Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Big Changes have happened.

A new interim General Manager - Christine Blosdale - who was recently noted as leaving KPFK's staff,  has been placed in top place in February. 

By board actions and votes. In turn she has  reverted a few other time-cut programs to their prior statuses: 

 "AM host Sonali Kolhatkar will return to 5 day a week broadcast in Los Angeles and the station’s overnight ... show hosted by Roy of Hollywood resumed its midnight start time" [for 6 hrs again].


It has been reported that an "Unpaid volunteer coordinator" [A. Rice],  who was also elected to the Local Station Board , apparently had some unusual heroic ideas of being a grand savior or extortionist ..

Or thought he was someone who had more power than he actually ever could contain at KPFK.   It was reported that this close ally of the  just recently replaced  General Mgr [ Leslie Radford]  wanted to "take over" or control the KPFK's Facebook page...

But finally he was not allowed to take away those resourceful powers - by the  Facebook own platform's rules & administration.

That such a stunt could complicate the KPFK road to recovery -  that being so diligently worked on finally -  only makes us all note that crazy antics and some unethical people can enter - and stay -  within the radio station's prime hot spots : to do what?
like, spinning management's influence, maybe ?

like, disrupting the LSB meetings ?

like trying / taking over [ that holy site ] KPFK's Facebook's ownership controls ?

like wanting to be KPFK's head corp's power-person  &
running the station from behind the official scene ? 

To read more on this topic, and about KPFK and it's recent successfully getting lots of $$$ in fundraising efforts - see  here :  


So...What else can happen? 

How else can anyone enter and damage those fought-over proper personnel controls within the KPFK organization ?  - and even ruin the station's frail attempts at some stability ?

It seemed that this was 1 more person,  recently closely allied to top management, when he also lodged himself too deeply inside:   to where any controls could be usurped, no matter what his stated intentions may have been. 

The scene sounds like a 4th rated TV routine series, where machinations get wild and dangerous - and all donors/ $$ustainers can only view drama from outside the glass screen - and so  to try to understand "what happened there ?"  and " how could it...be that way ?"

see more actual Facebook words/posts here : http://www.mediafire.com/view/m1numvu2i0ec8ja/adam%20on%20Facebook%203-7-2017.jpg#  

Lots of folks are glad for the big changes in personnel and positions that took years of in-fighting to achieve.
Others are not. The previous balance seems to have been re-set and some relief has been uttered. Finally.

Now to learn how well the re-balancing act can be sustained and not toppled or tripped up again...
The hope is also that any secret maneuvers to steal, buy, bankrupt, or sell mortgages is no longer possible, with accusations from all factions  -- about evil intentions and greedy moves from 'the other' side.

May harmony and unity prevail, however these honorable qualities can be maintained.

(c) 2017  btt 

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  1. From the AG's office (a pdf on the website)
    499 14TH ST STE 300
    OAKLAND CA 94612
    CT FILE NUMBER: CT0246303
    The captioned entity is now registered with the Registry of Charitable Trusts and has been
    assigned the registration (“CT”) number set forth above. In order to complete the Registry file, you must
    submit the following, together with a copy of this letter:
    1. An executed copy of the most current bylaws.
    2. A copy of the Internal Revenue Service determination letter, if received from the IRS.
    3. A copy of the Application for Recognition of Exemption (IRS Form 1023/1023-EZ), if submitted to
    the IRS.
    Please respond within 30 days from the date of this letter.
    Because the captioned entity has been operating as an unregistered entity in California in previous fiscal
    years, it is delinquent in filing reports with the Registry of Charitable Trusts. (Please see attached
    Delinquency Notice.)"