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KPFK always needing, begging for more... $$$,$$$,$$$ money only.

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And there are yet more upcoming  FUND DRIVES....?
and more ? .... forever ? no let up or reduced frequencies ? 

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Yep, they just finished a month of reduced programming to elicit more cash from strangers and old 'friends'  - some more. Then now, another upcoming is the  "Spring fund drive " to  be held May 2 thru 22nd and with a sizeable goal of $630,000.  That is more than was pledged in all February 2016. And remember, maybe only 85% of that actually is collected. 

Let's not pretend or play with numbers but let KPFK be honest and transparent too.

Then quickly, too-soon again, in July they will have the next "Summer mini drive" - for another $500,000 -collected in just another 18 days ?  Huh?  
Who has been drinking or smoking too much ? 

Because of the management's ongoing need [so stated as estimated monthly expenses - see  on home page of KPFK's website] for more money replenishments, there is no cease nor desisting in the ever-ongoing need for More  $$$ Funds ! 

If this repetitious and irritating all-too-often haranguing for $$money$$ doesn't diminish or stop for even breath, then.... while donors who also have maybe been depleted or have paid Up and enough.... will wonder, or depart.  

There may be even further loss of audiences - those so needed to also pay the station's bills.  And for having enough audiences to, later maybe, obtain some bit of contribution from CPB, too.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting has now NOT been providing support to keep this "public radio" going....on...air.

But before, note: the last given grants were in 2013 - after which inadequate audits and diminished audiences have forced a lapse in this giving- that was 10% per every year - so those contributions so needed.

unity Image result for money images                                              [google images]KPFK says "never enough" 
and continues pleading, begging, demanding More, and More !!!!! continually --    3-4-5 times every year now, 
while losing CPB funds at the same time.                  What needs fixing here ?

            So how can this be different ?  

How can the General Manager, & the LSB  & PNB [boards], & the staff, and their 'friends', do more creative and effective business practices ?  

And how else can those who are already in power-positions at Our Radio Station avoid these repetitive and tiresome & continuous on-air begging sessions ? 

Maybe finally stop doing same-old same-old techniques that apparently are not effective enough.  Try some things differently.
Stop selling "premiums" - claimed to be 'gifts' - but are just double/ triple priced merchandise being 'sold' via a set-donation-pledged-paid before they may be 'sent out'. 

In the past sometimes, these 'gifts' have been pirated-copied-without-permission to distribute. And many other times these merchandises have just not been mailed to those donors who had already paid for them. Excuses are given but not verified as to how these practices operate, poorly, or just don't.

Hopefully, those ineffective sales practices will soon be reduced or even eliminated.

Maybe finally now - people who do WANT KPFK TO BROADCAST EXCELLENT & SPECIAL PROGRAMS will help pay the bills for just that: valued broadcasted services 

If not yet, then when will KPFK earn it's keep by what it is Missioned to provide to their on-air audiences ?  

To Be Valued and wanted, and thus paid and supported - because of what IS heard, and what is learned [in educational, diverse views, etc.] found only on this radio station. [Not for merchandise that is often also available elsewhere at 1/4 or 1/3 the price that KPFK sets.]

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Good BUSINESS PRACTICES, as even non-profits are In Business - no matter how their words, brands, framing, imaging is pretending they are not - doing business.

Let listeners dis-cover that it is an honor and privilege to be part of this group  - that runs and programs at KPFK. 

Have this organization be well-positioned to provide more diverse and a fuller picture of whatever topics are presented.  With the finding creative experts and artists who develop more than the 'same-old' repetitive story-lines and limited slants they have long put on-air. Not mere stats and data nor emotional outrages and anger.

Not just focusing on demographics by age or color or languages, but to OPEN up to more that fascinates, educates, provides evidences of knowledge and know-how.  Not just opinions, or slanted prejudices. Even programs that genuinely entertains at times. Not only by music or an rare occasional drama.  

Include:   Lots of different people. Not just stay pandering to the same prior loyal donors, nor the KPFK long-clinging to their own spot programers, nor any 1 limited style or focus. 

        Image result for kfpk bldg images a KPFK folio no longer printed nor digitally created. [google images ]

KPFK must be strengthened and trusted = to be totally ethical, to be transparent, and have healthy internal controls. To reduce the hidden in-fighting, conflicts and fidgeting for positions there. 

All those who have anything to do with the finances and expenses must be in positions where  they have and there is financial oversight. Where all working in and for KPFK are responsible and accountable to "all the rest of us" - who manage, or are on boards and to the donors equally. 

Public Reporting and Accountability is required, especially since KPFK and Pacifica claim [while not always acting in accord with the words issued] to be "public radio" and "for the people" and "free speech". Even while hiding all conflicts and chaos - out of shame - or in order to retain power - as control and leadership can be taken therein.  

A good 'customer-sevice-system' must be developed and exhibited, instead of the hiding-in-a-dark-corner stance that has been customary. For so long now.

The LSB meetings are open to have donors/sponsors listen and contribute  - only a few seconds of the 4-5 hr meetings 1x/month but all their regular communications are closed and hidden. So all LSB code phrases and references are thus not understandable, because of so much secrecy, and distrust. 

The station's management and staff do not respond to emails, voice mails or reply any one who attempts to reach them with [anything but money] - with suggestions, or questions. 

Are they all afraid of 'wasting time' or are they hiding in shame ? 
Or want to just do things "my way" with no questions nor interference nor accountability ? How to find out ? 

The Closed-Door policy has continued same for years !

Are all inside Distrusting everyone outside the station ? 

Then, how is this poor opaque hiding-away giving the audiences  ways to trust?   Or having any connection to their station, as represented by their staff/management ?  Yes ! the KPFK radio station belongs not to the paid nor volunteer staff but to all the donors/sponsors/stakeholders mostly. 

Non-profit does not give just the employees full secrecy and  to own the only authority - even to hide away and remain immune & unaccountable  - to those who pay to maintain the structures [all forms of KPFK].

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Image result for money imagesTo be a smarter institution, with connection to it's 'customers' [ = donors, sponsors, stakeholders, listeners, etc.] in order to coordinate  and make some IMPROVEMENTS- together, in unity. Improvements that apparently are seldom attempted and less often made in reality. 

Not just to share 'ideas' but work-together on projects, not separated and hiding away - but with help from the COMMUNITY = the one mentioned clearly in their Mission.  

Carrying out reforms and learning from past mistakes and flubs is essential for any organization that wants to thrive or even survive.  To provide security and safety for KPFK's survival and it's integrity  - with a much more OPEN attitude and Receptive one - is really needed. 

For donors to feel and honor what KPFK  IS - rather than what it says it stands for -  and to act on what the Mission says and represents - to live up to those often uttered words with actual actions.  How difficult it seems to become Real and Actual there in the dark bowels of this, Our Radio Station. 

(c) 2016   mj  


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