Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Repeat: KPFK NEEDS ALL VOTES - now please !

The deadline is Jan 4th - coming soon - or KPFK gets stuck with Old-Past-Due board-members -- those who have let the station Down this perilous financial loss path to now... VOTE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE

[ this a repost of information of how to access YOUR KPFK ballot now] - - - - - -- --- - - - - - ----
IMPORTANT ADVICE (even if you only vote for one person, your ballot will help make quorum)
Our Board of Directors Election is ongoing until Jan. 4th, 2016. If enough voters don’t vote, the election will “fail” and KPFK will not have any duly elected Board Members at all! (just the same ones again and we will continue the same way we are headed, from "Pacifica Powerhouse" to "Need more fund drives")
There are 2 opposing groups of 20-25 candidates each - one slate and one faction. They slates the “Committee to Strengthen KPFK” http://CandidateSlate.org/ and the “Grassroots Community Radio Coalition” http://GCRC-SoCal.org/.
Unfortunately, a lot of eligible voters have not received their ballots.
First, check for an email from “Pacifica Foundation”. Pacifica has many voter e-addresses & sent links to online voting October 22ndwhich some voters discarded.
If you find no online ballot, go to http://Elections.Pacifica.org/ and click the button titled “MISSING BALLOT?” which takes you to a ballot application form.
The form allows for online or paper ballots. With Jan 4 looming, I suggest online...Unless you have no computer, then ask for a Paper ballot.
BUT include the following information in the “Additional Notes” section.
1.The check or credit card date AND the amount of your donation of $25 or more, BETWEEN Aug. 18, 2014 and Aug. 17, 2015. Only donations of $25 or more WITHIN THIS TIME PERIOD qualify a person to vote in the current election. A donation for a premium DOES qualify you.
2. If $50 or more was donated jointly with a 2nd household member during this time period, that person is eligible to vote. Fill in the application with the 2nd household member’s information from their First Name to their Email Address.

On the “Additional Notes” section of the application, state that the contribution was a joint donation from both of you, both your names, the date and the amount of your $50 or greater donation. If neither voter got a ballot, send an application for each person, again stating the joint donation nature for each person.
3. If you think you donated during this period, but find no report of the donation date or amount, state that in the “Additional Notes” section and send in the application anyway.
Please ! ~ Tell & call your friends & inform whom you wonder if they too are KPFK listeners or know of others= tell those at every event you attend - thru Jan. 4th.

Call or write King Reilly, for any questions, 323-839-0985, kingreilly@roadrunner.com

More info at article https://www.laprogressive.com/kpfk-board-election/

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                             and the radio station info is :
          http://KPFK.org        Tel. 818 987 2711 x 0          work hours 9 am - 5 pm

                                             or email anytime

or go to No Hollywood location and demand your ballot and file a complaint if necessary [address & directions are all on website, including management named there too.

Before it is Too Late and all regret inaction and neglect , these attempts to resurrect and correct and follow the prior  ignored bylaws [with unverifiable excuses by those who want to stay stuck in Board status power positions ] .....

the deadline coming Jan 4, 2016 may decide if the slide down into being taken over by a few for the many can maybe be averted.
(c) 2015      rt - BB

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