Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WHERE DID EVERYONE GO ? hiding ? from whom ? why?

Looking at the   and found this one:

but when emailing any of those few staff listed, there is no reply, ever. Nor replies if a voice mail can even be left 
How come?

Then doing a 'site search' for "staff" and "management" there  showed up a site that required an "authorization" and a "password" --- meaning there is an elite and exclusive club of those who know - how to contact those who work at KPFK  - and then there is all the rest of the public -- who DO NOT HAVE ACCESS ... nor a way of asking anything.

How can this be ????  Sounds as secretive and being in-hiding as their nemesis & enemy called FBI.

Home page states  about February fund driving [ =driving regular donors away ] "there's still money to count from those of you who pledged on the web, and we're at $584,716."  The goal was more and the recouperation of $$$money is about 85-90% rate usually, so less money  is going into the station. 

However, the extended time and stresses on all inside and outside the station have had their negative effects. Yes, money is not easy to extract when the station is veering into lopsided programming and slanted views only.
                                    Image result for images of money google images
A letter written by GM to the Local Station Board, and visible if one seriously searches the KPFK website - for the rest of us - is on line dated Jan 24, 2016 here: 

Some info about those staffers who were cut to 1/2 time seems apparently partly resolved, though not completely. 

 Then under link of "jobs" they are seeking  a "business manager", ok, ...Even if the above Letter from GM claims a different story.  

And even states that the "chief engineer" has asked for an extended leave and is looking for a substitute. hmmmm   This is a long-term-employee with lots of experiential know how not there now ?

but another listing said "Program Director" dated Aug 2011 == that was  5 years ago. Has there has been no one so qualified to be hired ?

How can that be ?

And who is it ,acting as 'webmaster' who remains also unidentified, and who is finally updating the KPFK website - doing better now, with a bit more information and an attractive RED banner on top ?

Yes,. finally in March 2016 the Program Schedule reads:   "Winter 2016"   even though we have finally arrived into Spring 2016 by now.

But good. As a website this of some concern to those who go to find  Information or want to maybe even donate.  And then  they may want to look at HOW the station is operating -  or how KPFK is doing it's Business practices and Customer Services too.

But who to contact  - with a name,  a real human being, not a digital  character or just a title ?

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