Friday, December 11, 2015

More troubles? KPFK's got 'em.

OUR radio station must become more functional to have donors pay up maintain the station. However, some signs of deterioration and neglect keep appearing. Sad. Scary. Can it die away ?     


a desolate scene, like KPFK has become, one of dying lands and radio stations that are almost sun-setted back into earth, having been unable to keep up with what is needed to Grow, to Thrive, to Function Competently....sadly going into desert sands  
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                                             KPFK website problems: 
“the increasing dysfunctional KPFK website was losing its vital Internet stream from November 25 to December 2015.

And then the station had its program archives break down again on December 2, which was the 2nd time in 3 weeks !

KPFK had fired its union-member webmaster back in September. It seems that KPFK has since then been unable to keep its website, online, essential presence via Internet since then.

Various disorders have appeared and no updated is being presented for anyone interested in vesting or investing in the radio station via a donation.

Yes. everyone knows all well that the website is an vital and important way to connect -- to far-away from LA listeners, like many truck drivers on the road who listen especially during 24 hr nite hours, and those who have ‘subscribed’ and paid up but live and listen On Line, their being out of reach to local signal.

One man subscribed to KPFK because he could still hear his favorite program when being transferred to China. The Internet is essential. So why the neglect ? The lack of attention to a vital asset ?

Media must be attentive, up-to-date and trustworthy.
According to KPFK employees who attended the meeting, they were also told that they could not work from home for “liability reasons”, plus, of course, the station’s “gag rule was fully in effect” as before to reduce transparency and avoid criticisms.

And the station was said it needed “better programs” [what is “better” and who defines that ? ] and the programmers also Need to Make More Money ! …especially between 7 PM and 7 AM. The night hours.

While Spanish programming [5 hrs a day] lack of ability to raise much sustaining cash is seldom address, a hidden shame tho unadmitted.

Roy of Hollywood’s, whose programs cover 4 all night hours [12M to 6 am Mon-Thurs] are overnight programming that he produces. His programs result in the highest overnight revenues in the 5-station network. most of which usually raise almost no $$$ in the midnight to 4 am hours.

Meanwhile, KPFK’s lowest fund drive totals are generally seen on the weekends. That is when daily revenues plunge by more than 50% during the repeated fund drives. So weekends must be reviewed as to programming selections and old-timers that refuse to give up their decades long clinging to on-air spots, not sharing with alternative, experimental, ‘other’ voices, not all of an angry shout or complaining version either.

The emphasis to bias towards racial minorities may be addressed elsewhere but never admitted nor acknowledged by anyone in KPFK, as it has been and continues more to be the prevailing slant of Pacifica’s managers and program directors.

Some listeners have ‘tuned out’ due to the biases, prejudices, slants and limited versions of what is called ‘history’, ‘news’, current events, and revelations from ‘other voices’. When angry accusations sound loud and disturbing, many listeners have moved their money and sounds elsewhere instead but not dared to complain or be accused of being bad people.

But some have carefully indicated their freedom to shift away, from being blamed or by implication accused of being ‘bad’ and ‘part of the problem’ by some angry, virulent or bold programmers. 

To experiment with a variety of topics, voices, dissenters and programs, and then after a PROBATIONARY period set and not-extended, a different set of voices, opinions, viewpoints and concerns can be heard, even on KFPK, without “selling out” to anyone. There is little experimentation or exploration being done at KPFK, as can be noted, and if so, the old-timers holders-on-to-their-entitlements would not be complaining about being moved, [they are not, only paid programmers are being reduced or eliminated... is it to save money ? but not 'volunteer' unpaid programmers who remain to death, in place].

The fear and danger is that some programs may ‘turn off and out’ many listeners and less $$$ will be returned for station maintenance.

But no one seems to admit that the repetition-factor is just as un-listenable-to as dullness of the same themes, same repeated programmers just repeat their memes and views, and nothing creative nor innovative has a space to enter and revive KPFK.

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