Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pacifica is revealed at Here is a comment from there.

" Thank you, again and again, for updated information – that is never heard, nor found elsewhere , and Not Allowed “out” — to KPFK & other Pacifica station’s members. 

But here is described in detail. We rely on your good reporting and your accounting expertise / know-how. 

 Every report is a ‘surprise’ with revelations of behaviors, wild maneuverings, sly manipulations, dysfunctional meetings…and whatever also reflects what seems to be the Political Scenes within ‘our’ USA governmental proceedings currently. 

And your dedication – to Sharing what is otherwise kept “secret” and “concealed” and hidden- is appreciated. Even while our radios are blaring-begging – as all program hosts & KPFK staff just pretend — that all is” just fine” –if you all just “send us More $$$ ! ” 

The fake image is repeatedly presented – as if all is ” in order.” And the only consideration given is that: if only more $$$ donations are received, then there are No Problems …[at KPFK, et al. ]. 

The Solution is just money, and more of it.

Meanwhile, here we learn that the processes and meetings and interested-individuals: sabotage or take control. And thus are destroying any possibility of KPFK & other Pacifica stations be stable, sustainable, or held accountable – and continue – as they seemed to do, be, before.

thank you."

(c) [non-quoted portions] 2016  mj 

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