Thursday, February 26, 2015

Musings and wonderings continue :
That there is no further discussion heard now about Summer Reese nor has an actual legitimate replacement been put in place to oversee and properly run Pacifica and it's local stations is a blank space that breeds suspicions. Especially in those who have loyally for decades Paid up every time the same plea for desperate funding is incessantly broadcast on air, instead of the regular programming. The silence might seem all is in order and is nice but provides  actual Valid Information - what is going on anyhow    
It seems that there is no hope, no positive improvements.  no possibility ever for  KPFK input, and no transparency of what occurs in those dark secretive halls & rooms - so that leaves us just writing, worried, commenting to the ether , tho recorded here  and very few online sites taking extreme sides.  The writing is for us from us...few...of us. 

no info on Summer Reese events can be found on Google. Is it elsewhere hidden away from the biggest NSA participant too ?  If so how do we stakeholders of both KPFK & Pacifica find out ?  Is there a lawsuit pending ? for what amount ? how much is this going to cost 'us' all from what $$$ would otherwise be spent on station 'needs' Eva won her suit that was less obviously a contract denied and retracted than Reese's was ? 

Why do we, the radio station sustainers, pay out their hard-earned cash $$$  for the hideous infighting and neglect that occurs in administration or staff interactions? 

Why so much malfeasance and bad behavior in stations that Claim To Be Above the fray of other corporations, government, and everyone else but themselves ? 

Anyone who doest like the malicious only info Ian Masters posted everywhere about Reese - that is no longer needed as he no longer sees his job earnings in danger now - has not heard nor read about all the others  at KPFK or Pacifica PNB, iED, etc.   All those who have not been so 'exposed' or maligned openly  - but  who also have weird views, strange alliances, odd experiences and collusions and are not just the ordinary-normal-hard-working-joe's or jill's they present on air....  

G forbid their past connections and present lives were to be so exposed, including sweet-sounding-white-haired-men who sound so rational on image-air but then act out in fear and anger. No angels exist anywhere near any Pacifica studios, which is why they are also sometimes varied, interesting and present unusual topics  that different than other radios do.

If there is more info revealing Who these on-air hosts or staff are, including those in the current celebrity lites, this is one place too to link or share....not  the old hateful spews - but actual realities of  who are their influences,  what are the stories that relate to their work-life, and how they affect the -if any-future of KPFK or Pacifica stations existence. 

When silence prevails, --like in censorship, self-created or out of knowing others do same to counter-attack as one has done too --then decay and death has already set it.

And the continual angry nagging for more $$$ and more $$$ for months insures that many flee that station to one that is at least tolerable. Some are not of the same extreme persuasion as they were in 1960-70's tho much of the very same programing, voices, and themes are forever recreated endlessly, loopily at all Pacifica stations.

enough of the same outrage and hate already. Nothing else to offer? then it is ok to be gone, for many who formerly paid up constantly. gone .

still wondering what is happening to all the monies we have given many times each year and why what occurs inside the radio station's hollowed halls are main only inside while the Wizard of Oz's presentations on-air continue to leave us musing and wondering...if...only....

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