Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pacifica may be in legal trouble, more so now....

Please refer to this site for more complete information:

There are further details from which the info below has been excerpted below:  

This  is an article about PNB member: Steve Brown who is being a cautious whistleblower on the Pacifica Fdtn for some radio stations' illegal doings that have been investigated, inquired about, and then being advised to discontinue such practices-  but  that have continued on anyhow. 

Some parts are quoted here for just a summary - points of interest are excerpted here for review and to  also refer the reader for a fuller understanding at the above website.  

Or please do search further for details about each concern therein noted.

The notice was directed to California Attorney General’s Office Department of Justice - Registry of Charitable Trusts  Refer to : Pacifica Foundation Radio Complaint # CT011303

 [parts excerpted are below]                          - - - - - - -

1. Violations of the FTC Mail Order Rule (16 CFR Part 435) =… KPFK solicited on-air donations of approximately $800,000 from about 7,500 California residents by promising to send them a variety of merchandise (value: $50 to $300) in return for their donations….. However, the station did not deliver any of the merchandise within 30 or 60 days, nor did it send the required delay notices. 

...Instead, the station manager privately informed her staff – and also let it be known to the foundation’s executive director and board – that she had already spent the money intended for acquisition of the promised (and paid-for) merchandise, and therefore would not deliver that merchandise until a year(!) past the order date…..

“2. Violation of the FTC Mail Order Rule (16 CFR Part 435) = …  Station WPFW solicited on-air donations of between $300-$400,000 from approximately 4,000 Washington, DC, resident by promising to deliver a variety of merchandise (value $50-$300) in return for their donations…. 

...station management knew, in advance of solicitation, that it did not have the money to acquire that merchandise, and would probably never deliver it to any of those who had paid for it. Because this is a “knowing violation…..

“3. Violation of the FTC Mail Order Rule (16 CFR Part 435) = …Station WBAI solicited approximately $500,000 in donations by promising to deliver a variety of merchandise (value $50-$300) to approximately 5,000 New York City Metro Area residents in return for their donations. However, only a fraction this merchandise was delivered, and that was long after the 30- or 60-day limit allowed by the FTC….

“4. Violation of federal criminal statutes against intellectual property theft by Pacifica Radio Station WBAI = …Normally, the stations would purchase these items from reputable vendors at wholesale prices ranging from about $10-$20 each, and then deliver them to donors. But at Radio Station WBAI, in some cases (I do not know how many, because records have been withheld) the station manager would purchase only a few copies from vendors, then illegally duplicate tens or hundreds or thousands more to fulfill the balance of orders. This has been going on at WBAI and other Pacifica stations for many years….

“5. Pacifica’s attorney provides deceptive and destructive advice to management and staff members =  …. foundation’s attorney, Dan Siegel, issued an email announcement saying that she should continue her solicitations, because Pacifica was exempt from punishment under the FTC Mail Order Rule. This was false and misleading advice,….”  

[end of excerpts]      - - - - - - 

This action was filed February 20, 2016    by Stephen M Brown -Director, Pacifica National Board      He can be reached at   sbrown13@nyc.rr.com

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This blog is intended to share any and all information that appears legitimate, of concern to all who contribute to any of Pacifica Radio Stations - as they are by implication complicit in any actions done in their name as "stakeholders", "subscribers", "sponsors" if not as mere $$$-donors.

Any direct concerns should be written with honest questions or reactions to the    California Attorney General’s Office Department of Justice - Registry of Charitable Trusts  Refer to : Pacifica Foundation Radio Complaint # CT011303

as well as to that radio station manager, LSB members, your own local media outlets, and to all concerned. Exposure of poor or mismangement of business practices or financial dealings must be given full Light to help heal, if possible, the mold, rot or decay that may be pervading our radio stations ability to sustain.

If all who pay their hard-earned money to maintain these non-profit entities, in  what is perhaps now  misplaced trust , MUST act in good faith and do report, inform, share and advise those who may be ruining what we have for so long loved and paid-for. 

Anyone who 'doesn't care' and 'doesn't have time' to do anything, or even be uninterested, may be actually Contributing to what is being stolen, ruined, or ravaged or even deliberately mismanaged [for the purpose of taking the salvage for themselves at a cheap price when bankruptcy finally occurs].

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