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KPFK election results, Arbitration costs, Fund$$$

                 more- OCTOBER MONEY REQUESTS...

A KPFK Staffer wrote:   "October 2016 fund drive :  Tuesday Oct 4, 6:00 a.m. - Tuesday Oct 25 for a total of  22 days, expecting to raise  $25,000 day, to get  $550,000 total."

Somehow  when repeated recordings of "premiums" [sold, traded for money, 'gifts', by-any-other-word-it's-a-get- $$$- trade-off ] come on-air, it is worse than tiresome. The same pressured speech is irksome and irritating, even while the same words replayed plead proudly. 

There must be a better way to help the radio station survive financially, even though there is never an admission of how 'voluntary programmers' are compensated when they continually PROMOTE and ADVERTISE their guests, their guests' books, for-sale-items, and so called 'sponsored' events. 

The lack of financial support [elsewhere called 'sponsorship' as if there was no sale-return- trade done] of KPFK & Pacifica's radio stations may need to find a different 'financial model plan' or give-up the illusions that listeners will continue to send in their $$$ earnings just because KPFK, et. al is on the brink of bankruptcy or feeling the pinch of being poor [poorer than they were years before ? 

Who is to know the facts and actualities, never honestly exposed or revealed ?]



        Reposted election results come from:  
  = here are quotes with some editing included:

 “At Los Angeles’ KPFK, the Committee to Strengthen KPFK won 7 of 9 listener seats and 1 of 3 staff seats to sweep 2/3 of the available 12 positions. Elected listener delegates are [by last names] : Song,  Wong,  Gomez,  Childs,  Kriegel, Marbach, and Reik joined by Lexa as a staff rep. 

"The [opposing group]…-affiliated candidates who were elected were:  Pour, Virgo… and Hernandez and Rice as staff reps.”

“The robust independent victories at 3 of the network’s 5 radio stations provide a mandate for a change of direction in the governance of the nation’s only progressive radio network. 

"Pacifica members weighed in decisively despite several incidents of ballot-stuffing and fraudulent voter addresses observed at the LA station – and worries that such activities might be more widespread throughout the network.”


Then another posting about ELECTIONS  - so are
                            ELECTIONS RESOLVED NOW ?

Just found information about recent elections for Pacifica’s PNB and LSB:

“Statements by election administrator Serpe on the website indicate large numbers of new voters with fake postal addresses were allowed to vote in KPFK’s election. The two cases documented by Serpe cover 119 voters or approximately 5% of the total number of voters in the Southern California station’s election.

"Serpe states: “…a string of pledges were made at the KPFK website and paid through PayPal that were all attributed to different individuals at the same address 828 West Washington Boulevard, L.A. 90015, which is the office of SEIU Local 1877. "

"There were 71 such identical pledges at $25 apiece, all with the same postal address but different email addresses, for a total of $1775.”

"In a second incident Serpe states ….

"The complaint filed goes on “the paper ballots were received by the church. The staff person informed us that the people whose names are on the ballots are not members or staff of the church, nor are they known by her or others in the church who she queried.  "

"She also asked if the address of the church could be purged as being associated with these people, so that the church receives no more mail from KPFK. These people could still vote online, if email addresses were input into the system, making the unopened ballots unneeded”…

“Serpe and True Ballot are declining to disqualify fraudulent ballots. “

        Re-posted information come from: 0ct 14 2016       
      = with quotes and some editing here included:

“KPFK recently lost a large multi-grievance union arbitration with the station’s SAG-AFTRA bargaining unit after the new manager, Leslie Radford, imposed unilateral work hour reductions, fired two employees and denied severance benefits.

"The settlement amount is at least $200,000 and will include back pay to approximately 20 employees whose hours were cut, the re-hire of two fired employees and the payment of at least four previously denied severance packages.

"….issued on May 31, 2016, after two arbitration hearings were held on January 21, 2016 and March 22, 2016. This is what it says:

 “On December 30, 2015… {KPFK's General Manager} Leslie  Radford made references to potential bankruptcy filings and {changes in} asset ownership, as well as solvency concerns”. …..

the {arbitrator} ordered the Company to provide the information”. 

“The Company {represented by
[a non-offically-appointed attorney -see link directly for all names not listed here] } complied. However, as of the date of the second hearing {March 22, 2016} the Company had still not provided a financial ledger”.

“The Company’s explanation was that its finances and information was essentially in disarray”.              p.8    

…….despite repeated requests, the Company simply never provided the financials, even to the date of the hearing.”      p.10….”

“KPFK’s current management ….GM & iED of Pacifica did not release a financial ledger in March of 2016 after being directly ordered to do so in January of 2016 at the first arbitration hearing.  The unofficial corporate counsel  represented the company {Pacifica} at both arbitration hearings in January and March of 2016”. 

[If this was not a legally appointed attorney and not confirmed by the Pacifica Board to represent that organization, how was that man legally allowed to Represent [yes, all stakeholders in Pacifica, which is a non-profit org is thus ‘owned’ by all donors/members- all those who have never been consulted - nor even informed about all these legal actions. ]

[Actions that not only affect the stability and finances of Pacifica, thus also KPFK, but why are all those important actions are kept secret and hidden from public view ? ]
"While assertions were made by KPFK’s General Manager, Ms. Radford, and the interim Exe Director of Pacifica stated that: “previous ED John Proffitt incurred the arbitration loss were incorrect.” ....while they were not providing publicly all the accurate or ‘corrected’ information.

As the decision states, the arbitration loss falls squarely on the current [interim] executive director of Pacifica.”

….”the building that holds KPFK-FM and the Pacifica Archives at 3729 Cahuenga Boulevard in Studio City, CA  [has been ] appraised for sale value. The signed appraisal request can be seen at…”

All concerns and questions should be directed to the KPFK general manager and LSB members, including the KPFK members who are then 'nominated' to also be more powerful on the national PNB board too. The list should be on or a call to the radio station at : 818 - 985 -2711 x 0 should have an office worker available to direct all queries and insure that members are not ignored, or left dangling by a thin string and then $$$-only-callers get a real-person-addressing them.

(C) 2016 mj

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