Thursday, February 4, 2016

KPFK's prior regular Gary Null unhappy and suing

reposted from elsewhere :

Long-time WBAI programmer Gary Null, after several verbal warnings to the network, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York. 

The civil action #1:16-CV-241 was filed against the Pacifica Foundation and individually against WBAI general manager Berthold Reimers, Pacifica’s last three executive directors (Margy Wilkinson, Lydia Brazon and John Proffitt) and against former local station board and CAB chair Mitchel Cohen. The complaint can be read here.....”  

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We are here updating  & noting what is costing KPFK too -$$$monies$$$ - that ultimately comes  from us, sponsors, for paying out lawsuits and attorneys to defend Our Radio Stations.

Gary Null was a regular Tuesday past-midnight program  repeatedly played on 'Somethings' Happening' for  many, many years - with many loyal listeners and some more skeptical ones of his views and remedies. 

More info can probably be found on Gary Null's own website, on WBAI, Pacifica, elsewhere, or Court documents publicly available. 

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