another said:

”Worrying about the programming at this time is like worrying about the condition of the tires on the bus you are riding on when the driver is a drunk psychopath.”  …” how would the central office finances look if they had the millions of CBP dollars that were lost due to Pacifica and station management not doing their jobs?’’

3- and yet another commented :

  [Margret - heard on on KPFK]  "Prescod, of course, has a different problem—she is becoming increasingly out of sorts as she stumbles into another year of trying to sell those over-priced 15 sets to customera who know what the odds of actually receiving their extravagant purchase is….”


+++++++++++++++end of quotes ++++++++++++

borrowed from again  = to display some connectedness to strange events occurring at ugly-buildings holding radio stations valued at millions, that may be dribbling, escaping the management of each and any of those at Pacifica's group.
 There are conversations there - mostly about the WBAI = New York station’s doings - that are probably not of interest to KPFK audiences – 

see the site for other Pacifica problems & views of that station in NY - as the group of 5 must affect each other in some financial or other ways, beiing under PNB rulings and mis-guidances too.. 

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