Friday, May 19, 2017

Who are Viewers of this blog and where are they ?

As Google operates this Blogspot - and provides amazing “stats”   -- that mostly surprise and perplex our writers -- since the focus here is on a local radio station and it’s doings – KPFK...

here is what was recently noted & revealed: 

the checked stats for May 9 - 16  for the “ last week” shows =

"Russia                     68
United States            61
Ukraine                       2
Bosnia & Herzegovina  1 "

And stats for May 12- 19’s  “last week” include:    

"Russia             86
United States    41
Germany           15
Ukraine               2
Canada               1
Switzerland         1 "

So, we ask about the above- those Google noted as visitors.

the question that is notable is:

 Why are these sources looking at this blog at all?      

                   Why bother ? 
  Why even want to glimpse at these words here ?  

and these Questions are mostly because of all the recent and current media flurry sparking around the USA Federal Government’s concerns...

the recent investigations about alliances or contacts or money exchanges in the current USA with top administration guys...                hmmmm

that is where the 'daily news'  constantly centers around :     about being interfered with -  or influenced by - or involved in  -or ruined by.... & paid for - what ? 

or whatever secret or unwanted relationships now appear .....                                  hmmm?

and these are with countries that are often seen as
"not- friendly", or the 'enemy' or 'hostile' or competitive....or......

                    what is happening here, something real or for show ?

thus these listed nations are mostly officially claimed to be not-USA-connected, nor positive when in the they are called "suspect" or whatever...                   hmmm some more.....

yet these browsers [listed above] come  to this site, too, while they may not  be seen, apparently, as  part of the assumed-audiences involved with KPFK or even what is written here ...

what possible interest could anyone so far away have in even auto-browsing or algorithmically viewing this blog ?        

We have no ideas. Do you ?    


(c) mmh 2017

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