Thursday, October 20, 2016

KPFK is losing $$$ losing listeners, losing more

 Just reposting here from  dated Oct 18, 2016:

The Financial statements released for the fiscal year that ended 9/30/2016, as documented, -  shows there is a KPFK listener support loss of $300,000, created between 2015 and 2016. 

This is the largest in the Pacifica network for the year.

As reported by the Pacifica National Office:

KPFK listener support  10/1/2014 to 9/30/2015: was

$3,000,802.  compared to:

KPFK listener support 10/1/2015 to 9/30/2016was


                   - - - - - commentary- - - - - -

the price of a dying non-profitable radio station ?

The revelation of these figures by one reporter is the only one found-on-internet-now - the source of financial status and dealings within Our Radio Station - hidden from KPFK's stakeholders.

The on-air 'fund-raisers' -pleaders constantly demand for $$$, [for their own salaries and keeping up premises, equipment, etc.]  - as well as to repay what is owed from the SAG-AFTRA negotiation LOSSES - that were incurred by the same Gen'l Mgr. - who never gives stakeholders any actual, factual information or figures.

The on-air hints of "we may not be here" or such cues about possible insolvency - or whatever else is hidden about what strategies or schemes are locked behind the station's walls -  these hints are all in the form of scaring the devoted listeners to then "PAY UP !" -- again, and yet again.  

The scare has been ongoing for a very long time. So many listeners have Already Paid Enough and do not swallow the promos, the PR & the premium-offers repeated - boringly  - and even the same ones that were sold at other fund-raising sessions. 

So trust and believability is difficult to maintain or continue. There. At KPFK radio station. To retain and maintain any homeostasis - stability - financial viability.

Yes, it appears to be dire, and worse, and messy, and chaotic, and there seems to be no one person at fault or to 'blame' solely. Tho some have attempted to manage and then yet created a worse situation, by what seems quite apparent now.

Any donors who have been giving their earnings for long may be weary and tired by now. A few members may still be contributing  - out of fear of losing KPFK altogether otherwise -  or even having their favorite programmers eliminated from the schedule. 

No alternate plans [ A and B and C] of how KPFK as a radio station can continue or survive have been  revealed, or exposed, or even mentioned..... or even hinted at being existent.  

If there are experienced, reasonable, business-knowing-people at this radio station, they have not made good decisions, from what these results are. Why are they continuing to do more that deteriorates the organization ?  

Or have they really 'just' tried and failed ? ....and yet claimed their 'good intentions' [and taken their salaries, and benefits] was all they had to offer ? 

While no apologies or explanations are provided - to even help create some understandings of "what in the world has happened ??!! "  So far silence prevails. Or denials and blaming any one else at board meetings. 

Or the conflicted board meetings that cannot save or keep the ailing station upright ? 

All remains in a spaced out limbo, or like a cloud that dissipates and deforms and floats away... or turns into....dissipated space ?????  to become what ????  when ??? and how ?? By whom ????   

Is anyone who can untopple this station there ? any where ? 

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