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Pacifica Radio Archives are being....diss'd ? sold ? neglected ?

summary: KPFK radio station in North Hollywood bldg housed the Pacifica Radio Archives that saved, transcribed, sold, saved and honored audio from all 5 stations for many many years. Then Director Brian Shazor departed   a few months ago and.....”               

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In Tuesday’s national finance committee, contention broke out when, instead of actual news about the 50-year-old , unique, archival, reel-to-reel Pacifica recordings being sold off on E-Bay – this was after a storage container was auctioned for nonpayment !!!

Then a ‘Save KPFA’  person proposed asking for a shut-down and wanting to instead transfer monies from the Archives budget - for the network’s archives department. 

After much yelling at the Pacifica Nat’l Board meeting , the proposal failed on a 4-4 tie vote with even a KPFK Local board member and  voting it Down.

After the fragile state of endangered  Pacifica’s Radio Archives –  became a national media story in the last month, 19 Pacifica reel-to-reel archival master tapes appeared for sale on in the last two weeks.

 An anonymous source told the NY-based blog “WBAI Now and Then”  that the materials came from a 20-year-old storage locker in Rosemead, CA – and that had been maintained by the national office but
….it was auctioned off in the last year - due to non-payment of the storage fee. 

Pacifica’s income statements indicate the national office stopped paying any off-site storage fees as of 2015.

This storage container was formerly located in Rosemead, California – and it was maintained by Pacifica’s national office for over 20 years.

This storage unit contained thousands of tapes [in many formats, platforms] and old folios as well. 

The eBay seller was listed as  “Scoldguy11” - who says he is located in Watsonville, CA. 

He confirmed that he/she had purchased “an entire storage locker in Southern California”, before cutting off communications with the Pacifica member who had inquired.  [real names were not revealed by our available sources] 

The anonymous reporting source stated that “the tapes on ebay are unique and these are not merely copies already available in the remaining Pacifica Radio Archives collection”.
“A look at Pacifica’s financial statements indicate that off-site storage costs had been accrued to Pacifica’s national office division every year until Fiscal Year 2015 (which began on 10-1-2014) when the accruals mysteriously stopped… 

The anonymous source  also said that  “Pacifica’s National Office  failed to pay the invoice and ignored the late notices and alerts to auction the contents”.” 



There are no confirmations nor corroborative information coming from PNB or any of the national board members to the actual ‘owners’ who are the stakeholder/ donors to Pacific – those who financially have always supported and kept the Pacifica stations alive, on air, and housed, etc. 

Silence and secrecy is the usual way of hiding misdeeds or neglects, as in national political platforms also. Not much difference except the national-drama-debate all over media nd the names involved. 

Otherwise, same suspicious actions and hiding poor business practices or malicious stealings ? or simple neglect by Pacifica’s officers.           

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