Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pacifica Nat'l Board trickery noted..plus more

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and the PNB members have chosen to leave their duties now to go elsewhere, where difficulties may disappear ? of course, holy days are times of vacation for everyone but usually someone remains behind to take care of timely duties that need to be DONE, right?

The regular selection of 2 Pacifica National Board [PNB] affiliate members  from EACH radio station  for 2016  -  to be selected from the  entire 200-station network of Pacifica’s nationwide programming affiliates -  has been Avoided ! 

By the suspiciously serious ‘error’ [or a clever neglect or  ‘ deliberate-forgetting’ ?] by the PNB board majority - which has thereby  failed to openly announce to all the PNB-nominating affiliate members,  that  their PNB nominations were now open for new members’ seating from each and every radio station.

Then, that same blind PNB board majority only appointed the 1-only applicant, the only one  who knew to then apply.   

And  apparently  as no one else even knew the application period was then open to them too. the result is almost no changes to PNB members and majority-  so the same old PNB can continue to exert full Control and Influence to maintain and pursue their own personal interests and station-grabs [as stations fail, sell assets, go bankrupt, are indebted and become ‘servants’ to be bought by any other ‘outside’ foundation.]

This neglect or “mistake” of informing and holding OPEN nominating periods to all who are eligible to then join the old-stuck-PNB is an act that  looks very smelly, fishy and suspicious - as there could have been at least 200-400 nominations for PNB, but is not now.

This neglect of duties is more than suspicious and questionable. Avoiding any disrupting the power-grabbing-retaining-forever PNB of now, that currently stone-facedly hold on tightly to their positions, that PNB are thus excluding any other views or improved agendas.

It has also been noticed that “The new board member who was then appointed does not meet the bylaws requirements” so that may be unlawful and contested. Then no new PNB members have been allowed into the ‘old-grasped-&-held and the already-established-exclusive-elite PNB club’.  

That 1-only nominated PNB person belongs to a affiliate station that has  not yet been put    on the air, nor signed a Pacifica affiliates agreement, both required first,  in order to then also be eligible to nominate an affiliate ‘director’ for PNB, as others too must be. [PNB are also called ‘directors’ of the national umbrella Pacifica board  often overriding  the [LSB] local station boards.]

information above culled from pacificainexile.org = the only internet source of updates of what is happening in Pacifica and it's individual 5+ radio stations.... 

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