Tuesday, December 8, 2015

KPFK Website in error, difficult to search and find and what does this mean about functionality ? huh ?

We went to see KPFK.org website on Dec 8 2015
This is what  KPFK website says or doesn't:

1.    We cant find list of premiums for fund-drive, like the begging for credit $$$  that just started AGAIN today Tues Dec 8 !!!!   

The Premiums promoted on air were not on website, or ...may be hard to find, other than the KPFK logo  items themselves. But not  those sold as LISA’s premiums that were announced on air 11AM today  - but website has just LOGO items that can be found. 
Why is this happening?  Has the webmaster been fired ? 

or someone else hacked the KPFK website to make the management/staff look more incompetent ? 

or is no one now in charge of the internet info and access ? 

dunno...  strange happenings there...unexplained.

we got to KPFK from google search: [so must be a fresh link ] 

1.   Then, Listed as today at 11am : website shows a  Beto Arcos pgrm on now, when it actually is heard on air as a promo with Christine and Lisa instead…== website shows wrong INFo !!   This is BAD for public relations – creates an untrustworthy organization !!! If  info on web is outdated or wrong, what does that say about what is occurring at KPFK inside ? in management ? in staffing duties ? in oversight ? in functionality ? what is going on ?????

2.   Also on website, noted that LSB meetings for December has 2 listings, as if ...twi meetings were scheduled, or happening 2x  in Dec 2015 ? If so, why ? If not, why ?

One was  posted "Feb" 2015 for Dec 20 meeting  and one posted on "Nov" 2015 for Dec 27.
So what is to be believed ?       Why does anyone need to do more searching or contacting ?
Is this a deliberate or accidental disguising of actual LSB meeting date now ? Or totally unrealized error and neglect to inform the KPFK paying public when their Board meets ? 

3.                   re elections: Website reads exactly as below [copied]:
- - - - - - -
"Elections Extension     
Parent Category: Front Page        Created on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 14:11
Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 14:11
 Written by Leslie Radford               Hits: 674
M E M O R A N D U M     TO: Lydia Brazon, Interim Executive Director
Bob Lederer, Pacifica National Board, Elections Committee Chair
FROM: L. Joy Williams, National Election Supervisor
DATENovember 23, 2015
RE: Extension of Voting at KPFK

 Please be advised that the ballot return deadline has been extended for the Listener and Staff elections at KPFK until Monday, January 4th, 2016.
 The unexpected resignation of the Local Election Supervisor delayed the scheduling of the Listener candidate on-air forums, Fair Campaign Provision complaint decisions and the management of the candidate cart schedule. Additionally, there have been delivery delays in voters receiving their ballots.

Based on these collective issues, I do not believe the station would meet the required quorum by December 4th and therefore it is my opinion that an extension is necessary.
Article 4: Section 5 of the Pacifica Bylaws allow me to extend the election by up to four weeks. Extending the election 4 weeks would put the Election Close Date on New Year’s Day, a federal holiday. To avoid the holiday, the election will be extended to the next business day.
This memo has also been posted on the elections website here http://elections.pacifica.org/wordpress/?p=2280
 L. Joy Williams   National Election Supervisor Pacifica Foundation
(347) 699-2914        nes@pacifica.org     http://elections.pacifica.org
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- - - - --

It appears that there are again 2 listings that do not conjoin or coordinate with different dates. How confusing !   Who is to believed and when ?

4.  Next. Problem. Copied from KPFK website: 

 “Main phone: (818) 985-2711 - Fax: (818) 763-7526 - Studio phone: (818) 985-5735
Copyright © 2016 KPFK. All Rights Reserved.”

Really. Can anything be  copywritten be ahead of year we are in now ?  How far ahead can we copyright things, assuming we/ the entity will still be the same 0ne
and stay in charge of that right ?   

5.        Apparently, KPFK  now ha Ebay as their on line purchasing agreement for an “auction” …. huh ? Siince when do we have to enter into contract with Ebay ?  to purchase stuff from KPFK, even if all proceeds go to radio station, so they say.

6.  http://www.kpfk.org/index.php/program-comments#.VmdMUzfJZn4   This is the  online feedback for programs link… but Question remains from many many years : do they answer these  ?    or how do we know our writings are read ?  By whom ? Staff or volunteer ? 

While previously we  could never even get a confirmation of receipt or be assured that our time spent on composed email  had been read, so is it different now ? 

web says: " message will be read by a member of the Local Station Board Programming Oversight Committee. A response will be sent back to you if you provided your email above"….but that group may not be an actual voting LSB member [have power to discuss anything with other LSB members, vs. public members that speak for 2 min and are not valued, heard, or responded to at LSB meetings ] 

 -- but perhaps....it would be answered by  someone who goes to that committee’s meetings only and has no influence,power,say-so about anything they write ? who is to know and there is no real way to find out except by going thru all the motions to "try" and "experiment" and waste more time finding out that there is a 'live wire' there and helpful.?.

7.             We did a website search for “premiums Dec 2015” and 5 results showed, But none of these  listed the premiums NOW being sold ON AIR  = ON DEC 8 2015… what gives or doesn't at our paid-for radio station?   Dysfunctional website ?  
Not updated ? 
No one cares ? 
or are these many signs of decay and deterioration already ? 

nor can any current premium-list be found on website NOW ! 
so anyone, e.g. today,  hearing a premium being offered, “for $125” that was  said [maybe in a prior recording > but that was  not so acknowledged either ] by Lisa Garr.  

And to find out who is else is speaking, & being interviewed, [as names are often muttered or not spelled out and often inaudible or not easily identifiable ] and whose product was being used to elicit donations to KPFK... and who may be PAID for such premiums [or not, sponsors do not know which are or not, as this is not exposed or revealed], ...the WEBSITE DOES NOT PROVIDE INFORMATION … 

Result:  thus the premium is not purchased after all.

8.   The KPFK website no longer has a way of seeing all items to find a separate page of such areas, such as program “schedule” , as the link when clicked shows up in small box  [ sized about 1/8 page]” at top of page, and is not a full page for easy reading or copying. 

This poor presentation may leave some donors frustrated and disappointed, at not finding even basic KPFK program information !!!    So then only when more searching is needed, and tab on top that says “PROGRAMS” is investigated, ahhh, then what appears a list subset -  that  also lists word “schedule” -  which finally does provide a page of what has been changing a lot lately. We "should have known ? Where to look to find an important aspect of radio : it's program schedule ? 

We should know better, the staff surely claim, blame the customer vs. the website displayer, of course !   

We must spend more time searching There vs. doing and going elsewhere ? huh ?

The frequent changes of programs, times, staff and programmers leaving their prime access times to search for elsewhere -[ and  using KPFK on their resumes too to raise their expertise too , maybe ? ] the schedule is a vital part of any media website as this info is used frequently, especially when things are falling humpty-dumpty-styled.

For example, Today -  Dec. 8 2015 –at the 11 am, Tues, listed is: a “Global Village” time slot on KPFK  “schedule” page - but it does NOT show who is programming  or what is being presented. Nor what is currently substituted in instead of usual program for fund drive.  For a surprise ? For lack of time to update or help any listener interested in knowing if they ever want to listen to KPFK again ? 

So, with the many frequent changes being made recently in schedule times or programmers [as with various long-time -some have held on for 14-yr-long-as-programmers - and these having had recently had  paid-time reductions  - and some having exited this scene as no-money-means-no-more-volunteering often also ] ...so  there needs to be continual and correct UPDATES on website.

Do they have staff proficient and available to be a business in the business of soliciting even More Money ?  dunno .

For anyone, loyal stakeholder or new listener to have to SEARCH FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME to find what is most important  --and have only 1 way to find it  -- means the website is NOT USER FRIENDLY. Nor is it sufficiently responsive to us ordinary, as the many, and the most common folks - that come to visit or inquire. 

Once anyone experiences such difficulties, time frustrations and lack of available info, they may surely just assume rest of organization is also on the brink of collapse...maybe. 

9.   Then even worse is this, found quite by accident:                        * foto credit below


 If searching "schedule" for a  program and clicking on it to see what is being played today, or this week, or last week, and instead:   being  immediately directed to their own personal/business websites when clicking on them from KPFK website, That means they, as separate business, as financial entities, as volunteer-programmers too - they  are being PROMOTED, and  given free publicity and PR free from the station…which is somehow never ever mentioned on air or elsewhere !!!   

For example, clicking on the “Lisa Garr” show on KPFK”s schedule page, goes straight direct to her  personal business - the “Awareshow” page, and  that  not a KPFK listing, yet goes to link to her  separate business.   

Does this direct access not constitute a reimbursement as a trade-in-kind ? vs. a cash salary or monetary payment ? Are programmers given these services elsewhere costly and solicited as "sponsors" or "paid publicity" contracts, etc. - are all programmers getting these freebies?  

And why is the "payola" story always ignored, never admitted, never acknowledged in any form it may take and be heard [or seen] on KPFK too ? while the station repeats it's innocent mantra of being free from commercial influences ? huh ? dunno.

How much does advertising and promotion cost otherwise, at this radio station or any Pacifica ones or other non-profit organizations ? 

Why are such practices never ever dis-closed or admitted …even tho this has been openly and often asked at many of the LSB  meetings. Yet no one, ever, has replied and just pretended to ignore an ‘irrelevant’ question.

Strange doings at what is a radio station listeners and donors are suppose to “trust” and pay for too.

 (c) 2015 rr       [yes, this is still 2015 year ]

 * foto credit comes from  " photosbyalexandria.com" 

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