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Lawsuits for sexual / racial harrasments here too ? gone is pledged $$$....

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entitled     “TIME TO STOP DAN SIEGEL…”    see above link for article.

therein is : Steve Brown’s replies to Pacifica’s “counsel” Dan Siegel…with lots to learn  -or even search out further for more transparency – 

about Democracy Now! being created by Pacifica staff and investments in 2001, but which then was taken by Goodman thru an atty negotiating with only 2  PNB board members without full PNB [ = Pacifica Nat’l Board ]– all members’ review, approval, or agreement.  

 How did 2 people sell off what belonged to a whole non-profit organization’s property and decide the price ?  [ please see article for more details and fact-check further for what can be known or revealed on this too]

The outgoing Pacifica national board member Stephen Brown details and describes and responds to what atty Dan Siegel has written and done as history is here given a  bit of visibility, as it has not been so before it was found now.

And the Siegel+Wilkinson secretly having set up their own corporation – with Pacifica mission- duplicated corporate papers -  to take over the millions if Pacifica self-destructs or goes bankrupt, under their guise of “helping save” nothing but themselves and their cohorts.

Why would anyone not inform any/all executives, board members, radio station management of having ‘ready to go’ alternate corporations wherein  only those in that incorporation can hold, access, run, and take power over ?

Seigel even admits having set up such a legal entity but does not state when nor why it was not transparent or made known to all involved.  Is that extra work done & that was also secretly hidden done “in order to acquire the valuable assets of another corporation —“ maybe it’s purpose ?

Would that corporation then be only held : ‘as the property of his private, as named,  “KPFA Foundation” ’? 

As it would not be the non-profit public Pacifica as barely stands today, right?   

Also:  “Such a glaring conflict of interest would seem to violate professional legal ethics.”

While Siegel writes to Brown : “The final point I want to make is that the financial threat to Pacifica is very real, and the PNB must pay close attention to what is occurring”…  which is not possible when behind-the-scenes foundations closely resembling the Pacifica one falling, failing, continues to let him be one of it’s officers or counsel or any position with influence & power.

What is it that is so commonly described about sharks being more valued 
than… ?? yep !

More responses to Dan Siegel, an attorney, who has long held many too-important Pacifica, KPFA positions with power are therein  clarified and contended by Steve Brown - with specifics, with links to documentations, to be read by anyone, for verifications, and with simple, direct language becoming understandable to any Pacifica sponsor or listener.

Amazing to read and to wonder how much of stakeholder’s money/ donations went to pay lawsuits for “sexual” or “racial” lawsuits and the atty fees collected for both sides instead of what each donor intended: to maintain and improve the radio stations …not get into expensive court cases be they intentional, frivolous or paid-out. 


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Pacifica people are so hiphopped up, beefed, and impressed with themselves that maybe some of these euphemisms may help…some – maybe not :

OMG [express shock, excitement, disbelief, “what if my parents find out ? or PNBoard ?]

SOHF is "Sense Of Humor Failure” which abounds at all Pacifica stations, dealings, people.

WTHAY is "Who The Hell Are You ?” which each disputant demands of anyone else at Pacifica too. 

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