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Comments related to KPFK, but found elsewhere.

These are selected comments, dis-covered elsewhere, seemed relevatant to KPFK donors  / stakeholders. In the  often "need to know"  -by those who donate their earnings to the radio station -  they are offered here, w/o signatures or ID's, to protect the writers.

Some refer to plans for Pacifica = which is, again. and still the umbrella/ governing body of 5 stations. With KPFA in Berkeley and KPFK in LA being the most viable ones [others are  WBAI in NY, & others in  Washington DC and Tx, - plus many other smaller radio stations  that pick up programs to rebroadcast also].

here is one comment  below this, of many found

The person who wanted to draw away donors from KPFAto a separate foundation is noted  in 2 articles:   the 1st that did not name those who want to usurp KPFA's radio fdtn / license & funding.  and then  that article contained a  comment asking  "who is this ?" ...but no answers to Q asked of  ID  was given then. 

So later, revelation of who ? are wanting to be usurpers of KPFA are, ...then a 2nd article  provided that info later- so then revealed a name. The 1st article was titled "Big Tent Radio”  was found here: 


 and also found repeated later here : 

   http://wbai  written by anonymous this time

that comment read:

“Perhaps some of us dont now how things work…. or why they dont work well, at Pacifica & KPFA, etc. . There are No Names mentioned above of who in LSB are wanting to create a competitive station , but yet their letter printed/ copied.      
 So… just Who is this usurper, trying to steal, break off apart, or seduce away parts of KPFA ? Why is the name of this bad person excluded. and us readers denied the factual-actual complete information?           

[Interim Executive Director of Pacifica ]Crosier’s words and laments to an undisclosed person – who may be trying to take what belongs to the Pacifica umbrella or KPFA – sounds like a mystery story of little importance & little value ..when accusations are made to no-body, or to an unknowable entity. And the sorta revelation here then is more like rumor or just a partial-‘story’ , instead of actual reporting… unless….  there are legal reasons – but none are named nor explained here.        

or can the ‘ thief’ alluded to here be anonymously maligned ?or stopped even by no-revelation of actual facts/ persons involved ? or is there another logical, reasonable explanation for why this fear-eliciting accusation is being made ? w/o any identifications ? Unfortunately . Accusations written without details /specifics sound dubious and confusing – w/o clearer specifics – actual information – provided too.         

 Can clarifications be added here ? Or give reasons of why identifications are not given to us [donors, volunteers, interested stakeholders] ? Probably most readers are as uninformed & confused as this commentator is. thanks.”   

Then in a FU article afterwards, responding indirectly to that  comment of who was the wanting to steal/ take/ usurp resources, was then  named!!!    

It was/ is  a Woman who was a local board chair @ KPFA ... but who had to be further researched &  who identified only herself elsewhere - as found on line. 

then another comment re WBAI, but pertains similarly to KPFK too: 

 comment there :    
"Your summary of WBAI's current thrust is right on the money, as it were. With a few notable exceptions, what we have is propaganda delivered as thinly veiled information.    

WBAI is—as I keep pointing out—thoroughly dishonest, whether it comes to describing the station and its raison d'etre or events on the outside. Many of the lies are created through omission, which gives them a veneer of truth, but they are lies, nevertheless.      

 As you point out, honesty is not in their vocabulary, but it certainly was in Lew Hill's and through the first few years.   As the station's manager, I would have removed from our air any host/producer who attempted to deceive our supporters: the listener/members.  The station reflects management's mindset—that says all that is needed to say about this $100,000.00-a-year obstacle.    

 I wish I could tell you what is happening, but sometimes I have to wonder if the principal players know.      The long and short of it is that Pacifica and WBAI have been in the hands of opportunistic obstructionists for so long that there may be no returning to normal. "  

And an

" but I try to be objective --so my assessments do not necessarily reflect my personal likes or dislikes"...makes us wonder about denial, honesty, and being conscious of his actions now Know anyone who is not projecting, absorbing, slanting and then re-flecting their own versions of **their "reality" ** out to others ?      

While the convenient claim to "OBJECTIVITY" is a game even honorable scientists admit 'just cant be done" so their hypotheses are even stated as "99%" or less, never 100%. Cuz there ain't none.      

Yes, you too are a conditioned, socialized, ltd cultured human. Your own preferences and choices are part of your ratings. And that's 'normal' and OK just admit it, instead of playing/ pretending You Can Be "Objective"  -- w/o inserting your own into your words [words are also chosen], your views, your selected attention to whatever , etc etc.      

 Like any one who  makes exaggerated claims and then claims to know some external Objective Truth or rating or criticism, or whatever...this is an unfortunate choice of words, and I hope you dont believe them yourself. Do you ? "


And on a different topic, another comment was found: 

This is about Local Station Board [LSB] members responsibility : 

Just to clarify: A claim was made by a KPFA local station board member, who is an attorney, that local station board members do not have fiduciary responsibilities to Pacifica, because the LSB is not a board. 

.... wanted to clarify that matter has been heard in the California Court of Appeals, First Appellate District , Division Three. The three judge panel indicated otherwise. 

They stated a claim for violation of fiduciary duty against a local station board member demonstrated a probability of prevailing and fiduciary responsibilities reside with local board members due to their participation in nonprofit governance. "


It takes some research and just a bit of access to learn what is never  given out to be known, Thus the processes and procedures at KPFK and Pacifica are not understood nor acceptable always - to those who FUND the stations and support stations -  in so many generous ways.

It appears that "those who are IN" are the only ones who "know" and share with each other mainly,  but with very few [2] who reveal some pertinent-valued-Information to those donors/ stakeholders who are left only 'listening and paying up". 

Maybe many people listen only and send in $$$$$... and dont care any more than that...they just want "easy listening" ? No interest nor involvement.  And only later wonder why the radio station is dysfunctional, or financially bankrupting or failing  - and management mis-managed so badly.  Others want to keep Our Radio Station alive and well. 

So these sharings of tidbits are intended to reveal,  share, inform and contribute to the otherwise opaque [not transparent] workings of what creates the results heard- or not -
on air.

 (c)  mmj 2017

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