Monday, August 15, 2016

KPFK pgrm is criticized in LA Indymedia. Of course.

It is part of Pacifica's attitude to always be oppositional, to be Righter-than-thou and  wanting to be "oh so Righteous" too. Almost religiously.... or at least fervently.

So other than contentious exhortations on-air.... and very slanted, limited view points....any 'other' opinions or knowledge is quickly dismissed, demeaned and denied.

Just noticed now that on a local Indy media site, a person who at every possible occasion tries to remove and get rid of a program she doesnt like has written an article about Ian Masters.

with other comments therein included too.

What is interesting is this sheer conviction that each person's views and wants are indisputably RIGHT -- and thus all others are wrong, mistaken, stoopid or at least, to be eliminated anywhere else as fast as possible.

an image of the view of KPFK & it's occupants from outside, listeners

This strict & exclusive attitude also denies being elitist and non-inclusive of any 'others'. 

In fact, the usual repeated motto and pledges, [which is written in the station's mission too] the same words repeat instead that being all-inclusive is what is intended. 

But those are just words, even if  heard 'over this radio' station, repeatedly.

But no. It is merely an ideal,  tho repeated dogmatically.  But then not put into practice. Not even by those most-well-meaning & loyal to KPFK and Pacifica. Ideals are Ideas, not deeds, not actions, but thoughts and words. Often to sound erudite, elite and uttered by those claiming to be 'oh so good !'

Fault-finding, even on petty issues, and viscious criticisms prevail at all Pacifica's doings.

Conflicts surge within the station and it's boards - 
different wants are the main form of communication - 
all keep trying to be "Most Best Right!" -- 
and thus each person tries to be more powerful than any others -- any people of any other view.

Pouncing on any misspoken words,  are mis-interpreted immediately ... so as to prove the oppositionist's being more-Right = "see ! after all ! I said so ! I knew it ! "

Tho They may also be Wrong. And in that article, Ian Masters should leave the station ! - This is also demanded of any other non-agreed-with program at any Pacifica ltd. station.  To then have "only OUR ways/ people/ views remain".  

No hidden agendas. Just obviously claiming to know "what is best" , to know-it-all,  to know the holiest truths -- and wanting the powers to prove it all, too.

sure... not as open-minded as each KPFK person claimed they are - that is the actual story there.

sure... not is at all transparent -- in  managerial / operations, 
in KPFK programming, in financial conditions and decisions made --  not at all as is continually claimed and pretended.    

Secretly there are friends & cronies... who ally or oppose vehemently those 'others'...who also want to participate in KPFK programming and other affairs, even the LSB....

Also in-denial are the 'volunteer' programmers [the majority] who ALSO have rewards and benefits - tho never admitted - like 'Payola' - while they constantly are promoting their own guests,  chosen products, special events and themselves too.

With almost no visible sources of actual information, except at 1  = that covers all 5 stations, Pacifica's Board and all the shenanigans that occur every-anywhere. No one has to agree with those revelations, but no where else is there any such detailed & current reporting either.

Search out KPFK and programmers proliferate and hardly any other comment blogs, sources of revealed news and changes, reports on financial conditions or mismanagement, etc. etc. are not visible. Try it !   See for yourself. 

While the KPFK listener only 'hears' a limited & ultra-leftist-versions of this unweildy world we all live in together anyhow, there is so much more and interesting stories. 

Why be limited to hearing the same opinions and slanted views instead of broadening and expanding our visions/ hearings ? 

No one must agree to anyone else, but to hear another version or lifestyle may reveal interesting differences, needing to be admitted, at least. 

Commercials are not allowed on KPFK, but people there promoting their own agendas, friends, guests and slanted sides are constant, anyhow.   'Promoting' is the same as in products-selling "promotions" and in "public relations/ advertising"  -- even if without $$$ cash changing hands. Exchange of favors will do.

These are the same political games that are everywhere else also used -- to gain audiences, to expand access to create images and public visibility.... and elsewhere also to get official government positions, jobs, contracts, etc. 

Like any ofo those disliked 'politicians'  -these at Our Radio Station even at these comparatively & lower/inexpensive levels are doing the very same moves and unethical trades. Gains are not admitted, competitive cuts are denied, infighting is hidden, and gotten benefits slipped secretly into... whatever....

To pretend is to lie and decieve. 

To claim honesty and still do the same acts of mainly-self-service must be revealed. Even with  KPFK folk's claims they "only want to help others"  is cliched & repeated. That  is mere HYPOCRISY.  and Denied, of course.

To hear diversity means including the mainstream people and views too.  Not just focusing on  minorities and those perceived wanting

Literally, all people who do not have:  programs...or power within the KPFK radio world ...or access to be heard on-air... are "wanting... to have those benefits too" !

To be Dissident seems to be the main focus at Pacifica radio stations and programming...with only a limited definiton. To dissent to what is governmental, elsewhere financial, official, or established or corporate == to Disagree... plus, to pretend to be superior in 'holier than thou[s] are'  -- 

...all the while still clinging to images of popularity and populism. Not real.  A presentation & poor imitation of equality for all, while also holding on to their own whatevers. For themselves and theirs only. Of course. Doesn't everyone ?

Critics of a program still listen to different KPFK programs they chose. Listeners, sponsors ignore the rest and many won't pay up for the whole shebang either. 

Then the contiual begging for more and more $$$$ pledges/ money has become so constant and repetitious that those who were loyal and paying in prior times no longer do so, or barely.

One commenter to this Indy article added "

"...covering real issues is sacrificed on the altar of popularity."  

while another one wrote "
...but then, the KPFK crowd is a bit strange and odd and dissident and will never agree to much -- because that is also it's motto - "YOU gotta be wrong because 

and another Indy media article was similar in story :

why is there a dearth of stories and revealed information about what runs or runs-down KPFK ?  

How anyone can get a foot into the station's programs and why some programmers remain there clinging to their air-time for decades [10's and 20's of years] ?    

Why is KPFK always broke and needy ?  Why are audiences departing en masse or dribbling away to better 'fields of dreams' ? 

How dysfunctional or bankrupt is KPFK or Pacifica right now ?

Who would ever tell the loyal sponsors/stakeholders the Truth?
as they know it now ? 

Ever ? 

(c) 2016   bt


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