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KPFK info- audits, program pledges, SAG arbitration...more

This is a Re-Post w/o  barely any edits or changes, just to provide more KPFK related information from the website here below:    writes:

"The 2014 audit, almost two years after the end of that fiscal year, threatens to make an appearance after $35,000  was removed from KPFK’s bank account to pay for it following the station’s last month-long fund drive.

Preliminary financial statements last seen over a year ago, had Pacifica losing a million dollars in 2014, even after jettisoning 70% of WBAI’s payroll and the $650,000/year Democracy Now contract from the previous year.

A statement of the audit charges can be seen here, including close to $12,000 in finance charges. In order to soften the blow, the national board told KPFK the payment would waive future shared services payments, despite KPFK’s unpaid $250,000 default on national office loans in 2015. [snip]

KPFK faces an unknown amount of financial restitution to employees after arbitration with the SAG-AFTRA union did not go well. The union was upheld on all grievances brought to arbitration including inadequate notification prior to layoffs, contract violations and illegal withholding of severance pay.

KPFK's General Manager Radford and unofficial corporate counsel Dan Siegel have not been able to settle with the bargaining unit, so the arbitrator will likely determine the amount of restitution to be paid. Both Radford and Siegel as well as [iExecutive of Pacifica Nat'l Bd] Brazon were warned multiple times Radford’s actions were in violation of the union contract, but did not heed the warnings and Pacifica members will now have to pay for their mistakes.


GM Radford continues to ignore a recommendation from the station’s local board to reverse two prominent program changes that have been big money-losers: cutting three overnight hours from Something’s Happening [pgm] and using host Sonali Kolhatkar only two days a week at 8:00am.

The ...Something’s Happening [show], formerly one of the  most listened-to overnight radio programs in the country and one of the few Pacifica programs to ever put up numbers competitive with commercial radio, brought in over  $100,000 a year in the almost completely non-monetized overnight hours.

4 years of numbers from 2012-2015 are  available here, 

 []  with a nostalgic comparison with the salad  days of 2006, where the program raised the same numbers  in a mere 3 fund drives a year, rather than the recent 5-6 per year.

In its debut 8 months, replacement program Safe Harbor has yet to raise $20,000 in on-air pledges over three and a half fund drives and some 144 hours of pitching.

KPFK recently announced they would “close their fund drive room” from midnight to 5am as they start yet another drive. In the June/July fund drive, Something’s Happening raised $21,789 to Safe Harbor’s $2,530."

please view other website for more info on Pacifica and other stations and their plights. 

re-posting : august 13, 2016

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