Wednesday, January 11, 2017

KPFK loses another valued staff = Christine Blosdale

Here is re-posted information about LA's KPFK radio station - and is only to be found via the one reporter * in Northern California who has access to meetings and revealers - of what is never known nor heard , of course, 'on air'.

This information edited here is intended to INFORM the 'rest of us'  - who have donated many & many more $$$$$ - both recently and over the many years of loyalty - to the concept that KPFK represented. Then. No longer now. 

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"... LA station KPFK is facing the imminent loss of its chief fundraiser, producer Christine Blosdale.

Blosdale, one of the KPFK employees whose severance benefits were reinstated in [and after the grievance was adjudicated ] in the SAG-AFTRA arbitration, has raised between 30% and 45% of KPFK’s revenues in the last three fund drive cycles and [has done so]  for many previous years with [her produced ] special fund drive programs. 

KPFK has been running fund drives [frequently occurring ]about every 60 days since [General Manager, Leslie] Radford took over and [still has been] barely meeting fundraising goals. 

" [Apparently] the station has no ready solution for a sudden drop in  [financial revenue]  receipts. In the station’s December 2016 fundraising effort, Blosdale’s programs raised $185,000 of $438,000 - or 42% of the total.

The LA station’s draft budget was approved by Pacifica’s financial committee with the draconian move of terminating all dependent child and spousal benefits for both full-time and part-time employees. 

The proposal would [thus] make KPFK the only unit in Pacifica that does not provide health coverage to spouses and dependent children of full-time employees. 

"The plan to cut [these] benefits would put Pacifica in default of the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act  (commonly known as Obamacare) -- which requires employers of 50 or more employees to provide dependent child coverage up to age 26, for no more than 9.5% of an employee’s annual salary. 

"If any of KPFK’s employees seek alternate coverage for their children on the state exchange, penalties would be triggered against Pacifica. "The benefits cut would affect 6 full-time employees at KPFK - who are currently covering dependent children and another 3 employees covering spouses. 

"Employees include management, program hosts and administrative employees. All but one of the impacted employees filed the grievances upheld [and adjudicated] in the 2016 [union] SAG-AFTRA arbitration. "Pacifica may be vulnerable to [furhter expensive and unnecessary ] litigation alleging retaliation since GM Radford indicated the benefits were[ to be used] to “pay for” Radford’s 2015 contract violations.... which [amounts to]  assessed fees and penalties of $285,000. 

[on original site is a link where] "You can hear a summary reel from the finance committee discussion [there]."

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Exposing and revealing what is actually affecting  - and also ruining, deteriorating, or making so dysfunctional Our Radio Station - the one we have worked so diligently to keep stable, and honorable [honest] -  is what this blog site does.

Concerns of the behind-the-scenes schenanigans are secret and hidden, of course, as is in other corporations, or governances and businesses.  So...To know what is falling apart BEFORE the fall is the only way for those INVESTED [as we donors are and have for so long been - devotedly, generously, sacrificially too ] is to try to keep some part of what is rotting within - from total decay.

"To tell the truth", as KPFK  has always claimed, and now still claims,  is merely a self-false-branding - by selling the image of KPFK's dealings as if... 'open, honest, trust-worthy'...but it is NOT what is occurring - in most of it's internal workings.  

These fake, cover-up pretenses, as it is  presented during fund drive  when begging for our MONEY... and as KPFK has continually been doing, must now be challenged and exposed.

Losing listener audiences and donors has been the ongoing DOWN slide for KPFK, and not just recently. The reasons for the dysfunctionality is many -  not limited to 1 person -  or 1 issue - or 1 lie told repeated - nor 1 cover-up. But many, ongoing and still happening now.

But nothing can be changed if real problems are kept under wraps and hidden - to those who 'own' or pay-for this radio station. 

Knowing  even some few of the events, & ploys, & management moves & errors  - & mis-takes - that still remain intact and repeat themselves, means that our Questions and Demands for honesty, openness and accountability be finally given. Maybe.

Calls to the General Manager, interim Program Director, Local Station Board members [24x] and  to those sent to Pacifica as "directors" [4x] can be made. 

Call: 1 818 985 2711  x 0 - weekdays during work hours.

Email the radio station at for names and email addresses.... and see the listing for "LSB" board members there at the main website.

Go to the radio station in person  - and ask to be given an opportunity to talk to management directly in No. Hollywood, [near Universal Studios].  Ask for an appt in advance, if that is possible. 

Or write a postal letter to the address and to management by names. titles found on their website. 


All employees there, staff and volunteers and others WORK FOR THE WELFARE OF THE ENTIRE RADIO STATION'S stability & benefits -- and not for any faction, politically-slanted group, nor for any other non-local station organizations either.  

Management staff are suppose-to-be responsible and accountable to those who are the 'investors' / donors/ stake- holders -  those of us who contribute our hard-earned money to sustain the INTEGRITY this station. 

Do not let anyone who claims 'power or position' there to withhold access to stakeholder feedback or discussion, as necessary. 

Their 'public relations' has long ago been 'down the drain' [sewage drain].   

The station has no HR or PR or Development to get new funding, or other ordinary business practices necessary as depts or  personnel. And so it seems many at the station thus claim impunity and no accountability to anyone ... not even to those elected to their local board. 

Or...let them flail, fail, twist-and-turn-inside-0UT and be bankrupt.   To  be bought-out by others who have already planned for this event and are ready to take over this High Wattage Radio Signal [envied and desired by many other stations and usurpers]. 

Yes, they have been already waiting, salivating for that moment  = of a cheap-take-over [not a valued merger at all]. 

Or just listen and pretend "all is ok" until it is totally NOT.

whatever for the majority of naive, or those un-informed KPFK donor-listeners. "Que sera, sera....."

(c) 2017   mmj


  1. Christine...9/11 Truth and a REAL left perspective leaves with her. Gods I will miss her there. Good luck wherever you go Christine.
    Chuck Noyes

  2. This has been a special place, left of the dial, for people like me. Shout out to Music For Nimrods back in the '90's, best music radio show ever, with Dan Buhler. As well as Sonali, Amy, Juan G., Thom, Ian, Jimmy Dore, the Pochos, Christine too. Need 'em all.

  3. I will no longer support KPFK until the likes of Christine Blosdale and the 9/11 conspiracy nuts no longer contaminate our airways.

  4. Alas the dumbing down of America, especially in the filed of science has people still believing that the World Trade Center Buildings 1,2 & 7 were not the result of controlled demolitions. The basic principles of Physics shows you that the steel core of the twin towers, as well as building 7 could NOT come down at near free-fall speeds without a controlled demolition..Period! If Ian Masters would pick up a Physics textbook he could see for himself that 9-11 could not have been the result of mere jet liners crashing into towers 1 & 2, not to mention Building 7 that was not hit at all by any aircraft.