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KPFK within Pacifica is still floundering, slipping, losing ground...and ...

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This was a  Nov 12 2016 post:  

"Pacifica in Exile readers may write to the board at"

“For readers who may wish to do more, any donor to a California-based not for profit organization like Pacifica may file a complaint to the open file at the Registry of Charitable Trusts at the Office of the CA Attorney General. 

Pacifica’s  case number is CT011303. An email template can be found”  

“The CA Attorney Generals office is legally responsible for Pacifica’s well being.”

"Pacifica’s 'national office budget'...[where is there an expenses list /accountability ?]

[ Where is more verifiable factual financial info found -- in simplified form for ‘general public-non-accountant’s’ to comprehend what is happening  -- to our radio station and it's 'mama' = Pacifica = the "umbrella" organization ? ]  

... “ the burden of supporting the national [Pacifica] office and the network’s insurance, satellite, payroll, legal and audit expenses...”

“…, in response to complaints of volunteers living at KPFK’s building, Gen'l Mgr  Radford passed a policy forbidding sleeping at KPFK “ !!!

 [who has been living within the radio station's premices - for how long - how could this have occurred and who/when was this live-in dis-covered? Is there no one Responsible, On Site and authorized to eject sleep-overs there ? Wow - what a surprising revelation ! ]
    Image result for homeless in los angeles [google imagesImage result for homeless in los angeles wow !]

“Central services fees are assessed proportionately:    is: KPFK (32%) – Increase of $92K – $126K”…” the board majority is concealing the amount of subcarrier income generated by each station” …” an increase of 25% in Pacifica’s levy”on the stations ….  "  

“…. LA’s KPFK and NY’s WBAI have most of the subcarrier income so they would not face immediate levy increases. Both stations have large past debts and spotty payment records, with KPFK on the record as intending to default on a quarter million dollars more in 2017 central service fees due to the punishing cost of their labor arbitration loss.”

“a disproportionate weight on just one station is likely to reactivate the plan leaked in 2015 for the Berkeley station to “go independent” as the KPFA Foundation, and in practical terms, force the dissolution of the Pacifica Foundation.”

…. PFA’s secession, which the implementation of this SCA motion in 2017 would likely make inevitable, would leave the 4 remaining stations, archives and affiliates network unable to maintain operations and probably force..."

"...the immediate sale of remaining assets to pay debts.
. Interim Exe Director  Brazon appears to be preparing, having prioritized getting real estate assets appraised for sale. 

She recently disclosed the appraisal results for the KPFK building in Studio City, CA at $4.65 million dollars. … "

"Despite threats of imminent appearance for months, the 2014 audit for the year ending 9-30-2014,  now 25+ months ago, has not yet surfaced….". 

 "...a period of time when iED Brazon  repeatedly assured the board of directors the audit was “virtually completed” and the holdup was merely the need to pay for it…."

at Nov 3 Pacifica National Board meeting : “faction was pretty much the focus, with interminable fighting  and shrieking….”     
During the finance committee meeting of November 1, it was confirmed Pacifica no longer had Directors and Officers Liability Insurance and would not be carrying any going forward into 2017... This creates a volatile situation for an organization with 100 employees, no human resources staffing and a long history of harassment, discrimination and wrongful discharge lawsuits ..."

(c) commentary portion not in quotes from posted article - 2016 btt

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