Monday, January 4, 2016

KPFK slipping n sliding, programs reduced hours, vote, and....?

Another informative website stated that there were no candidate promotions on KPFK. But some of us heard them, tho not frequently, but still on air, such as at 6 am daily. 

:   ‘One KPFK listener monitored and observed that only Spanish language voter information carts were being played on LA station KPFK, with no English-language ones being played at all.” was stated in other site, but is erroneous.

As  sometimes-only KPFK listeners - tho seldom and not for very long now – there have been very brief and not always audible candidate request-for-votes played. In English.  They are infrequent and not within all programs played…but a few have been played/ heard.

VOTE ! Notices about the January 4 deadline, at 8:59 pm for internet balloting have been noted on and a very few other locations. On-air notifications have been announced interspersed, tho how often is not known or countable.
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going down, going, going....ohhhhhhhh
into a cave where there is no way back up ?  this is a KPFK donor, having spent $$$ for years supporting the programs being reduced and slowly exterminated, having volunteered hours to help pledge-fund-drives survive, having devoted earnings and savings to help maintain KPFK's structures and staff up and alive...and now falllllll ....i n g ..........d o w n........

It has been reported that the 4 day/ week midnight-to-6-am program : "Somethings' Happening" by Roy Tuckman has now been reduced substantially. The Gen'l Mgr, Leslie Radford, and her unnamed, unknown advisers, who may assume that more $$$ can be raised by others.

But that is not well founded, as historically and for a long while, this program has kept up to daytime program funds raised and has done better than any other KPFK late nite programs. Or even other radio station's raising funds.

And those who work, drive, don't sleep during the late hours relied and gained from presentations, special sharings and well-selected for smart-people-lectures and lessons  have been only available on Roy's programs. 

Now these are being reduced until maybe they may even evaporate or dissipate at the rate these programs are being apparently appreciated. Who knows why and what secret plans are being formulated and given to cronies, friends, those with agreed-biases that does not include most of the rest of KPFK listener-stakeholders.

With variety, educational and innovative lectures and presentations that cannot be found elsewhere, especially not in Los Angeles radio and would need to be purchased for more $$$ instead of listened to for free on Roy of Hollywood's show, the loss of this intelligent programing will not be replaceable. 


Roy Tuckman sends a weekly schedule of his forthcoming programs...for free...if any one wants to subscribe... and he has been repeating voting information and fund drive results regularly too.    Many speakers, leaders of self-help programs have begun their exposure on Roy's shows and later gained a big following and popularity elsewhere. 

His introduction and selection of these  special, strong motivators was their beginning and listeners were 1st ones to learn and gain from the spiritual, psychological, meditation, political dissident and even old-radio-programs from 40's played.
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and Wikipedia definitely Needs lots of current, factual, honest Updating both under Pacifica Radio and under KPFK. Wikipedia was just reviewed with very old [2000-2002] slanted info therein and tho the similar internal catastrophe’s are mentioned, anything current and accurate now is missing. Anyone one checking there for mis-information and old-stories/names  no longer relevant to what has been happening lately?

Notable is that a few programmers have apparently placed themselves as fore-fronters ….when they are not so positioned nor heard as More Important, or valuable to KPFK nor to Pacifica. some names are not even recognizable to one who listens, pays and remains connected to these radio entities. How easy to pretend to be representative of either org. if no one checks or corrects their insertions for dominance and publicity. 

Anyone can help. Check these sites out:   and
and the same may be noted for the other stations maybe.   

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